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Role Play for X-MEN based story is open for players to join in. Looking for dedicated role players and x-men fans!
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Shayera Jordan

Welcome to the bio creator. Please eXpress creativity, orgionaility and logic into your charecter's creations. If you'd like to use a Canon Charecter, please state who'd you'd like to roleplay as. Whether you choose your own origional idea or a canon charecter, wait for permission from Admin (me :p) before starting to role play.

I will be role playing as Hank McCoy, a.k.a Beast.

Please note at this time, I'd like for charecters to be around the ages of 14 to early twenties. Charecters that are needed are those who are young mutants, however potential human, alien, cybernetic etc... type charecters can be discussed.

Below is a simple Charecter Sheet to fill out. Please proof read before posting and remember you have an entire MARVEL world and your own imagination to draw from :)


(Actual birth name of Charecter, not alias)


(Male, Female.)

Ethnic Orientation:

(eXample: African, Asian, Native American, Latin etc..)


(Must be between 14 and early twenties)

Physical Description:

(Tall, heavy set, blue skin, red hair, green eyes, sharp teeth, wings, tail, number of fingers etc...)

Prime Power: (Required)

(Basic power, such as Cyclops has laser beams or Xavier has telepathy)

Secondary Mutation: (Not required)

(This must be logical, such as Emma Frost having Telepathy as a more passive/distant based power but secondary power is diamond skin allowing for close combat and defense. Don't say prime power is fire shooting out of their eyes and secondary is green lightning shot out of their hands, Prime and Secondary must have a logical sense/meaning to compensate for each other.)

Home Country/City:

(Long Island, New York. Or Rome, Italy etc…)


(Obnoxious, honest, shy, daring, flirtatious, logical, cautious, friendly, overly eXcited etc…)


(Baseball, poetry, sculpting, swimming, math, dancing, reading, flirting, public speaking, politics etc...)

Background: (At least 2 paragraph.)

5/14/2011 . Edited by Glass Necromancer, 6/11/2012 #1

I would like to play Kurt and depending on the situation Wanda Maximoff. Since I'm assuming the Brotherhood may play a part in this. Let me know. :D

5/16/2011 #2
Shayera Jordan

Hi there TimeWitch :) I was kind of hoping to have a few new charecters created before adding on to faculity. Wanda I dont feel would be suited for this, the idea of this RP is to experience that first class/ new xmen feeling with a newer class of mutants.

Would you have an Origional Chareter in mind that you'd like to post?

5/16/2011 . Edited 5/16/2011 #3

Okay then, what about Kurt? And i do have one OC in mind.

Name: Helix Marshall

Gender: Female

Ethnic: Caucasian

Age: Same age as the others would normally be at this time...so 17 I guess.

Physical Description: 5'6 Black hair layered shortest in the back longest in the front and violet eyes.

Prime Power: Magic.

Home Country/City: Born in DC, last address before the X institute would be Upper West Side NY, New York.

Personality: Sarcastic. But cautious, does not easily trust humans, smart, but sometimes shy.

Skills/Interst: She's a into politics, and loves debating with people and posing arguments. She likes to read and loves using her magic whenever possible.

Bio: She came to the institute after learning of her inheritance and running away from home, from her abusive father and older brother as well as classmates. She tries to avoid contact with humans if she can't and is slowly learning to fully control her powers as well as learn to trust humans.

Let me know if this isn't okay. But I think this is good.

5/16/2011 #4
Shayera Jordan

For now I would ask if we can postpone Kurt until we get the ball rolling. I like your OC, but I am going to ask for more explanation of her power. Magic is cool, but its very broad even Wanda and Billy started off with very small basics before becoming Sorcer Supremes (I joke ;) ).

Wanda I think had the "Bad Luck" thing and Billy at first was limited to partial flight, small lightning...fire and I dont recall what else but I'd love to see where you'd go with that :)

The charecter will no doubt develope once the story goes on, but for now keep it simple, but unique.

5/16/2011 #5

Fair enough. Although she's had her power for a bit longer than Billy. She's had for at least a year and a half now. But fair enough. I'll say her power at this point is uncontrollable magic. She has control over small amount of it and not all of it has manifested itself yet. She has to remain calm and collected and not get too excited or distraught, otherwise she loses control.

5/16/2011 #6
Shayera Jordan

I like that shes in control to an extent, but maybe you can educate me then ;p magic in the sense of MARVEL is unlimited so her powers can grow to a point where she can do anything. Do you have an idea on what shes already kind of mastered in sense of types of powers and how is her magic performed like mentally? instinct or she has to cast a spell like Pixie or Billy?

Im just curious about your charecter because I dont fully understand much about magic xD

5/16/2011 #7

I think it will be more Agatha Harkness that Billy or Pixie. In the sense that Helix uses actual spell books. So she's more of a witch even if her superhero name is Double Helix (like in DNA, get it). Her powers will grow, but to a point. She cannot out right manipulate reality like Billy and Wanda. She's kind of like a witch. Right now she can do minor spells without an actual spell, like making light objects float. But she can make things happen. Um...like I said if we're making comparisons I'm thinking like X-men Evolution Wanda would be the closest thing to it.

5/16/2011 #8
Shayera Jordan

I see thats very interesting and I like the super name ;) overall I approove of Helix and am anticpating her development. By chance do you know of any others who would be interested in joining this RP?

ah! somehting important I forget to ask. How would you like her to be introduced? Such as does she contact the Institute, does Beast find her through Cerebro or by chance was in the area that she exibited hee powers etc... In fact Im going to add that to the charecter bio (you dont have to edit your bio).

5/16/2011 #9

I think the logical thing would be for Beast to find her or for Professor X to find her through cerebro. As for others i'm not sure. I have a forum over on Young Avengers. I'll post the link and see if people are interested.

5/16/2011 #10
Shayera Jordan

Thats alright, and that would be very much appreciated thank you :)

5/16/2011 #11
Glass Necromancer

Name: Alban Korund

Gender: Male

Ethnic Orientation: Latin Canadian

Age: 20

Physical Description:

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 268 lb.

Hair: Medium-short, Black with flecks of crystals

Eyes: White, no visible irises under normal conditions, closer view will reveal that his irises are actually crystal.

Skin: Black with flecks of crystals, just like granite. Some areas more polished then others.

Build: Fit

Prime Power:

Earth Manipulation

Alban can mentally levitate, grind, shape or slice earthen minerals such as granite, soil, sand, and rocks. He can grind rocks into spears, direct razing sandstorms, generate earthquakes, rock slides, grow/control plants, fissures, and sinkholes, and modify topography. He can summon earthen energy to erupt from the ground. Metals that come from Earth (e.g. iron) can be manipulated, as long he is able to distinguish/touching metals.

Secondary Mutation:

Plant Manipulation

Alban may mentally manipulate wood, vines, plants, fruits and flowers, even moss found in a natural field or habitat. He can cause plants to quickly manifest from the soil and wrap around a target, can mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure, and revive recently withering or dead plants.

He can use his power for transport. They can create a bridge of leaves, allowing the user to levitate leaves and make them stay there or stick together to form bridges or constructs.

Alban can use his power for defense and support too. He can even rapidly grow plants from the ground and sprout seeds, or even to possibly use plant chemicals to heal people or objects or manipulate their properties for a wide range of effects.

Home Country/City: Canada

Personality: Strong, sturdy, but silent, not easily tempted, wise

Skills/Interests: Sculpting, reading, mechanics/inventing, gardening/farming

Short Background:

Alban was born and raised in Canada by both of his parents, till an early age, then his parents got divorced and he grew into a young man while living with his mother. While he was younger he took an interest in the Avengers and idolized Iron Man, which got him on the track of tinkering with mechanics around the age of ten. Up to the age of 13 he led a calm and peaceful life style with the odd turbulent and traumatic events. No one paid much attention to him in school since he wasn't a bad boy or a teacher's pet.

It was a year later when he turned 14 that his mutant abilities started to manifest, at first just being able to move gravel and small rocks with his thoughts, but later developing into being able to move large patches of earth in his back yard. At this point, whenever he used his powers to any great extent, bits of the earth that he was manipulating clung to his skin.

When he turned 17 he got his first car, but not long afterwards was in a car accident, where a transport truck lost control and crashed into Alban. It was then that Alban's powers protected him from serious injuries and turned his skin into black granite. After his recover he stopped going to public schooling and began to study from home. Shortly after the crash Alban found another role model to look up to in one of the X-Men, Nightcrawler. For the most part since his accident he's been laying low, not going out into public.

How would you liked to be introduced in the RP? Picked up on Cerebro and visited by Beast.

5/19/2011 #12
Shayera Jordan

eXcellent Glass, Alban is accepted and welcome :) I must say I am proud to see Billy/Teddy fans here :D I will be starting the roleplay story. A heads up that I will start it with Beast in the Mansion, Cerebro will pick up new mutant activity. Once my part is done, you may each start out however you'd like in your respected areas so I belive New York and Canada, yes :p

5/19/2011 #13

YEAH LET'S GET STARTED: I've already posted. It already sounds really cool.

5/20/2011 #14
Shayera Jordan

Im glad you think so TimeWitch :)

5/20/2011 #15
Magical Metorite Watcher

Hey Shay been a while well i hope i get more ation in this group the the other

Name: Francine ,Fran, Morris

Gender: Female

Ethnic Orientation: Caucasian


Physical Description: Fran is tall with a runners build meaning long, strong legs and pretty lean. She has brown hair that she keeps tied back in a ponytail and bright blue eyes. She also has a scar under her right eye due to her father attacking her for being a ,in his mind, demon. She dresses in purple tank tops and jeans most of the time with lightweight canvas shoes.

Prime Power: Super speed nowhere as fast as Quicksilver but fast enough to leave a streak behind her

Secondary Mutation: tough skin to avoid injury when running

Home Country/City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Personality: Fran comes off as a bit gruff at first but once she relaxes she actually is very nice. She is just cautious around people. Once you earn her respect and friendship she is loyal as can be.

Skills/Interests: Fran likes to read anything fantasy with the exception of Twilight. She loves to bake and cook though she isn't very good at it. Fran hides a nice singing voice because she doesn't want anyone to know about her choir girl days. She loves to run even at a normal person speed.

Short Background: Fran comes from a very religious family though she doesn't believe it any of it. She was raised around the church even being a choir girl. Her parents believe that mutants are demons and must be destroyed.

She lived a pretty peaceful life until her 15 birthday when at her party she accidentally showed her powers for the first time. She used them by accident when trying to escape a boy who wanted to make out with her. Her father saw her use her power and that night while she was in bed attacked her with a knife to try and make the demons leave her body.

Fran managed to escape with several cuts to her body none really bad except for the one under her right eye. A friend is hiding her in her basement.

How would you liked to be introduced in the RP?: She is found by Cerebro visited by Beast.

5/21/2011 #16
Shayera Jordan

Hello Lighting, well I like your charecter, her powers are cool and make sense. A few suggestions though if you dont mind me saying. This would actually go out to everyone, be sure to proof read/at least use spell check in whatever writing programs you may have eXample: MS word or wordperfect. (a lil typo here and there is no big deal, but its nice to double check to make sure everything makes sense in)

I understand the parents being religious, I assume christian/catholic? a lil more specific on that would be nice since relgion can play a pivotal part in her and the role play's development. Another thing is since shes a speedster I would think it be eaiser for her to actually come to the mansion rather than have Beast go back and fourth. I forsee the continuation of that would lead to having other people contiously waiting on me to finish a part with another player and then make my way to them, I'd rather have as many people meet up as soon as possible. If you dont mind having Fran making her way to the mansion, I would really appreciate that.

Xavier Institute is famous, so no doubt she can find her way there. She doesnt have to make it there in a split second or in one written reply she can possibly be going at a relative fast speed but have the realistic sense of needing to stop, sleep, eat, potty breaks etc :p

One thing Im a bit iffy on is the almost random attack of her parents, I know religious extremists would try to hurt/cure their 'demon mutant' child, but an out right attempt to killing her seems a bit off. I think you can build onto that fear, shock and overwhelming rejection of their daughter in a very interesting way.

Those are my suggestions, please tell me what you think :)

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #17
Shayera Jordan

Ack my goodness, Time Witch I apologize for not answering your PM's a few days ago, for some reason my inbox did not pick them up until today...strange glitches these be.

5/21/2011 #18

Ah, no problem. It happens. Happened to me about a year or so back. It wasn't fun.

5/21/2011 #19
Shayera Jordan

No and that bothers me since I check my inbox almost every 30 minutes xD also by the way Glass, I was meaning to ask if Alban's skin was perminant or could he morph/shed to pass as his natural complection? like how Emma Frost can phase from diamond form to human.

5/21/2011 #20
Glass Necromancer

I thought I explained that in the background but I guess I forgot, it's permanent.

5/21/2011 #21
Shayera Jordan

Ah cool, now Beast is'nt the only one who sticks out in a crowd :D

5/21/2011 #22
Magical Metorite Watcher

Hrmm well I can see your point. Sorry if I give a lot of typos my keyboard is a bit weird. Well lets see I am neither religion though my grandmother did teach me a lot about the Christian bible. So lets go with Christian but I mentioned in her bio she doesn't believe that stuff.

Sure we can have her come to the Institute on her own. Lets say it's a three day journey for her sound about right?

I can try to build on that fear but remember please I am new at that kind of thing.

5/21/2011 #23
Shayera Jordan

Three day journey sounds fine, what I meant reguarding relgion was even though Fran may not have certain beliefs, others like her parents do. And whatever culture/religion will be presented in RP would effect the charecters in some way maybe positively like NightCrawler being a good christian or how other people view him as the devil or any mutant as an abomination etc... theres so much to base off that potential aspect.

If you'd like to just play around with ideas on Fran's background to expand more on her family/beliefs etc... that be great and I'd be more than happy to have it discussed here. Im sure we can all give out suggestions or ask for opinions at any time reguarding the RP/Charecters :)

5/21/2011 #24
Magical Metorite Watcher

Well it does make Fran dislike church but still she uses phases accidently

5/21/2011 #25
Shayera Jordan

Lightning please check your inbox.

5/23/2011 #26
Tora Brambles

Name: Xela Jorden Allias: Hecate

Gender: Female

Ethnic Orientation: Greek

Age: 17... or w/e the norm is for a majority of the characters at the time.

Physical Description:

Stands at 5' 3" with a slim build, but about average muscular tone. The tone of her skin is olive and for the most part, unmarked save for the tattoo on the back of her left shoulder in the shape of a fluer de leis. Her hair is very thick and black in color and cut to just brush her shoulders. Her most unusual feature is her eyes, one iris is blue and the other green. She keeps colored contacts on hand and normally keeps both of her eyes looking blue.

Prime Power: (Required)

Xela is a necromancer; she has the power to raise the dead and have them obey her every command. She can also call spirits to do her bidding and banish them.

Home Country/City:

Chicago, IL (But, she doesn't carry an accent.)


Cautious when approaching people in a social situation as her power tends to frighten those around her. Especially since she can't control it well. Being isolated for a long time she is also very shy, but this has not made her the angry type of recluse and if given the chance she will prove to be very friendly. Once she'd around people she's comfortable with she will be more of herself.


Cooking, dancing, singing and mythology.

Short Background: When Xela was ten her parents and older brother were killed in a car crash. Xela, who had no external family come and claim her was sent to an orphanage to await foster care after the funeral. To her horror the corpses of her parents and brother showed up at her window that night, pulled back to life by her power and intense longing to see them again. Horrified, her powers went bizzerk, raising many dead animals from the forest around the orphanage before releasing all of the spirits. The bodies were re-burried and she was thrown out of the orphanage. Her brother's spirit stayed beside her, but her parents moved on and Xela has spent the time since moving from shelter to shelter.

How would you liked to be introduced in the RP?:

She was picked up on Cerebro and visited by Beast. :)

5/23/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #27
Shayera Jordan

That is a very interesting power Tora and her background as well. I approve Xela. Though I have a question about her brother's spirit? she can only see/interact with him? if so than hes basically non existent to other chrecters such as Beast and cast?

Other than that, Welcome Tora :) It may take a few posts before I (Beast) can fly over to Chicago just to let you know.

5/23/2011 #28
Tora Brambles

Her brother is like any other ghost, only making himself visible and heard to others when he wants to be or if he doesn't have enough energy of his own, using Xela's power to allow himself to be seen. Whenever Xela becomes stressed or an extreme of any other emotion he will make himself seen to defend/help her. He's kind of like her guardian in a way. I hope that clarifies things.

5/24/2011 #29
Lostime's Reach

Hello? May I join as well?

Name: Ariane Wolfe

Gender: Female

Ethnic Orientation: Caucasian

Age: 18

Physical Description: When in her human form Ariane is thin and wiry, with no apparent curves. Her hair is silver in coloration, and hip-length. Her eyes are teal colored, and she is about 5'7" in height. A pair of silver bat-like wings grow from her shoulder blades the membrane is a pearl gray, and she also has a long whip-like tail.

Prime Power:

She can shift into a dragon/human hybrid. Silver scales coat her body, and her neck becomes slightly longer. Her head becomes wedge shaped, with a long snout and two Ivory colored, slightly curved horns sprout just behind her ears, which have become roughly the shape of a butterfly's wing. Her legs become dog like, with her calves shorting, and her heels lengthening, she walks on her toes, but still upright. Ivory talons replace her finger and toe nails. Her teeth become the sharp, triangular teeth of a predator. She remains roughly humanoid in shape and posture. Her wings grow slightly larger than in her human form, and her tail gets slightly longer.

Secondary Mutation: Like the dragons of lore, in her hybrid form she can breathe fire. However, she doesn't have full control over this quite yet. (Meaning you don't really want to be around her shifted form when she has a cold.)

Home Country/City: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Personality: She's very calm and relaxed normally, it takes a lot to make her angry. She's also lazy, and can be hard to motivate. She can be very shy around people she doesn't know very well. She's quiet and prefers to be the listener in a conversation, rather than the speaker.

Skills/Interests: Fantasy, reading, writing, drawing (especially Manga style drawing), videogames, etc.

Short Background:Her father was a drunken b*** who cheated on her mom, so when Ariane was eleven her mom left her dad, and took Ariane with her. They moved around a lot, and never had a lot of money. When her powers developed, her mom was supportive of Ariane.

How would you liked to be introduced in the RP?: Contacts the institute, and arrives there herself.

EDIT: I added a bit to her apperance.

EDIT2: Changed some things, hope this more appropriate.

EDIT3: And again, I tweak her apperance.

EDIT4: More apperance tweaking.

5/24/2011 . Edited 5/27/2011 #30
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