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Role Play for X-MEN based story is open for players to join in. Looking for dedicated role players and x-men fans!
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Shayera Jordan

Greetings! I am Shayera, Shay if you will ;) I am the admin for this RP forum of XMEN.

Things to know, I am basing this RP off of the original universe/time stream of the MARVEL comics.

Happening story wise is the revival of the Xavier Institute as well as the reemergence of young mutants all over the world. Utopia X still stands and it is there that most of the X-Men reside with the island's mutant residents. Cyclops, Emma, Storm, Wolverine etc… are all preoccupied with their own separate missions, so we won't really see much of them.

Right now it is only Beast (Hank McCoy) who is back at the Xavier Institute. With the mansion reconstructed, Beast has been observing the increase in mutants. He will be the acting Headmaster/Instructor at the Institute. Beast is anticipating calls from young people all over the world who begun to manifest mutant abilities and wish to be trained, protected and or servers of a greater good.

Around the world there is also an increase in fear, shock and hate for this escalation of mutants. Cults, mobs, government conspiracies are reemerging just as before in their misguided ideals of stopping the mutant menace.

Please note, that the following will not be acceptable for this Role-play.

-No familial connection to canon characters. Such as you cannot be the daughter of Johnny Storm and Jean Grey or be best friends with Spider Man etc...

-No time traveling, dimension jumping, or outer space traveling as your character's back story.

-Please do not copy cat canon characters or trying to mix them. Such as having your guy have Wolverine's claws, Magneto's helmet or Nightcrawlers' tail. BE ORGIONAL!

-No epic god powers, no Phoenix Force or any other cosmic abilities.

-No one sentence reply when role playing, keep to at least a paragraph (4-5 or more sentences etc...)

-No Mary Sue Characters.

Thank you! And I hope we'll have a great time role playing in….XMEN: The NeXt Class! :)

Rule Addendum :( these rules go into effect now for any recent or more characters that may come into joining the role play)

-NO EMO KIDS AT ALL! It sounds harsh, but it is a severe annoyance and too be honest a lazy cliché that young writers take on to portray whatever angst they are going through.

-NO Parental abuse, NO experimentation, NO love/romance obsession, NO out of control mood swings (unless you convey it in a manner that is mature, logical and creative to your own personal character) ------ ADMINS MUST AGREE YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS.

-READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE POSTING YOUR CHARACTER IN THE BIO SECTION: As well as reading the first page on the bio section to use the bio template for your character where there are guidelines to help you format your character better.

5/14/2011 . Edited by Glass Necromancer, 11/7/2011 #1

Can I join? I have a good character that may fit.. Please?

11/5/2012 #2

Can I join? I have a good character that may fit.. Please?

11/5/2012 #3
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