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Shayera Jordan

Xavier Institute

Walking down a an oval shaped hallway made entirely of stainless steel, a large form lumbered in a steady pace to an oval shaped door, with a plated X crossed over it. The creature had the appearance of a feline facial wise with glasses; blue fur covered his entire body that was not covered up by a white lab coat. He had to bend down to his knees on the side of the oval shaped door. A small compartment revealed itself hidden behind the steel framework.

The blue beast raised a brow at the fact he had to kneel to the floor in order for the device panel to recognize him, it needed to be fixed since it was made to acknowledge a man in a wheelchair whose eye level came mid-waist. "Display vocal and optical authorization." The robotic voice was hinted to sounding more feminine.

The blue beast cleared his throat, before speaking. "Authorize Head Instructor Dr. Henry McCoy." The wall device accepted this with a single beep and then began to scan McCoy with a wide spread laser. The device bleeped several times "Optical authorization, not compatible with file; Dr. Henry McCoy."

McCoy cocked his head at the small device. "Oh for Pete's sakes, really?" McCoy removed his glasses and the device scanned him again. "Optical authorization accepted, welcome Dr. Henry McCoy." The device gave a single beep and the X marked oval doors began to slide apart. McCoy rose from his knees and entered the large sphere shaped room. He walked down a small steel paved dock that ended with a console and big comfy chair in front of it.

He touched the console slightly with his right paw and pulled the rolling chair back to sit in it. Beast sat in the comfy chair with a sigh of relief; he had been outside his lab only once this week and it was to get a haircut he was assured would make him "Distinguished." He brought the same paw over his head, an instinct to run his hand through his long blue mane, but it ended short, literally. Beast's dark blue hair was cut to a style similar to Scott's. 'The last time I take advice from a man who wears tighter pants than his girlfriend.'

Just then, the same robotic voice addressed Beast. "New X-gene mutations detected." Beast put his glasses back on and rolled the chair closer to the console. "Cerebro, display." The AI acknowledged and darkened the room, showing a map of all countries on the steel wall plates. Few lights began to glow red in areas of North America and Europe. Cerebro was only able to function at half capacity, it could locate new mutations, but without a Telepath to work through it any information on new mutants was guess worthy. "Determine any information on closes mutants, please."

"Within the New York area, unknown mutation is occurring, subject gender is female. In Canada, a geological anomaly occurring; severity level is not dangerous, subject gender is male."

"Very well, thank you. I suppose will pay a visit to 'Miss Mystery' since she's the closes." Beast stood up and thought for a quick second on the capabilities of Cerebro, he has not had time to work on it, but did wonder…'How does it know the sex of the people it's detecting, but almost nothing else?'

"Cerebro…" The AI beeped, "Yes, Dr. McCoy." Beast thought of the relevance of this question, but shrugged at his thought and went with it. "I've noticed your programming is set to a feminine tone yet you're addressed by a masculine title ending in '-bro'." The AI beeped, "Affirmative." Beast stroked his chin with a smirk wondering if the AI was transgendered "Cerebro, please verify your preferred acknowledged sex."

The AI took a few seconds longer before beeping again. "I do not have a 'sexual preference'." Beast raised a brow and turned back to walk back down the steel dock. He mumbled to himself with thoughts of amusement "That must be a boring artificial life."

5/19/2011 . Edited 5/19/2011 #1

In the middle of central park, night drew closer. A girl, her hair short and black, her eyes violet walked through the quiet park. Her eyes were cast downwards as she pulled the hood of her black cloak further down. It had been two hours since she packed everything up and decided to run away. She hoped she would finally be safe, perhaps a plane to some island or even a different state would be enough for her to get away. She adjusted her hood once again and tightened the grip on her backpack. It was not to large, but enough for to have packed a few clothes and books.

Someone followed her, she could hear him breathing, walking, in the abandoned park. "Hey sugar, got a buck?" he asked grabbing her hand. She instantly flinched, pulling her hand back. She wished to keep walking. "Aw, come on baby, give a guy a buck." she turned to face the drunken, man, about the same age as her father.

"Excuse me." said the girl. Her voice shaking from fright. "I have t...to go."

"Now, come on sugar, all I says was I wanted a buck." he pulled out something she clearly saw as a knife. "Now hand over that pretty bag of yours."

"P...please...no....you d...don't w...want to d..do that." she begged.

He walked closer, her fright grew to the point of pure horror. Her eyes flashed for a mere second before a a giant wave of energy swept away, pulling the girl to the ground.

She stood up and composed herself. There was nothing there, but the knife, laying on the ground as if it had been dropped.

The girl had no emotion in her. She readjusted her backpack, turned the corner and continued to walk as if nothing ever happened.

5/20/2011 #2
Shayera Jordan

Stuck In Traffic

Beast had taken a Hummer like vehicle out of the mansion's garage. He preferred it not just for its large enough space to let him drive carefully, but it had tinted windows. Although this may not be technically legal, neither was being mutant at the moment. Having the windows tinted gave Beast a bit of peace of mind as he did not have to worry about old ladies in convertibles screaming at the sight of a giant, blue, lion man with a Back Street Boy's haircut, driving a Hummer.

'Cerebro had been able to suggest what the Canadian mutant's abilities were, most likely Terrakinetic in origin. But what could the female one posses that would register as unknown? A new ability not yet manifested? Some sort of cosmic influence...'

Beast shuddered at the thought of another 'Phoenix Incident,' there's been too many of those for his lifetime. The last known coordinates of the female mutant were cited in Central Park. Beast cracked the window down a bit, traffic has not budged and it was beginning to get late outside. Beast could easily make it to Central Park on foot or roof jumping, but unlike Spider Man and Dare Devil, the public would not react so keenly at the sight of a…well beast on the loose.

There was more than enough of political propaganda being spread over the media about mutants threatening mankind, when in reality the world's been Magneto threatened free for several months now. Beast rolled the window back up, he would have to wait the traffic out. Hopefully this young mutant was doing fine on her own. 'Perhaps she's taking a walk in the Park and is on her way home as I speak, err think.'

5/20/2011 . Edited 5/20/2011 #3

She sat at a park bench, just sitting, reading The Great Gatsby, for what seemed like the tenth time, chewing on a snickers bar she had managed to grab before running away. She wondered if he had noticed she had left. Likely not, she mused. He wouldn't care enough too. He was likely hoping she had died from over exertion.

Control: She had it, but when emotions took over it seemed so did her powers. it made her slightly sick. She fidgeted with the hood of her cloak again. She needed help. But she could not go to a mental hospital, no, first thing they would do was commit her, although she was not insane, or send her back to her father, him. No, it was time for her to trudge out on her own...or perhaps join some mass of traveling mutants. At least there she would feel safer even if that made her even more of a target. She nibbled another piece of her snickers bar and turned the page of her book, being lighted by a near by lamp post. A little break would do her good before setting out on the journey she had ahead of her, despite not knowing where she would go.

5/20/2011 #4
Shayera Jordan

"Civilization's going to pieces. I've gotten to be a terrible pessimist about things... The idea is if we don't look out the white race will be--will be utterly submerged... It's up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or these other races will have control of things."

A voice hidden in the branches of the trees cited the quote to the girl who was reading its original source. Loud shakings of the branches drew closer too; identifying whoever was in the tree was making their way down. A dark blur jumped down in front of the young girl, it rose wearing a long trench coat and a hat not made for this century. "I assure you, I did not just Google that on my iPhone."

The mystery man took a step forward, allowing his right arm and reflection of his glasses to be revealed by the lamp post's light. A huge blue paw came towards the girl in the gesture of a handshake. "My name is Dr. Henry McCoy, who might you be?"

5/20/2011 #5
She starred at him, the presence of him frightening only slightly. He was a mutant. That much was obvious. Was this one of the mutants that was constantly on the news? Perhaps. Their hands met and shook briefly she could feel his soft fur touching her hand. "It...it...it nice to meet ...m...someone who knows his Gatsby." She stuttered. "I...I'm...m...H...Hell...Helix M...Marshall. Helix Marshall."
5/20/2011 #6
Shayera Jordan

McCoy sat down next to the girl, "It is a pleasure to meet you Helix." He gave an awkward glance at her novel a humorous attempt to lighten her obvious petrified expression.

"It is a fascinating view on Fitzgerald, one that will stick with humanity forever. How even now in America's supposed highest level of advancement in technology, philosophy and just over all open mindedness that we still face the same primitive trials of depression, segregation and hate."

Beast sat back, relaxing himself onto the bench which he took more than half of. "I notice Helix that you and I have a lot more in common than just good taste in literature." He said with a smile, "Care to share?"

5/20/2011 #7

"It'd my favorite book. " said Helix, holding the book to her chest. "I love the incredibly stupid class struggles that seemed to carry off into this time as well as the 1920's. You know,...Fitzgerald partially based the book of his own experiences. It...it was in his biography."

He saw that this Dr. Henry McCoy give her a raised eye brow look. "Yes, I....I'm...a...a...m...m...mutant."

5/21/2011 #8
Shayera Jordan

Beast nodded his head up and down. "Helix, I work for a school for people much like yourself. We have had many succesful graduates over the years who have learned to deal with their being, their powers and even the hate of the world they were born into. I would very much like to have you join us for your own future benfit, if you'd like to join us. However..."

Beast began to trail off, this part of the introduction of the Insititute was a bit tricky to work with. "Because you are a minor we will need the permission of your parents or who it is that watches over you."

5/21/2011 #9

Panic, spread over her face. "Y...you c...can't t...talk t...t...NO!" it was but a scream of energy that forced him to fall of the bench. "I'm sorry." she helped him up. "I...m...there's no one, who "watches over me" as you so kindly put it, not since my powers manifested." she sighed "I would love to go somewhere where I can be normal. But if I have to go back there." she pointed to the direction from which she had arrived in the park. "Then I'd rather sign up with Magneto."

5/21/2011 #10
Shayera Jordan

Beast was wide eyed at the power burst from this girl. He placed his glasses back on his face and brushed himself off. The girl attempted to help him back up, he thought quickly trying to assess what her power was. 'Telekinesis, energy absorption and redirection, perhaps it was a telepathic shove?'

Helix's reaction to the mention of her parents was n obvious sign of a troubled teen. Beast would consult with her later on that, but he hated to admit that this really wasn't the time. Multiple Mutations have been sprouting today, all over the globe. How to reach all of them and then handle the ones willing to join the Institute was a challenge indeed.

Cerebro's last mutant sighting was in Canada. It would take some time to get the great maple leaf country, but still what of Helix? He couldn't just in a legal or in this case illegal sense 'abduct her' even if she agreed…but he could not just leave her here alone. Beast sighed.

"My dear, would you fancy a trip to the land of the 'True north and free?'" Beast pulled out an iPhone looking device from his pocket as soon he touched the screen of it the clouds above them began to swirl. A black sleek jet descended from the cloudy sky, landing softly in the field across from them. Beast clicked the device again and the lights on the jet began to blink and beep as if he was unlocking a car. "I see why your generation is obsessed with these so called 'apps'." Beast gave a smile and began walking towards the jet's entrance ramp.

5/21/2011 #11

A jet? A trip to Canada? It would work out well for her. Hitch a ride with Dr. Blue and Furry to Canada, and ditch him once they land. It would be easy. In Canada she would be safe and away from her father. She fidgeted a little.

"I wouldn't know." she replied coldly and readjusted the hood of her cloak once again. "A trip to Canada?" the fur ball nodded. "A...anything t..to get away from t...this place."

She placed her book inside her back pack and followed Dr. McCoy inside the black jet.

5/21/2011 #12
Glass Necromancer

Meanwhile in British Columbia, Canada…

Alban looked out over a wide field from his spot in the doorway, smiling to himself as he admired his work off in the distance. Just the other day he had started to move large pieces of earth around to give himself a bit more privacy as well as make a small waterfall. It was pure luck that while working he had unearth a geyser, and managed to form it into a underground lake before he downed.

Today though he had to take care of his gardens, starting with his small fruit orchid Alban moved through the trees; tending them, watering them, making sure there were no pest, etc. He did the same to his vegetable garden before he took a break, looking up into the sky to check the time.

"Just about time to take a break and cool down for a bit." Alban said to no one in particular as he put his tools away and went back to his small house. Finding a warn patch of grass he sat down and looked up one last time, before laying down on his back and closing his eyes. He could feel the earth beneath him and through that earth, the grass that he just bent with his weight. And it didn't take long before that grass started to thicken up, softening his temporary bed in the sun.

5/21/2011 #13
Shayera Jordan


As the two made their way onboard the jet, Beast took his seat as pilot. He gestured for Helix to sit in the co-pilot's seat. Not that he needed one; all controls were under his command only. He flipped a few switches and fastened his seat belt "Safety first." The ramp began to rise up as the jet it's self began to rise off the ground.

After Beast made sure Helix was safely secured, he activated the engines to take them off at a fast speed. The ride was a bit shaky for a minute or two, but once they felt a little more adjusted Beast decided to discuss other things with the girl.

"You're not alone you know. Not just being a mutant, but the overall sense of being...different." Beast added emphasis to the last word.

"Mind you, on a certain level of social realism, you are in fact a lucky one. I do not mean to say you have not suffered; we all have and will continue to do so. But through your anguish and pain you have the ability to make something positive out of yourself with much more ease than those like…"

Beast gave a huff of a breath, "People often seek out things they understand so they can relate, and things they don't understand, for instance a talking lion man they often fear and reject. You, you won't have that problem like I did. You can fit in to society even when mutants are considered in-human. You can pass for a human true, but even if you should proudly profess you are a mutant, that you are different. People will listen, not all but still some would. They can see in someone like you, someone to believe in and see the truth that mutants or anyone who is simply born different is just as human and sentient as anyone else."

Beast removed his hat and ran his paw over his short haircut. "I apologize for the long winded speech, but I haven't given a good lecture on ethics and political science in quite some time." Beast turned to the girl, giving a short smile and then returned to the controls in front of him.

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #14

She buckled in and sat in the co-pilot chair listening to his speech on politics and ethics. "People will listen?" she questioned starring at the sky. "Ha! Forgive me Dr. McCoy, but no one listened to me. I tried and tried and tried and frankly, I'm sick of trying to make myself appear normal. I am sick of attempting to prove myself as human when the world denies me such a right. I do not care anymore. Now...I...I just want t...to g..go somewhere where I can be me. Someplace where...someone will teach me...a place where someone c...can help me explain what the...the hell...it...it is that I do and h...help me c..control it."She sighed and pulled her knees up to her chest in an attempt to comfort herself.

5/21/2011 #15
Shayera Jordan

"Helix, I assure you that you will not be pressured by me to do anything you do not want to do. I only encourage the fact that it's never too late learned or teach."

Beast monitored the navigation system on the console; they just crossed over the Great Lakes and now by default were in Canadian territory. Beast remembered how unpredictable the Canadian Government is, understandable considering this the homeland of Logan. Beast set the jet to emit a cloaking effect to hide it from unwanted radar.

Beast smirked at his own inside jokes, but refocused on the task at hand. He could tell Helix was going to be an effort to work with; most teenage girls are as he's learned from teaching. "The reason we're here is to find another youngster like you, another mutant. I believe his abilities are terra related in nature, but be prepared for anything."

Beast landed in a small clearing of grass. He unbuckled himself and made his way towards the exit ramp. Before leaving, Beast removed his trench coat, exposing his X-Man uniform, a navy blue and gold unitard outfit, covering his legs and ending beneath his chest.

"I spotted a strange re-arrangement of topsoil and rock formations ahead. I bet that we're close to our Rocky friend."

5/21/2011 #16

Do all the X-men make such bad jokes?" questioned Helix and beast laughed. She starred at him. "You won't pressure me into doing anything I don't want to do, huh?" he nodded. "Then tell me, Dr. McCoy. What happens to me when you find this "rocky mutant"? I though y...you s..said y...you n...need the permission of my "guardians?" she did not say parents, or parent. "Since according to you I'm not old enough to leave home by myself. N...n not like a....an...anyone's l....looking for me."

5/22/2011 #17
Glass Necromancer

Alban had napped for an hour in the sun on the patch of thick grass. Slowly waking up and stretching he sat, then stood up. "Time to go back to work." Alban told himself as he started to walk to his last garden behind his house. This one he didn't need any tools for since it was a rock garden, he just used his power to move the stone and earth to where he felt it needed to be.

5/22/2011 #18
Shayera Jordan

"I take pride in my egotistical sense of humor." Beast smirked for a second and then Helix asked him what happens when they fine the male mutant.

"I believe it is always important to introduce one's self and for this invitation, simply explain it and offer it. If he is under aged than yes I'll need the permission of his guardians. However if he is under certain circumstances much like yourself than I presume your question is answered pending on his choice of course. Hmmm..."

Beast began to trail into deep thinking, "By chance do you know what the legal age is in Canada?"

Beast stopped dead in his tracks beginning to tilt his head. From a distant he could easily be mistaken for a lofty blue bear. His ears began to twitch; he was hearing a scarping like noise of two separate composites of sedimentary rock. He had to admit his hearing was not that precise to decipher certain mineral aspects, but it was a good guess of the types of rocks being manipulated by their fellow mutant.

'If he can manipulate the earth…could he be able to pick up on our movements?'

Beast tried to remember if the earthmovers he knew had that ability to pick up on vibrations on or under ground.

5/22/2011 . Edited 5/22/2011 #19
Glass Necromancer

Alban was almost done with the rock garden, the last thing he needed to do was change the statues that were place through it. Walking to the first he places his hands at the base of it, and started to lift it up, making it levitate off the ground a few feet before he tossed it to the side and made it land neatly in a row with the previous statues. Then, placing his palm on the bare earth that was beneath the statue, he gripped the earth and pulled up, a block of solid stone rose to the height he wanted for the new statue.

5/22/2011 #20

"Sorry I wouldn't know." replied Helix. "I haven't been to Canada since I was ten. I would presume it would be the same as in the USA."

She looked around the bottom of the ship, seeing the ground. "What is this offer exactly? You show up and you say you h...have this o...offer. What is it?

5/22/2011 #21
Shayera Jordan

"The offer in short is to make a better life for one's self. With the surrounding of a positive community of peers, guidance and in short a sense of peace of mind. Did you have any of that when I found you in the park?"

Beast awaited her to respond even though he already knew her answer. He let out an 'Hmmm' noise before dropping to all fours, now he really did look like a wild beast. "I can't lock onto a scent, but the sound of rock breaking apart is all too apparent to me. Helix, my dear if you would not mind holding onto my neck, I believe we can make better time on the Henry McCoy Express."

5/22/2011 #22

"Alright....I...I'm in, the full ride...a...as l...long as my guardians are k...kept...o...out of it."

He told her to grab on. She hesitated, it was better than walking God knows how many miles. She tightened her cloak around her and put her arms on Dr. McCoy's neck. Dr. McCoy Express was better than walking.

5/22/2011 #23
Shayera Jordan

"Hold on tight, dear." As soon as Helix was onboard, Beast took off on all fours; his massive arms propelled the two mutants at an incredibly fast and somewhat thrashing pace. The breeze felt very cold during Beast's massive leaping strides through the Canadian plains. A thick forest was right in their path; it would take too long to go around it. Beast felt confident at the obstacle at hand, for years he has perfected his acrobatic style in the Danger Room and on the field.

The first thick tree was met with blue hands extending out into sharp claws. Beast would continue his fast pace, never lighting up. He would slash at the lower and mid sections of rocks and trees to maneuver them around the condense woods. After successfully ricocheting off of many trees, the two mutants came to a smaller opening within the woods.

Beast was panting a bit, in his mind he knew it was a sign of age catching up with him. He reeled back on his hind legs allowing Helix to drop down. "See anything out of the ordinary?" he asked the young girl as they were surrounded by multiple amounts of plants of a variety of species.

5/22/2011 #24

Helix looked around carefully as they walked through some of the plants in front of her. "Sorry, to sound strange, but I don't remember this being native to Canada." she said pointing to a tree found more in tropical climate instead of a Canadian one. "So...who exactly are you?" asked Helix. "I mean are you some government stooge or are you, pals with Magneto or something?"

5/22/2011 #25
Shayera Jordan

Beast raised a brow, both at the tropical plant and Helix's peculiar question. "I see the media still isn't clear on the mission of the X-Men. I honestly loathe Erik Magnus right now. The man lifts up a bridge and warps the Statue of Liberty, but my colleagues and I prevent countless catastrophes, saving the Earth who knows how many times. And-"

He stopped himself before continuing to ramble on any further.

"The X-Men's sole purpose is to achieve the dream of a peaceful co-existence with humanity and mutants. Like many minorities before us, we have encountered ignorance and must fight for our rights in a civil manner. I personally believe in our intentions to be just, but to add depth to your question I am a scientist, political advocate, a teacher and over all a nice guy with a bad haircut."

Beast then pointed to what laid behind the vast amount of agriculture, a house

5/22/2011 #26
Magical Metorite Watcher

Meanwhile in Philadelphia a birthday party was going on at the house of the Morris Family. They were celebrating the daughter's 15th birthday. Fran was a pretty girl but she rarely smiled. Her parents were very dedicated to their church and believed mutants were the devil's spawn. They also were trying almost always trying to force their beliefs on her or get her dating boys they deemed perfect for her. The latest of the boys was Anthony Bates who never took no for an answer.

Today he cornered her at the fence and was trying to French her. Fran kept dodging his lips until he grabbed her head and just as he was about to kiss her she felt something building in her legs energy that she never knew was there. She pushed him away before running out away at speeds that left a blur behind her. Unknown to Fran her father had been watching nearby hoping that the boy would manage to kiss his unruly daughter. He was shocked as could be to see her show herself as a demon.

He needed answers shocked to know that the devil had marked his daughter as one of his spawn. He went to his minister for advice.

5/22/2011 #27

Helix followed Beast towards a vast mount of agriculture and a house. She kept a mild distance from and kept readjusting her cloak again. "O...okay, then. I....i...I...J...join the X-men, as...l...long as I never h..have to g...go back t...to my guardians.. .

5/23/2011 #28
Shayera Jordan

Beast wanted to smile, but Helix has a clear issue with her parents...He'd need to discuss that with her one on one. He was pleased she was willing to join the Instititute, at least to see how it'll be for her. Beast rubbed his hands together, eliminating what dirt he could from their previous run in the forest. He walked towards the house, he wasnt sure if he was knocking on the front door or the back, reguardless he knocked. "Hello?" he asked alloud.

5/23/2011 #29
Glass Necromancer

Sculpting stone was easy for Alban, all he had to do was grab a chuck of the stone and pull it off. The chuck would then break apart into round pebbles and sand which he tossed into the rock garden. It was when he tossed his third fist full that he heard someone clearly ask hello.

"I'm out back" Alban yelled as he gript a new chuck of stone and began to pull it away from the statue tossing it to his side. The statue was starting to take form; the area he worked now were shaping up to be legs and he now worked his way up towards the torso.

5/23/2011 #30
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