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Shayera Jordan

Attention, guys. I have an announcement I'd like to make. I'm glad to see we're all avid in the role play, but I need to reinforce one of the rules. It would be better if we can all try to make at least a one paragraph posts instead of one sentence replies.

The reason for this is because the characters are not really making much progression with these one liners. Adding more to our posts will start to define our characters a bit more. I have a couple of story builder ideas I'd like to get started, but we are nowhere near close enough to proper development to move on further. One of my ideas is to do a Danger Room scenario, which in its self will require detailed posts.

I understand there is few times where you can't build a paragraph every time, but no more one liners please.


6/10/2011 #1
Shayera Jordan

Also for new students, you all can discuss who'd you want to bunk with. Girls with girls and guys with guys, I'll let the room limit go up to four cause some people might have bunk beds :)

6/10/2011 #2
Shayera Jordan

To keep track of where every one is, I think it be easier if we could state where we are at the top of our posts and have it bolded


Roof Top:

Danger Room:


6/10/2011 #3
Proffesor I.P. Freely
I cant do either as im on a dsi, but i will put the location down.
6/10/2011 #4
Shayera Jordan

Thats fine, thank you for telling us :)

6/10/2011 #5
Tora Brambles

Hey, I am moving today, so I won't be able to RP until this evening or tomorrow.

6/11/2011 #6
Shayera Jordan

Thanks for letting us know Tora :)

6/11/2011 #7
Rayn Laehnart

I always do that unless my characters interaction with someone is not broken up by other posts. Though I think I go a bit extreme sometimes. See my last post for an example of what I mean. lol

6/13/2011 #8
Proffesor I.P. Freely
Never mind :). just something for future reference, its extremely diffucult for me to check my pm box, so if anyone has an answer or question, just post it. unless its not time relevent. Then feel free to pm, and it won't get seen for months. :)
6/14/2011 . Edited 6/14/2011 #9
Shayera Jordan


Okay guys, Im planning on running a Danger Room session with all the students exlcuding my charecters. I will be roleplaying as the Room/Scenario it's self (Dungeon Master....).

But I need to know who think's they'll be able to do it. I know I was told by a few of you saying work, school etc... is more important right now and I understand. But just let me know if you guys are up for it, I would think every one would want their charecter to particpate in the Danger Room, but just to ask are there any who do not want to particpate in the danger room?

I have set up the structure of my idea into the following.....

1) there will be two seperate teams of students in the danger room, each will have their own envirement and scenario program to run through.

2) That means there will be two new threads made, for team one and two.

3) I have the teams made, as they were part random and partially made to be fair (power based etc...)

so Im giving you guys the heads up on what will be happening, and remember if any of you think you wont be active for the following week please let me know so I and your team mates are not left hanging xD

6/19/2011 #10
Tora Brambles

Thanks for the heads up.

6/19/2011 #11
Catriona The Hedgehog

ok cool. I'll most likely be on, and If I wont, Ill try to let you know

6/19/2011 #12
Rayn Laehnart

I'll be here and am curious to see what you'll have Mahogany put up against.

6/19/2011 #13
Tora Brambles

I'll be able to do it since it is summer for me. But, for the next week the hours I will be on will be slightly shaky, as my neighborhood is putting on a garage sale and my family is participating this year, so we are cleaning every room in the house. I'll most likely be on in the afternoons and evenings. Hee hee, this sounds fun. :)

6/19/2011 #14

I'm off tuesday, thursday, and friday, so those days i can rp and definitely take part in the danger room sessions. the other days this week are kinda shaky as to wether i can rp or not.

6/19/2011 #15

I may not be able to Tuesdy evening, cause I'll be gone for a few hours, but in general I think I'll be free to RP

6/20/2011 #16
Proffesor I.P. Freely
I'm gonna be shaky for about a month mabeye? the wifi at my house was lost during the storm, and our it guy, dad, has other, paying, problems. So Syhay, do have something that could put Jakc out for a bit?
6/20/2011 #17
Shayera Jordan

Okay, I think than we'll all have to be patient then. When I do start it up (not sure on pin point day ;p) for those who can rp can start out, but it (the amount of posting) wont be constant since we'll be waiting on other players to resume their roles.

So there may be days where we'll only see 2-3 maybe less or more of new replies. Thats fine with me so long as we have the posts as long as we can make, and since I will be the enriement it's self xD You're all going to have to make a paragraph or more in your replies muhahaha ;)

That means stating your charecters physical actions from the slightest lip bite to the ultimate round house kick, the emotional and thought responses on what ever is going on be it in their own minds or out loud. The Danger Room wont just be a test for your charecters, but for all of us as creative writers....and it'll be fun because of lasers, dragons and super power teenagers O.O

@ Subject. Understood, since Jakc is away from the mansion right now I think we'll just keep it that way until you're able to make a full return. Jakcs a drifter anyway right? so if the story progressing days wise any further, you can just say Jakc was out in other places when he comes back.

6/20/2011 #18
Catriona The Hedgehog

ok cool (is excited)*

also, when do you think someone will "find" Amara with Cerebro?

6/20/2011 #19

Sounds good, looking forward to it

6/20/2011 #20
Shayera Jordan

To find Amara, Im going to say that will have to wait until the Danger Room session is done, I'm very certain she'll be detected and picked up by then :)

6/20/2011 #21
Catriona The Hedgehog


6/20/2011 #22
Catriona The Hedgehog

I'm going on vacation for about three weeks, I will most likely be able to be on for part of that time, but I won't be on at all the day after tomorrow and the time when I can be on after that is limited.

6/23/2011 #23
Shayera Jordan

Understood Cat, and thank you for letting us know.

6/23/2011 #24
Catriona The Hedgehog

no problem. so if you start the danger room soon, I'll still be able to participate. if you don't start within the next 4 days, then you can leave me out.

6/23/2011 #25
Shayera Jordan

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I've not been on for the last few days I supose my excuse is bad weather, but really Im preoccupied with my family visiting and lots and lots of sleep overs xD

When I do come back, probably this weekend into full swing I'll have....hrrm about 2 pages or more worth of a reply to post for both the current rp and then the intros to the danger room scenarios.

6/29/2011 #26

I won't be able to RP tomorrow, for obvious reasons and then the 16 through the 18th of July, I'll be out of town and I'll be pretty busy to even think about getting online.

7/3/2011 #27
Lostime's Reach

Well, I'm hoping this is the right place to say this, but, I'd like to say that I'm sorry, for compleaty disappearing for quite a while. Some very bad thunderstorms sweeped through my area, and apparantly whatever sends out the internet signals at where I live got struck by lightning. Everyone's fine, but the internet at my house died. Things seem all fixed now, so hopefully I'll be able get on again.

7/9/2011 #28
Catriona The Hedgehog


its good that everyone's fine :)

I'm back too and will most likely be able to participate in the danger room :D

7/9/2011 #29
Glass Necromancer

Just so people know I am unable to post the second danger room for 8 hours due to the site's restriction. When I wake up I'll make the post but for now I'll list both teams right here.

Team 1: Alban, Xela, Julio, Anya, Gavin, Paul, and Jakc if he makes it back in time.

Team 2: Ariane, Helix, Mahogany, Aliyah, Blade and the twins Junus and Janus.

If I've forgotten someone let me know and I'll work you into the teams.

7/10/2011 . Edited 7/10/2011 #30
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