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Role Play for X-MEN based story is open for players to join in. Looking for dedicated role players and x-men fans!
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Catriona The Hedgehog

thanks :)

7/10/2011 #31
Tora Brambles

Thank you! Does this mean we'll start soon?!?!

7/12/2011 #32
Glass Necromancer

Yep, most likely start tomorrow morning, might do the jump to the following morning tonight

7/12/2011 #33

Hey guys reminder, I won't be able to RP starting Sat afternoon until Monday evening, I'm going to be out of town.

7/14/2011 #34
Proffesor I.P. Freely
Hey, just an idea, but does anyone else think that we should put up a chat room?
7/15/2011 #35
Catriona The Hedgehog

(raises hand)* I do

7/15/2011 #36

Fanfiction.net doesn't have chat rooms.

7/15/2011 #37
Catriona The Hedgehog

I think he means post a topic that is a chat room

7/15/2011 #38

Oh, that would be interesting then.

7/15/2011 #39
Proffesor I.P. Freely
Tora, just in case you didn't see it earlier, you have a new member for your batman rp.
7/22/2011 #40
Tora Brambles

I saw that, sorry I'll add a thread, just been distracted lately. XD

Also, I was thinking for this forum that we have a character plotting page, for example, posting things we plan to have happen to our character so we can work them into the main thread in turn. That way the focus of the thread isn't on one character all the time or bouncing in a billion different directions at once? Does this sound like a good idea or am I crazy? :/ Heh. ^^

7/22/2011 #41
Catriona The Hedgehog

actually, thats a great idea.

7/22/2011 #42

i agree, it would be a pretty good idea

7/23/2011 #43

Any players who have been approved and not yet submitted a photo to me for the website are being asked to do so. it can be a photo or a drawing. They will be posted on the site as received.

7/25/2011 #44

Am I too late for that?

7/27/2011 #45

not at all, just pm me a link to the photo and i'll send u the link to the website so you can create a profile.

7/27/2011 #46

Just as an idea, maybe when we go on missions in the future, we would seperate the teams in the Danger Room Teams, given that we have like 15 students and that is a lot on a single mission, just an idea. Lemme know what you think.

8/2/2011 #47
Shayera Jordan

That has come to my attention of the growing students. I have plans for a future field trip which will have everyone going, but actual missions will be determined by character's progression/maturity/more detailed posts and of course what their abilities are (one mission might need a telepathy to spy another might need super strength to run through a building :p)

I'm still swamped in class work so will not be returning just yet, but like now I pop in to see whats been going on ;) *touches small pin attached to chest* "Shayera.....one to beam out." VRRRRREEEEEEEE! :p

8/3/2011 #48
Tora Brambles

Okay, so I am sorry for my long absence, things got rather hectic. However, this time I can give you guys some notice. One week from today I will be moving back into the dorms and internet on campus is shaky at best for the first day or so. SO, hopefull I will be able to start back up next Monday, however, worst case scinerio I will be gone from NEXT Sunday to next Wednesday. :)

9/11/2011 #49
Shayera Jordan

Thats okay Tora, thanks for letting us know :)

9/12/2011 #50

Umm, Just a bit of a warning, can't come on next weekend until Sunday. So Thurs-Fri, won't be on.

9/12/2011 #51
Shayera Jordan

Hey everyone! I just found out that the super hero MMO, City of Heroes is now.....FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Im going to try to see if it'll work for my computer and maybe make a character similar looking to Beast or Nik xD

I played a trial once and it had alot to offer, but that was a few day trial and this is now FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) .....hopefully.

9/27/2011 #52
Glass Necromancer

Nice, I've always wanted to try it for longer then a few days. I'll see which computer can run it the best and join the fun.

9/27/2011 #53
Shayera Jordan

Im making my character now, but Im assigned to the Guardian server for those who ever want meet me in game xD

9/27/2011 #54
Glass Necromancer

Sounds good, just creating my account now, for some reason it's rejecting every user name I try to use.

9/27/2011 #55


9/27/2011 #56
Glass Necromancer

OK finally, got into the game, seems a bit clunky to me right now

9/27/2011 #57
Shayera Jordan

Glass. I got the same issue. Go to the home page of the site and just download the game, when its done it'll say create new account and you simply do it that way. My charecter's name on Guardian server.....is....Professor McCoy xD

9/27/2011 #58
Glass Necromancer

I've just finished the tutorial, I made Alban Korund on Guardian Server as well. I'm taking a break from it for a bit to check on some stuff about X-Men Destiny then I'll probably go back on

9/27/2011 #59
Tora Brambles


I am making a Wikia specifically for this RP, hopefully to give us more notice and bring in some more people? Or just to get more people to read the story. SO...

I need everyone who wants their character to have a page and is still active to either PM me or post on it here. Because, up until a few minutes ago I was going through the bios trying to tell who was accepted and who was still active... it became too much. So, for now I will start with the people who I KNOW are active and if you want a page too please write something. :)

10/9/2011 #60
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