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Glass Necromancer

The team for this group will be Ariane, Helix, Mahogany, Aliyah, Blade and the twins Junus and Janus.

7/11/2011 #1
Glass Necromancer

Once you step through the door you are greeted by the sweltering heat of downtown New Orleans, sweat starting to drip from you suddenly. Turning around you find the door you had entered from gone, replaced with a store's door. A moment later in the same store's front, the tvs that line it's window chime in with breaking news with a bit of static. "...From downtown New Orleans, where a large group of mutant protesters are preventing a mutant mother to be from getting to the hospital to give birth to her child. The protesters are peaceful in nature but the mother still fears for the life of her unborn child and has not attempted to cross their lineā€¦" The signal cuts out a bit before going back to its previous schedule program.

8/7/2011 #2


"That was terrible" sighed Samuel. He looked around, scanning his surroundings. He had no idea how vividly real the Danger Room was. Andrenallin pumped through his very veins as he realized the complexity of the scene. For what he thought was a mere capture the flag game turned out to be a well crafted room, with the colors and the feelings of a real, possible situation. He was strucken with awe. He took a deep breath before realizing what he was doing.

"What now?" he asked.

8/7/2011 #3
Catriona The Hedgehog

Blade stepped into the room and smirked. it would be much more fun in something like this than a simple room. and all she would have to do to find the flag--unless it was obviously placed--would be to find where she couldn't teleport to. although the thought terrified her since she could possibly kill herself trying to figure that out, she told herself it would be easy. I guess I should probably take this seriously.... she slipped off her gloves--something she only did when she was planning on needing her hands--revealing her mangled arms. her scars were the worst on her arms and they stood out on her deathly pale skin.

8/8/2011 #4
Rayn Laehnart

As Mahogany stepped through the door (after nodding to the twins) he found himself less surprised than he'd expected. Maybe it had something to do with the fact the danger room seemed similar in concept to how their very rooms were designed. If this is the test then that broadcast was our cue, was it not? He thought as he watched the report. He looked around as everyone seemed to be awestruck by the world around them. He lowered his eyes and shook his head at their antics, but then raised his eyes again as the Twins came into his view.

'You think our "flag" is that mother?' He asked them, loud enough for only those near them to hear. He didn't want to alert anyone on the street lest things turn south and quickly.

8/8/2011 #5

Samuel who had overheard Mahogany shrugged his shoulders and nodded at him, obviously agreeing. When he saw the students already in the room, behind him and in front, he had got the feeling that they would fight someone, but for now he did not know who. "Mahogany, I think that she is the target, but do you think the Professor would make the protesters the enemy, they might have special powers or something"

Samuel looked to Mahogany, noticing that he is older then him, then to the twins, who shrugged him off. "Why does everybody act so differently here?" he thought to himself scratching his head.

8/8/2011 #6
Rayn Laehnart

Danger Room - Downtown New Orleans - Institute:

Mahogany was started at hearing his name come off the lips of the boy, he'd never been introduced to him personally after all, and turned to him.

"Samuel, right? How did you know my name?" He looked at him oddly while he awaited his answer. Last thing we need is a telepath that reads minds without permission.

8/8/2011 #7

Danger Room- Downtown New Orleans.

"Well when that Professor guy called your name and told you that you could not copy other people's powers, I saw your slight face expression and the twins talk to you" said Samuel said with a smile "Now what do you think, besides I think I overheard you say something about me, when I first got here, but maybe that is how you guys operate around here"

8/8/2011 #8
Glass Necromancer

After seeing the breaking news, Janus and Junus scanned the area and even went down the street in opposite directions before coming back to the store front just in time to catch Mahogany asking if the mother was the flag. "Excellent deduction Watson, the mother is indeed he flag we must capture." The twins chimed in together as they rejoined the group. "And young Samuel, it's unlikely that the protesters would be super powered, and like the news reporter just said its non-violence, peaceful protest. Conclusions; this is a test to see if we can handle doing a mission without fighting. A stealth mission I would guess." The twins nodded at each other in agreement, "Or just a mission to see if we can handle dealing with people who hate us."

8/8/2011 #9
Rayn Laehnart

Danger Room #2:

'If that's the case we should probably get going. She is most likely in labour if she's trying to get to a hospital and she'll need all the help she can get to get past the protest if things do indeed end up going t*** up.' Mahogany replied as he reached out with his powers to see if he could find a mutation he didn't recognize.

(Assuming I CAN sense her I'll need to know what her powers are and which direction we're supposed to go before I can really add more. Sorry.)

8/8/2011 #10
Glass Necromancer

(You can sense here and she's amphibious)

8/8/2011 #11
Lostime's Reach

Danger Room-Downtown New Orleans:

Ariane steped into the room, what she saw took her breath away. She didn't know what she had expected, but it certainly wasn't this. She felt her heart clench at the reports description of the plight of the mutant mother. She tilted her head slightly, listening to the others talk. What they said certianly sounded plausable to her, but she could help but feel uneasy.

A stealth mission?she thought.I'm a flying, fire-breathing dragon girl, that doesn't exactly scream 'stealthy'. Not to mention...She glanced at her wings, instictivly tighting them around her shoulders, and dropping her tail low. She was suddenly very, very nervous about what would happen in the immediate future.I've nothing to hide my mutation with! I'll end up blowing this thing before we even get close to her! she thought, her face twisting into a grimice.

8/8/2011 . Edited 8/8/2011 #12
Rayn Laehnart

Danger Room #2:

Mahogany was startled for a minute when at first he didn't sense anything and then suddenly the image of some sort of frog popped into his mind from the North-East. That's odd, he thought,normally it's instantanious and I wasn't even really expecting this to work at all. This must be a very advanced room. Opening his eyes to look at the twins he shook his head as if to brush away fog.

'It would appear this room is even more complex than I imagined. She's that way, in case you're wondering where to start. I don't know exactly how far, but she's above ground level.' He looked around at all of them, 'It's not the best, but it's a start considering I somehow just sensed the powers of a hologram.' Turning to look them each in the eyes he then started towards her powers. 'We'd best keep this low-key. Last thing we want is a fight right now.'

8/8/2011 #13

Danger Room #2-

Samuel nodded in agreement to Mahogany's statement. A fight would not be the best to go around things, given that Samuel's experience was fighting petty criminals and his father with his earth and flora manipulation and his invulnurable strength. Samuel sighed looking outside the window wondering that exactly was he going to do about the upcoming threat. What could he do stealthy with his paticular earth powers. Samuel bit his lip, he didn't really sign up for an assignment, he had really wanted to go on the survival mission, he'd thought that that would suit his paticular powers better but decided that obviously this is for the best. He coated himself in the sand and hardened it.

"Okay, that was specific" Samuel said, saying the last three words in a whisper so Mahogany could not hear. "What do you think?" he indicated to the rest.

8/8/2011 #14
Catriona The Hedgehog

Blade turned and suddenly disappeared, reappearing several yards away in the direction Mahogany had said the woman was. "if we're trying to find something, we should probably start looking." Blade's face had a hard determination on it and the hair that usually covered her eye was pulled behind her ear, showing a long scar running down the side of her face.

8/8/2011 #15


Helix stepped through and saw the woman. "I know this is only a simulation....but it looks awfully real, shouldn't we try to help her even if she isn't the flag?" she asked nervously, breathing heavily infront of the anti-mutant protesters.

8/8/2011 #16
Glass Necromancer

(Clarification for you TW, the mother to be is not where you enter the danger room. Your at a store front, and it was a news broadcast that told you about the protesters and the mother mutant)

8/8/2011 #17

(Oh sorry I meant the video of the protesters of was infront of her)

8/8/2011 #18

Danger Room

Samuel shrugged at both the comments made by Blade and Helix. He did not know what to do? "Well are we all sticking together or are we splitting up?" asked Samuel cracking his knuckles looking quite confused about the current situation in the Danger Room.

8/9/2011 #19
Catriona The Hedgehog

"splitting up means a faster search. but stay within hearing range of everyone. yell if you find something." Blade took off running, her eyes flicking around to take in every detail of everything she saw. if she were to need to telelport, she would need to know where to go and where not to.

8/9/2011 #20


"So...who goes where..w.w.w.we should..d have a set plan....if i could manage to fly I could possibly fly ahead and s.s.s.scout." suggested Helix.

8/9/2011 #21

"Well with my ability to levitate on the sand and rock material I can aid with the scouting part of the mission, unless someone else can fly" Samuel added, "Just in case something goes wrong we don't want you to be in any type of trouble without someone to back you up"

8/9/2011 #22

Danger Room:

"Well...I..I did manage to fly when we were running out of the mall...being chased out of......and....I....possibly could do it...I m.m.m.m.mean w.w.w.we really need to decide who does what. We need to do this like a team, don't we?

8/9/2011 #23


Aliyah stood by quietly to see what ideas the others would come up with. "I agree with Helix," she said, "I feel that perhaps Ariane would be an asset with her ability to fly. Ariane, would you be able to get high enough that random people wouldn't notice you, but you would be able to see what's going on? If you can do this and assess the situation from above, be our eyes in the sky, we would have a better understanding of how to accomplish our task"

8/9/2011 #24
Glass Necromancer

Junus and Janus nodded in agreement with Helix and Aliyah. "I can take the sky's as well to help scout out what's between us and the mother." Junus said looking around at those left. "Ariane , you can fly without going full dragon can't you?" Janus asked the girl. "My brother and I have a sort of shared knowledge, so if you two go and scout via air, when you start to come back I'll know what he's seen and we can start making a plan to rescue the mother to be."

8/10/2011 #25

Samuel sighed, feeling as if he was not an asset to the current stealth mission that he was on so he went outside the shop and sat on a bench taking in a deep breath of air and thinking about his father. Flashes of abuse crossed his mind as he saw what his father did when he first figured out he was a mutant, the horrible grim expression that caused him to be sick to his stomach. For a while Samuel was hypnotized by his horrible history before he snapped himself out of it and bit his lip. He looked up in to the sky, nearly forgetting the fact that it was not real life only a danger room simulation exercise. He looked back feeling un-accepted, Helix liked him kind of and Xela talked to him. Blade seemed nice enough but everyone else seemed to see him as an arrogant kid. He didn't come here for that, now for some reason he was destined to prove his worth. He went back into the shop with a serious look on his face, ready to soak up as much information from the experienced kids as he could. "Cool, let's start"

8/10/2011 #26


Helix looked at Samuel while the others were speaking. "How many people d.o we r.r.really need in the air?" she asked. "Ariane should go with one of the twins and that should be enough....I'm n.n.not ready to fly in the air yet...I don't think." she looked back at Samuel. "A.a.a.are you alright?" He looked like he too had gone through something, likely not like her.

8/10/2011 #27

"Fine" he said quickly and quietly, "Just thinking about my past, of course that doesn't matter now" he felt sick from what just flashed in his head and looked at all the people he was with, it was a home, a home nonetheless that had yet to accept him. "Are you okay, you seem nervous"

8/10/2011 #28


"D.d.d.do I? I...I've only been using my powers freely for a d.d.day h.h.how do you think I f.f.feel. I mean I came to the institute two days ago with...more emotional baggage than normal people and an intense fear of my own powers. I mean yesterday Blade and I got into an argument and all the knives and forks became enchanted and rose into the air. And I lose control when I'm frightened or experience extreme emotion like anger, fear, depression....s.s.s.so y.y.yeah." she turned back to the others. "Let's go the l.l.longer we wait the less time that woman has, simulation or not."

8/10/2011 #29

"Sorry, just concerned" Samuel said "I have been through a little too" He looked back and frowned, the whole plan was not going like how he wanted so far. He had just lost the one friend he thought he had so he sighed and started peeling the sand of his skin on his right arm and began forming a swirl. Why was everyone so mad at him as if he did something to any one of the people at this mansion, I just came because I had no place to know, because of the reputation, to escape my father. He looked at the fellow students, Why didn't anyone like him? The swirl of levitating sand became a tight not ball. He really didn't care about what the plan was at this point, he would just get it over and ask the Professor's about the students here.

8/10/2011 #30
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