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Tora Brambles

I hope I am not over-stepping my boundries as a member on this, but, I thought that, since we don't have one, if you guys would like to make an character plotting thread. The purpose of this is to write out what you want to have happen to your character and then we can all try to work it into the thread. And, the plotting of your character can be from little things such as who they want to ask out on a date to... if they are going to have an major meltdown during a danger room session to... if they will become a villain in the future.

7/24/2011 #1

For Helix I would love to see her develop a relationship with Jakc as it seems this is where things are going. I plan to reveal more things about her past. Speaking of the danger room session, Helix used her powers when under stress or fright once on the very first page of the thread so something similar, a lack of control I envision will happen. Turning lazers into snakes and such. I think it would be interesting if someone came looking for her, making it appear as if everything she has said about her past is a lie. Perhaps not so on the last one, but it will come to light that her "dad" is actually looking for her.

7/24/2011 #2
Tora Brambles

Sounds interedting TW. :) I don't have everything planned out for Xlea in detail, but... what I'm playing around with is that the 'ghost' isn't really her brother, or even a ghost, but a demon. He's feeding off the 'light' that Xela produces as a necromancer, making himself stronger, hence Xela can't 'feel him' or 'pull' him anymore. (I wronte on this earlier in the thread.) I'm not sure where that is heading, and as for the Danger Room session, Xela will probably get over zealous, try to summon some ghosts to help, run out of energy and be unable to help. Xela, you silly girl! (*Kind of likes messing with her characters.*)

I'm also hoping to bring in Shadow Man soon, maybe we can bring in a villain or two after the Danger Room Session?

7/24/2011 #3

With the Danger room sessions, Im fairly excited. Aliyah's recently amplified abilities will come into play in a big way, and perhaps julio's abilities might not work as planned? I want to see a relationship bloom between Blade and Julio, mainly because it seems to be happening already. As for Aliyah, she has a crush on Kurt, but is too damn self-conscious to do anything about it, and she is about to reveal something very major about herself to Kurt. I'm also thinking of maybe having Julio and Aliyah's mother come into play for a short while, and confront her issues with Aliyah, and why she lied to Julio about his sister.

7/24/2011 #4

Well Kurt is very oblivious to Aliyah's crush and he is 32 so he is a bit older than her. As for how he takes Aliyah's news. I have not decided if I plan to appeal to his religious side or not. Just to give Aliyah something to sweat about. :D

And Nahla the bit about their mother sounds really interesting

Xela. Yeah we'll get our own original villain that should be interesting.

7/24/2011 #5

True, but the difference isnt' too great, she's 21. but i think the whole religious side thing would make things extremely interesting when it comes to watching aliyah squirm. lol

7/24/2011 #6
Tora Brambles

I wonder who Xela would have a relationship with.... =3 Then again, ressurecting the dead in her sleep is a bit of a turn off. XD

7/24/2011 #7

I don't know maybe a bit religious. Not as far as Ultimate Nightcrawler that was just annoying.

7/24/2011 #8

yeah he was. lol. and evolution night crawler was soooooo ooc to me. i mean, i dont like evolution to begin with, but the evolution version of him was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ooc

7/24/2011 #9

EXACTLY! and the Evolution one only really had the accent for one episode. He said Ladderhosen :D Wolverine and the X-men Kurt was WAAAAAAAy better. Except i don't ship Kurt/Wanda

7/24/2011 #10
Tora Brambles

*nods* I agree.

7/24/2011 #11

i didnt get to see wolverine and the x-men :( and lolz at the accent for one episode. kind of like halle berry having an unidentifiable accent for one movie and losing it for the other ones? lmao

7/24/2011 #12
Tora Brambles

She had an slightyl Affircan accent in the movie, then it vanished... you know who else has an ability to develop and loose an accent? Jasper Cullen XD

7/24/2011 #13
Glass Necromancer

Ok not to be the one to say it but try and keep this to character plot, and not fan girl chit chat. Not to be offensive since I love Kurt too (Mainly the movie one, Ultimate Version, and the one that had his own comic series for a while and showed up in a shower with just steam blocking the view…)

Back on track to character plot, the only thing I have really in mind is something happening to Alban while in the Danger room which might cause him to be in the sick bay for a while. The twins I'll play as I see, nothing planed with them though. And as for Maddox, something is in the works but I can't say till SJ gets back.

7/24/2011 #14
Tora Brambles

Sorry about that Glass, we'll keep it it check.

7/24/2011 #15
Catriona The Hedgehog

I don't really have any specific plans for my characters (besides Blade and Julio) but I made Amara (hasn't been found wit Cerebro yet) to be completely unstable with her powers so what are all of your thoughts on what I could do with her?

7/24/2011 #16
Proffesor I.P. Freely
The relationship with helix may or may not happen, as in the danger room, Jakc will get hurt, bruised or broken bone(s), and Inferno will emerge. Unlike Jakc, Inferno has no fears or inhibitions,all about his wants, and is a "im doing it my way, and if you don't like it get the hell outta my way" guy. Oh, and he has complete control over the pyrokinesis. When Inferno is in control, his eyes and hair are fire, and the rest of him looks like molten lava, if it stood still in one form. Think Incinerate! from Bioshock 1, all over. If helix can get passed that, then sure, they can date. I'd appreciate a PM on how far. If she does decide to date him, on their first date Inferno will prob show Jakc what happened to his last/first girlfriend, Samantha Wright. Which won't end well. [likes screwing up charecters too]{ooh im sooo EBIL!!!}
7/24/2011 #17
Rayn Laehnart

I don't really have any definitive plans for Mahogany. He kind of lives like I do: day to day. If I had to compare him to an element I would probably choose Air or Water. I would, however, like to befriend Paul and teach him a bit more about how you're supposed to interact with other people. Being curious is one thing, but p*** people off accidentally is another.

7/25/2011 #18

Just me accepting my father after he apologizes for beating me, however it would take some time but that should not be that hard to do considering that I could just have him come over to the mansion but I would like my character Samuel develop a relationship with his parents once again and also seeing that not all humans hate him.

7/27/2011 #19
Tora Brambles

Edit for Xela:

Seeing the situation that Danger Room 1 is in, I've decided to play up a bit of her PTSD from the car crash in her past. And depending on how things roll she will snap out of it and maybe try to summon some spirits to help them.

8/8/2011 #20

Edit for Samuel

After the Danger Room Session, Iv'e decided to have Samuel figure out why Mahogany dislikes him.

8/9/2011 #21
Proffesor I.P. Freely
If samuel continues acting the way he does now, it forms a likely connection that jakc will experience homicidal impulses towards said terrakinetic. Or at least a very intense desire to beat the living $h!÷ out of him.
8/20/2011 #22
Shayera Jordan

? Why do you say that I.P?

8/20/2011 #23
Proffesor I.P. Freely
Well, first off, sam seems lika bit of a show off, and will eventually tick off jakc, even if he doesn't mean to. And he seems interested in helix, though that might make it easier for jakc to move on from the mansion. He'd need his bike back though. Hmmm. are you back for good SJ?
8/20/2011 #24

A little competition between Jakc and Samuel would be an interesting plot point.

8/20/2011 #25

Do you guys hate Samuel's character in real life because I can change that, and two samuel doesn't want a romantic relationship with Helix, just a friendly one so Jakc, is a bit jealous..

8/20/2011 #26
Shayera Jordan

Im up for a love triangle happening, these characters are teenagers after all lol. I dont know about being back 'for good' I have more time at the moment then I have recently, but I dont know how long that will last. Thats Why I've placed Glass as my second in command while Im out xD I dont even know if I can join in on the other danger room session, but we'll see.

I know some you guy's characters have 'angst' with them, and that's okay, but remember DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN IT. The role play has its own stories to it, maybe sometimes we can go off on a mini episode like we did with the mall, but I dont want to have everyone waiting or revolving around any single character unless I give the say so. Its very easy to get caught up in your own characters story in a role play, believe me I've done it and the consequences for my actions lead to ejection from the role play I had done that in. I dont want to do that to anyone else, so be cautious.

8/20/2011 #27
Rayn Laehnart

With the way I've been RPing Mahogany I think I should have made him a bit older. XD

I'm also not sure if I should respond that I am, indeed, from the X-men or not seeing as we're a rag-tag group of young adults to preteens. lol

8/21/2011 #28
Shayera Jordan

The whole scenario is purely imaginative, Rayn. You're being judged on your skills and knowledge and over all how you achieve the goal. So You can say you're apart of the x-men or a student of the institute or whatever, at this point I think an endangered pregnant woman doesn't care about proper naming lol.

As for his age, I think its fine. A younger person sometimes is the most mature out of the group and that makes it interesting :)

8/21/2011 #29
Shayera Jordan

Just give a lil nudge to danger room 1. This simulation is to basically take away the teams mutant advantages, which means there powers have little to no use. This is a survival mission, don't just think on a power basis, think of it as what would you personally do in a situation like this without powers? Then maybe apply that to the members who do have their powers to benefit from.

8/29/2011 #30
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