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Tora Brambles

I'm creating this thread in order to establish a place for the members of the Shadow Alliance as well as to give an update on the plot. Due to the recent lack of participation on this forum (from myself included) Glass has asked that we speed up the plot to when Christian, the leader of SA, attacks the school. Which means the following changes/requests are going to be made:

1. If Christian has not spoken to your character yet... he won't. Imagine that he spoke to your character and either gave a sob story (like he did with Helix), bribed them (like he would have done with Dana) or blackmailed them (like he would have done with Xela). Of course... there is always the fact that your character might have just wanted to join him?

2. Right now there are only 2 characters made up for the Shadow Alliance. Could some members who do not have too many characters please create fake/half-characters to be part of the SA for the big battle? (Please submit these for approval in the Character Bios thread)

Any questions/ideas for the upcoming plot change? Please let me know!

2/8/2012 #1
So what's the story that explains why Christian and his merry man attack the mansion? And I don't know. I would create another character, but I think I have my hands full with Helix and Kurt.
2/8/2012 #2
Ink and tea-leaves

I made Zara and Callum for this alliance, but they haven't been found yet. :)

2/9/2012 #3
Rayn Laehnart

1. Dana has defected. He's going to see what he can come up with while he's there (information, technology, and such) before his eventual departure, but he HAS defected and will be a technological pain in the arse when he comes back. :3

2. There are 3 Characters in the SA now. lol

3. Katie will not join the SA. She's too much like Mahogany with a "Do whatever" attitude, but she will defend the Institute if it is attacked (mostly cause she has nothing better to do and likes to fight. lol)

2/28/2012 . Edited 2/28/2012 #4
Ink and tea-leaves

Well then, shall we just start RPing with them them?

3/4/2012 #5

(Passing along message for Tora Brambles, who cannot access her account for some reason. I Lily K. will not be re-joining due to my own scheduling issues.)

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long. I am going to jump back in here soon, I should have a post by tomorrow. A few things:

1. IF you have joined SA I will have a part of the post dedicated to you, meaning a conversation between Christian and those who have joined. It is there that he will explain his reasoning for attacking (getting information/things to stimulate their powers by force)

2. If you have any ideas for this group please let me know.

5/20/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #6

Is this still the main plot device? Who controls the members and whats the plan for them?

6/19/2012 #7
Glass Necromancer

This was/still is the main plot that is supposed to be happening, but is on hold as the person running it is MIA for the time being. I think she's trying to get back but have no idea when that'll be. Characters have to be approved like normal, to get into it you'd have to be recruited by Shadow Man who is MIA at the moment like the person who plays him. You'd have to ask Tora about the plan but again she's MIA.

6/22/2012 #8
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