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Not sure how to get those creative juices flowing? Then here's your answer! A challenge forum for all who enjoy Boondock Saints to mingle and mix ideas, post challenges, and enjoy yourselves
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Ashton Lithe

General Rules:

Even though we all love the MacManus brothers, their actors, and the plots and twists behind the Boondock Saints movies, we are on a website that's kind enough to let us post here. Therefore, we need to follow their rules (see terms of agreement or whatever it is). Also, no flaming, bullying, or harassing on here. Nothing will get you kicked faster than being a troll. Constructive criticism, depending on the topic, is allowable - but it must be constructive! Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, so if there's any arguing going on, be the bigger man and step away (Especially with the Romeo or Rocco argument. I side with Rocco, but that's my own opinion and I'm not forcing it on other people.) Respect for everyone and everything, of course.


Challenge Submission Rules:

This goes for both the people posting challenge topics and the people completing those:

~Topics may be anything from anything, smut to angst to romance to downright crack. Try to stick with's guidelines and rules though.

~People doing the challenge: Sign up for a challenge first by putting down that you're interested in doing so on the topic. Then, when you're typing it up, make sure to include that it was for ______________'s (insert challenge here) Challenge in the summary. And, of course, be sure to submit a link on the topic so we can all see the prettiness that you created.



I may be starting up a Birthday Submission Forum (if you're curious, go look at Young Justice under Cartoons, and then click the forums and go to the YJ Challenge Forum with 74ish topics. They have a good one there). However, I will not accept moochers, and you must fill out at least 2 challenges before you can added to the list.

If I do start one up, and I'll post this again on the topic, I will need your birthday, pairings or characters, rating level (not that many people probably care), and type of story (angst, romance, crack, smut etc.).


Thank you for reading all of this, and I'm sure it will be updated and fixed as this forum grows! Have fun!

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