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Sage of the White Sands

In a world filled with the Just and Unjust lies a Organization like no other simply called the Brotherhood of Solitude an organization which deals with the people sought to be dangerous and untouchable. These noble men and women come from many backgrounds of life wether they were from the CIA or the Army or from the average working class to even the Homeless if they had a skill useful to the Brother then they are welcome to join.

The hierarchy of the brotherhood is like any other organization with normally the founder, heading up it with several Directors heading several departments at a time then next, we have the Team Leaders them selves who are in command of a Group of Mercenaries and are usually given the power to remove a team member from action.Then Finally we have the Team members these are the grunts of the Organization who are sent on the Various missions.

The Plot. The Organization which have prided themselves to find out what the rival organization is up to have gotten the biggest lead on the recent activities of the Alliance. They have found the Alliance plans to seize a ton of weapons and explosives and lead an attack on the US. Rallying to prevent this from happening the US Government has decided to offer the brotherhood a chance to stop this from happening.

The Groups. As you may have guessed there are two main groups. and they are the Brotherhood and the Alliance.


Deep in the heart of Russia lies a criminal organization aply named The Alliance of Brotherhood that are responsible for the weapons dealing, drug dealing and terroristic acts the Brotherhood of Solitude help fight. and leading this Criminal Organization is a man who was once considered the best Mercenary the Brotherhood had until he went AWOL on one of his assignments. They searched long and hard for him for years coming up short of finding out where he went. It was then in 2005 that they received word from him. In his video in which only his voice can be heard he addressed the Brotherhood and their way of justice claiming he only joined so he can find out who shot and killed his which he told them exactly who...Marcus Tillman. Now with vengance sought and a fairly large legion of loyal soliders and politicians he began his planning of bringing the Brotherhood crashing down.


It is now 2010 and as one would have guessed it his long sought out plans were finished and ready to put into fruition. Now with enough solider's under him he plans on breaking into the largest weapons Depot in the world and steal every weapon it has including a Warhead so powerful it is said to bring down a entire state. After he steals the weapons he plans on hatching a plan to bring an all out war to the Brotherhoods door step.

The Hierarchy of the Alliance is said to be better than that of the Brotherhood. Leading the whole Criminal Organization is the Leader, he is above everyone else and his words as well as his actions are final and not to be questioned. Directly below him are his Generals, the Generals give orders to the soldiers, they also form the core of the organization as such they do most of the operational management so the Leader can continue to map out plans. and then after the Generals are the Officers.then followed by his footsoliders. Aside from the Miltary Hiearchy is the Advisors,Senators,and Currupted Law Enforcement officers that help cover up his organizations activities.


This is the character Sheet:

Name:(remember it must be realistic)

Age:(again be realistic no 10 year old weilding a machine gun or leading a group)

Nationality:(This is simply where your character come from)

Faction:(Are you with the Brotherhood or Alliance?)

Sex:(Is your character male or female?)

Appearance:(Be detailed as you possibly can a picture is good but not recommended)

Personality:(One-liner is not acceptable,be detailed in how your character will act,perform with others etc.)

History:(Be Detailed, be Specific and make sure you include key points in your life,how and why you joined your Group etc.)

Strengths:(Simply list what you excel at.)

Weakness:(what you do not do good at.)

Skills:(self explanatory what your character does on the battlefield and at the office)

Weapons and Equipment:(what your character can weild(Swords and Bow and arrows are a no-no) and what he has on him/her most of the time)

Other Info:(Stuff you may have missed put it here)

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(I really think you should stick with the roleplays that you already have up however I will join this at a later date ^-^)

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Sage of the White Sands

((Ok, I'm thinking of having this one locked until a later date.))

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(Alright, ask me when/if you want to lock it)

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Sage of the White Sands
((Time has come for a renewal.))
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The Strongest Nine

Name: William Lloyd

Age: 27

Nationality: England

Faction: Brotherhood

Sex: Male

Appearance: William is one of those people that obviously looks like they belong in a science lab, standing at about 5'11 with an extremely thin build he's not built for actual combat scenarious which is why he is one of the main researchers in the Brotherhood. His hair is a pale brown and is somewhat long, the bangs are combed to the side of his head and the back hangs halfway down his neck. William's pale blue eyes are covered by a set of square glasses, they're rather standard but the glass is extremely thick meaning that his eyesight is far beneath average. And lastly when he's running around at work William wears his white labcoat as well as a set of black pants.

Personality: William is a geek to say the least, he is completely interested in machinery prefering their company over any human company. He was born as a sociopath so he cares little for the lives of others, if his work would lead to the death of many all he would care about would be the results at the end, in other words the numbers. He sees humans as statistics, and if they work for him then he sees them as if they were tools, machines that were designed to accomodate the work that he does. Lacks common sense at times and has horrible people skills.

History: William had always been one of those people that preferred the company of mechanical objects, at the age of 7 he had figured out how to pull his parent's computer apart then put it back together with little to no difficulty. Over time he had begun to move on to even more complicated machines, over time he even managed to build a bomb out of three cell phones and a car battery. Of course when he figured out how to do this at the age of 14 it was obvious that he was made for things beyond regular schooling, The Brotherhood almost instantly took notice of this individual.

Upon joining the Brotherhood with the promise of recieving his own lab William was not disappointed in the slightest when he was given wiring and pieces of different metal alloys and told to build something that would benefit the cause. He obliged since the tools were supplied for him. He's been doing this ever since his time at the facility began.

Strengths: Knows what he's doing when it comes to building both new as well as old creations from raw materials.

Weakness: Not good at combat and is horrible with people.

Skills: One of the main designers for weapons.

Weapons and Equipment: William is in charge of keeping the turrets around the base in functioning order. Otherwise he has no connection to weapons what so ever, only time you'll ever see him use one is when he's showing off a new weapon of his.

Other Info: "Would you like a giant fighting robot for no explicable reason?"


Name: Sergeant Slekovski Kalish

Age: 34

Nationality: Russian

Faction: The Brotherhood

Sex: Male

Appearance: Slekovski is a man that looks like he's obviously born to be a soldier, standing at approx. 6'2 with an athletic build only proves this point further. His black hair is cut extremely short so as to fit the military style, only half an inch length wise at the longest points, which would be the bangs. The man's face is cleanly shaven except for the eyebrows of course but this is a given, his dark brown eyes appear to nearly be black, almost the exact same color as his hair which causes him to be considered soul-less by most. When at the base Slekovski wears an olive-drab colored Jumpsuit with his rank stitched into the left side of the chest while on the right there is just a pocket. While in combat Slekovski wears a ballistic mask which he designed to look like a skull, it's rightfully dubbed the grim reaper, as well as a black kevlar top, shoulder pads, kevlar sleeves, kevlar padded pants, and heavy duty boots.

Personality: Slekovski is a man bent on destruction of those that oppose him, his rightful motive is the one that belongs to him alone and no one else. He sees morals as something similar to a restraint, chains that hold others back when they attempt to do something that oppose these morals, this tends to get him into arguments with those that want to stop because of morals. In combat situations he trusts no one at his back, instead choosing to trust his gun more than actual people, inanimate objects cannot betray you. He had learned this in the worst kind of scenario.

History: Slekovski had been using a gun for the longest time now, he was born into a poor family in the Mother Land, out in the country where lawlessness ensued. The first time he had been handed a firearm was back when his family was being attacked by a group of roving bandits that had been overlooked by local authorities, it was up to the family to fend for themselves. With his rifle in hand Slekovski quickly learned how to take out those that wished to destroy his way of life with extreme ease.

Years later he began to get involved with the military, when the morals of the military had begun to become too much for him he left them by going AWOL and joining a group of mercenaries, it was here where the real him came out. No restraints to hold him back as he killed without any discretion, civilians and fellow soldiers alike learned to get out of the way of the grim reaper.

Strengths: Slekovski is extremely skilled when it comes to combat, firearms as well as hand to hand, standard off the mill soldier. But at the same time he's able to quickly adapt to certain devices as well as situations, if you handed him a manual to type of weapon he'd never used before expect him to pick up on it rather quickly.

Weakness: Isn't exactly the best choice when it comes to science or negotiations, Slekovski would rather just shoot someone than end up talking to them about something that could just as easily be resolved with the mystical gift of violence. His motives may or may not cause him to 'team kill'.

Skills: On the battlefield Slekovski is used as a standard foot soldier, with an assault rifle he goes in and guns down those that oppose his plan. In the office he is used as a test dummy for William's creation.

Weapons and Equipment: An AK74M is Slekovski's main weapon on the field of battle, the 5.56x39 rifle is the main weapon used by the Russian military, it's compatable with most scopes designed for many different models of the AK family, though he has it fit with a glass and metal ACOG sight. His sidearm is a Sig Sauer P245 .45 ACP pistol designed mostly for concealed carry, it uses a 6 plus 1 (The fuck, they don't allow the plus sign anymore?) round magazine but also accepts larger mags. Lastly his weapons of last resort are a Walther PPK/E chambered in .380 ACP as well as his trusty NR-40 combat knife. If all his weapons fail him Slekovski can still fall back on the martial art known as Systema Rukopashnogo Boya.

Other Info: "Ah good, you killed my boss... This means casual Friday's come back, yes?"

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Sage of the White Sands

((Both are accepted!!!))

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(Quick question; it's a bit confusing cause they both have 'Brotherhood' in their names. But is the Alliance the bad guys, or are the Brotherhood of Solitude the bad guys? Just wanna clear this up)

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Sage of the White Sands

((Brotha hood is good, Alliance is evil.))

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Name: Carmelo Mendez (I checked, these are both authentic Spanish names)

Age: 29

Nationality: Spain

Faction: Alliance

Sex: Female

Appearance: Carmelo is a rather average looking woman. She is neither tall nor short, not particularly under or over developed, has skin of a natural light bronze colour and dark hair. Her eyes are really the only part of her that stands out, a rich tawny gold colour that is rare, but occurs when Caucasian and Spaniard genes mix; this is also the reason for her skin colour. She has wiry muscles in her body that make her stronger than the average women but not much better than a man.

She wears dark clothes of varying styles but usually in dark colours and that are easy to move around in. Almost always wearing a pair of tinted glasses, even at night to hide her eye colour.

(May draw picture of her later…may not…haven't decided yet)

Personality: Carmelo comes off as the 'I don't give a f*ck' kind of person. She rarely shares her opinions on anything at all and doesn't seem to care when she takes a life. If you insult her she'll just brush it off and possibly give you the rude finger. Behind this façade, Carmelo is a careful planner who is constantly observing her surroundings. When she's given a job, she plans several ways to execute the mission and likes to have different back-up plans in case something goes wrong. She's very judgmental of people even if she doesn't openly show it, watching their tiniest movement and executions of their body language to judge the type of person they are. Carmelo usually doesn't play well with others if left with them in a ground squad, however she is very good a following orders and if she's told to watch your back, you can bet she's got you covered. She likes being further away from the action due to her skill sets and is prone to panic when faced with close combat situations.

History: Carmelo was born in Spain in the Aragon region, Northeast of the country's capitol city of Madrid. Her family was pretty normal, either rich nor poor, and she was the only child. She went to primary school and seemed pretty normal herself until her parents took her to the doctor for a check up and she mentioned something about a poster's small print. The doctor tested her eyes and found that the girl has extremely enhanced vision, he estimated to the level of 20/8 at its best.

Carmelo began to test out her eye sight after discovering this, playing 'target practice' in the backyard with cans, bottles, and a few rocks. One day a bird landed in her backyard while she was doing this and she tried to hit it. She did, twice. Once while it was roosting, the second time when it was trying to fly away. Carmelo found she got a very interesting feeling from this which made her very happy. She then started trying this out at her school from the classroom window. She was never caught.

Carmelo graduated and joined the military –specifically the Navy-, proving to be the best in her regiment when it came to aim and speed. She was promoted several times and eventually transferred to the Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial (FGNE), the Spanish version of the Marines, where she was trained to sue the Sniper rifle for the first time. Carmelo loved it, but her enjoyment of killing things lead her to be dishonorably discharged and sentenced to prison when she killed two of her squad members for "getting in the way of my shots". Carmelo managed to escape and went AWOL, eventually joining up with The Alliance where she's now been working for 2 years.

Strengths: Her eyes have 20/8 vision, meaning she can see an object at 20 feet, where a normal person could only see it at 8 feet. Because of this, her attention to detail is extreme high and her ability to aim her weapon accurately is increased dramatically over those with only 20/20 or lower vision.

She's extremely fast and flexible, making her difficult to catch when she's running away from you as she can fit into small places and put quite the distance between herself and whoever is after her.

Weakness: Carmelo is not particularly strong and as such panics when faced with close combat, which she naturally struggles with against men (Against women she's fine). Her desire to keep her speed levels up to avoid this means she carries less ammo than she probably should, depending on the mission type.

She doesn't work well in team operations, as she can't predict what her team members will do and as such cannot plan ahead for them.

Skills: Carmelo's greatest skill would have to be as a Sniper. With her keen eyes and steady hand, she can pick off enemies and pull off 1 in a million shots like no other. Her aiming skills are virtually second to none in other areas of combat including handguns and knife throwing.

Weapons and Equipment: Carmelo's most noticeable weapon is her 'Baby', a L115A3 AWM Sniper Rifle. While not the prettiest gun around, it is one of the best Sniper Rifles in the world. Hers has been personalized so that it is a mixture of black and dark blues in colour rather than the usual camo colours.

She also has a Glock-17 and combat knife just in case and carries ammo for all her weapons, though as mentioned in Weaknesses, less than she probably should, especially if in a situation where she has to get in and out of somewhere to take the shot quickly.

She also carries a Taser.

Other Info: Speaks English, Spanish, and Catalan

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Sage of the White Sands
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(YES!!! Effort paid off!!! :)

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Sage of the White Sands


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Sage of the White Sands

((Maybe one more, then we RP!!!))

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Sage of the White Sands

**Well I'm starting later today, be prepared.))

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HUNK of Chernobyl

Name: Higurashi 'Don' Ichinose

Age: 54

Nationality: Japan

Faction: Alliance

Sex: Male

Appearance: Don Ichinose is a powerful man when it comes to social status, this is why his appearance seems as if the power of his status needs to be shown off. Standing at 5'6 he is by no means a tall man, his build is a bit beneath average due to age having taken away some of the muscle mass. His hair is an extremely light gray the black color having disappeared over the course of time, the hair of course is spiked up for the looks. Don Ichinose's dark brown eyes are usually covered by a set of 80's style aviator sunglasses, around the sunglasses his face is lightly wrinkled while still keeping a small amount of it's previous youth about. His attire is usually a well cleaned Tuxedo, of course the tie is included with this, a set of well-made leather dress shoes finish off the look. The final thing to note about the Don's appearance is a rather large scar on the right side of his face getting smaller as it goes up reaching from the bottom of the jaw line to the center of his cheek.

Personality: The Don is a man of words as well as a man of action, one of few people that would actually be stuck having to choose between one of the two. His leadership is phenominal, being able to inspire men and women with extreme ease, especially if he knows what they fight for. Though like most human beings he has a fatal flaw, his granddaughter, if anything where to happen to her his life would probably shatter around him.

History: The Don was born into his branch of the Yakuza Clan, under his father he had learned everything that he needed in order to run his family. Starting out as a grunt he began showing his bond to the family, it was when he finished this that he was rewarded with the role of the Don by his own father who formally resigned from the role. Upon getting a son Don Ichinose was proud of this, though his son wasn't too fond of joining this Branch, instead choosing to leave them for a different branch. Years later the Don was hearing of a granddaughter who he was forced to take care of after his son was killed in a fight over drugs.

For years now his granddaughter had been under his care, but instead of raising her like a granddaughter he raised her as if she were his own daughter. She was his pride and joy so of course she was slightly sheltered but at the same time she was taught everything she needed to learn in order to someday inherit the Family. But until then, grandfather will take care of her.

Strengths: The Don is a crack shot as well as extremely skilled negotiator, he owns quite a few drug cartels as well as most of the prostitutes in his area, this causes his bank account to be filled with quite a bit of cash.

Weakness: If anyone were to get a hand on his granddaughter he would give up anything, even himself, just to get her back.

Skills: Don Ichinose isn't extremely skilled though at most points in time he's got at least two or more men around him, his Yakuza connections also make many different firearms from the black market available, this makes it obvious why the Alliance had wanted him on their side. Money is no issue, and the Yakuza is his tool.

Weapons and Equipment: The Don doesn't carry too much on him, his best weapon is of course the control over his men, but for his own personal self defense as well as intimidation, a single Colt 1911 .45 ACP handgun, 7 round magazine. The handgun is specially designed for him, the sights are perfectly aligned, the grip is made of ivory, and a laser so that each shot may hit true. Of course, if he's being forced into a combat scenario he would bring a bigger weapon.

Other Info: Has an air about him that seems to require respect.


Name: Nagi Ichinose

Age: 17

Nationality: Japan

Faction: Neither, though technically if one absolutely needs to be chosen Alliance.

Sex: Female

Appearance: Nagi looks nothing like a girl, her appearance surprises most people when they learn that she actually is female. Being extremely under-developed is of course the main cause of this. Standing at 5'8 Nagi is a bit taller than her grandfather and her build is athletic due to being one of the top members of her track team. Her black hair is extremely messy and is about half a foot in length completely. Her dark brown eyes are exactly like those of her grandfather, yet they bear down harder than the elder man's. Nagi wears something other than a school uniform, when she's at school she wears a red track suit with a white stripe going down the center of the coat along the zipper.

Personality: Nagi is rather old fashioned in her way of thinking, violence solves everything in her eyes, or at least this is what had been drilled into her mind for years. She is a competitive spirit with a hint of challenge sitting deep inside of her. Extremely tomboyish but at the same time she has a girly side to her which isn't too easy to find. After having been turned down by her first crush due to him thinking she was a guy she became obsessed with those more beautiful than she was.

History: Nagi was born into a branch of the Yakuza clan, when her father passed away she was given to her grandfather for safe keeping, since then she has been under his care. Of course this was at a young age so her grandfather was almost like a father to her, except much older than that. Though she isn't involved much with the war between the Brotherhood and the Alliance she supports her grandfather and all he does. Just as he supports her Highschool career and life.

Strengths: Nagi isn't much of a fighter, though she is trained in the martial art of kendo, otherwise she just has an phenomenal level of endurance.

Weakness: Isn't aware of the Alliance or the Brotherhood and isn't too skilled with diplomacy

Skills: Nothing, only around as the Achilles tendon of the Don.

Weapons and Equipment: Usually nothing but when at home she has access to her wooden katana with which she trains in kendo.

Other Info: Only relevant when you want to cripple one of the Alliance's means of funding.

(Hm... First character(s) in a while, hopefully they aren't too sloppy.)

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Sage of the White Sands


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Sage of the White Sands

((Raise your hands and wave them around like you just don't care, we will begin in 30 minutes!!))

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HUNK of Chernobyl


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(*dances on the table*)

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The Strongest Nine

(Since Sage gave the go ahead earlier)

William Lloyd, one of the main researchers for the Brotherhood, his main purpose for the facility was to construct anything that may assist in the destruction of the enemies which they face. Shoving his glasses up a bit more he stared down at what could only be described as a jumble of wires to those who had no knowledge in this field, to the man it seemed as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. Gripping a set of pliers he began prodding at the wires, snipping one and then another he attached the two, a low wirr whispered from the object and a look of what could best be known as satisfaction came across the man's face.


Slekovski Kalish, a man who seemed to have been built specifically to become a warrior, his mindset as well as his actions showed that he was not a man to play around. The Russian was in the training room facing off against one of the hand to hand combat mentors his hands positioned in a defensive manner as the mentor circled around. In an instance the battle began and ended, the mentor lunged forward extending an arm as a standard left handed jab used in the martial art of Shotokan. Instead of choosing to block Slekovski allowed the fist to come towards him until it entered the 'zone' he usually created for hand to hand combat, his hand lashed out with an uppercut intent on hitting a pressure point positioned on the inside of the elbow. The hit landed successfully rendering the mentor's forearm useless for the moment, using this to his advantage Slovaski gripped the forearm, pulled the man closer, and threw a full force punch to the man's center mass.

As the mentor doubled over the Russian Sergeant used the moment to grab the back of the mentor's head and bring it down as his knee rose. The strike stopped just as he was about to make contact, releasing the mentor Slovaski stared him in the eye, this man was weak, he needed a true challenge when it came to the art of combat. "You disgust me, but I appreciate that you tried." Was all he said before grabbing a towel and exiting the training room.

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Sage of the White Sands

Marcus was at his desk in his office,leaned back with his eyes closed. Truth be told he was bored and waiting for something to happen. with a sigh he opened his eyes and looked at his computer screen at a message from someone who has been feeding them information on the Alliance, and so far he hasn't heard or seen anything that may be of importance, and the Director himself was refusing to tell him anything to, which led to him believing his own organization was leaving him out. Causing the man some frustration on his end.

6/28/2012 #22

(I just gave you your something important without even realising XD!)

Carmelo was invisible to the average eye

Positioned on top of a roof top with a 40 cm ledge to perfectly angle her sniper file when rested on it, concealed in shows cast by the big air-conditioning unit behind her, and her spot totally devoid of any other light; Carmelo was invisible.

Her eyes sharp eyes looked through the scope attached to the top of her 'baby', an unneeded, but useful tool. Her eyes made the scope an unrequired piece of equipment from this distance, but the cross hairs helped to steady, and guarantee her aim in the darkness of the night. Her bottom lip was loosely tucked under the top row of her teeth, a sign that she was thinking. She had everything she needed; a good, invisible spot to shot from, an unsuspecting victim, a clean getaway plan, plus two more getaway plans just in case. She was calm and prepared for what needed to be done; she couldn't possibly have gotten an easier job.

Her objective was simple; kill the wealthy man who was supposedly providing funds for the Brotherhood. The only requirements were that he had to be dead, she couldn't be caught, and that the kill had to be done quickly to lower the amount of funding the Brotherhood got quickly.

Easily done. Carmelo had spent the previous night finding out where he lived and scoping the area around it for a good place, she'd found this one almost instantly. It was diagonally across from the man's penthouse and she had a clean shot right through his very large window. She stilled her breathed as she saw the lights in the house come on, watching through her scope as the man came into view. She waited for a few seconds to make sure he was without any bodyguards before taking the shot as the man's head passed between the cross hairs of her scope. There was a spectacular shower of blood as the man's head exploded. Carmelo wasted no time in leaving her spot, hurrying down the building's fire escape ladders and into the alley where her inconspicuous dark blue car was. She placed her Baby in a cloth and wrapped it up, putting it into a hidden bottom of the boot before closing it. She got in the driver's seat and carefully, casually pulled out into the street, looking like all the other drivers around her.

(This has got to be one of my only opening posts where my character kills someone….XD!!!)

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HUNK of Chernobyl

The silence was so thick that you could almost metaphorically cut it with a knife, though at the moment Don Ichinose was busy cutting other things in a none metaphircal sense. Stooped before him was nothing other than two rats that had decided to tell the cops the whereabouts of one of the Yakuza's main crack houses. Of course, this didn't go over all too well with those that knew.

Gripping one by the hair he stared the man into the eyes before shoving a 'tooth pick' into his adam's apple, of course the tooth pick is another term used for the oh so wonderful switch blade. Turning to the second man he shook his head before taking off his sunglasses. "I had real hopes for you. You were a part of the family, you were one of my kids." Ichinose said taking a step closer to the bound figure, his hands tied behind his back and feet tied together as he sat on his knees.

"What do you have to say for yourself, anything that could change my mind, anything at all that would seem a valid reason to tip off the cops?" Asked the Don as he put a hand beneath the traitors chin, he brought the man's gaze level with his own, fear was evident in the gaze that he received. "No... I'm sorry Don Ichinose, but I have dishonored the clan." Was all the man said, he was prepaired to face his death with at least some dignity, not like the other traitor that had nearly pissed himself.

"You were once one of my brightest men, but you've not only betrayed the Alliance by giving away one of the spots that funded a few of their operations... But you also betrayed your family." Turning to one of his men the elderly man held out his hand, in return he recieved a baseball bat, beautifully crafted and made of oak of course. "I'm sorry it had to come to this." The middle-aged Don said before beginning to ruthlessly beat the man. As he sat at death's door Ichinose tossed his baseball bat to the side and drew his handgun, it glimmered in the dim light of the warehouse as he stared down at the object. "It's been a long time since I inherited this gang... Very long time. It was around this time where I read a book, it showed the truth of the world. 'All men try to show off their strength, they try to appear stronger than their opposition.' Over time this got me thinking... And I actually believe this now. You see, you attempted to gain strength by tipping the cops in our direction, but my strength is far superior... You hadn't thought that we didn't have a leak amongst the cities finest, did you?"

Pointing the 1911 at the prone figure he tightened his grip and brought his trigger finger across the trigger. Making a clicking sound he gave his last statement to the traitorous scum, "Should've known better, it's always in the favor of the Don." With that he pulled the trigger, killing the cancerous cell so that it may not spread.

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Lady Blade

(Alright, I've never role-played in a reality rp such as this one before, so if I make a mistake don't go too Nazi on me kay? cheers mates!.... oh - I should probably warn everyone that this is written on my second dose of coffee....)

This is the character Sheet:

Name: Amaya Ryu (Japanese name meaning 'Night Rain' 'Dragon')

Age: 29

Nationality: Japanese

Faction: Alliance

Sex: Female

Appearance: Amaya is a short woman with an athletic figure, though she is not stronger then a male by far she is quite nimble and fast. Her skin is a light mocha colour and her dark brown eyes are slightly slanted, giving her an almost feline look. Her crew cut hair is black with her side fringe being dyed a dark sapphire blue with neon tips. She tends to wear black shirts with written messages such as 'bite me, see where it gets you' 'you can't break me china doll' or 'Bitch please I'm so much better' that have netting sleeves and black pants with sneakers. She wears however in public a light brown trench coat, which hides her daggers and single loaded gun that she hardly ever uses. She has a tattoo of a black and gold serpentine dragon with its claws on a golden skull on her right shoulder. She has blue flame elemental white wolf on her other that has his flaming fangs bared.

Personality: Amaya is a flirtatious girl with a heck of a lot of attitude, she swears openly if she slips up or get hurt though will hide it around children and higher up associates. Indeed Amaya Ryu has a soft spot for children and baby animals she deems 'cute.' (Kittens, ducklings, and baby snakes, baby rhinos not so much) she has a phobia of chickens and roosters and rats and of course spiders. She hates cheaters with a burning passion. She thinks guns are unreliable and unpredictable due to her inability to aim with them – this is why she prefers daggers and throwing knives which she learnt to wield in her numerous martial arts. She has knowledge of two fighting styles: ninjutsu and parkour – because of the nature of these martial arts she is very quick to cut across to the point. Blunt about the truth if you will. Because of her nature Amaya is an excellent field agent that can go undercover to gain information.

History: Amaya was born to a family of Alliance extremists, and grew up believing what the brotherhood is doing is wrong to the core. She learnt how to hold a dagger since she could walk, her father teaching her the ways of the two martial arts that would become her life line when she gets involved in the Alliance. Her mother... wasn't the best influence, giving Amaya all the excuse she needed to become who she is now. Amaya went to school like a normal kid would, excelling in everything sports and other imaginative stuff, she got into many fights at school – needless to say she 'gave the shits what they deserved.' Mainly a broken nose and that was it.

She was expelled in year 9 and went to another school, this time a military one – she excelled in disguises, infiltration and combat – failing epically at her guns classes by the way, and graduated with her attitude intact. To celebrate she got her two tattoos that she adores with a passion and got her fringe dyed dark blue like she wanted too since she was in kindergarten.

With a new look and new pride to her she eagerly joined ranks into the alliance to make her father proud. Her father died two years later on the field – her mother committed suicide thereafter.

Amaya threw herself into dedication for the Alliance – wanting nothing more than to see the Brotherhood burn.

Strengths: Getting away quickly and effectively, jumping around like a crazed ninja on coffee and sneaking 'lock picking too' around looking for information– hand to hand combat and throwing knives with a lethal aim and also lying smoothly.

Weakness: Aiming with a gun and expecting to hit the target, chickens... rats and spiders – she'll run at the sight of them. She sometimes doesn't know when to shut her smart mouth. She wouldn't do well in a gun fight – she'd just hide till she knows she can throw a dagger with relative safety.

Skills: field operative and infiltrator – at the desk she would sort out the information for its uses for the Alliance. She can make her own knives and daggers; – all of them with a signature dragon that looks like it's made out of water, engraved at the handle of the blade.

Weapons and Equipment: a bucket load of throwing knives at her belt, some simple dinner knives in her pockets, daggers at her wrist and hidden at her ankles too. She owns one pistol that's always loaded but she never uses unless she's out of daggers and knives to throw.

Other Info: Not that I can think of.... can she own a black kitten named Snowy?

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(Welcome to the world of kickass Blade :)

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(Yes and what world it will be once I claim a computer.)
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Amaya cursed like a drunken sailor as she parkour her way across the urban streets – running across rooftops and leaping across from fire escapes to other rooftops, admittedly showing off her acrobatic abilities– the cops having chased her all the way from a nuclear plant. She tightened her hands around the case that contained the security information – the layout of the nuclear building.

She flipped down the fire escape, landing in the darkened alleyway before racing towards the park. There was a screech from her side and as she looked down the road at the car flying towards her, she leapt up, rolling across the roof of the car and landing on her feet as the car stopped. Sirens came from around the corner accompanied by flashing red and blue lights. She raced over to the stone wall that closed the park off to the street and leapt up and over with surprising agility.

Amaya chuckled after hitting the greenery with her boots. The cops cursing her, "Take that bitches!" she called after the cops, but when she saw fingers catch the top of the stone hedge, she took off; racing into the shadowed folds made by the trees.

She took a quick route to the nearest exit of the park, slipping out of the entrance before the police could detour around to catch her. She double checked no one was following, and climbed quickly up to the roof of another building. She could still see the police lights – but they had no hope of catching her now that they had lost her.

She let herself catch her breath before changing her path – towards the Alliance hangout. The boss would be pleased with her find, she was sure. The layout of the nuclear plant would be valuable – to make things better; Amaya had set up a ruse that would lead the Police and federal agents running around for months before they find out what she actually took.

All in a nights work for Amaya Ryu.

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