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It appears I accidently deleted the first one.....whoops

7/17/2011 #1
Patchman Beyond

I didn't know we were doing a Dr.Who RP :D

7/17/2011 #2
Sage of the White Sands

I remember this!!!

7/17/2011 #3
Sage of the White Sands

*racks his brain* where from though.

7/17/2011 #4
Patchman Beyond

but UNIT is from Dr.Who!

7/17/2011 #5
Sage of the White Sands

Oh yes, them I miss them.

7/17/2011 #6
Sage of the White Sands

UNIT 8-X was sorta beast, I want to bring him back in case this comes here.

7/17/2011 #7
Patchman Beyond

oooOOOooh, I like this.

7/17/2011 #8
Noah is Potato

There has always been Light.

Before the beginning, there was Light. This deity filled every space imaginable. He flowed endlessly, and there was nothing but the Light. But the Light grew bored, and a little lonely. The Light wished to love something, and to be loved. The Light wished to hope for something. Therefore, the Light created the Universe, and made us.

But what was our love if it was forced? The Light needed an adversary. Something that also craved our love. That will do anything to have us, to control us. And so the Light built something that was full of utter sin, and evil. A being that wanted to crush us. To beat the love out of us.

And so the Darkness was born.

Not shortly after, we began to choose between their two Deities. The two courted us their own ways, but many went to the Light. The Darkness' rage grew, and the Darkness began to formulate a plan to lure us. But the Light knew of the plan, and counteracted it, and both created a Warrior to guide us.

The Light built his warrior with all the love in the world. His bones were forged from our kindness. His flesh from our dreams. His soul from our hope. And his name was Gabriel

The Darkness built his warrior with all the hate in this world. His bones were created from our spite. His flesh from our nightmares. His soul from our fear. His name was Alakren.

These Warriors fought each other, and led us to their respected deities. This continued on for a while now, we were beginning to discover more and more things and evolve slowly into greater beings. The battles between the Light and Darkness began to evolve also, and soon they began to effect the humans greatly. The Light grew worried and created a third deity to keep the balance.

Chaos was brought into existence.

Chaos did not want our love, but was fascinated by us greatly. So the Chaos, instead of creating a Warrior, chose a human worthy of wielding the powers of Chaos. This human became impartial, being infused with both love and hate, kindness and spite, dreams and nightmares. Hope and Fear.

This human turned wielder was named Autumn, and she served the Chaos, and the balance.

The three began their rivalry, though Autumn sometimes fought on one of the other sides, while other times fighting on her own. The Light and the Darkness made 10 more warriors each. Gabriel led his Warriors, and Alakren led his. The Chaos however, just added strength to Autumn, afraid that with others Autumn would defect or lose importance.

Soon the battles became more dramatic, and more dangerous. In order to keep the balance, Autumn used all the power she was given, and drained all the powers of the 22 Warriors. This stopped the battle, but at a price. Autumn was now overloaded with power, and would die soon from overload.

Chaos began to weep, and the Light took pity on Autumn. The Light created a pocket dimension, and sealed Autumn in it and placed her in suspended animation. There she sleeps still, the power ebbing off of her and seeping into the universe. The Chaos refused to replace the human it had fallen in love with.

After a decade though, the 22 warriors began to regain their streangth and Chaos was forced to create another wielder. However instead of just one this time, the Deity made three of them. The first Wielder was old in age and willful, the second was around his twenties and was powerful, and the third was a child, and wise beyond his years. And so the battles began anew, 22 warriors, and 3 wielders.

Centuries have passed and the 21st century is prospering. Yet little does everyone, including Warriors and Wielders, know, Autumn is awakening. All that is left is one final surge of energy to get rid of...

In the end,only few will stand Supreme in the face of utter Chaos.


Alright, there will be four warriors of Light, and four warriors of Darkness. They blend in as humans around us, but recognize each other easily, and may not resist the need to attack. The warriors of Light has holy, light magic and powers, while the Warriors of Dark has death, evil magic. Also, Making Gabriel, Alakran, or Autumn is forbidden.

Now that being said, Dark warriors Can Not kill humans with magic, for they are limited on earth. And the Warriors may not grant eternal life or raise the dead. They also may not affect others emotions outside of Humans feeling hopeful when Light warriors are near, and spiteful when Dark warriors are near. Also, Dark warriors MAY NOT suddenly fall in love with humans, for they hate them. And Light warriors may NOT turn evil, just as Dark warriors may NOT turn good.

Now Dark Warriors may kill like normal humans do, and their magic works against Light Warriors, as Light warriors magic works against Dark Warriors.

Now, there is only THREE Chaos Wielders. They look like normal humans to Humans, and warriors, but they hold an instrument made of pure chaos. It has two forms, the normal form, which Humans see it as. This could be a pen, gun, knife, or maybe something like a stuffed animal. Then the chaos form, which is its true form. It only takes this shape when the Chaos wielder commands it to.

The Instrument of Chaos is either a weapon, or a Creature. if it is a creature, its normal form is most likely either a stuffed animal, or a Real Animal. Chaos Creatures can talk. Also, I will not state who already has warriors or Wielders, I am following Jumpy's excellent example and forcing you to read through the profiles.


7/17/2011 . Edited 7/17/2011 #9
Noah is Potato

Go ahead, my friend. :)

I am going to post this right now. :)

7/17/2011 #10
Hikari no Kishi

Eternal Night: The Fight for Dawn

The planet of Eranseth was once a peaceful, glorious place. A planet similar to Earth; the Eransethians were a race of humanoid like creatures. Some Eransethians are granted with special ablilities, with the other major difference being this: instead of a 'heart', on the middle of their forehead lies a diamond shaped jewel, which is their life source. These jewels are called 'jinasen', and come in two colours, white or black. This colour determines which deity this person will be devoted to.

White jewels follow Solana, the goddess of the sun. Black jewels follow Lunata, the god of the moon. Although following different deities, all Eransethians agreed the other deity existed. All together they lived, harmony and prosperity filling the land as the followed these to deities.

…Until one hundred years ago. A black jinasen man named Helios was angered by the idea of two gods. He, and a group of other black jinasen men, embarked on an impossible journey to Dawn, the place where Solana and Lunata watched over the planet. There they did the unthinkable, they killed Solana.

Enraged, Lunata disposed of these men effortlessly. After weeping for the loss of Solana, he knew what must be done. A long time ago, he and Solana hid a secret flute in the Temple of Dusk, the place where white jinasen Eransethians would go to and make worship to both day and night. This flute had the ability to bring others back to life, although this power could only work once every one hundred years.

Over the course of those one hundred years, the planet changed dramatically. Discord and distrust roamed the planet, the Eransethians become violent and fighting engaged all over the planet. The sun, thanks to the death of Solana, ceased to rise, bringing an Eternal Night over the planet. Darkness reigned, and all hope of seeing another sunrise seemed to be lost. That is, until now.

"I, Lunata, god of the moon, send this message to those who are willing to fight. The Flute of Resurrection lies within the Temple of Dusk, safe and sound. Bring this to Dawn, and by resurrecting Solana, goddess of the sun, you will have your sunrise once more. Peace will be restored to Eranseth, and the planet will be restored to its former glory. I plead that you do this, for the sake of the world we all hold dear.

If you are up to the task, meet my priestess Odari at the Temple of Night. She has the map that will show you the way to Dawn. If not, I understand completely. This is not a task to be undertaken lightly. With that, I must leave you, with good wishes and all the luck I can spare. "

Those willing to fight will hear the call. But someone else tapped in. Lucas, the grandson of Helios, knows of the location of the Flute of Resurrection. He wishes to use to bring back his grandfather. His plan is this: by letting Helios dispose of Lunata as well, he will become the god of Eranseth, and all will bow before him. Lucas is well aware that this could happen, and so are those who follow him. He now has the knowledge he needs to find the Flute of Resurrection.

This is where your story begins. Will you join Lucas, and seek to make a new god for the planet? Or will you join the Fight for Dawn, and bring about the joy of sunrise?

The choice is yours.

7/20/2011 . Edited 7/20/2011 #11
Hikari no Kishi

Thank you, came up with it last night

7/20/2011 #12
Hikari no Kishi

I was going to do it that way, but I decided against it.

7/20/2011 #13
Bootches B

As long as the super powerd people aren't in school. And if they are, it isn't part of the main plot. And the RP needs a plot.

7/22/2011 #14
Noah is Potato

The calm, perfect city of Division was just below a utopia. With barely any crime to it. Though there is only one thing that concerns anyone here.

5 miles north of this city, is the high security asylum for the criminally insane, Archaic. Affectionately named by the guards and inmates as Lucifer's Asylum. This asylum holds the most insane, sadistic, heartless people who ever walked this earth. Their is practically a army surrounding it. It is in a middle of the woods, with a moat, thousands of guards. It is a labyrinth in it's self. No one has ever escaped, and no one ever will.

Until three days from now.


Now, you may make both a citizen and a inmate of Lucifer's. Now, you may have as many citizens as you want, as long as you keep track of them. But only one inmate. If you want more then one inmate, you must get special permission from me. Now your character may get killed.In fact, if it is a citizen, it is expected to get killed. But you may have two characters that won't die at all. The others will be able to get murdered.

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #15
Bootches B

No School


What kinda concept? The cliché villan that wants to take over the world?

7/22/2011 #16
Bootches B

I'm going to make a character that embracees his powers. Yes, I'm bringing back Jace. But not as psycopathic.

So maybe people who are willoing to use them, and people that pretend nothing is wrong.

7/22/2011 #17
Bootches B

So you want people to interact with eachother? Living life with what they got and maybe throw in a few scenes of Drama?

You want...Jersey Shore...with super powers? D:

7/22/2011 #18
Bootches B

How'd they get there though?

7/22/2011 #19

You're living in this city, a city we all have come to know. A city that is...normal. Granted, there are the rumors of the unusual happening, like the story about a woman hopping building top to building top at night, but there is really nothing special about this city, other than its size.

Then that all comes to an end one night. Should you have been the one that reported it, you would have probably been on your way home at the time. There was a corpse on the ground, head sliced clean off and much of the flesh from both from the limbs and guts missing and with evidence showing that it had been torn out by brute strength. And on examining the dead bodies, you'd find that the device used to tear the flesh off of and out of the victim was none other than human teeth and jaw.

Local police are baffled as nothing like this could possibly exist within known information banks or in their records.

Of course, there is the possibility that you are a foreign special ops agent like the KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte or the Specnaz who have finally found their target. Whether you have been tasked by your respective country to secretly capture it or exterminate it, you have to bring it down.

Or perhaps you are darker than we expected? Did your Coven Elder feel its presence and send you to deal with it before it destroys your food sources? Or perhaps you believe that an alliance of mutual benefit is in order?

Civilians - Foreign special ops - Denizens of the dark. Simple, right?

Wrong, the segregation does not end there. Can you even trust your closest friends anymore?

There are no winners. But play smart, play the right cards and you might survive.

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #20

Push it to the Limit

When you live life in the fast line, unless you're prepared to risk everything you'll never be a winner.

Las Vegas of the United States of America; it's famous -and infamous- for many things. Everyone knows the name even if they've never been there before. With bright lights and riches waiting to be found, the city attracts the wealthiest and the most desperate to its gates. As a city built upon the dreams of others, it's not surprising that the biggest drag racing competitions in the world take place here. The biggest of all for non-team racers is the Neon Star Tournament which offers a $750,000 cash prize to the winner along with the fame that comes with the title 'World's Greatest Individual Drag Racer'. The competition is hosted over several weeks of intense back street driving by a man named Christopher Hutch. Mr. Hutch is the owner of the biggest casino in Las Vegas. It is he who created the Neon Star Tournament and provides the prize money; as such he also makes the rules.

10 drivers at a time race over circuits chosen by Mr. Huit and with each week the number of people who get to the next round per race is lessened. The first week 5 people per race get through, the second 4; the third 3 and so on until the fifth week were only one driver per race gets through. This happens until there are only 8 drivers left in the competition. These eight take part in the proper Neon Star Tournament race, all races leading up to it are considered preliminary rounds. The circuit chosen for these eight racers is always the longest and most difficult of all each year.

All drivers are given VIP passes to Mr. Hutch's casino 'Midnight Star' which includes free accommodation, food, drink, entertainment and access to all facilities within the casino. The starting point for each race is slipped under the doors of racer's rooms along with a list of the racers that are to compete that night. It's always a long wait between letters to find out whether or not you're racing as you have no other notice. During the first week it could be days before your next race. Even if people aren't racing, many still go to watch to pick up on the skills and habits of their competitors.

Here are Mr. Hutch's rules; he is known to make some up as he goes along which will also be present in your daily letter should this happen.

1.This is an individual competition, there are to be no teams

2.Sabotage of other drivers or vehicles will result in being banned from competing in the tournament ever again

3.There is to be no threatening of other drivers to scare them out of the tournament. The same punishment in the above rule will apply.

4.You are free to roam the city however all drivers must be in the casino at 6PM sharp to receive letters and prepare should they need to race

5.If you have any questions speak to me - I am usually present in my office on the top floor

7/23/2011 #21
Noah is Potato

It sounds like it has some potential.

Though would it be possible for me to instead of making a competitor, to instead make a Right-hand man for Mr. Hutch? Or a personal Aid or something?

7/24/2011 #22

That's what my character is actually going to be XD

7/24/2011 #23
Guardian Luigi

Is this like street racing? or is this legal.

7/24/2011 #24

Mr. Hutch has managed to make the competition itself legal but street racing outside the tournament is illegal in most places unless in structured competitions

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #25
Noah is Potato

Shit... well can My character still be some type of employee of Mr. Hutch? Being a racer doesnt really interest me. Maybe My character could be a new guy and be acting as your characters assistant?

7/24/2011 #26
Guardian Luigi

Well heck jumpy where can I get a character sheet?

7/24/2011 #27

@Shadow: My character is Mr. Hutch's neice and is also second in comman of his casino so I don't know how that would work....I could take away the second in command of his casino and your guy could be that instead.

@Luigi: You'll need to wait until I post it to get that. I was waiting for more people to look at my idea before I posted it.

7/24/2011 #28
Guardian Luigi

Are these sports cars or actual drag racers?

7/24/2011 #29

Drag Racers

7/24/2011 #30
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