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A place to Roleplay for my friends. Mostly invite only but if you do want to join please post a link to an rp you are part of so I can view your skills.
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Guardian Luigi

(8 minutes of work BOOM!!!)

in a castle across the farthest shores, across the most distant deserts, there lived a king. Now this king was just like any other, ruthless, power hungry, a liar, a cheat, a scoundrel. He commanded regimented forces of destructive power, they encircled the globe with their terrible iron fist of might. Crushing down all the pathetic fools who dared stand before them, Gorging themselves on their cries for mercy. And just when the entire world looked like it would be in this king's hand, he suffered his first great defeat, one small group of fighters, using a combination of dirty fighting and well practiced tactics won against a small portion of the king's armies, today they have appeared in the square of a small town just outside a major kingdom. The leader of this small group has gotten up on a small stand to speak.

"My brothers and sisters, our summer has almost past, and I have grown weary of sleeping in the cold winters in our small Nature made caves where we freeze. Our town is dying our people are dying and something has to be done. As we've all seen in recent days victories against the king are possible, but require will power and the willingness to act, We" the man gestured to his fellow fighters "Are such beings. But we cannot fight against the king alone, therefore, I ask you, the people to rise up out of the oppressed. To emerge from the shadows, Ignite the thunder of freedom and fight… or you could simply stay in the dark forever and lie down like the rest of the dogs." He added looking around the town square, he'd oviously gotten the attention of some of the passers by quite a few actually, now only one question remained, who would join them? And who would cower and stare into the face of defeat and relinquish all the freedoms they'd worked so hard to obtain?

8/18/2011 #301
Cinderella Girl626

Geez you write a lot in such a short time. I like it. Though, what type of medieval is it? Like knights and castle's?

8/18/2011 #302
Guardian Luigi

yep, castles, knights.

8/18/2011 #303
Cinderella Girl626

Are we allowed to wear outfits that are from medieval times but from different areas?

8/18/2011 #304
Guardian Luigi

given that this is a rag tag village and that I'm going to be allowing virtually all races, sure that'll be fine.

8/18/2011 #305
Cinderella Girl626

Cool. I've already got a character thought up.Maybe another one...though he might be a bit young.

8/18/2011 #306
Guardian Luigi

I'll send yout the character Skeleton via PM and you can show me :)

8/18/2011 #307
Cinderella Girl626

Thanks, but you don't have to.

8/18/2011 #308
Guardian Luigi

too late :I

8/18/2011 #309
Cinderella Girl626

I'll make it tomorrow. I have to go to bed. :)

8/18/2011 #310

Jumpy approves of Luigi's idea

*Is going to read Kiki's in a little while*

8/19/2011 #311

Jumpy highly approves of Kiki's idea and wondes if she could please be the Blue Sept Wyvern if possible

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/19/2011 #312
Patchman Beyond
I'm still working on my 10,000 years RP. The Persephone RP pitch has been posted on the Black Hearts Bloody Roses forum. I would post it here, but I'm texting this on my cell phone right now, so I can't.
8/19/2011 #313
Noah is Potato

The Council of Nine. A group of nine deities led by the Maker to govern the universe. They consist of the Maker, the Destroyer, the older and younger siblings of Time and Space, the twin deities of Day and Night, the deity of Nature and wildlife, the deity of Balance, and last but not least, the youngest of all; Lucksess, the deity of Mischief.

Being the deity of Mischief, Lucksess was easily both bored and entertain. Part of the council of nine, and having dominance over anything and everything that considered as mischief, Lucksess quickly found ways to rid himself of boredom. Wether it was messing around with some mortal, or even one of the other deities.(However he refused to pull pranks on The Maker, out of respect, and The Destroyer out of fear) However, lately Lucksess has not been able to quell his boredom. No mater how many times he made a spouse walk in on their significant other making love with another, or how many times he switched the twin deities of night and day's robes, he just remained bored.

But then, listening to the deities of Time and Space, Lucksess gained an idea. He requested from the Maker if he may have a little fun with the mortals, and after listening to the full idea, the Maker not only allowed the idea, The Maker helped. The Deity ordered the Deity of space to create a small pocket reality, and told the older brother to bless it with time. But to make it separate from the time from the rest of the mortal world. The Maker then added the necessary life and objects to the pocket dimension. A marvelous castle appeared so that Lucksess could see over the pocket dimension. A forest then was created, with various wildlife and landmarks. A large command tent was set up as a place for the other deities to enter and exit, as well as monitor the on-goings of the dimension. And last, was a mansion, built a mile or so from the castle.

Lucksess, then from the castle, set his plan into motion. It was quite simple really, pluck mortals out of their respected time era, place them in the mansion with free reign of the diminsion part from the castle, add in a few spells here or there, and boom, instant entertainment. However other deities are veiwing this as a sort of experiment.

What will happen when different people from different times meet? Will love grow? What about Rivalries, deadly battles, friendship, knowledge? The most important question here... will the Deity of Mischief finally quell his boredom?


I only want one one person from a specific time, I might even allow two from the same time as long as they are different gender, and do not know each other. However I will not have several characters from, lets say, medieval times running around waving weapons. Here are the times era I can think of, yet you are not limited to these;

Medieval Era - claimed by xXLittle AngelXx

Renaissance Era -

Imperialistic Era -

18th century American revolution - Taken, The Patriot Writer

18th century French Revolution - Claimed, Stargirl94

World war I Era -

World War II Era - Claimed by The Patchman

21st century Modern Era - Claimed by Magic Jac

Future Era - Claimed by PantherNoir

Post Apocalyptic Era - claimed Samantha626

Now if you have other time periods/events, please feel free to tell me and I will add on to the list. Also, I will be giving some a deity to control, however you must ASK ME first. And then wait for my approval. Deities do not need a character template, I will pm you their general personalities, and powers. You get to create their name, and gender it appears. However you can not just have one Deity, to receive a deity you must have a character already accepted by me first. As well, you can not use the deity as a normal character, they show up occasionally, and not always for long. I have a right to say no to a request if I dont think you can handle a deity.

The Council of Nine

The Maker (Will not be given a name other then this. Appearance of a Male, or a Heavenly Flame)

The Destroyer (Will not be given any other name. Appearance of a male, or a Black Dragon)

Deity of Time (Space's older sibling)

Deity of Space (Time's younger sibling)

Deity of Day (Elder twin of Night)

Deity of Night (Younger twin of Day)

Deity of Nature and Wilderness (Can take form of a animal if you dot want a human)

Deity of Balance (Clothing preferably shows signs of balance in color and design)

Deity of Mischief (Taken by Me, The Patriot Writer.)

8/19/2011 . Edited 8/19/2011 #314


8/19/2011 #315
Sage of the White Sands


8/19/2011 #316
Sage of the White Sands

I'm eyeing Day, or the Maker, but I like this.

8/19/2011 #317

I call 18th century french revolution!

8/19/2011 #318
Cinderella Girl626
Like the idea too, but I want either Night or Balance.
8/19/2011 #319
Noah is Potato

As said above, I am not going to give promises on Deities till this is up, and even then you need a character accepted by me first. But I will consider this.

And Star, dully noted.

8/19/2011 #320
Cinderella Girl626
Than can I at least call future apocolypse for my character?
8/19/2011 #321
Noah is Potato

Yes you may.

8/19/2011 #322
Cinderella Girl626
Is post apocolypse like after the future era? Because if it isn't, could I switch to future please?
8/19/2011 #323
Noah is Potato

It's like the alternative to the future Era. Everything is in ruin, there is now law besides a few settlements.

8/19/2011 #324
Cinderella Girl626
Oh, I'll take Apocolypse than. :)
8/19/2011 #325
Cinderella Girl626
I was wondering, what is Imperiealistic era?
8/19/2011 #326
Noah is Potato

When Nations such as England, and France, and others start to colonize other lands.

8/19/2011 #327
Noah is Potato

I feel stupid, I forgot to place Modern Era!!!! DX

8/19/2011 #328
Patchman Beyond
i claim world war 2 era.
8/19/2011 #329
Noah is Potato

Got it. :) Anybody know if Jumpy has internetz again?

8/19/2011 #330
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