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Noah is Potato
Thank you kindly Jumpy. :) And concerning the technologies of the world, I am still working on the precise limits but as of right now it mirrors colonial era weaponry and devices. Muskets, printing presses, horse drawn carriages and the like. Though I might make it so that they have discovered the lightbulb. Maybe.
12/9/2015 #2,761
HUNK of Chernobyl

If you're looking at that time period might I recommend flintlocks with rifled barrels for the elite soldiers and basic flintlocks for the standard soldier? From the sound of it you're running with a set period roughly relating to the American Civil War from the way it sounds. Or if you'd rather run with something a bit earlier than that might I recommend matchlock weapons? Would make fighting in the rain even more difficult than flintlocks, but aesthetically they're rather nice looking weapons, most of the same limits as earlier flintlocks, horribly inaccurate unless you mass up a bunch of them in a line and hope for the best.

Personally I'd advise the Flintlock option above all, since there could be some distinction as between the "Commoners" and the "Elite Soldiers" because of the rifling.

Also cannons, because y'know, that's cool as fuck.

12/9/2015 #2,762
Noah is Potato
I might very well take you up on that advice friend, since I know next to nothing about guns. Thank you!
12/9/2015 #2,763

Playing the loosing side would be certainly interesting given the situation they are placed in..

12/10/2015 #2,764
Cinderella Girl626

I don't have a very concrete idea to type out and showcase, but my mind wandered around a short story type RP idea in which the plot focuses broadly on a young prince's coronation, and the OCs that are involved in the situation, from civilian to palace staff.

However during his time getting ready, the RP slowly focuses in on a group operating in the shadows hoping to kill the prince before or during his coronation, and soon involves a battle against enemy swordsmen and discovering the assassination plot before it goes any further.

Somebody could create the prince character, someone could take the role of the mastermind behind this assassination plan, and the rest of us could create OCs that involve themselves in the story somehow, such as being a castle guard, a double agent spying and relaying info, or even a civilian who attended the coronation but decides to pitch in and help the royal family fight the intruders.

12/30/2015 . Edited 12/30/2015 #2,765

I might as well try, even though there is little chance of success.

I want to make an RP with heroes and villains with a single awesome power, and a single bad power. Example, someone with super strength, and the ability to teleport, but only to one location. Another would be someone who has telekinesis, and the ability to fly, but only while holding a certain position.

5/5/2016 #2,766
Cinderella Girl626
But wouldn't that just leave users more likely to just use their good power and ignore the bad power. If it permanently is stuck being bad, it wouldn't want to be used or attempted to practice with since it wouldn't be of any overall good. :/
5/5/2016 #2,767
It's supposed to get people thinking on how to use something bad as if it were something good. Anything is useful, it just depends on how you implement it
5/5/2016 #2,768
Cinderella Girl626

Would the OCs suddenly get the powers? Or is it a "born with powers and trying to figure em out" scenario? If they are already established heroes or villains, than they'll already know how to use them.

5/9/2016 #2,769
Though it may be useless, I have yet another idea. This is one based around Tiamat and Bahamut, and the European and oriental dragons. Since European dragons are naturally evil, and oriental dragons are usually benevolent, I wanted to employ those into a new RP.
6/11/2016 #2,770
Noah is Potato
Sound like an interesting concept. Would we play as dragons or people?
6/11/2016 #2,771
It would be the typical dragons taking a humanoid form type of RP, but everyone would be a dragon. Though not everyone has to appear as one
6/14/2016 #2,772
This forum is pretty much dead Chim. If you follow the link in the links thread, Hime has started a forum of her own that a few Haven members have joined. You're idea may get some life there. Just a suggestion of course.
6/14/2016 #2,773
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