The Return of Jumpy's Haven
A place to Roleplay for my friends. Mostly invite only but if you do want to join please post a link to an rp you are part of so I can view your skills.
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This is for serious anouncements such as forum creations and if people plan on leaving or are going to be away for a while :)

10/17/2011 #1
Sage of the White Sands

Due to a busy work schedule, I may not be on much, But not to worry Preludes will still go on...

10/17/2011 #2

Jumpy's dad is an ass so she is grounded from the computer at home and can only get onto the internet at school

10/17/2011 #3
Cinderella Girl626 school work has ben pileing up so I may not be on very much. But I will try to get on as much as I can. :D

10/18/2011 #4
The Shadows of Rozla Kaname

Yeah I have the same sort of problem. My school is getting a little hectic BUT Rozla can still role-play. BUT, again, in about 6 weeks I have my FINAL EXAMS! So I will be on FF less then.

10/19/2011 #5
Noah is Potato

Due to a recent epiphany, I am not going to be roleplaying/chatting that much anymore. I will still be on, just not as much. However I will still be on my computer/internet constantly, so if anybody needs to tell me something, just pm or email me. (Email address is on my profile account)

10/19/2011 #6

Jumpy, Angel and I will not be on very much today. We have Senior Orals all day and they do not like us to use our laptops.

10/23/2011 . Edited 10/23/2011 #7
Noah is Potato
Been Grounded. Might not be on for a bit. Though My sister might let me use her computer sometimes.
10/29/2011 #8
The Shadows of Rozla Kaname
As I have NaNoWriMo now, I will be on a little less than usual, plus I have a crap load of work from school to do this week, as well as a going to a family thing this weekend Saturday to Sunday, so if I slip a little, please forgive me.
11/1/2011 #9

Grounded from computer at home so I can only get on during school times -_-'

11/1/2011 #10
Guardian Luigi

Going to college for the night, won't be back till tomorrow :'( I'll miss you all D:

11/9/2011 #11
Guardian Luigi

Going away for another 2 days :'( I'll miss you all again

11/11/2011 #12

I won't be on much for the next three days due to a dance rehearsal today, and then a concert tomorrow and Saturday.

11/16/2011 #13

Jumpy, Angel and I have exams for the next week so our time on here may be limited.

11/16/2011 #14
Hikari no Kishi

Manaphy will not be on for the next week and more due to several reasons

1. Exams are coming, and I need to study

2. Siblings need the internet more than myself

3. I am debating as to whether or not I should quit the forum, so I'll let you know when I make that decision.

Adios for now.

11/17/2011 #15
Noah is Potato

Hey friend, sorry that I have been MIA. Just needed to figure out some shit. I am back now, but I wont be on that often for a while.

11/20/2011 #16
HUNK of Chernobyl

Eeeeyyyyyy... Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.... Um... I'm sort of, grounded, forever. Dad plans to block the sight soooooo.... Its been a fun ride guys.

Until we meet again, eventually, lock/delete my RPs, doesn't matter to me anymore, but y'know.... So... Guess this is it... See ya, maybe... Hope you guys have a good life from here on out. You guys are my second family, don't make bad decisions in life, stay on the good road, don't take candy from people that drive creepy vans, and most importantly never forget that everyone here, is awesome in their own way.

Sincerely, your friend HUNK.

P.s. Never forget, who smelt it, delt it.

11/21/2011 #17




11/21/2011 #18

GTG for an hour + 30 minutes. Psychology exam

11/21/2011 #19

Tomorrow and the next two days after that I will not be on as I will be away on a camp

Sorry guys but three days having fun with crazy friends? I couldn't say no

11/25/2011 #20
Guardian Luigi

Things have been rough for Luigi lately, I apologize for my absence, but would like to assure Jumpy's haven that he is doing quite well... working hard, but doing well.

11/30/2011 #21
Noah is Potato
Sorry I have been MIA for so long, but some shit has been happening. Anyways, I wont be on right now still, cause my damn computer has a virus. I am surprised I even made it to this site to post this.
12/11/2011 #22

Hey all, I have to work the next four days but I'm going to try and post later today.

12/15/2011 #23
Guardian Luigi

Attention Roleplayers!: I will be taking an extended vacaion from Jumpy's Haven, I'm not entirely sure when I'll be back, but you can rest ssured that I will return. So for now, Have fun, Be safe, and Make good decisions... Peace huh? May it last.

12/16/2011 #24
Immoral Red

Mmkay, I give up. Every time I post in this forum, it gets deleted, (Sorry, it 'disappears'.) or ignored. Or when I am acknowledged, it only starts an argument, despite the fact that it is rarely to never my intention (which is usually followed by deletion anyway.)

If you want me to go, please just say so, instead of treating me like I'm some ghost lingering around here that no one can see or hear or really, gives half a shit about.


12/19/2011 #25

.....well this was a fine thing to wake up to -_-"

12/19/2011 #26
The Shadows of Rozla Kaname

Hey guys. I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. I had some personal issues that I had to deal with - which was a bit harsh on me - so I couldn't get on/wasn't allowed on the internet. Sorry again and if I haven't been banned or kicked out of any role-plays, I'll post again asap. Sorry again :(

12/20/2011 #27

yay your back :) your still in hallowen party.

12/20/2011 #28
The Strongest Nine

Won't be on until after the new year, deuces.

12/21/2011 #29
Cinderella Girl626

Hey guys. Jac wanted me to inform you guys that he won't be on for a bit.

1/4/2012 #30
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