The Return of Jumpy's Haven
A place to Roleplay for my friends. Mostly invite only but if you do want to join please post a link to an rp you are part of so I can view your skills.
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I will be absent Tuesday afternoon through to Sunday next week due to a family holiday. I'd say don't move too far along without me but everyone's been really quiet lately.

4/22/2012 #91
Agent Krivins

For those that must know, I can only be around for the weekends. My police training is very demanding these days and more strict so, unfortunately, Friday to Sunday are my free times. Nothing wrong in sending me an update if anyone is waiting on me though. I still check the forums every now and then, maybe to post to keep things moving atleast.

4/22/2012 #92
Guardian Luigi

Going to Disney world tomorrow, won't post for about 4 days guys :( sorry.

4/25/2012 #93
Lady Blade

Lady Blades home computer does not work, so she is restricted to school hours. Posting will be impossible on Weekends and when I have VERY important demanding classes :) I will however try to reply to Rps to the best I can with the current situation... just dont rely on me too much.

5/1/2012 #94


5/6/2012 #95

Cuase I can't join lol

5/6/2012 #96

Who said you can't join?

5/6/2012 #97
The Silent Comedian

Ladies and Gents, stock up on ammunition, France has gone socialist, European counties surrounding it will follow and more socialist policies will be adopted, eventually like it does in most cases the socailism will then turn to either Fascism or Communism and that's right about when democracy will end. This is the beginning of the end my friends. Or so my web of theories has led me to conclude.

5/9/2012 #98
The Shadows of Rozla Kaname

Just wanted to say to anyone in Sydney, I'm selling 4 tickets to the X Factor for the 19th of May, so if you're interested PM me and we can negotiate a price :)

5/12/2012 #99
Noah is Potato

Hey guys, I am back after my Long absence. My reasons are my own. I hope I am still allowed back here. I kinda remember something about not being able to come back if you just up and vanish, yet there is nothing about that in the rules so... yeah. I am not going to post anywhere until I know I can again. Better safe than sorry. So until that time, peace off yo.

5/12/2012 #100

Noah, you're more than welcome to be back here. I know Jumpy will agree. Life gets in the way and we accept that. It's good to hear from you again.

5/12/2012 #101

Noah, OF COURSE you can come back. I understand that things might have been rough for you and the rule you spoke of is for active role-plays :)

Coke back my friend, Cursed is dying without you

5/13/2012 #102
Noah is Potato

Thanks. :) With my return, my sister will be back as well, since she is needed as well for the events of Cursed.

Also, I am planing a somewhat big roleplay to mark my return to the haven, look out for it.

5/13/2012 #103
Hikari no Kishi

I will be away for the next three days. I am on camp. Band Camp to be precise

5/17/2012 #104
Lady Blade

(jumpy my keyboad is not work - if you wouldnt mind playing my chars for a while - including Ezyrald - til i fix...........

5/19/2012 #105
Lady Blade

Good news my keyboard is now working, :P

5/19/2012 #106


5/19/2012 #107
Guardian Luigi

I will be on vacation for next week, but I'll have my computer with me, posting may be limited.

5/26/2012 #108
The Strongest Nine

Life is being difficult at the moment.

Back when I even things out.

5/26/2012 #109
The Silent Comedian

Won't be on for the rest of the day, deuces.

5/27/2012 #110
Ljorn of Seven

Same as summoner, I'm having a few life problems. So sorry to peoples' RP's I'm currently in, but I'm going to have to pull out

(I'll delete my post, Jumpy)

5/28/2012 #111
*Sad puppy dog eyes* Why is everyone ditching me?
5/28/2012 #112
Hikari no Kishi

I am changing my Pen Name. I am not a random, I am Lady Manaphy. Just letting you know before I do it.

5/28/2012 #113
Lady Blade

Jumpy, I really am sorry, not ditching or anything, but I'm letting everyone down by only being able to post in the afternoons, (I'm even completley ignored in a few rps it feels) I love everyone, I think your all really awesome. But if I'm going to be able to keep posting (and not be relied on) then, I seriously need to reconsider several of characters... and crunch time is dawning nearer for my majors. it's causing unnessasary stress.

I just dont feel, well, like... I'm worth anything.

I'll see how the next few days go, but I'm honestly feeling pretty worthless. And with how I'm going with the Rps, how I come on every afternoon to see sixty posts (yes I know that's an exaggeration) and know that my character should have at least one post between those... too much stress. So It looks like I either have to suck it up or back off. I'm honestly stuck in a hard place with a difficult decision.

I'm doing my best, but obviously my best just isnt good enough.

Sincerest appoligies,

Lady Blade.

5/29/2012 . Edited 5/30/2012 #114

Blade! You are NOT worthless so don't you dare say that you are! The feeling of being ignored happens to all of us and even the feeling of not being important but every rper in an rp counts, especially rpers like you. Even if you can only post in the afternoons, I can only do the same and the Haven has been going at a rather steady pace recently, not fast but not dead slow. You're not letting anyone down, some rpers only post once every week or so (Like Agent Krivins) but we're patient and we understand that life can be an arse sometimes. Most of the rpers on the Haven have been through or are king through what you are now Blade so you're not alone, we're here to support you.

The Haven is for fun and exploration of imagination and writing, not a place for stress and feeling worthless (Which you TOTALLY ARE NOT)

5/30/2012 #115

I agree with Jumpy on this. Sadly I'm not as good at speeches but your not worthless and your part of the Haven community all of us are ready and willing to help I'm sure. Grade 12 is stressful I know but worrying about exams and school work makes it so much harder. I myself had a few anixety attacks during that year but that was due to focusing on the negative which I know it's hard to see positives with all that going on. But there are alot of them so focus on them see if it helps.

P.S. I love rping with your character even if it means only a post every afternoon, which is a bonus seening as I have a hard time keeping up.

5/30/2012 #116
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Exactly what these guys said, we all understand that you have stressful times where you can't get on, we all get that once in a while. You aren't at all worthless, you're a brilliant rper in my opinion none of us think you're worthless

5/30/2012 #117
Gryphon's Wrath

Hey, Blade.

Like Jumpy, I suck at speeches, so I'll just say you're not worth-less. From what I've seen, you're definitely loved here at the Haven, and the RP's you've made have been interesting and engaging, and I enjoy reading your posts. Hell, I really want to get back in-to your Star Wars RP, I've just got to wait for Hero to post (I wonder if he's waiting for me for some-thing).

I'm sorry your feeling so much pressure. I'm not getting hit by majors, but I've got my final exams coming up for my grade level, and I'm feeling pressured trying to maintian a decent grade and do well on exams so I can graduate.

Any-ways. If you really need to, I reccomend taking a brief hiatus. Study, focus on school. Once that's over with, if you feel well enough about it, come back. If not, then you'll be missed. But you really are liked here. I hope you stay.

5/30/2012 #118
Guardian Luigi

Gonna be gone for the rest of today, and maybe tomorrow.

6/3/2012 #119

Star Wars fans MUST WATCH!!! (

6/6/2012 #120
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