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Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

The year is 2053. 4 years ago, all mirrors and reflections (E.g. water reflections, Window reflections etc.) were discovered to actually be weak portals to other dimensions, too weak to pull anyone into it. As the name suggests, these dimensions mirror ours, in structure etc. However, the beings in these dimensions are different in some way to us, and the landscape may be different, for example, a mountain in our dimension could be an active volcano in another.

Rarely people from other dimensions get through the portals due to an anomaly that causes a sudden boost in power to the portal. The portal is still very weak, and somtimes weakens the victim's life-force during travel through dimensions, causing them to look like ghosts. In other cases the victim gets through ok, and has to survive in our dimension. Vampires, werewolves etc. are just other dimensional beings caught in this phenomenon.

Within the last year, more and more people have been disappearing into these portals, and more and more ghost and other anomalous sighting have occurred. United Nations decided something had to be done, and each country set their best scientists to work, trying to find something to help with this situation. The Trans-dimensional amplifier was invented and patented by a British Scientist called Nathan King. the amplifier boosts the portals energy levels to the point that it is safe to walk through it. Now there are companies around the world in all major cities that deal in finding out a way to fix this phenomenon.

This is the story of the best of the best. An elite group of people, recruited by the government because of their abilities. These people are highly skilled and are experienced in the fields of the mirrors. They are stationed in the London division and come from around the world.

Your character is one of these people. The can be from anywere you want and any age between 16 and 55.

Character Skeleton









12/11/2011 #1
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Name: Nathan King

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Appearance: Nathan has a round face with blue eyes. He has hair that reaches halfway down his neck at the back and to his eyebrows at the front. He wears a white shirt under a brown tweed waistcoat. Over this he wears a tweed jacket with leather patches on the elbows. He wears matching trousers and brown leather shoes. He is about 5"9'.

Personality: Nathan is what you might call bull headed. He is hard to shift in his opinion, and unless shown evidence that he is wrong, he will stick to his beliefs/answers. However, if he is proven wrong, he will admit it. He may admittedly get annoyed if the person who proved him wrong if cocky about it. He isn't a violent person. He is passive aggressive in that he get angry, but he never gets violent. He can talk about wanting to hit someone, but he never would. He has a bad habit of getting angry quite easily too. He is a friendly person in general and doesn't hold grudges. He isn't really the right person for leadership, but he is the one with all the knowledge of the situation, so it falls on him.

Hometown/country: London, England

Skill/ability: Scientist and inventor of the trans dimensional amplifier

History: Brought up into a family with money problems, Nathan would have had to find his own entertainment. He began to create thing to play with. As he got older, he began creating widgets to help around the house. His parents decided to save him some money to go to college and although life was hard, after he left school he was able to go to college where he was noticed by many people to be very bright. When he left college He was noticeably a better man. He went on to become one of the best minds of his Generation. He quickly became rich and so was able to support his parents through-out the rest of their lives by giving them money. After the meeting with the UN, the British Government turned to him. After the Trans-Dimensional Amplifier was created, he was immediately given the job of overseeing the creation of more. In total, 100 have been built so far.


Name: Lev Fedorov

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Appearance: quite muscular, broad shoulders, 6"3', has a flat nose, green eyes, small scar across his nose, dark hair that is medium length and is clean shaven. He wears the British army uniform.

Personality: Lev is a quiet individual, but a good friend. He protects his friends even if it means his life. When he does speak, his booming voice can still be gentle unless he is angry. He is hard to anger, but when he gets angry he is quite violent. He isn't afraid to knock someone's block off if they are annoying him.

Hometown/country: Moscow, Russia

Skill/ability: Master of stealth, brilliant sniper

History: Lev moved to England when he was 15, and his parents were low on money. There, he trained to be a spy when he was 23. At the age of 26, he had perfected his ability to spy and decided to learn to be a sniper which he perfected at the age of 28.For five years, he has been on secret assignments around the world for his country. During one assignment he smashed his face against a rock abseiling down a cliff, splitting open his nose and permanently scarring it. When asked to be part of this task, he accepted, after all, he needed a challenge.

12/11/2011 #2
Sage of the White Sands

Name: Marcus Johnson

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Appearance: he is kinda loosely based of Gibbs dont trash me please))

Personality: Marcus is carries himself very strictly most of the time he never takes the time to slow down and is very oreinted with dealing with the problems at hand. He tends to look out for those under him and carries himself well with those above him.

Hometown/country: District of Columbia/United States

Skill/ability: Marcus is known as the best agent the FBI ever had. Marcus is the near the top in his Investigative Skills, he has a deep knowledge of Guns and how to use them due to his Military career. marcus also has an understanding of the Trans-Demension Amplifier and how it works(that is mainly due to the case work he put together while recovering the proto-type).But Marcus's definate skill are that of his leadership skills instilled on him by his father.Is also very intuitive.

History: Marcus grew on a Marine base located near DC he lived on that base for many years up until he turned 18 then he enrolled in Maryland University he felt out of place there but still stayed in school and earned his Bachelors in Science a skill he was none to happy with. Soon after he got out at the age of 22 he enlisted in the Marines where he had seen many operations and battle and earned mulitple Medals for his services. Marcus soon left the Marine Corp at the rank of First Sergeant. Soon after at the age of 31 he was enlisted by the FBI as a Desk Jock up until he was 32 where he was promote to Special Agent he solved many cases those three years then any other Agent has. Marcus was soon Put in Charge of the Major Case Unit as the Senior Special agent in Charge. One notable case he worked on involved Nathans Prototype of the T-DA in that time he and Nate became close friends while working on the case. Soon after he closed the case he went back to America and he and Nate kept close tabs on each other always promising that their families will get together but so far none of that happened.

Marcus also hides the fact that he had been married and divorced four times before meeting his current wife. Marcus also has set of rule and guidelines he lives by.


Name: Marisa Kingsly

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Appearence: Marisa has long blonde hair that is always done up in a ponytail,soft blue eyes,she stands at 5'7" and weighs around 120 lbs, she tends to wear casual clothing and sneakers most of the time.

Personality: Marisa is kind most of the time but can get real pushy in an instant. she is extremely talented and smart and can make freinds out of everybody

Hometown/country:London/England(formerly Los angeles/CA)

Skill/ability: N/A(shall not reveal)

History: Marisa was born and raised in Los Angeles by a Father who was a Senator and her mother a Governor. She spent most of her childhood in the mansion and schooling when she turned 18 she got accepted into UCLA where she earned her masters in Criminal justice and a bachelors in Physics. She spent most of her adulthood in college and when she got out she got into the FBI as a analyst but that did not last long as she was offered a job overseas to work in the Royal Government. Marisa has since the age of 30 been working for them as recently been assigned the Liaison Officer between Nathan and the Goverment.She has known Nate since she landed in London 4 years ago and it was him who warned her about how Londons Goverment is this has helped her get accustomed to her new home and job rather quickly.

It's been a damn good while since I used these two...

12/11/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #3

Name: Carmelo Rivera

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Appearance: Carmelo is quite t all lady with a shapely figure, though not overly so with more subtle curves than voluptuous ones. Her skin is a dark brown and littered with tiny, almost unnoticeable scars from her training. Her hair is ebony black and falls dead straight to her shoulders though it usually pulled into a low ponytail at the base of her neck with her fringe sitting just above her eyebrows. Her eyes are quite unusual, being a tawny-yellow colour due to her heritage, they often remind people of a bird of prey in the way they can simply stare at something in an unwavering and off-putting manner; she will usually wears sunglasses to cover them. She always wears clothes that are easy to move around in.

Personality: Carmelo is a very quite person who prefers to listen rather than talk. When she does talk her voice is usually soft and highlighted by a Spanish accent due to Spanish being her first language. She's not easily angered except by demining comments about her gender or country...or if a man is dumb enough to try hitting on her; that always annoys her. When she does get angry it is difficult to tell as she is not the kind to explode, rather she will strike when you least expect it.

Hometown/country: Madrid, Spain (Used to regularly visit and stay in America for months at a time in different states)

Skill/ability: Carmelo is an expert when it comes to hand to hand combat and knows her way around handguns like a fat man knows a doughnut :P

History: With an American mum and a Spanish dad Carmelo had a pretty unusual upbringing from a child. The unusual started with her genetics, being half Spanish giving her the tawny eyes which she possesses. Her parents were both quite rich as well, her dad the head of a large oil company and her mum an influential reporter who had her own magazine. Carmelo was pretty privileged in her life as money was never a problem for her parents. They would buy houses in America for several months at a time each year during Carmelo's childhood to give her a broader understanding of the world and to also help with her study of both the Spanish and English languages.

She was home schooled up until high school when her parents settled down permanently in the capital of her birth country. She was neither an under nor over achiever in school but she certainly shone in her after school kickboxing class which she attended. She joined the Spanish military when she left school and was transferred to the Spanish version of the CIA as a Field Op only 3 years later. She's been one of their best agents on the job and it was for that reason she was assigned to this anomaly.

12/11/2011 #4

Name:Mason kaji

Age: 21


Appearence: Mason stands at medium highet with dark brown hair an carrying a unshaven look. Because of his "career choice." Mason wears false contacts giving his eyes a red catlike appearance. he wears a black flack jacket with a ballistic vest underneath and brown jeans. Traveling light he only carries a backpack for Items

Personality: Mason is charming and confident he earn trust with ease something that comes in handy for him. He has a bad tendancy to flirt with women without intending to.

Hometown/country: Records unknown possible Alias in use.

Skill/ability: master thief. Mason can break into anything while his ability to hack is limited he finds it easier to cut power to building short out the generator and then proceed to steal the targeted Item. he carries a range of advanced gear all of which has been obtained by and unknown means. he's train in hand to hand but chooses to use technology to his advantage and make quick escapes.

History: Mason first appeared in police records in a south americain city having stolen the contents of their armory all of which was recovered and resulted in the caputre of a terrorist group. a few months later another thieft was comminted on the north coast this time a rare gemstone was stolen from a museum it was never recovered. These crimes continued for 4 years each a few months apart in diffrent places around the world never any witnesses, no footage, nothing the only thing linking it to his was a note left at each crime scene all it would say is "the rich are poor the poor are rich, you are slaves I am free, please your ruler and capture me Kaji mason you seek." he was finally capture this year in a police ambush in japan. Though it is believed he handed himself in for an unknown reason

12/11/2011 #5
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

(@Sage: I don't mind Marcus having basic knowledge on the TDM, but not enough to know much.

@Jonn: How does he join the team if he is under arrest? I can't accept him until I learn a bit more about him. If you want it a secret, pm me with at least very basic info, but I have a few questions.

Other than this, all accepted)

12/12/2011 #6
Sage of the White Sands

((No problem, I'm just happy you're bringing this back.))

12/12/2011 #7

he's joins the as an agreement he works for them and his criminal record is wiped..)

12/12/2011 #8
The Strongest Nine

Name: Josepp (Yo-Sep) Schmitt

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Appearance: Stands at 5'11 with a slightly crooked nose that had come from a training incident back when he was still in boot camp, wasn't his fault, someone put a riot shield in the way. His dark blue eyes seem to be filled with the events of his past as well as the things he has yet to see, inquisitive, yet at the same time filled with wisdom that not many at his age should know. Josepp's dark brown hair is cut down in a military style, the sides are shaved almost completely off with the bare minimum of hair left while the top seems about two and a half centimeters in length without any bangs. His facial expression seems hardened, each feature seems to have been disciplined to the point where if any emotion were to show, it would be in such a small quantity that you wouldn't even see the change, with concave cheek bones that sit rather high on his face and rings that sit beneath his eyes Josepp looks like the average soldier that's been doing too much work and not enough relaxing. He's wearing a set of standard blue jeans with a boot cut style near the bottom designed for standard boots, his shoes are a set of standard black Vans, not the best for running, but they're comfortable enough for standing around, his shirt is a dark black cloth shirt that hugs his muscle, but not to the point where it makes him seem intimidating, more of a fit that seems comfortable. As you can see, he's dressed for comfort.

Personality: Josepp is not the kind of person to give a shit about weather you like him or not, all he really seems to care about is if he gets done what he needs to, after that's done, then he'll worry about the relationship's he's coming to develop with those around him. For the most part he can seem like a cold bastard, usually preferring to head the other way if someone asks him kindly to follow them, the only time he interacts is when he sees someone beating on someone smaller than them, thats basically the only time he'll interfere with any situation, no matter how grim. Apart from this he seems to be an average guy, preferring to read books over watch television he chooses to be studious instead of bubbly and fun, knowledge, that's his best tool.

Hometown/country: Regensburg/Bavaria, Germany.

Skill/ability: Josepp is a skilled man due to his background of working for the German Counter Terrorist unit known as GSG-9, one of these skills is the ability to quickly adapt to the use of a new weapons system, he can pick up a new weapon and within minutes he'll be able to familiarize himself with it, he won't be an all out professional with it, but better than some random man off the street picking it up, save for if that man were a war veteran. His training with Sniper Platforms such as the DSR-1 Bullpup Bolt-Action Rifle used by the GSG-9, he's learned how to adjust the height of his shot to make up for distance as well as how to compensate for the wind in an area, this along with his knowledge of using the GSG-9's main assault rifle the G36C makes him quite the foe at long range, however he wasn't the best when it came to the hand to hand combat due to an injury he'd sustained in the field, one could easily best him if he's without a firearm or knife.

History: Josepp was born in the German Region of Bavaria, a place where they spoke a strange Dialect that seems to have been mixed slightly with Swedish, it was here where he lived out most of his life, growing up on his grandparent's farm, a quaint piece of land with little actual things to do. With the new innovation of technology farming had little to do with actual human labor though, so the only thing to actually do out in this small plot of land was to go with his grandfather, hunting, hiking through the Black Forest, all the things that one would do with the freedom of the outdoors on their side. It was truly a free life that the boy had come to enjoy, not much else to his childhood, he'd had a girl of his dreams at highschool, never actually managed to fess up and tell her how he felt, but other than this his life had been an uneventful one.

As he joined the Bundeswar, or the German Military force, he soon began to make a name for himself, by the age of 22 he'd managed to become one of the best room clearers that the GSG-9 had to offer, his thoughts were tactical ones, always intent on finding the easy way to take down his enemies... At least it was up until he turned 25, at this time an insurgent force had managed to slip into his country on a plane that they'd hijacked. The GSG-9 were called in to defuse a situation Josepp had been armed with a Remington 870 pump-action shotgun and a few flash grenades, first the grenades flew into the plane then he followed pursuit, only realizing too late that the flash hadn't gone off from his grenade, only the noise had resonated. The insurgents managed to return fire as Josepp entered the airplane, he'd managed to fend off the terrorists with the assistance of his squad, but it had been too late, his leg had been hit by a 5.45x39 caliber round used for the Russian AK74, these terrorists had managed to arm themselves with cheap assault rifles off of the black market. He'd been rushed to the hospital, but it was too late, now he walks with a light limp and his leg goes out at random moments, usually when he puts too much strain on it.

Ever since that god forsaken day Josepp had been stuck on Sniper Duty, at times he was glad about this change of pace, but for the most part he missed the actual adrenaline of being down in the fight with his men, now he'd just make do with covering their assess with his rifle. His life couldn't get any worst, or could it? He has yet to find out if anything will turn for the worst, but he has a strange feeling that the world as he knows it, filled with pain, will only become worse, a state of decadence.

(Hope it's acceptable, don't know what to expect of this RP so I don't know if I did it right... Sorry if it's wrong.)

12/12/2011 #9
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

(I'm glad you liked this :P

Jonn is accepted and so is Dr Richtofen (Mah favourite character)^^)

12/12/2011 #10
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

(Ok, I think this is enough time for any new members to join. I shall start now. First post is just your character arriving in England and heading to an army base in London.

There are futuristic aspects of this that I probably should mention. Vehicles have finally been converted to run on clean fuels. The EU disbanded 5 years ago after a second recession. A 'universal' currency came into play called the Larflin (sign is Ɫ). Some countries still refuse to use it, such as China.

Cloning is also possible, and has really advanced in the last years. Clones are mass produced in countries such as America and China and are used for brutal manual labour or suicidal military missions in war. They have no emotions and have very little immunity to disease, so they are expendable. Naturally, there is an unbelievable amount of controversy involved, and many people are totally against the idea. The King of England is completely against the idea, and refuses to allow parliament to even consider such an act. The French president is also against cloning, and currently has many arguments with the German leader (unsure if he is a president…) who uses clones for manual labour in their factories. There is a lot of tension between these two countries, and some people are worried they may begin fighting with guns instead of words.

Cancer is non-existent. Medical technology has advanced considerably, with cures for most diseases and illnesses. Viruses still can't be purged from the body, but a person can take supplements that suppress the symptoms.

The famine in Africa ended 20 years ago, with the arrival of an amazing new durable form of crops. These crops could resist high temperatures and required little water, and charity efforts went about planting these crops in many farms over Africa. Eventually, the famines began to end. There is still the issue of water, but now that the food has been sorted it is a lot easier to get water to the people.

With regards to the rainforest problem, regeneration of the rainforests began about 12 years ago. The rainforests had become very small, and many species had died out. Eventually, the UN illegalised cutting down the rainforest, and instead began creating lumber parks: places that grew trees for the sole purpose of cutting them down. Researchers were about to develop a gene that they could put into a tree seed that sped up the trees growth, allowing it to grow twice as fast. From then until 2050, wood was obviously in short supply, but now there is plenty of wood available.

If anyone else has any ideas, feel free to bring them up :) I shall create my first post later today ^^)

12/18/2011 #11

Carmelo was still finding it hard to believe that the first, fastest and cheapest way to get her to England had been on a civilian plane. She was starting to believe that cheapest was the only thing that her government actually cared about at the short notice of her summoning here to this project. They're given her a special pass allowing her to take her guns and a combat knife with her on her journey through it was being stored with her main luggage and not her carry-on for the flight. She was dressed in flare jeans which hugged her figure at the top before flaring out beyond her knees, black boots with a short, thick heel and a plain green skin-tight singlet top. Her jacket was beige and lay on the empty seat next to her along with a simple black back pack.

She was currently waiting to get off the plane but it seemed someone was causing a traffic jam towards the front near the doors. The Spanish woman sighed quietly to herself and rummaged around in her back pack, pulling out a pair of sunglasses and setting them on top of her head, ready to be pulled down once she got off the plane.

Finally there was movement and she stood up, slipping the back pack on and throwing her jacket over her arm as she shuffled along with the crowd until they were out of the plane then moving into a more brisk pace towards the exit. Her bag would have been loaded last on the plane and was being taken off first then taken to the front for her so that no one could accidently pick up her bag and have several weapons in their possession. The car waiting to take her to the base was a four wheel drive with dark tinted windows; dramatic much?

The driver got out and checked her ID before gesturing to the back seat and hoping back into the driver' seat. Carmelo jumped into the back and found her regular bag here too. She buckled her seat belt before opening it, stuffing her jacket in and grabbing out a few of her guns which -by law- were current disassembled. It didn't take her more than five minutes to reassemble two of her hand guns -both of them KSC Sword Cutlasses- and slip them into holsters which she then strapped around her waist. Despite being right handed, Carmelo had trained herself to aim and fire from her left hand as well, plus could use them at the same time though her aim was less sound when she did this.

She turned in her seat to stare out the window.

The driver spoke once during the whole trip

"We'll be there in 10."

12/18/2011 #12
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

A black limousine drove through London. It was early afternoon on a warm summer day. There were a few clouds in the sky, but not many. Ever since electricity replaced fossil fuels, the air in the large city had become a lot cleaner, and outside the limo, people were going about their daily business. As it was a Saturday, most of them were in the city relaxing or shopping. Thankfully, the traffic was quiet and there were few interruptions during the journey to the military base. In the limo, Nathan King sat with files on his team.

Sifting through them all, he concluded that he was sure he had a decent team. Although he was worried that he wouldn't be able to control them, he had asked his friend Marcus to join. As he was FBI, he would make a good commander for the team if Nathan wasn't about to control them. Nathan sighed and lay back in his chair. This was going to be an interesting day.


A helicopter flew over London towards the military base. In it was one of Britain's top commandos, Lev Fedorov. He looked out the window and surveyed the city. All these people were oblivious to the potential danger that was being investigated, and it was Lev's duty to keep them safe.

12/18/2011 #13

A few streets behind the black limousine was a armored police truck inside of which was on of the most high value targets of the last decade Mason kaji. Sitting with his hands cuffed Mason craned his neck looking out the window, they were heading to the military base... good just like they agreed.

12/18/2011 #14
The Strongest Nine

A civilian aircraft had landed at the London International Airport, it was the same flight that had come from the Munich airport in Bavaria Germany. Stepping out of course were a few men and women, most of them were tourists of course, but some were here on business, amongst those here in business was a rather well cut looking man with a slightly crooked nose. Josepp Schmitt, twelve year GSG-9 Veteran, he looked at least half his age while at the same time much older, a strange trait, he seemed to walk with confidence, but at the same time that walk was hindered by a slight limp on the left leg, due to an old wound he'd indured. The briefing that he'd recieved had told him about a military base he was to arrive at soon, he was as good as there, but first he'd need to arrive at his contact to pick up his gear.

Heading down to pick up his bags he did so, just a small satchel that slung over his shoulder, it was filled with a change of clothes as well as his GSG-9 badge, wallet, and identification, everything that he really needed for this. After checking with the customes agents he headed down to the pick-up, glancing over the crowds his gaze met a single man holding up a white sign with letter written on it in black marker 'Schmitt', that was the indication that it was the man here to pick him up. Walking to the contact Josepp shook the man's hand, exchanged pleasantries then followed him out in the direction of his car, the man had been with the force for quite a while, a scar ran down the right side of his face and he seemed unshaven and somewhat ragged.

Josepp watched as the man entered his side of a 2043 Pick-up truck, not exactly the best choice for mileage, but certainly good if you want to lug about a million different things around with you in the tailgate, Josepp wasn't a fan of these vehicles. Entering the passenger side Josepp shut the door behind himself and glanced down at the duffel back placed by his feet, lifting the back up he unzipped it and began checking it's contents, a G36K that had been stripped into three components, a P-99 9mm handgun, and a pair of Model 7290 flashbangs, wasn't exactly the highest value wise, but at the moment it was a helluva lot better than what he had. Turning to the man Josepp set down a document, it was filled with enough money to cover the value of the weapons as well as the ammunition, it also covered the tip and the cost for the ride to the base.

Glancing over his shoulder out the back window Josepp watched as the airport grew smaller and smaller eventually disappearing around a corner, well, goodbye easy going, hello future that will most likely be a royal pain in my ass. The contact flew through red lights as if they didn't even exist, way to keep yourself from coming up as suspicious. The sound of sirens echoed down the street as the third red light was passed, ah, great, just what they needed, a set of firearms and illegal flash bangs, peeeerfect.

The contact pulled over to the side of the street and checked the rear-view mirror, sure enough the police officer stepped out of his vehicle and began walking towards the driver's side, halfway there the contact slammed his foot down on the acceleration leaving the officer behind in a dusty cloud, the man seemed so pissed that one could probably cook an egg on his rage stricken face. After weaving through traffic countless times, crossing through about a million red lights and Josepp nearly throwing up at every turn they managed to escape the officer of the law as well as the reinforcements that he'd managed to call in to assist him in the stopping of the hooligans that plagued their cities streets.

Josepp stared at his contact in disbelief, the man only grinned insanely and checked the GPS, thank god, almost there.

12/18/2011 . Edited 12/26/2011 #15
Sage of the White Sands

Being a man of punctuality, Marcus had arrived in London a day early to go sight seeing. Needless to say he would admit to so much more than a simple sight seeing tour as he was asked a week earlier by Nathan King to join a special task force he was leading up, the details however were vaguely sought out as Marcus could use this time to probably see his old friend again and go back to his Marine roots he had for so long forgotten, so as he rode onto that base a feeling of Nostalgia washed over him as the taxi rolled to a stop. Marcus had finally arrived to the place he would call home.

12/19/2011 #16
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Nathans limousine pulled up outside the military base. His driver gave the relative identifications and the gate was opened for him the limo to drive through. It stopped outside one of the barracks buildings. Scooping up the dossiers of the team, Nathan stepped out of the vehicle and was greeted by a high ranking officer, although he wasn't sure what rank because of his lack of knowledge. "Hello Mr King, I am colonel Young. Welcome to London's military base," the man said as he shook Nathans hand. "Pleased to meet you," Nathan responded in a slightly nervous tone.

A man walked up behind the colonel and saluted. It was Lev. He had arrived a few moments ago and had been told to report to the colonel. "Sir!" Lev boomed. "I am here for project mirrors." Nathan looked at Lev and thought back to the dossiers, trying to remember his details.

12/20/2011 #17

"We're here"

Carmelo removed her gaze from the view outside her window and leaned to the side to get a view out of the front windshield. She watched the London Military base as they approched it, slipping on her sunglassess so as not to freak anyone out on their first impressions of her with her tawny eyes. She pulled her ID out of her back pack and shifted forwards slightly in her seat as they slowed down for the front gate.

The driver wound his window down and handed his own ID to the man at the gate. Carmelo reached forwards and handed her own to him as well seeing as she was carrying arms. The man checked them both before handing them back and gesturing for the gate to be opened. Carmelo slipped the ID back into her back pack as the driver drove into the base itself. She noticed a group of three men and immediately recognised Nathan from a brief file she had been given. The driver pulled up near by and Carmelo slipped out of her seat, grabbing her bigger bag as she did and nodding in thanks to the driver before he drove off.

She turned back towards the three men and walked the last few meters over to them, stopping exactly a meter from the nearest man to her.

"Carmelo Rivera, Spanish Secret Service," she introduced herself, her notible Spanish accent flowing through her words.

12/20/2011 #18
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Nathan looked over at Carmelo and held his hand out for a handshake. "I'm Nathan," he said. Lev and the Colonel were discussing various things so they were preoccupied. The colonel quickly looked over at Carmelo and said, "Please give us a minute, we are discussing some things".

12/21/2011 #19

As the armored truck pulled up mason was pulled roughly out of the back and forced round to the enterance on of the officers giving him a shove forward to make him move faster. "keep it up and I'll loose the cuffs." Mason growled at the officer all of them knew he'd come willingly. they still had to make it look like they'd cuaght him.

12/21/2011 #20
Sage of the White Sands

The Taxi pulled up to the gate and stopped while the Guard proceeded to check the Taxi and its cargo for anything illegal, Marcus only packed his Gun and his old sniper rifle from his Marine days. Along with all his clothes and his credentials before letting them on their way up to where everyone was meeting.

------ Walking down the street was a young looking woman with blue eyes and dark hair, wearing comfortable looking clothing and some tennis shoes despite having a Ministry of Defense badge present on her contrasting the suit wearers that were out and about.

12/21/2011 #21

Carmelo shook Nathan's hand "I kno who you are," she said with the faintest of smiles. It dropped immediately as the colonel spoke, instead a raised eyebrow expression took its place. She made a soft noise, said something under her breath in Spanish and stepped away from the men, crossing her arms at her waist; she'd learned that crossing them over her chest was not very comfortable. She turned to look at Marcus's arrival from behind her dark sunglasses, her eyebrow going up again.

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Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Nathan noticed an armoured van drive passed them, heading towards the base detention cells. He gulped slightly as he thought of who it could be to have to be put into a military base for safety. His attention was then drawn to a taxi that was heading towards him. Probably another team member.

The colonel stopped speaking to Lev and turned to Carmelo. He walked over to her and said, "You are agent Carmelo, yes?" He seemed to ignore the taxi coming towards them. Lev walked over to Nathan and held out a hand to shake, which Nathan shook. "I am Lev Fedorov. I will be your sniper for this mission." Nathan and Lev continued to make pleasantries like this.

12/22/2011 #23

Carmelo turned to the colonel as he spoke to her and her eyebrow arched higher "No, I'm Princess of the Rainbow Kingdom. Of course I'm Carmelo, did I not introduce myself minutes ago?" she said in her Spanish accent, annoyence hinted in her tone. First he was too usy to speak wit her and now this man was asking stupid questions? Carmelo wondered if she had the patience to work here after all, she was normally very good at keeping her emotions in check...though technically she wasn't on a field mission so her restraint was lessened.

12/22/2011 #24
Agent Krivins

((I got a interesting idea for a character and I'm caught up on the events thus far so I can just leap right in if accepted.))

Character Skeleton

Name: Archer Stevenson

Age: Appears to be mid twenties.

Gender: Male (Clone)

Appearence: Stands a 5'11 with light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a light complextion. A thin athletic build but not very big or intimidating. He has two thin marks created as scars on his left wrist which indicate the amount of times cloned. His appearance changes sporadically because of his personality indifferences caused by the cloning process. He may really like what he's wearing one minute and then utterly feel uncomfortable with it the next. So he sticks with casual wear other than designer clothes as to avoid spending much on a particular item and never wearing it.

Personality: Very timid as a result of his cloning history. Psychologists believe his lack of confidence comes from the knowledge of knowing he has died before and he feels he is susceptible to it happening again. Friendly and honest to a degree but prefers isolation because of certain treatment that comes from others due to the fact he isn't human. He also has a tendancy to make himself heard when it's deemed important but would never interrupt a conversation. Avoids confrontation but will stand for himself if felt mistreated. He would talk things out rather than get into a verbal or physical fight knowing full well he's not good in either. Trusts others very easily and can be pretty open about particular things of his past, not like it's really "his" past anyway. Can be very sarcastic or annoying at times but means well in most cases and it comes out with his optimism. He has to stay positive for his sanity sake.

Hometown/country: Chicago, Illinois

Skill/ability: Archer is skilled in communications technology. His keen insight and technological understanding have proven invaluable during many military operations for the United States. Has basic knowledge with small-arms and hand-to-hand defence techniques but not very effective in combat, especially with veterans of war or special operatives. More designated for behind the front lines as a beacon for ground troops and command HQ.

History: Archer has a love for technology, mainly those that surrounded the ability to communicate with another from a distance. At a young age and with the items at his disposal, he turned a cellphone into a communicator that intercepted many signals from his neighbor's cells, police banners, and even military frequencies. He was caught with ease by being tracked by local authorites but eventually learned that many had ways to disrupt such a signal. He created a text, known only to him, for private use as well.

He enlisted in the Army at the age of 19 and within a few years found himself ordinary like every other soldier. Holding strong to his gift, he took a shot at becoming a field communications operator and allowed his text to be operated by officals at war to privately handle strategic and secret documents. However, it was quickly ruled out because of the fact that a low ranking soldier knew the text. His strong understanding of strategy and defence came from the decorated commanding officers he stood next to, and relaying information to and from the battlefield has lead to many victories for the Corps. His skills proved to be extremely useful in many operations, even after his death.

Archer Stevenson died on August 21, 2041 at the age of 27. His remains were found next to his commanding officer in the military command post that was bombed by enemy rebel forces in Africa; the battle for total control over the crops. But the information of the rebel lieutenants and their locations was able to be relayed out to the UN before his death. Cloning was in the early stages of development and in 2043, Archer, not being the first, was cloned with a large portion of his memory intact to commorate the young man's death, believing he still deserved life. He would also be used once again, only this time by UN forces to ensure more lives are preserved.

Another year serving the armed forces, the cloned Archer left, seeking knew things and eventually given a job by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He worked with them in a 2 year operation involving illegal arms and human trafficking. In-charge of handling surveillance for the operation, he was to provide detailed reports during a trial against a criminal organization that had ties with their own goverment. To protect themselves and their assests, the organization had Archer assassinated on December 13, 2048. He was cloned again with his memory intact to ensure that the trial continued. It lead to the arrest of several government officals and many dangerous men, some still serving out their life sentances.

Although, Archer was cloned twice, he never escaped the downside of the events. He suffers from Gilford syndrome. Leon Gilford was a clone that went through a similar program like Archer, only he was the first to have memory issues, severe personality differences, and outbursts that eventually lead to deaths, including his own. Archer has never faced such problems yet, but he still has confidence issues, reoccuring bad dreams that leads to insomnia, loss of memory surrounding his history, and is advised firmly to visit a counsellor on a regular basis when heavily stressed. There is also the issue involving his health. Being a clone, he needs to take medication to keep his immune system on par with regular humans and avoid particual settings to prevent illnesses. These problematic side-effects are strong reasoning behind the debate on cloning, but people believe clones are ideal mainly for manual labour and military fodder. Either way, it still remains a controversial topic worldwide.

Archer's cloning history is no secret but some seem to think his skills outweigh the negatives of his existence.

((I hope this is acceptable. I tried to balance out his history as best as I can to allow the clone idea to stick. But I wanted to make someone different using the advanced technology idea, which could come off as the social norm of that time, all while trying to avoid a strong and confident character like the others. Besides, if they happen to go to these other dimensions they'll need a good comms expert to stay connected. Hopefully, anyway. lol.))

12/23/2011 . Edited 12/23/2011 #25
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

(Hmm, that is a really good idea. Although nowadays clones are used purely for military and manual labour, when he was cloned I suppose there could have still been acceptable cases of cloning for heroes of war. Alright, I shall accept this character :P)

The Colonel frowned and stuck his nose into the air, and growled, "Mind your manners young woman. I am an important officer in the British army and as such demand respect. You are in my country and you should therefore adopt our manners." The colonel's voice was booming and threatening.

Nathan stood between the two and pleaded, "Sir, Carmelo meant no disrespect I'm sure. She's just tired from the trip…" he then turned and whispered to Carmelo in a soft and slightly offended voice, "Carmelo, please respect our authority here. You wouldn't want us talking that way to your high ranking officials, would you?"

Lev glared at Carmelo. How dare she disrespect the colonel.

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Sage of the White Sands
The taxi pulled to a stop and the passenger side door opened and out stepped Marcus who glanced around the base as closed the door. It sure did look a lot different then the bases at home when he served, but it still felt the same.
12/23/2011 #27

Carmelo chuckled softly at this reaction "Wow, has your contry ever heard of a joke? Do you honestly think I would say that in a serious manner to anyone? Goodness if everyone in you country is this serious I will have many enemies before I go home," the woman said, a faint smile on her lips. She reached up and pushed her sunglasses up to the top of her head, her tawny coloured eyes moving to each of the men there, fixing them with a breif but intense gaze.

"I meant no disrespect to you," she said to the colonel, inclining her head in an appologetic manner.

12/23/2011 #28

As Mason neared the others one of the officers gave him a final shove in that back. In a flash Mason's cuffs were off and the officer lay on the ground bleeding and nursing his arm. Almost as quick the officers went for thier weapons. "don't waste your time you need me." Mason growled tossing the cuffs at the ground infront of them and heading towards the others "so your the lot who've been dragged into this with me." he stated joining the group as though nothing had happened.

12/23/2011 #29
Agent Krivins

Standing alone in a white room, Archer felt cold and stiff with a straight jacket tightening his arms to his chest. His body strapped to an iron slab keeping him stationary. The air that fills his lungs is thick with moisture and the smell of blood is very faint. It is enough to have him gag but he couldn't move nor open his mouth because of a vice clamping his jaw shut. All he could do is swallow the feeling and make vain attempts to ignore the unpleasent smell. His eyes wandered the wall before him, a boring white covered with a protective padding designed to cage his mentality as well as his physical being. He could make out the rectangular door with a small window directly infront of him. A pair of eyes vivid and watching him, judging him because of who he is.

He breathed heavily knowing what is about to follow. His mind now pleading to be free as he struggled with his restraints. Replacing his words with thoughts, he could only mumble and groan. The pair of eyes began to pass through the oval window as if it wasn't there. A heavily burned limb raised through the padding and outstretched at Archer as the body began to push itself through, spreading a dark crimson red liquid along the wall like a fire on paper. The room grew dark as the only source of light began to be submerged in blood. The complete being now in view and covered by a thick black void. Archer panicked remembering every action, remembering the walls being consumed, remembering the being wanting to touch his face.

Archer jolted in his seat, wide-eyed and with his hands raised in front of him.

"Hey! Wake the hell up! We're here!" the driver informed, sounding heavily annoyed. A young soldier in the back seat laughed and shook his head.

Archer remembered his surroundings and the military styled Hummer. He sat in the passenger seat leaning against the door where he obviously dosed off. He sighed with some relief and rubbed his head feeling the pounding migraine that always tails closely behind the reoccuring dream. He began to search for his bag at his feet and gather his jacket he used for a pillow.

"Get out already," rudely spoke the young soldier in the back, "We got better things to do than babysit you synthetics or whatever you people are."

The driver remained silent as he stared around inside the base and noticing the many others that are assigned to the operation. He then recognised the colonel. Archer opened his door and quickly got out to avoid any other comments from the soldier escorts. Slamming the door, the vehicle began to back up, leaving Archer standing there with his bag and jacket. He scanned the area seeing the ones he will be working with but not in the mood for introductions just yet, he put his bag down and crouched in front of it. He opened the zipper and went looking for his medication.

12/23/2011 #30
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