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Mairssa looked at Rapturine and raised an eyebrow "Riiiiiiiiight, I'm just gonne pretend I didn't hear that," she said, slightly creeped out by the Dark Warrior. She looked around at the group and smirked slightly "Can I ask you guys a question, how many of you guys are pure human?" she asked with a chuckle.

3/1/2012 #241
Noah is Potato

Alexander rose to his feet, and narrowed his eyes at the former Champion. She showed no respect to his Mistress, just like the others around here, plus she was cocky, he could already tell. He had no idea how this... delinquent won the games.

"I am pure human." Alexander said loudly, and then thumped his fist to his heart. "It is an honor to meet you, Champion." Just because he didnt like the women, didnt mean he wouldnt show respect where it was due.

3/1/2012 #242
Jac the Shadow

"Uh...I'm partly human." Kittan pointed out, almost muttering. It was times like these it bit being a meta-human. But, he couldn't complain since that trait was what saved his life more times then he could count.

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Arma Rava Arma Rava Arma Rava...

Why did the name matter to him? Arma Rava was a legend, yes, had been real, yes, had been destroyed, yes. But had been so powerful as to tear the world asunder.

Wait. Power! That was it! But to become powerful Arma Rava... had absorbed the energy of powerful creatures and assimilated them... and here was Vamalion surrounded by powerful creatures. Was this how he could survive? Until now he had eaten to live, now he could eat to win. But did he have it in him? Did he really have the courage to resurrect Arma Rava within himself?

Resurrect Arma Rava?

The thought in itself was repugnant. The creature had threatened Baraven itself so much so that not even all the witches together could stop him, they had fallen burning from the skies like comets on the Day the Stars Vanished, slain by the beast's power. The maws of Baraven itslef had opened and swallowed Arma whole... but Vamalion wasn't on Baraven... if he became Rava then there was a chance he couldn't be stopped... why did that appeal so much to him.

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Marissa turned to Alexander and gave him a two fingered salute "Sweet," she said with a wide grin, clearly happy with the fact that humans were still part of the game. She glanced at Kittan and frowned, scratching her head "What do you mean, partly human? Ah, nevermind, it doesn't really matter, I was just curious. So, anyone got any questiosn for me while the Ring Leader's off doing her thing? She's an awesome chick but she's got a nasty habit of always having something that needs to be done," she said with a grin.

"Awesome? She pulls people from their dimension to compeite in her games where 49 of them die and you call her awesome?" Amaya asked, narrowing her eyes.

Marissa laughed at the Yuki-onna "You don't know the Ring Leader like I do girlfriend. Besides, anyone who dies in the games goes to a paradise after deathr egardless of what they've done in their lives. She had to argue with Death himself to make to happen but she evetually got him to do it," she said.

Amaya's eyes widened slightly at this. The Ring Leader argued with death to make them comfortable after they'd died?

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Jac the Shadow

Kittan had a look of shock and confusion on his face. The Electrical Meta-Human was almost tempted to just die after hearing that.

I'm surrounded by these...creatures. What chance do I have out of 36 others?! Should I just...quit? But would the others do that?! Agh!

You could practically see Kittan shake as he was in deep thought.

3/1/2012 #246
Noah is Potato


A loud, mocking laugh was heard all over the room, and Danial stepped away from the wall, his head thrown back. "Oh God, now another motivator to win this. Gain hearts desire, and avoid your..." The amusement vanished from his face, and he glared across the room with a cold look full of hatred. " ...paradise." He sneered out.

"How weak you all must be."

3/1/2012 #247

Marissa raised her eyebrow at Danial "You know, we had a guy who talked a lot like you in my run of the Games. He died in the third game, so....I'd be on my guard if I were you," she said. "Also, I'm pretty sure Ring Leader said soemthing about a personal paridise or something like that," she added with a shrug. "I don't know, I didn't really pay much attention to that, I had enough trouble trying to keep myself alive."

She pulled one of the guns from her waist and started to inspect it "So, does anyone actually have any questions for me or did Ring Leader waste her time bringing me here?"

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Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Lucian clenched his teeth at Rapturine before the commotion happened. First, Rapturine fell to his knees, then the guest arrived, then a lot of words were exchanged. Throughout this time, Lucian was able to calm himself down and focus on the task at hand. A thought came into his head, and he dodged past people to get to the woman. He looked down on her. To him, she was like the dark side of humanity, the side he wanted dead. Nevertheless, he asked in a monotonous tone, "What was your heart's desire?"

3/1/2012 #249

Marissa looked at Lucian, having to look up due to her lacking of height. She grinned and removed the smoke from between her lips "My hearts desire was to return my world to how it was before the Third World War utterly destroyed it, turning my earth into a barren wasteland due to neuclear weapons being used. Needless to say it was a relief to get back and see trees and grass again," she said.

3/1/2012 #250
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Lucian stopped breathing as she spoke. This person had been willing to fight to return her world back to normal. She wasn't what he had expected. Breathing out deeply, Lucian looked away from her and muttered, "I see, that was quite a selfless wish…"

3/1/2012 #251
Jac the Shadow

Kittan snapped from his thoughts at what Marissa's heart's desire. That was what he was fighting for as well, a world worth living in. He grunted as his hands turned to fists with a new sense of determination.

Forget quitting. That's not an option.


Name: Sayer Stars

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: Sayer has black straight hair with a few bangs being loose, brown eyes, and has a fairly muscular body that is very tanned, his right arm having a scar running down from his forearm to his wrist. He wears a silver shirt with a black jacket that he wears as a cape instead as a normal jacket with a Kanji for star (星). He also wears bandages around his hands as well a pair of brown pants, and brown boots with spikes on the sols and toe.

Dimension: In Sayer's world, the word's oceans are dried and turned to sand, creating a 'Sand Sea' with a few scattered island with oasis as well as the continents. Technology varies from place to place, one town could be in the era of 'Flintlock Pistols' where as others could have large airships and robots. Magic is VERY rare, and is feared/hated by everyone.

Tragedy: Sayer was on a mission to attack a tyrant of a country. It was suppose to be a stealth assassination and kill her in her sleep. But it went wrong. It turned into a war between his crew and her robotic army. During the final battle, Sayer should have died...but his brother took a cannon ball in the spine for him. He died instantly as he fell over, far too gone for advance medicine or Healing Magic to save him. He still blames himself for his brother's death.

Heart's Desire: "I only want one thing in this bring my brother back. He shouldn't have died for me...the stupid bastard."

Abilities/Skills: Sayer's best skill is hand-to-hand combat, having the strength to lift boulders as well as break and move them. He also is skilled with a sword and gun, but is better equipped with a gun since his accuracy could use work.

Weapons: He carries on his back a Nodachi sword at all times as his main weapon, a Desert Eagle on his hip, he doesn't really 'aim' as he just points in a general direction and fires. He also carries a few Grenados on him (bombs with a fuse), usually 5 at a time. His boots can also be classified as weapons.


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Marissa shrugged "It wouldn't say it was selfless, what else could I ask for really. Mercs don'y really have lives ya know, we don't own a lot of stuff or desire a lot," she said, scratching the side of her face with her finger. She put her smoke back in her mouth and looked at Lucian, grinning "You thought I asked for something like riches or what not?" she asked, with a chuckle. She wasn't surprised, she did give off that vibe after all.

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The Strongest Nine

Jim glanced down at his calf, the light burn he'd sustained had seemed to melt away with the rest of the groups injuries, when asked which of the group were human he made a small hand sign, tilting his hand back and forth, he was sort of a human, picked from the best genes available to his kind anyway... But still human with a few metal plates where his bones had once been to reinforce his skeletal structure but otherwise he was just flesh, sinew, muscle, and pulmonary system... Beneath about three tons worth of armour.

"I have a question." Jim said eyeing the cancer stick that she was smoking on, "How many more of those you got? I'm fresh out and in need of some sticks." He joked, he wasn't a big smoker, but the large man feared that at the end of his game he may as well be a chain smoker like his Uncle Barry 06932561. "Another question, what was it like for you to be able to run free in the new home that you'd created for yourself?" Jim paused for a moment, removing his helmet then rubbing his head with his left hand. "And my final question, you off on Saturday?" He asked winking.

3/1/2012 #254

Marissa turned to Jim, blinking a few times before adjusting to what she saw. She had tech in her world, some serious tech too but nothing that would ever stand up to the mechanical suit of armor that he was wearing. She was going to have to ask about that before she left cause it was 100% awesome. She chuckled slightly a his last question.

"Answers in order. Question 1; I've got a full packet minus this one and I'm sure if I run out the Ring Leader would give me more cause she knows I get cranky when I don't have 'em. Question 2; It was pretty much the best thing ever. I hadn't actually seen the world before the Wars so it was like walking into a dream when I got back from the Games and everything was back to how it should have been. And question 3; Indeed I am," she replied with a wide grin.

3/1/2012 #255

"Why then..." Rapturine croaked, his face now full of sorrow his eyes looked appon Marissa's in confusion and sadness. "If you loved your world so much, Why would you return here? Why leave it again?" He walked slowly over to then, spear in left hand. "Why leave what you worked to create?"

3/1/2012 #256

Mairssa looked at Rapturine "It's been nearly two years since I won my Game and I asked the Ring Leader when I left if I could come back for the next one to help out with the competitors. I knew what it was like to be suddenly sucked from your home into a fight to the death so I thought I might as well try and help make things a bit easier for you guys. Besides, coming back here will probably make me appreciate my world even more when I go back at the end of your Games," she said.

3/1/2012 #257
The Strongest Nine

Jim put his left arm to his shoulder, rolled the right shoulder and heard it pop with a bit of satisfaction, metal armour, very safe in combat, but not as comfortable as he wished, at least he was a helmsmen so his armour didn't actually have the shoulder protection, allowing for better maneuverability, which he was a big fan of. He grinned slightly as the woman answered the last question, 'Hell yes! Here is my chance! Finally a woman that doesn't look exactly like one of my billion sisters!' He though to himself, being a clone, was rather dull.

"Well, mind passing me one, I've been out for a while and well, with things like the last challenge, man's gotta take a minute with a smoke, y'know?" Jim said scratching at his chin with a frown, he shouldn't have wasted his last few rations of cigs in one go, it had been the biggest waste of his entire career. "Ah, I see, my world's currently at war with another race entirely, a group of aliens that call themselves the Holy Alliance, tough fighting, but we'll pull through with our Helmsmen, Guardsmen, Devastators, and Raptors. Gotta love the special forces." The large man said a grin covering over his face as he recounted this, there was no way they'd lose to the brain sucking scum bags. "And well, if you're off Saturday, how's about you and me go hang out, warm dinner of... Erm... Ration packs... And... Food... Stuff..." Jim said having lost his train of thought, normally all they'd have to eat in his dimension was a ration pack, a shitty bar that looked like candy, tasted like dehydrated shit, but at least carried all nutrients needed to live.

3/1/2012 #258

Humans hold such kindness in their hearts. We could learn a thing or two from them.

Rapturines gaze suddenly hardened, he leaned in slightly to her, the smell of smoke was strong, as he inhaled it burned his throat but he rather enjoyed it, "The Ring Leader, she fixed your world? What was your final task? Kill the only other surviving competitor, or was it just another one of Dominae's games?" His voice was low, with a dark undertone, if it boiled down to two competitors, it would be him and Lucian. Their final duel, to see who truly is the ultimate warrior.

Rapturine shot a glance at Jim, Is he seriously only concerned with a date?

You were eyeing up the Ring Leader...

Shut it, like that matters? She's a deity, we may be mental... but not stupid...

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Jac the Shadow

Kittan groaned a bit, "If I had the choice, I'd never be back here." Kittan muttered under his breath.


Sayer, meanwhile, had been watching the group. This was so entertaining and seeing Lucian and Jim ask Marissa out, "You two got it so bad..." he commented, not bothering to whisper.

3/1/2012 #260

Marissa leaned backed slightly as Rapturine leaned in. Her gaze went dark and she [placed her hand over his face, pushing him away from her with quite surprising amount of force for a human. "Get outta my face, jeez. Where'd you learn your manners from? The cavemen?" she asked sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at him, clearly not impressed by the creepy Dark Warrior. She stepped back from him and drew a drag from her smoke, blowing the smoke out which evaporated from the air almost instantly thanks to the power of the Ring Leader.

She turned back to Jim and her grin returned though she didn't say anything. She completely ignored Sayer, not in the mood to argue with people, especially not people she was supposed to be helping.

3/1/2012 #261

"Actually We were the ones that thought those similar to your ancestors how to speak..." His eyes had grown dark, "You may want to learn some manners yourself..." Smiled his twisted smile at her, turned, nodded at Jim, Shot Lucian a glare then headed towards the dining hall.

Mortals, they truly know nothing...

3/1/2012 #262

Essa stood silently, watching the woman, Marissa. She was the winner of the last one. That gave her some hope - she didn't look like one of those huge, powerful competitors like the ones in this competition. Yet she had beaten all forty-nine of the other competitors. And Essa would do the same.

3/1/2012 #263

"How did you win your final battle?" Vamalion asked Marissa, his head still full of what he could do to resurrect the Ruiner, he needed to know if he would need to.

3/2/2012 #264
Supreme Overlord Szeremeta

Lucian nodded. "Something like that…" He then watched on as the other competitors asked their questions. When Rapturine got all in her face, Lucian shook his head and sighed. As she dispatched him, he muttered to her, "Sorry about him… he's… not right," at that he tapped his head to add to his meaning. He then nodded his thanks to her and left the room, heading to his dorm.

When he walked into it, he found the mark of black in the corner still there. He sighed in frustration and walked over to it. Examining it, he found no change in its size. Shaking his head, he stood up and went to the bathroom to bathe.

3/2/2012 #265
The Strongest Nine

"Alright then, appreciate your bit of time that you decided to waste on this man made of metal. But if you'll excuse me, my gut needs a nice bit of sustenance." Jim said slipping his helmet back over his head he looked at the woman once more before turning, "See ya around." The man said his voice altered slightly by the transfer of comms relaying what he said out of his helmet. Turning he began heading for the dining hall, he was starving, not having eaten any breakfast and then going head on into battle on an empty stomach, never a good thing to do.

As he took his seat he wished for a pint of beer, a steak, a multi-layered cake and hell, a bit of fried crab. Jamming his knife into the crab he lifted it up with the weapon which he used as a utensil, he lifted the sweet meat of the crab to his mouth and took a bite, savoring the slightly salty taste of the freshly cooked flesh.

3/2/2012 #266

Marissa wanted goodbye to both Jim and Lucian as they left. She turned to Vamilion as he spoke and grinned "A three way battle between my self and the last two competitors with me."

3/2/2012 #267
Jac the Shadow

Sayer smirked a bit, this is what he was talking about. "How'd it go, besides the obvious that you won?" he asked anxiously.


Kittan groaned as he headed to the dining hall to get some food into him. After sitting down, a platter of hot wings appeared with a large glass of Sprite next to it. He practically dove into the food as he swung the sprite every now and then.

3/2/2012 #268

Rapturine entered the dining hall. He sat down in his corner spot again. A goblet of black, fuming liquid appeared in front of him. He picked up the goblet and took a swig of the substance. He felt a fire ignite within him. The substance was hate.

3/2/2012 #269
Noah is Potato

"Where your last two competitors also human? Or did they have some sought of sorcery to aide them?" The roman prince Alexander asked, curious as well about her 'final' battle. Maybe if they were both aided by sorcery, her two opponents that is, she could give him tips on how to fight against similar competitors here.


"Well well well, if it isnt the fallen Angel."

The reaper identified as Danial seemed to have appeared in front Rapturine, smirking down at the dark warrior. "You are fallen, are you not? the way you and the angel react towards each other suggests so. And when I graze the surface of your mind, as your mind seems to be very well-guarded, I feel this chaos running within you, two consciousness fighting over one body."

3/3/2012 #270
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