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Sage of the White Sands

Terragisa, that is what they call the massive planet, on which we all live on. A strikingly splendid history adorns this place, especially since a rich history surrounds this place,since the year 300 Vadanian Calendar, a group of settlers had come across a huge Province, happy that they found a place that is perfect for building a future. The thrilled settlers eventually had built up a small provincial Colony and named it in honor of the area they found it in: Terrisigia(follow along now), eventually this colony grew within the next five years to a small town 500 or 600 strong, they had an elected leader and a council to help guide these colonist by setting up laws. Soon enough the numbers were doubled to nearly 1,200 town folk, and it was finally recognized as a provincial state by the neighboring Kingdoms and Empire. Needless, to say the newly established kingdom would grow every year up until its numbers were arguably to massive to count, but due to technological advancements life there was sustained very well.

But as the saying goes "every good thing must come to an end' and Terrisigia had met it's unfortunate end in the year 600 Vadanian Calandar, War had unfortunately broke loose in its walls as an invading force from the Gurlervian Empire had seized it as it's own, they even went after the King and every high ranking official in order successfully secure the Kingdom for itself. When it did, life there became almost dull and almost dead, as every route in and out of the Main city was sealed off, except perhaps the South gate, but not many would dare venture in and out of its gate, in fear of execution.

So, begin our Saga, a journey to liberate it from the Empire's grasp. and what is a better way than a Resistance group who dubbed themselves the Keepers of the Light, a group founded a few years ago, within said Kingdom's Walls, led by none other than a Prince and former Commander of the Royal Knights who gave their lives to ensure not all the Kingdom was lost. After many years of planning an uprising, the Prince had found out that several other Kingdoms were under the rule of this wicked Empire, so he devished a plan to strike fear into the heart of the Empire itself, he and his group will focus on liberating the Neighboring Kingdoms, One by one, in hopes of gaining additional support for the retaking of Terrisigia, and by assuring of a brighter future for future generations to come.

Terrigisa, by default is a huge continent, that is surrounded by several oceans and dotted with Islands that are unoccupied, its landscape widely varies by area by area, some of which is covered by the forest in which the elves dwell in peace, roughly 10 percent to be precise, some of Terrigisa is hot and dry and is home to the one of the two unoccupied kingdoms, but due to the difficulty of leaving and entering it, some find that it is merely inaccessible. Some regions of the continent is very mountainous(mainly to the northeast of Terrisgia), it's Kingdom is actually at war with Gurlervian, in distant hopes that they could try to help regain as a matter of fact, several members of the Keepers are from this region. And lastly we have the other neighboring Empire of Bealvella, a Empire that by all means unaware of the state of distress the continent was put under.

Now, unto the Keepers themselves. They were founded by Prince George Hun Juga, and several of his closest friends a few months after the occupation of his homeland, they were arguably small and unnoticed by the Imperial Army in the city, this allowed them to carry out recruiting missions and to some extent offer protection to whoever needed it. The Keepers first claim to fame was when the group took on a Imperial Lieutenant and his platoon and won, which had gained the attention of the Imperial Council governing the City, almost to the point where the group had to leave the city to regroup to where they are now.(will be named in RP.)).

Keepers of the Light Posistions:

Leader: Prince George( played by yours truly.)

Lieutenants:(as stated the three friends of his.)

Informant:( one of the most crucial roles. they supply the information on the Imperialist Happenings.)(Limited to one per Kingdom.)

Members and Agents of the Light: These are the ordinary member's and consist of the many City Dwellers and royal Knights who are loyal to the greater cause of the Light.

Character Template:


Age: (Over 18, under 30)

Keeper Rank:





Weapons:(Swords and the such.)





I have one rule and one rule only, respect the forums rules, and have fun.

Side note: Magic is allowed, but not in great quantities.

2/18/2012 #1
The Strongest Nine

Name: Charles 'De La Rouge'

Age: 22

Keeper Rank: He's just a grunt, nothing more and nothing less.

Appearance: Charles stands at 5'11 with an average build, he seems to be a bit of an average person when one gives him a single glance, nothing to gawk at. He has dirty blond hair that isn't the longest but not the shortest either, the bangs hang to his eyebrows and the back doesn't exactly part from his skin yet. His dark blue eyes are almost devoid of the humanity one would expect when looking into someone's eyes, his seem devoid of anything that may even resemble a soul, this causes many to believe he's not involved with the resistance for the cause. Charles tends to wear comfortable clothes rather than protective armour, this can be seen from the white shirt he wears, it seems to be made of cloth with a bit of wool cross-stitched (Don't hate) into the seams for a bit of added warmth, the only thing he wears that seems to resemble a bit of armour is a leather vest, but that's only for concealing equipment. His pants are standard leather chaps, good for working and pretty much nothing else, the insides are laced with cotton for a bit of comfort, but that was about it, and his boots are probably the lowest quality, they're completely worn out and the soles are just barely holding together. Lastly Charles is almost always seen in public wearing a red rag tied over his face, it covers his mouth and a bit of his nose, not only does it give him the look of a bandit, but it also keeps him from inhaling too much smoke from fires.

Personality: Charles had always been pushed around, for this reason he stands up for those incapable of doing it for themselves, his main concern is to liberate the world from the grasp of the Imperials, their death will be his greatest pleasure. Anyone serving at his side usually gains this mans utmost respect, after having gone through battle and seeing what they've seen he gives them whatever they need whenever they need it, almost always does Charles prefer the blistering fury of flames to the anger of his superiors, making someone angry is what he fears probably more than death its self. And lastly, his pet peeve is leaving a man behind, if you do this, expect to get on Charles bad side, forever.

Skills: At one point in time Charles had been a bartender, he'd known the most vile of concoctions, and along with this, he knows the most alcoholic mixture, due to this he's rather skilled when it comes to making molotov coctails, just tell him how long and hard it should burn, give him the land's finest liquors and he'll get to working on it almost right away if he's not doing anything else. He's also a bit of a handy man, not the greatest carpenter, but if you're lacking someone to fix something just come looking for him he'll fix it up to some point or another. Lastly he's alright at close quarters combat, but he's more skilled with a bow in hand or at the very least a rock to throw, the reason being he'd needed to go out more than once to hunt for food required by his families.

Abilities: He's better at holding his drinks than the average man and can also burp the alphabet. (I seriously don't know the difference between abilities and skills... So i'll just put this :) )

Weapons: A custom built Yew compound bow, he'd actually cut the tree down himself quite a while ago, he'd lined the bow's limbs with the bones of animals he'd hunted down to strengthen it, it's stringed with the sinew he'd made from the guts of a cow he'd found dead in the middle of the road. Usually if he leaves to go on a mission of some sort Charles is almost always carrying a set of three Molotov coctails to harass the enemy with, afterall, fire is the greatest weapon one could have in a combat situation.

Biography: Charles was born into a family of commoners, they were far from actually having been rich, they weren't considered nobility even the slightest, so, of course they lived in none other than a small hut in the middle of nowhere, well, it was a small village that didn't trade often. Life was rather basic here, up until the Imperials came, while Charles, his families, and his neighbors saw a place to live, the corrupt Imperials saw only a speck of dirt that was a bit of an eyesore to their expanding empire, needles to say with their man power the Empire began evicting the people that lived in this village, the sick, the young, the weak, the elderly, none were spared.

It was after the evicting that Charle's life actually turned into what it was, he became a man seeking his revenge, after his mother died of exposure the 19 year old bartender decided it was high time to evict the evicters. Grabbing a bit of liquor he'd managed to smuggle with himself he took a swig, stuck a cloth inside, lit it, then threw it a carriage full of the men. To them he was just a drunken man setting a disturbance, but, now he'd wrecked their supply wagon and he had to pay, luckily it was about this time that the resistance came about to sort things out, they handed him a sword, then rushed into the fight... Sure, he got his ass kicked royally during the fight, but they saw someone with great potential. And so they asked him if he wanted in, not sure what to say the drunken man just nodded, grinned, and fell over.

Other: He's got a hell of a throwing arm.

2/18/2012 #2
Sage of the White Sands

((Accepted, maybe two or three more.))

2/18/2012 #3

Name: Seraphina 'Sera' Miles

Age: 24 (Looks a bit younger)

Keeper Rank: Informant (Northeast Kingdom)

Appearance: Sera is quiet a small woman without minimal curves and virtually no 'development' of her body. She is shorter than average and is extremely thin so one would never expect her to put up a fight of any kind. Her skin is tanned and her hair a dark shade of brown which falls wildly down past her shoulders and is only retained at the odd time with a red ribbon worn around her wrist at all other times. Her chocolate brown eyes are quite bright but hold a mischievous light that catch people's attention. She usually wears black, skintight body suit, which is sleeveless, high necked, and stops just below mid thigh. Around her waist is a red sash and she wears black, flat shoes. Over the top of this she often wears a very loose, very plain grey dress that falls to her knees.

Personality: Sera is quite a smiling person who almost always seems to have something to smile about even when the sky seems to be falling down. She's not an airhead but gives off that impression to make people feel free about talking in front and around her. She is very sly and loves to mess with people's heads in any way she can, whether it be with her skill or her knowledge of riddles.

Skills: Sera is a contortionist, able to bend and move in such a way with almost inhuman flexibility. She uses this ability to perform in the streets which both ears her money and lets her eavesdrop on people without them realizing or paying her much attention.

Sera is also very skilled at coming up with riddles.

Abilities: Apart from her unusual flexibility, Sera has a small drop of magic in her blood that makes her able to 'see' further than her field of vision would otherwise allow.

Weapons: Sera carries a small dagger hidden down the back of her body suit. It's small and not very strong but she'll use it if she has to.

Biography: Sera isn't quite sure who her parents are, having grown up in an orphanage but that never stopped the girl from being happy. She was a well-liked child in the orphanage and had the privilege of only being picked on by one child who picked on everyone.

Sera learned about her almost unusual amount of flexibility early in life and used it to entertain fellow orphans on rainy days when they couldn't go outside to play. She trained herself and made herself continually more flexible until she was actually able to fit herself into a microwave sized toy box. She moved her act to the street to gain herself some money. She learned riddles and gained her sharp mind from an older orphan.

She was 17 when her home –the orphanage- felt the full force of the take over. It was shut down as it was considered a 'waste of money' as orphanage children rarely did anything 'useful' in later life. Sera learned to hate one thing in life and was being nosy when she found several members of the resistance. She ended up joining them and has been working as an informant every since, travelling regularly between her home Kingdom and the main one.

Other: Cannot hold drink to save herself. Sera is not much of a fighter and prefers to run and hide than stand and fight due to her physical weakness.

2/18/2012 #4
Sage of the White Sands

((Accepted, maybe two more.))

2/18/2012 #5
Sage of the White Sands

-In a Bar in a small village outside the Capital Cities walls-

Several members of the light were enjoying whatever rest they had before heading on, it had been a few hours since the defeat of the Imperial in that battle and surely, the Consul would want them all dead, so to act like cowards to fight another day they fled their home in order come up with a well thought out plan to return. And to make matters more complicated, an Informant within the Kingdom reported to George the extent of the punishment of anyone caught harboring the Resistance, with a sigh he really did have to speak to his men about this, and to his friends,he felt lost and confused and at fault for any penalty that might fall on those secretly supporting his, no their cause.

2/19/2012 #6
The Strongest Nine

Charles, a young man who's life had been ruined by the damned Imperial bastards, his home had been ravaged by their greed, and what little of the old life he enjoyed was gone. He'd been up for a while now, a brown 5 o'clock shadow beginning to form on the lower part of his face as he began mixing assorted amounts of different liquors into cocktails for his members of Light. Sighing he set down a cocktail for his friends before grabbing himself a pint of beer then taking a seat amongst some of them.

"Well, resistance was at some point futile, looks like we're beginning to make a name." The man mumbled taking a swig of ale, he set down the frothy ale and looked at the faces, most were exhausted, and honestly he couldn't really blame them. Wiping a bit of soot from his cheek the man coughed, took another swig, then just sat back.

2/19/2012 #7

(once I finish my coffee I'll make a liutenent

2/19/2012 #8

Sera was walking down the road towards the bar on the very outskirts of the village she was passing through. A small bag slung over her shoulder held her only possessions; some water, a small amount of food, a shawl for the colder days and a small amount of money. She hadn't performed yet, she has her information to diliver from her Kingdom first before she could entertain the poor and depressed people of the village. She hesitated for a few seconds before entering the bar, glancing in to see a few familiar faces before she entered, closing the door behind her.

She did have a faint smile on her face and her eyes were alight but she kept her personal happiness to herself for now.

2/19/2012 #9
Sage of the White Sands

Several of the resistance members were on edge, and they nearly fell off when they saw Sera walk, but a reassuring look from George eased that tension as he stood up to meet Sera, what news of Nardonis( her kingdoms name) does she bring.

2/19/2012 #10

Sera tried not to giggle when one of the men fell off their chair in the corner of the room. She turned to George as he came over and smiled at him, bowing her head slightly.

"A bit more quiet than I expected," she said.

2/19/2012 #11
Sage of the White Sands

George looked to the back of the bar, where a room sat "maybe we can take this in private?" he asked.

2/19/2012 #12

"You're the boss," was Sera's reply, a shrug virtually lost due to her slim shoulders.

2/19/2012 #13
Sage of the White Sands

George smiled "there is no command in a bar, right now we are two strangers" he said as he led her back to the room.

2/19/2012 #14

Sera giggled and followed George, finding it rather amusing despite the seriousness of the situation.

2/19/2012 #15
Sage of the White Sands

"How dire is the situation in Nardonis?" he asked her, surely by now a letter was being sent to that Kingdoms Consul of the news of the attack, and if that were true then they would have to be prepared to do whats right when the time came.

2/19/2012 #16

"Bad. Anyone thought to be harbouring resistance fighters are having their homes ransacked, anyone suspected of being part of the resistence are being taken in or killed and there are guards crawling every where around the main parts of every town," Sera said, her smile dropping.

2/19/2012 #17
Sage of the White Sands

"Worse then I have imagined" he said as his smile to dropped, all he wanted was his home back and the alliances restored and it seemed their actions have made it worse rather than better, with a sigh he looked to her "I would ask you to take caution on your trip home, but first you wanna stay and rest a while?" he asked, surely he had more to ask of her, but he felt she had less to say.

((Guys's you may want to make a Lieutenant or something.))

2/19/2012 #18

"I planned on staying anyway. I haven't performed in a while so I need to do that. I need a but more money and if I don't stretch regularly I won't be as flexible," Sera replied, a faint smile returning.

2/19/2012 #19
Sage of the White Sands

George nodded and went to exit "care for a drink?" he asked her.

2/19/2012 #20

Sera's eyes widened and she shook her head "No thank you, I don't handle liquor very well," she said.

2/19/2012 #21
Sage of the White Sands

"Water then?" George said "it appears you had a long journey here"

2/19/2012 #22
The Strongest Nine

Charles had watched the woman and George head to the back, he'd remained silent, a hand on the knife embedded in the table, he like the rest of the men was a little on the edge, he released the bladed weapon and returned to taking swigs from his beer. Sighing he set his head down on the table, he looked to his friend, "You think we got a chance of winning?" He asked unsure wether or not they'd actually be fighting to win or just fighting to fight. All his friend did was merely shrug and take a drink of his whiskey.

2/19/2012 #23

Sera smiled "That would be nice," she said

2/19/2012 #24
Sage of the White Sands

George nodded and walked to the door and opened it and stepped aside "after you" he said as he waited for her to pass. Meanwhile someone scoffed at Charles question and replied "It ain't about winning lad, its all about gaining respect and support, some of us fight for the thrill of it, other for a personal belief, but for me my friend, I fight to liberate our homeland!"

2/19/2012 #25
The Strongest Nine

Charles nodded slightly as the man began speaking his mind about it, "I suppose I could agree to that... You know, when not in the fighting I've been thinking of music... It's quite a nice tune if I do say so myself. Would you care to hear it maybe? I'm not bard but I feel I'm not the worst when it comes to singing." He half joked, but at the same time he was being honest, they needed a bit of motivation, the majority of them were probably half brain dead as it was at this moment.

2/19/2012 #26

Sera's smile widened at this and she stepped past George into the main room once more.

2/19/2012 #27
Sage of the White Sands

The man let loose a chuckle and rose to his feet and banged his mug against the table to gain the rooms attention before speaking, this worked as everyone turned to look at him before he spoke "Aye, listen up we have a man who claims he can belt out a thrilling tune" he began before looking at Charles "lets see what he can do shall we. to the revolution!!"

2/19/2012 #28
The Strongest Nine

Charles laughed and raised his glass in return to the man "To the revolution!" He said gladly before turning to the faces that had turned to him, they seemed anxious, and only the gods knew that they were in need of the motivation. Clearing his throat the man's voice turned melodical as he began to sing.

"We drink to our youth, to the days come and gone. For the age of oppression is now nearly done. We'll drive out the Empire from the land that we own. With our blood and our steel we will take back our home~

All hail to George, you are the high king, in your great honor we'll drink and we'll sing!

We're the children of Terragisa and we fight all our lives, and when our gods beckon, every one of us dies.

But this land is ours and we'll see it wiped clean, of the scourge that has sullied our hopes and our dreams.

All hail to George, you are the high king, in your great honor we'll drink and we'll sing!" Charles ended his small song and smiled to the crowd of people, wondering what their opinions were on his song, probably weren't all that interested in what he'd just gotten done singing.

(Originally from Skyrim, tweaked a bit though.)

2/19/2012 . Edited 2/19/2012 #29

Sera was the first person to start clapping for Charles which quickly roused an equally energetic response from the others in the room.

2/19/2012 #30
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