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((I like it. So, now we can begin. I was hoing for a few more Shades, but it seems everyone loves to be good. Just try to keep in mind, Spirits can 2-1 Shades. Remember, lots of NPC attwcks u til we get more balance in characters...))

And we may begin

3/27/2012 . Edited 3/27/2012 #31

Kal Ke Mal strode through the streets of Cologne, Germany. He had heard of a chapel that was created in the town. It was supposedly legendary. To take down a legendary chapel, fulfilling would that be? But he didn't have the power to do so. It was Holy ground, something he barely could get close enough to. He was impressed that he was able to step foot in the city in the first place. He couldn't remember the last time he stepped into a 'holy city'. It had been a while, that much was for certain. The city of Cologne was rather empty. Streets were uncharacteristcally deserted, buildings were abandonned. So far, no one was seen, not alive anyway. Kal continued his little trek, testing the waters to see how far exactly he could go. Cologne Cathedral was visible from were he was, and he slowly meandered towards it. He stopped, only to witness a group of people, three in number, raid a local store in a hurried fashion. They seem unorganized, only grabbing things they saw first. Silently, he watched as a lesser demon sprang from the store opposite them, and attack the nearest person.

The victim cried for help, as well as confsing shouts to his comrades to flee. Baffled, his friends, or so they may be called, looked at the scene of their own being mauled by a lesser demon for but a few moments. As soon as the lesser demon finally killed its prey, did the other two finally make a run for it. Kal Ke merely smiled as he watched. Shouts were heard, and soon after, gunshots. A scream, a screech, and a roar were made out in the following seconds. Kal was slightly surprised that simple humans could kill a lesser demon with their projectile weapons. But then again, they may have had their bullets blessed. If that were true, then what was left of the population in this town, had holed up in the Cathedral. So much for trying to destroy it. Kal found a well built home that looked like it had seen better days, but would also hold up nicely for the night. He was trying to find the Vatican City, as his mission given to him by Lucifer himself.

But the find such a place would be hard, since it, and everywhere else around it screamed Catholicism, Holy Ground. The Presence there would most likely kill him, if not seriously injur him. But resting was on his mind for now, and so, he went inside.

3/27/2012 . Edited 3/27/2012 #32

Shaiden let out a frustrated sigh. She was up top in the human world and had NOTHING TO DO. There were virtually no humans around and those that were all happened to be holed up on holy ground. There were no demons around cause there were no humans or angels to attack. There were no angels around cause there were no humans around to protect. It was one big circle of boredom for the younger demon.

She huffed and crossed her arms across her ample chest, putting slightly.

She was sitting on the rooftop on a building that hadn't fallen over. She was wearing skin tight black leather pants, red high heels, a red sleeveless top which showed off most of her midriff plus some cleavage, and fingerless black gloves. The purple belt around her hips had her chain scythe attached to them, the chains jingling whenever she moved. Her red irises stood out shockingly against the black 'whites' of her eyes as they moved from place to place. She huffed once more and spread her wings, taking to the sky.

3/27/2012 #33
The Strongest Nine

John Smith, probably one of the few remaining pieces of the world's military force, weapon wise he was pretty well off carrying his standard issue equipment from before the end had come, well, excluding his personal self-defense M1911 from Taurus. He could have been considered somewhat attractive by those before the war, now he was just another dirt covered man with a gun, the only difference of course being the will power he'd acquired, the 'guardian' angels which he wasn't sure were following him right now, and the infinite ammunition.

Normally he would have been alert, eyes forward, rifle's butt-stock to his shoulder as he prepared to pump a few rounds into anything that moved and looked like it wanted to eat his soul... But he was soooo boooored. "Don't you see their bodies burning... Yadayadayadayada, dununununun." John mumbled to himself with a rather lonely voice as he attempted to sing a song he'd heard rather long ago, of course it sounded horrible since it had been almost years since he'd heard it. Shaking his head the soldier stared up at the sky, gray, lonely, nothing new of course, ever since that one day when everything went to hell and the angels came down to fight for the greater good, things had turned so bleak.

His mumbling had been abruptly cut off as a shadow jumped out of a building before him, "Shit!" Was the only word he could squeeze out before falling onto his back, barely avoiding impending doom from the long claws that had been attempting to skewer him through. Not having time to line up the shot John just squeezed the trigger, held it down, and prayed for the best. His futile events had actually just saved his life, whoopee, the demonic creature was filled with holes from top to bottom... 'Oh, it was one of those evil humans... What were they called again?' John thought to himself unsatisfied as he exchanged his empty magazine for a new one, the empty was slotted into his pouch of course, no need losing valuable mags... Ammunition he had plenty of though.

3/27/2012 #34
Hikari no Kishi

Within the Holy Grounds of Cologne, Katerina was watching from the Cathedral, perched on the rooftops and gazing at the people below. She was watching the humans, just as she had been doing from the heavens for thousands of years. Now, however, she was there amongst them, and was closer than she had been for a very long time. These humans had managed to avoid being killed or captured by the Demons and Shades from the outside. They were safe here, safe in the sacred space. For now at least, they could rest easy. The power of the Holy One prevented the enemies from entering the area, and it still remained strong.

She wasn't just watching over all of them though. Katerina had a job to do on earth. Last time she had come here, she was there on her own terms. Now, she had a mission from the higher powers of Heaven. She was watching over the Spirits, the ones who were chosen to help achieve Heaven's goals. She had travelled about granting a select few their 'powers', and was now waiting for them to fully become ready. She knew that they had to accept their fates before they would be willing to do anything. So she continued watching waiting, as she always had been.

3/27/2012 #35

Kal woke up with a start. Something wasn't right. Getting up, he moved to the window. He could see the Cathedral from where he was. He couldn't make out what it wae, but there was something there that bothered him. It was like athorn in his side, spiritualky speaking. He could smell the scent of either a Spirit or an Angel, which, he couldn't tell.

"I have to find the Vatican, one of the places of Holy Power" he said to himself, as if it would stave the hollow feeling he was receiving.

Unable to sleep anymore, Kal Ke Mal strode out into the streets, heading towards the church. Perhaps he will find what he was looking for there, if he could get inside, let alone, close enough

3/27/2012 #36
Ljorn of Seven

It had taken Miko a long time to come to terms with her fate. Questioning the how's and the why's of the whole ordeal. Wondering who was at fault. heaven for not protecting the earth properly? Or hell for not being content with their realm, leaping out and destroying the barriers between the realms. But then she realised something. It didn't matter any more. It didn't matter how or why it had happened, only that it had happened. She remembered quite clearly something Katerina had told her.

"Katerina, how could we possibly defend the world against such... power, such evil? What hope do we have left? There are hardly any defenders of civilization, and God himself can not be bothered with our troubles!"

At this Katerina had just looked at her and smiled, the smile displaying her age and wisdom much better than anything else about her could. At least, that's how Miko felt.

"Sweet child, you are too pessimistic. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. Right now you may feel that it is inevitable that the dark tides will sweep across the land, but that is because your faith has been shaken.

Miko had left for a short time after this to consider, and now she was back again. She believed once more that there was hope. Katerina was just sitting there, perched on the top of the chapel like I child would climb onto their roof to watch the stars. Miko was ready.

"Katerina! I am back, at last. What is the word of God?"

3/28/2012 #37
Lady Blade

Sophia Siira sat down on the Church front steps looking out at the trees and the birds fluttering around the sweeping branches. She was wearing her colourful ty-dye shirt with ripped jeans, her jumper died around her waist. "How?" she muttered, "How did I get dragged into this mess?" She let out a weak chuckle, when she was a kid she had always wanted a power - now she had it... the Price - save the world from Hell.

It was a battle of Angels and Demons! Gods!

"You are very Negitive," One of the Angels observed.

Sophia leaned back, throwing the angel a disgruntled look, first things first, she organized herself, learn how to fight - and how to use her gift effectively. Not that her ability was difficult to her, it came naturally. Like moving a extra limb. She shifted into a very small Robin and fluttered inside the Building of Christ.

4/2/2012 #38
Hikari no Kishi

Upon seeing Miko and Sophia arrive, Katerina descended slowly from her perch on the rooftops. Her eyes took once quick glance at the outside of the safe zone, before she landed gracefully before Miko. She offered her a kind smile, before motioning her hand to the doorway which Sophia had flown through.

"It is good you have come," she said to Miko, very glad that the two were now ready. "We are in great need of your help. Please, come this way. We have much to discuss."

She walked into the building, smiling at Sophia before looking up at the beautiful architecture and giving a silent prayer. This church was truly beautiful.

4/2/2012 . Edited 4/3/2012 #39
Ljorn of Seven

(Having internet problems, responses might be sporadic)

4/2/2012 . Edited 4/3/2012 #40
Ljorn of Seven

(Miko is female, btw haha. I also have a theme song for her now. Narcissistic Cannibal - Earlyrise (cover) And does the church lead out onto a roof/balcony? Because, Manaphy, you said that you had been perched on top of the roof. Just got a little mental image confusion, heh)

Miko simply nodded her assent and walked on after Katerina, the Rahnka making her arm swing to and fro due to weight.

Miko liked her smile, it was always reassuring, and made her feel safe. She couldn't help but remember a girl she had known called Katerina, before all this. She had been a slut, so Miko found it amusing the Angel had the same name, although they were nothing alike. Miko frowned at the thought though, because she knew the girl Katerina to be dead. Miko herself and killed Katerina, during that horrible time of her own corruption. Damned demons.

4/3/2012 . Edited 4/3/2012 #41

Kal Ke couldn't shake the feeling his was getting. His left eye, and the scar that lined it throbbed with a dull pain. Walking along, he finally came upon the cathedral. What a sight to behold. The steeple and bell towers loomed over the town. If only he could get closer, he would finally be able to destroy a church of this magnitude. He couldn't without weakening his powers. His gravity manipulation would be weak, and his armor and weapons wouldn't come to him right away. It would end badly for him, no matter how he saw it play out in his mind.

That was one reason why the Demons of Hell couldn't wipe out or convert all of humanity. The Demons did not have any sanctuary to run to. Graveyards, while seemingly morbid, are just nuetral ground in the end. They provide little cover and shelter, and are often affiliated with churches. However, there are strongholds, such as Guantanamo, and Alcatraz, known for their housing of malevolent men. However, both were very well guarded, and are used for a different purpose.

Kal Ke Mal stood at the edge of the Holy Ground, the point wbere his powers were at their maximum. He could smell the humans inside, shambling about, preparing for the next day. However, he could tell, that they weren't alone...

4/3/2012 #42
The Strongest Nine

Hearing a noise the armed John leaned forward and bent his legs in order to crouch lower to the ground, concealing him a bit better than standing in the midst of the rubble. SCAR against his shoulder he tread forward his legs brushing passed anything that would make noise upon touching, looking over rubble he saw what seemed to be a group of two talking, soldiers by the look of their armor. Taking security in this situation John stood up and waved his hand at the two men, their response was a quick glance then the raising of their weapons, one had a standard issue M4 while the other had what seemed to be a civilian model 870. Instead of waiting to die the human spirit ran bullets hitting where he had been only moments before.

A 12 gauge buckshot pellet his him in the back, thank god for the kevlar vest that he was wearing, the shot roared through the streets of the city as the soldier fell forward rolling. Continuing to run John prayed that they wouldn't hit him with another one of those shots, he already felt the bruise beginning to form yet the adrenaline in his systems kept him from actually falling to the pain. Shots continued to ring out, some flying past his head leaving traces in the air of where they'd hit, fear was clear in his mind, and as it turned out god hadn't listened to his prayers, another shot hit him in the back. Instead of recovering this time John stumbled and hit the ground before rolling and remaining there a groan escaping him, he was still human as it seemed.

4/3/2012 #43
Ljorn of Seven

(Lady Manaphy, this could be the reasoning behind orders if you wish. Ray here has got himself into quite the pickle, and is going to need rescuing)

Ray looked out towards Alcatraz prison, conflicting thoughts flashing across his centre of thought. He looked back at the shore one last time. San Francisco loomed up towards the grey clouds. Rain poured down and the sun wasn't visible, giving the city a foreboding look, with all of its lights off. But it was less the setting and what was within it that disconcerted Ray so much.

He still remembered, finding his way to Fisherman's Wharf, the shambling bodies that had walked around the ruins of the once great prison. Not zombies or ghouls, just empty bodies. Devoid of reasoning, emotion, motivation. Devoid of soul. Nothing drove them forward, not even the demons could whip them into action. Something even worse than demons had happened to these people. The life had just been sucked out of the place, leaving little behind but ruins and bodies. Ray had to forget this, for the time being at least, so he could keep his sanity. The next few hours would be terrifying enough. Why he had had the audacity and stupidity to take on this stronghold by himself was beyond him, but he had a special place of hatred for prisons, having worked in one himself. He knew the kind of people that were in there, and how dangerous they could be. Especially if backed by demons.

He had found the ferry that used to, well, ferry people across to the island, and ultimately, the prison. Though barely sea-worthy, Ray trusted it to carry him across. Probably not one of the most subtle approaches to one of the darkest areas on the planet, but Ray couldn't see any other way to the prison. The waters were infested with dark souls and the animals themselves were twisted by the sheer evil of their surroundings. So morphing himself to swim and breathe underwater was out of the question. He couldn't fly either, because of the flying horrors he had observed upon his first arrival.

It had been abandoned upon the re-opening of the prison, just a few years ago. The prison had ran from the 1930s to the 1960s, but a sudden burst of crime across America had forced them to re-open the famous prison. The outburst had of course been a consequence to the prelude of the demons war on the world. Once the war really began in earnest, the prison had become a priority to them, and was quickly overrun, dragging San Francisco down with it into the darkest depths of hopelessness.

Looking back toward the prison again, he was startled at how quickly he had approached it. He couldn't have been in the boat for more than a minute and yet he was already close. The building loomed above him, sinister, and Ray could nearly feel the cold will emanating from it, the evil drawing him in. Daring him to take them on. Ray gulped, under the distinct impression that he had bitten off more than he could chew. As if a confirmation from the universe itself, a dark winged shape suddenly fell from the sky, making a bee-line straight for ray.

Ray looked up, emotions wiped from his mind. He really could only think up one inadequate word to some up how much trouble he felt he was in.

"Fhark"... he said in a level tone, bracing himself for the incoming fight.

4/4/2012 #44
Hikari no Kishi

When the two were standing and waiting to listen, Katerina calmly spoke to them.

"There is a fellow spirit my colleague and I have not yet given blessings to," she stated. "He is currently near Alcatraz prison in the US. Our mission is to find him and get him out of there safely. However, there is a spirit I blessed who is currently just out of the Sacred Zone here in Germany. We need to find him and convince him to go with us before we leave."

She paused, allowing them a moment to take in what was being said. She knew she was asking a lot, but this was the work of God, and they needed all the help they could get.

"It will be dangerous, leaving the Sacred Zone," she said sadly, "but it is a neccessary sacrifice. My colleague is now at work in the Southern Hemisphere somewhere, and I cannot ask for his help. He is too preoccupied with his work down there. So I must place my trust in you, and ask for your help on this endevour."

4/7/2012 #45

Kal Ke Mal overheard a set of shote ring out, not too far from his location. Grinning to himself, he followed the sound, until he heard the sound of hurried footsteps, another shot, and the sound of a body falling. He has converted many before, to join the cause, so why not add one more person?

Unless that person was a Spirit.

Growling, Kal sensed the holy energy within the fallen human. Should he toy with his vitcim? Or should he end their misery, killing hem quickly, and quietly. His preffered method would be to toy with them, displaying his power in a most sutble manner. But there is still the slight chance of conversion.... No, that would never work. Once a spirit, always a spirit, no matter what. Even some shades convert to the side of 'good'. Their morals and their 'rules' of life, annoying Kal to no end.

In his haste and frustration, Kal released a short burst of his aura, indicating to all, that a demon was nearby. He cursed himself, for being so careless. Stock still, he stood, awaiting for anything

4/7/2012 #46
Ljorn of Seven

Miko shifted the weight of her Rahkna, as her arm was getting sore. She was, of course, going to do what Katerina asked her to do, but that didn't stop Miko's wonderings.

What on earth was a spirit doing outside Alcatraz Prison, a damned demon fortress. That'd be nearly as insane as trying to... oh wait, that's exactly what it was. The foolish idiot. What did Katerina think of this, she wondered.

"Of course I will do as you ask, even if I must go alone. But, Katerina, do you have any idea why someone would undertake such a foolish venture. What's their motive?"

4/8/2012 #47
Hikari no Kishi

Katerina was about to answer him, but something caught her attention. She turned to where she felt something, the aura of a powerful demon. The aura of a familiar demon. This was the last thing she needed. She had crossed paths with few demons in her lifetime, and did not wish to cross them again. They were full of spite and vengeance. Realising she owed an answer, she quickly turned back to Miko.

"I do not know the reasons," she said calmly. "He does not give all of the details, for He shouldn't need to. It is just where we have to go. We have to put trust in the Lord's judgement, and in all of my 3000 years of life, he has never been wrong."

4/24/2012 #48

Kal Ke Mal relaxed. He didn't sense an any angels nearby, and assumed that he was in the clear. But he didn't know how wrong he was. The demon walked up to the Cathedral, as close as he could. He hissed slightly when he felt his powers weaken when he stepped too close. Now his presence was made clear, if there were any Angels inside the church. Kal stepped back, and let his powers grow back to their normal levels.

He stared at the beautiful edifice. Contrary to popular belief, demons had a normal sense of beauty, and ugliness, not the twisted versions that human interpreted them to have. It was rather insulting

4/24/2012 #49
Lady Blade

Sophia nodded, and shifted into her human form. She sat down on one of the many benches. She was prepared to do Gods work, if it meant going out of our comfort zones then so be it. "Are we splitting up or going team wise?" the shape shifter asked curiously. After all - it may make the mission quicker in going separate ways - but there has always been safety in numbers. Sophia hoped for the former.

4/24/2012 #50

Shaiden's head snapped up at the sudden burst of aura from a fellow demon, her eyes narrowing for a few seconds before a wide, startiling grin spread across her face. She came to a stop and turned in the direction, raising an eyebrow when she noticed it had come from the same direction as the House of God. She shrugged and started heading towards the source of the aura.

4/29/2012 #51
Ljorn of Seven

Miko snorted, both amused and frustrated. Humans have always been reckless and stupid. Never a good mix.

Wait... What on earth was she saying? She referred to the other spirit as "human" as if she herself wasn't. Perhaps she really wasn't any more. The demons had taken even that from her.

Miko hefted the Rahnka into position, merging it with her arm once again. Grinning in the fashion of someone criminally insane, she replied "I'm leaving now to go save the poor damsel in distress. Follow me, if you wish, Sophia, but I'm not waiting" and with her announcement, strode out of the chapel.

Miko stood outside, and started her ritual, to summon one of the inferior demons. Barely milliseconds into its existence, the demon winged demon was killed before it could even register Miko. Miko relaxed, breathing in the demons essence. As she did so, wings akin to the demons sprouted from her back. Spreading them out, she began her journey to Alcatraz, flying off into the night.

5/6/2012 #52
Hikari no Kishi

Katerina sighed, before turning to Sophia with a grieved look.

"You may choose to follow Miko, or to come with me," she said, before turning to the door. "I must join with the nearby spirit before proceeding to Alcatraz. The Lord has given me this task and I must do it. You however, are able to choose. I will not ask you to follow either of us."

Leaving Sophia with those words, she calmly walked out the door of the Church. She knew not where she was going, but her instincts pointed her in the right direction. She felt no need to fly, and calmly started her journey to find a certain Mr John Smith.

5/6/2012 #53

Kal's blood ran cold when an Angel apoeared. Not just any angel, but Katerina, the Angel who gave him the scar along his eye.

"A small world, this one, don't you think, Katerina?" Kal Ke Mal asked. He was still outside the boundary, where he could keep his powers at their maximum. But she was an Angel. They might fight, toe-to-toe with each other. But in the end, she would win, especially if they were still right next to the Cathedral.

He was shaking inwardly. He wanted to make her pay for how she humiliated him. But with odds against him, there was no chance....

5/6/2012 . Edited 5/6/2012 #54
Lady Blade

Suddenly a large black panther leapt beside the Angel, her snarls directed towards the demon, her eyes were glowing and were the exact shade of Sophia's. "Go," Sophia told the angel, her voice was thick and untrained in her animal form, "Complete Gods mission, I'll keep him occupied."

5/11/2012 #55

"My business isn't with you, Shape Shifter. It is with Katerina here. Go, before you hurt yourself, human" Kal Ke Mal replied, unfazed by the appearance of Sophia. He had control of gravity, to a degree. It would be easy for him to defeat the shifter

5/11/2012 . Edited 5/11/2012 #56
Ljorn of Seven


5/11/2012 #57
Hikari no Kishi

"Sophia, stay here please," she said quietly, hoping she would listen.

"Kal Ke Mal, Demon of Hell," she said, a slight hint of anger in her voice. "This is a building sacred to God, your presence here is offensive. I demand that you leave."

Pausing slightly, she sighed before adding "You cannot win a battle here, you are out numbered and your power is too weak. Leave."

5/13/2012 #58

"Katerina my dear, how good to see you again" Kal relpied mockingly, "I don't see how my presence here coud be offensive. I'm just visiting"

He eyed the shapeshifter, cautious. The Angel was right. He was bot outmatched, and outnumbered. There was no way he could win. He knew that, but he still could intimidate. He stared down the Angel, ignoring her Spirit that accompanied her. A thought ran through his head.

"Walk with me, lest I raze the city to the ground" he offered.

All words, but hopefully, they would be enough to avoid confrontation most unecessary. Had he known that an Angel were in this city, he would have turned the other direction. Not out of cowardice, but of common sense.

5/13/2012 . Edited 5/13/2012 #59
Hikari no Kishi

Katerina scoffed at such an offer. She knew better than to trust the creature that lay before her; a creature made to lie and decieve.

"Why would I accept such an offer, when I could easily dispose of you here?" she questioned calmly. "I have an ally, I have the sanctity of this space, and the power to be rid of you. Pray, tell me why I would walk with a creature of evil and sin?"

5/15/2012 #60
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