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Imagine an RP where the RPers control a plot specific to their character. ... It could include other Rpers' characters being connected or it may not. Just simply starting a story without any initial thought going into it just to see where it could possibly lead. ANYONE and ANYTHING is acceptable and we make up a plot as we go. Freedom of ideas and acceptance of all things could lead to... very exciting or possibly very unenthused outcomes. ... It would keep everyone on their feet and have us learn to adapt to every idea that emerges. No preferences, no starting ideas, no limitations of what's acceptable...

- Agent Krivins


1. No Godmodding, we all hate it when other people do it and you're no exception. These means that you are to avoid auto hitting, controlling someone else's character, infinite dodging, killing another person's character without their consent or with plausible build up, immortality and all knowing-ness.

2. As a blank slate RP, the laws of this universe are decided by the players. The plot is also up to you all as well. Try to avoid being the person to come up with the laws, it's a lot of responsibility and prone to pissing people off.

3. Your primary and major characters' appearances, personalities and abilities need to be partially depicted within the first few dozen posts you make of them.

4. If you do not make an aspect known about your character, then other people can pick that aspect so long as it doesn't God Mod(up for discussion). Example: If you don't give a name, I can have my person say "Hi John!", if you don't like that then you can have your character say "I'm not John!"

If you make an unmade aspect for someone else's character, please at least wait until such an aspect is necessarily to address and the creator of said character dosen't seem to want to make it them self. Also, when a character is within early development, outsider input might not be welcome at all. If you're unsure of anything, please talk it over with the other RPer.

6. Please avoid the "I'm a good looking person with uber super powers" cliche. Normal super human abilities are only allowed to be below Spiderman level and weaker. If you want to throw buses constantly with ease then you must have a pretty messed up something:

A- Be ugly (not average looking but literally pug ugly)

B- Have a lovecraftian superpower (like being a living insect hive, having tentacles or acidic drool instead of superstrength or speed)

C- Have a fatal weakness (in addition to any weaknesses you already have)

D- Be an obvious villain (void the moment your villain becomes a good guy).

If you want your character more powerful than Spiderman/roughly equal to black suit Spiderman, please use two of the downsides I mentioned. If you want something significantly more powerful than black suit Spiderman, please use three. If you want something as powerful as Superman, too bad, you can't have it, suck it up.

7. But please avoid making someone just so that they can be used as a way to show how awesome another character you have is, if not done properly than all it does have your character look lame.

8. Rule 5 doesn't exist.

4/26/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #1

In some lesser known town, Lesser known meaning the kind of town you see on a map and just glance over. Lives a man one who everday has to wear a blue suit and a tie to go to a boring dead end job, For him everyday is the same. But not today had he been paying attention he'd have seen why his co-workers had been vanishing one by one. why his car and a street no long existed. Though he in is mind was just an ordinary person and was right now concerned with the location of his house keys.

"God damit." he swore loudly even knowing people of the street would hear him. Today for him had just ended with him being locked out of his house.

4/26/2012 #2
The Strongest Nine


ANYONE and ANYTHING is acceptable

... :D)

High above the atmosphere of Earth sat a Capital-Ship class Cruiser, the large space-worthy craft had been designed as a stealth unit while at the same time being large enough to travel through the abnormal slip-space, an oxymoron of sorts. But at the moment the unit was just being used for a specific reason, reconnaissance. Admiral Macnimara bit down on his pipe as he examined the view screens set before him, the bridge was busy as usual every station manned by the person that belonged there, even the weapons station was being operated... You never knew when you had to nuke something from orbit after all.

"Report." Was the only word mumbled by Macnimara as he glanced at each of the crew, they glanced back before one decided to clear their throat and explain anything and everything that had happened, "Sir, the disappearances are still going on, the townsfolk don't have any lead on what it could be." With a nod the Admiral acknowledged this before staring back at the screens and scratching at his scruffy black beard, he'd forgotten to shave. "Send them in." Was the final command issued before the man retired to his quarters, just like he did every twelve hours.

(Just needed an intro for my characters, this is what came to mind)


The drop ship was readying for it's departure from the Capital ship, the atmosphere aboard was a grim one, disappearances were never a normal occurance, sometimes they were just standard DL works committed by different terrorist cells, but oddly these were different. "Strap in." Commanded the Lieutenant in charge, the pilot was doing the last couple checks before putting on the green light, the sign to close the back door, upon shutting it the drop ship departed from the docking bay and made it's way through the atmosphere.

Three miles above solid ground the stealth squad made their departure via low parachute drop, dangerous yet useful maneuver. As they touch down heads are counted and equipment is put on, standard gear to cause them to appear as civilians, maybe a bit chunky considering the assault webbing and weapons they wore beneath the cloth, but otherwise fine.

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Agent Krivins

Two men in black suits dashed down a dark, thin corridor with a large group following closely behind. Their screams of aggression and thier heavy urge to inflict pain had the two move even faster to avoid being victims. Entering the last room at the end of the corridor, the taller man with thick, black hair spun and fired his 40-caliber glock into the thigh of one of the pursuers. He then fired another shot into the skull of the same rage-filled man, only to have his head jolt back and scream even louder before continuing to charge.

The second man with eye glasses, and in a panic, repeatedly pressed a button on the wall of the room, closing the plated glass doors on the pursuers. They slammed into the windows pounded away and making vain attempts to reach the two.

The man with the eyeglasses leaned forward onto the wall, staring exhaustingly at the floor. The other is breathing heavily as well, loading his gun with shaking hands.

"What... the fuck!" the man with the eyeglasses shouted, finally standing up straight and staring through the glass. Sweat is dripping off his face and his suit is looking very unorganized.

"Just a little... problem, that is all," replied the dark haired man.

"No, this is more than just a small problem, Allric," the man with the eyeglasses then pointed at the beings behind the glass doors, "These fucking things are indestructable!"

"Atleast they're not contagious! We have contingencies ready to go. The devices you gave us are installed and fully operational within this facility! It's contained!"

"Yeah, sure, that's gonna make it better," he added incredulously, "And the staff still in there?"

"We have to make sure that these things don't get out. So they're already concidered dead. You've seen what they did to your armed guards, you think they'll last?"

Both men glared at each other in silence before staring at the crazed men still attempting to get through, showing no signs of giving up. The bangs and screams made both men uneasy, while reminding them of just what these things are capable of.

"I have a meeting to attend to in an hour," spoke the man with the eyeglasses, sounding heavily annoyed, "Allric, I'm suppose to make a presentation to our investors, ensuring that their funds are producing promising results on their supersoldier investment. Supersoldiers... that can be controlled, do you understand me?" he then broke out into a rage of his own, "These fucking things can't be controlled! What am I suppose to tell them, huh?! This is suppose to ensure the merge between our two companies. What the fuck am I suppose to do?!"

"It was Munroe, alright!" replied Allric loudly, "He rushed the project, believing it was ready to advance to the next stage. You need your fall guy, there he is. Torn to shreds by his own damn creations. We just need to re-examine the research and connect the dots that Munroe obviously missed. It won't be hard to do. You just need to convince the board that we are close to a solution and need more time."

"Yeah, good fucking plan. We already made several requests for extra time. We're out of time!"

Allric holstered his gun on his hip and ran his fingers through his hair. He sighed heavily and remained silent for a few moments before finally saying, "Kenneth... we need more time."

They stared depressingly at the abominations, watching them still claw away at the glass. Their superiors are not going to approve of this type of failure and they both knew that someone is going to be made an example. Kenneth slammed his fist into a switch and the lift they stood in began to rise, heading back up to the surface.

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Making sure no one was watching the man in the suit pulled out what looked like a wallet. "never thought I'd do this to my own house." he muttered under his breath as he began picking the lock. There was a small click and the door swung open, Entering he shut and locked the door behind him. From the outside the house looked completly normal, but then you got further into it and things started to seem off A house this old should have a cellar. Fact was it did, Huming a tune the man in the suit entered the hidden cellar as he did lights flickered on and a screen came to life. Glancing at it he stopped in his tracks a message was being displayed.

It was short and simple Wetwork It's begun you need to leave.

The mans mind buzzed that was his old codename from a long time ago.. Every one who knew that name was dead or missing. In seconds Wetwork had ditch the suit changing into more manoverable clothes and setting the house to detonate. Gas leak they say when the law enforcement came.

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Ian Anderson yawned as he made his way down the street. He was on his way home way to work, janitor work at some large corporation where they worked on God knows what. Oddly, he could do the job rather quickly, although not fast enough to replace another worker even if he had the more than enough stamina to do it. One would wonder if it was thanks to his aberrant blood that he could do it, that was if anyone knew about his aberrant blood, he hoped not. Although nobody actually knew about his aberrant blood as far as he knew. It never came up in conversations, and he doubted that he'd want the unneeded attention that would come along with it.

He reached the stop light outside the building he worked as a janitor at. Perhaps today would be more eventful than usual?

4/26/2012 #6

A soft sigh escaped the lips on the woman at the desk.

She sat in a dark room, square in shape with a single door directly in front of her. There were no windows and no lights, the only source of lightning coming from the screens of two large computers on the desk. It was shaped in a half circle with a space in-between the computers for the pile of folders and stacks of paper. Displayed on one screen was a map of a little town, barely known to anybody but the few who lived there. On that map, bold black dots of where people had disappeared from or where those people had last been seen. On the road heading into the town were three smaller blinking dots of different colours. On the second screen were profiles of three people, each one highlighted in a colour corresponding with those moving on the map.

The woman's real name was unknown but her Call Sign and the name by which her operatives knew her was 'Geisha'. Her dark, Asian eyes watched the blinking dots approaching the town, briefly going over the profiles once more.

The red dot belonged to the 37-year-old giant of a man, easily 6'5 and packed with muscles. Call Sign 'Hulk' was not the brightest of soldiers but his strength, durability, and skill with weapons made up for that. Despite his huge size and somewhat dimwittedness, he was extremely calm and rarely lost his cool. This was why he was always parked with the second operative.

The yellow dot belonged to the 26 year old half Werewolf woman. Short but well developed and a hell of a lot stronger than she looked, Call Sign 'Rocket Dog' was one of the newest members. Fast, strong, and with an uncanny aim, she wasn't lacking in ability, just in the execution of that ability. Brash, hot headed, beastly, and a bit bitchy, few people could put up with her.

The final dot was pale blue and belonged to 6-year-old Call Sign 'Oracle'. Despite being a child and blind, the girl possessed the extraordinary ability to 'see' the energy of living things, particularly the energy of supernatural beings. Quiet and sweet, she captured the hearts of most people she met.

All were part of an unnamed group who, lead by their unseen leader, targeted the threat of possible supernatural activity on their world. Their job was trying to keep the rest of humanity oblivious to what they sometimes shared their world with. Geisha has a suspicion about the nature of the disappearances in the town being of supernatural origins, and so had sent their very own supernatural detector –Oracle-, her self-proclaimed protector –Rocket Dog- , and the only person who could control Rocket Dog and keep a calm head –Hulk- to the town to investigate. They were a Recon unit but far to often, Recon units had to engage with whatever they were sent to find, another reason to have Hulk along.

Geisha hoped it was a false alarm and that her people would get out of their quickly; the stealth satellite in her possession had picked up on some unusual energy signatures making their way down from Space of all places.


Rena Lagoon, Call Sign 'Rocket Dog' yawned for the up tenth time in only five minutes. She yawned loudly and with her mouth wide open, revealing the sharp set of canine teeth she had. She was rather short for her age but have a reasonably developed figure. Her eyes were an unusual shade of tawny yellow but with her naturally tan coloured skin and dark brown hair she passed off as being half-Spanish. She was wearing jeans ripped at the knees, black biker boots, a white tank top and an oversized leather biker's jacket. Under that jacket was a pair of Glock-17s in Rocket Dog's X-back holster. She was dying for a smoke but with the child in the big, white, 4 door tray-back Ute, she didn't dare. Her body might regenerate from the damage smoking did to it, but the six year old couldn't. She glanced at the man sitting in the driver's seat.

Broadie Lagoon, Call Sign 'Hulk' was a huge man and looked like her didn't quite fit, even in the big Ute. Like Rocket Dog he wore jeans and biker boots, but he had on a grey singlet and a dark blue shirt unbuttoned over the top. His rifle lay under some blankets and crud in the tray of the Ute. His skin was naturally tanned and his hair dark brown but his eyes were blue, not tawny like Rocket Dog's were. The pair were siblings, probably the reason why Hulk was so easily able to put up with the half Werewolf. They weren't full siblings; they had the same mum but different dads. Hulk was the child of their mother's husband, and Rocket Dog was the result of rape. Her dad has been a Werewolf but Rocket Dog only inherited half of the genes, making her more like an enhanced human than a indestructible animal.

From the quick glance back in her direction, Rocket Dog knew she had her half-brother's attention. So in true Rocket Dog style, she gave him the bird. She in turn received a punch in the leg, which was retaliated with a punch to the shoulder.

Giggling in the back seat caused both Lagoons to pause. While she couldn't see as they did, Lillian Grey, or 'Oracle', could see them as shapes of energy in different colours, styles, and textures. Humans she had noted had rather smooth textures, while half-breeds like Rocket Dog had more rough feelings. Oracle was of average size for her age with milky pale skin and flowing blonde waves of hair cascading down past her shoulders. She was wearing a pale blue summer dress, white Mary Janes, and a white cardigan. Her eyes were milky blue-grey with no visible pupil but they still sparkled with joy and innocence. No one knew exactly what oracle was, they assumed she was human with special abilities from somewhere in a blood line but they could never figure out for sure.

"Do all sibling fight like you guys do?" she asked with a smile, 'looking' at them

"We're not really fighting sweetie, just having some fun," Rocket Dog said with a returning smile, before smirking at her brother. "Right Hulk?"

"Right RD," was the rumbling reply. After a pause he added "That's the place."

Rocket Dog looked out of the windshield at the town they were approaching. "About fucking time," she said

"Swear Jar," Oracle giggled.

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The Strongest Nine

The leader of the squad, "Big Mama", odd name considering that Big Mama was indeed male glanced back at his three other squad mates in order to do role call.

"Mister Smiley", generally known for the helmet he wears during recon operations, currently it was left back at the Hurricane, the helmet's design was a rather eerie smiley face painted on the top of a skull. But without the helmet he was a slightly larger than normal man, slightly tanned from his years over seas, which is why he'd been chosen for this assignment, the dark brown hair on the top of his head had been shaven down in a military-buzz cut so that it was in regulation, a cleanly shaven face, hazel eyes, and a massive scar running from his right ear to the jaw. The man's only specialties; explosives and large weapons.

"Hornet", a man known for his marksmanship capabilities, being able to hit the smallest mark at extremely long ranges with a weapon of almost every caliber, his honeyed words were also fairly useful on almost all occasions, the man's face is far too pale to even begin explaining, not to the point where it appears that he was albino, but still fairly pale considered to the average man. Hornet's eyes were a set of dark blue orbs with a ring of yellow around the center, a set of blonde sideburns accompany his hair which is too long according to regulation yet could be considered around average. The only thing that may stick out about this man is the tattoo of his callsign on the back of his left shoulder.

The last member of the squad, "Crusader", the only woman on the squad, but she sure as hell makes it known that she belongs to the squad. Her delicate features are matched only by the deadliness of her skill in close quarters combat, her almond shaped face has the lightest tan with a few small scars, nothing compared to Smiley's, her eyes are a hazel brown and her shoulder-height brown hair is tied into a short pony tail. She's got a small tattoo on her ankle of a skull with a shotgun shell punching a hole through the temple.

Big Mama nodded, everyone was assembled, this was good, each one wore what could be considered standard civilian gear, button up shirts for the males, tucked into a set of blue jeans with dark brown leather belts, and a set of penny loafers, Crusader of course was wear a blouse with a skirt, she'd complained quite a bit before finally agreeing to wear the articles of clothing. Looking at his reflection in the pond Big Mama nodded, broad shoulders, and large biceps were about his only positive trait, his mug was ugly as hell, not that he needed to look good to get his job done, light brown buzz-cut with a stubble on his chin, hard grey-blue eyes, and a tattoo on the side of his neck of a snake coiling down his body. "You guy's ready? Smiley, you're Jim, Hornet... Um... Hope you like Kyle. Crusader, Lucy, and I'll be... Hm... Keith?" Big Mama asked looking for the approval of his squad-mates, there was none.

Smiley spoke up, a rather rare event, "I'll be Regenald, Hornet: Larson, Crusader: Maple, and Mama: Johnathon." At this the squad seemed a bit more pleased, still a bit of disapproval though since the squad would much rather just stick to using their call-signs, impossible as this may be.

With a groan 'Johnathon' pulled a 'cell-phone' from his pocket and pressed the quick-dial so that they would be allowed an encrypted phone call to command, as the line picked up Big Mama began to speak into the device, "Callsign Big Mama, service number 052371. Requesting permission to execute infiltration, over." With this he waited for his response, most likely the Lieutenant that manned the Comms channels, moments later he was met with a female voice, "Copy that Big Mama, begin infiltration, stay frosty, over and out." As the last word was said the line was cut, typical command, issue the orders then let the non-commissioned do all the rest. "Alright, move out." Johnathon mumbled as he pointed in the direction of the small town, North West, and so the squad began their trek unsure of what would face them in the future to come.

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Agent Krivins

Kenneth and a pair bodyguards stormed towards the glass-plated front doors of the lobby. He began to adjust his suit and fix his blonde hair, before finally adjusting his glasses slightly hanging of the bridge of his nose. Outside, it just started to rain heavily and thick grey clouds overhead glowed with some bolts of lightning. Allric stood near the hallway, next to the front receptionist desk, simply watching Kenneth walk outside without a care. His bodyguards hurried him to the waiting limo.

"Uh, excuse me, Mr. Nightingale?" a security guard stood from his seat as he addressed Allric. Allric glanced over his shoulder at the man with his sharp blue eyes and noticed him to be holding a phone. "It's the Executive Vice-President, sir," the guard informed.

Allric wondered if the man had already heard about the failed project. "Thank you," he obliged before taking the phone and placing it next to his ear, "Mr. Donaldson, this a wonderful surprise."


"Cut the bullshit, Allric. You mind telling me whats going on down there?" sternly spoke the balding Vice-President of the company. His pudgy form is buldging the white shirt and suspenders clothing him. He sits in a brown leather chair in front of a red cherry oak desk plastered with papers involving the company's financial information.

"To be frank , sir, the project..."

Donaldson noticed Allric paused, "The project what?"

"It didn't do too well. We need a new team."

"Damnit, Nightingale!" shouted Donaldson, standing up in an instant and pushing his chair into the bookcase behind him, "You were suppose to not let this happen!"

"Munroe thought-"

"I don't care about Munroe," interrupted Donaldson, leaning on his desk, about to give Allric an earfull, "I hear he's already dead. His opinions don't matter at this point! Did Kenneth come by yet?"


Allric took a few steps away from the reception desk to avoid the reception guard from hearing all the facts, "He did. He was also there when things didn't end well. He saw what happened and is still going with his presentation. I asked him to make another request of more time."

"What did he say?"

"They might pull the plug," reluctantly replied Allric. He could hear Donaldson have a fit on the other end of the phone, "If it's any consolation, we still have enough funds to move forward with the project. All we need is a little more time. If Instadyne ends up dropping the merge, which I doubt they will, we'll still make a hefty profit that'll get things rolling."

"Our jobs depend on this, Allric. Bankrupcy is not on the top of my to-do list."

"They won't cut us lose. They are forced to give us more time or else both of our companies will suffer. Kenneth knows that too."

"You have a lot of faith in this, Allric. But I'm putting Eggers on it for now. I need you to find George."

"The CEO?" replied Allric sounding surprised.

"He's missing, along with a dozen others from our company."

Allric found himself in deep thinking, wondering if Instadyne had anything to do with the disappearences. "You think Instadyne-"

"I doubt it since it's been happening all over town. They, too, are being hit with the same dilemma. But for all we know it could be a plot to cover their tracks. None of their executives have disappeared like ours did which is fortunate timing on their end."

"And without Stenson representing us, the CEO of Instadyne will push for being in charge if the merge does pull through."

"Exactly," concured Donaldson, "Without our top executives opposing, he'll get the position. Then you can say goodbye to our jobs."

"This just gets better and better. Now Instadyne has more of an incentive despite the failed project," Allric said aloud, "I'll find him, sir, but do we even have the resources? We're cut thin as it is."

"I've already invested in a private mercenary group out of my own pocket. Do your investigation and find our boss," a click of the line being cut followed the order.

Allric paused and nodded, "Yes sir," he turned and handed the phone back to the guard.

"Everything alright, sir?" asked the guard examining Allric's trouble demeanor while placing down the phone.

"I certainly hope so, Ben. For all our sakes," he then turned on his heal and went down the hall.

4/28/2012 #9
Gryphon's Wrath

"Everything alright, sir?" A click as the phone was placed back in its cradle.

"I certainly hope so, Ben. For all our sakes." Then Allric pivoted on his heel, and left the room.


Several hours passed. A second guard had showed up and seated himself in a small black folding chair in one of the corners near the door. He leaned his head back on the white marble walls of the room, reading some cheap horror/mystery novel.

Opposite him was the receptionist's desk. Constructed of a dark granite, it clashed with the bright white of the walls. Behind it sat the other guard, Benjamin Linus. A moderately built man, Ben had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He spoke with the faintest hint of a German accent, and had a habit of breaking out into German when speaking quickly.

Or at least, he did.

"Ben" sat in silence behind the main desk, fists clenched so hard that his knuckles were white. He had been staring down at a newsfeed on his computer for the past three hours, where a headline article read "Explosion destroys urban home, rocks neighborhood". Official media blamed a faulty gas main, but Ben knew better. He knew who lived there, why he mattered, and why the house exploded. And he knew who had been caught in that blast. An alert on his watch only served to remind him of the painful fact that dominated his thoughts: ALERT: K-1 vital-signs terminated.

Ben stood up suddenly. "I need to use the head," he commented to the other guard, who looked up and shrugged. "I'll be back in a few minutes." The other guard nodded and returned to his reading; as Ben left, he reached down and removed a small black chip from the back of the phone. He made his way along a short hallway to the restrooms: two doors, one on either side of the hall, leading to the male and female rooms. Turning right to the male's room, he shut and locked the door behind him. The restroom was a somewhat large public one, and a brief examination revealed the door to be rather thick. Good, the guard thought. Should be sound-proof. He wandered over to the other end of the room, stood about ten feet from the wall, and pressed a button on the side of his watch.

The air around "Ben" glimmered as the hologram was deactivated. The secondary cloaking field deactivated next, revealing the alien's true form. The 7-foot tall avian stood up fully and stretched luxuriously; he unwrapped his tail from around him, flexing that as well. He was coated in deep orange feathers on his head, torso, upper arms and legs, and tail, while while blue scales covered his lower arms and legs. His eyes, the same as the rest of his species, were flecked with random blots of color. Most of them couldn't be seen; a few were viewable in the range of light visible to humans. The rest could be seen in other frequencies of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, where their true beauty could be viewed. The alien also flexed his fingers and toes; both sets of digits were tipped in black talons; visciously pointed and serrated, they were outmatched in deadliness only by the serrated, venom-filled spikes running down the alien's head, back, and tail, and by the skill of their owner. None of these things were on the alien's mind, however, as he activated a second button on his watch, linking him via tight-beam infrared laser to a cloaked prowler in low orbit. This ship in turn sent a tight-beam laser to the massive ship hiding further out in space.


The I.V.S. Xâßï (zav-shy) was the largest vessel ever constructed by the Vådæ'x (vaira-z) Empire. 210 times the mass of a typical Èqaqn (ee-nang) class supercarrier, she had taken 42 years to complete, even with the full manufacturing might of the Empire focused on her construction. Her FTL drives were 17 times more powerful (and thrice the size) than those of her counterparts, and for good reason. The Xâßï was designed to carry 1.4 billion citizens of the Empire from one galaxy to the next.

The Empire was the dominant force in the Andromeda galaxy. The two dominant races of the Empire, hailing from a super-earth planet called Vÿdr (vyirn), realized early on in their evolution as a species that fighting each other was futile. Operating under the philosophy that they were both residents of their homeworld, they established a mutual empire. Over millena, the two races lived peacefully on their world.

Eventually, however, they began to spread to other systems. The Empire were not ones to leave others alone, and their instinct to conquer and imperialize came back into play. They developed an extremely powerful and effective navy, and started taking planet after system after cluster. They became known as the "Benevolent Invaders" to the other hundreds of species in the Andromeda galaxy (who had managed to establish the beginings of interstellar trade and government): when the Empire invaded a system, they gave the resident species (or species (plural)) the opportunity to surrender peacefully and join the Empire as a full member race. Those that did would be given rights and privaleges equal to those of the initial to member races, and seats in the government (the only restriction was that only members of the two original races could become emperor or empress). Those that did not would be forcibly conquered, and would become a slave race with little to no rights. Those races that managed to fend off the Empire would be allowed to stay separate, and the Empire would try to form an alliance. Only four races tried; three succeeded (two of which later joined the Empire of their own accord, and one stayed independant (although they formed an alliance with the Empire)), and one failed.

With all of the Andromeda galaxy taken, the Empire decided that the time had come to spread to other galaxies. The Milky Way galaxy was the closest (designated G-2 in the Imperial system), and so they decided to send their forces there. A full invasion fleet, two supply fleets, and the flagship: the hypercarrier Xâßï.

And now that fleet was waiting, hidden by a field of electronic countermeasures and cloaking fields, sitting at Earth's L-2 Lagrangian point.


The council chamber aboard the Xâßï was massive. The councilors sat in raised seats with a wide desk between them and the rest of the room. On the flanking walls, and above the doorway, were several rows of seats for senior military officers, civilian representatives, future heads of office, and so on and so forth. The whole room was bathed in a soft light covering the microwave, infrared, and visible spectrums. Most of the heads of office and reprasentatives were present in person, while a majority of the military officers were present holographically. The councilors sat in their seats, chatting lightly to each other.

A holographic image suddenly appeared above and behind the councilors. The figures of the Emperor and his mate, the empress, both seated in their thrones, became visible, and the entire assembly stood and bowed; they seated once more with a wave of the emperor's hand.

The emperor made for an imposing sight. As a Ndarag (grah-dahl), he was naturally muscular. His large, canine form was covered in thick, russet fur, and his hands and feet were tipped in heavy claws. As with the other original race of the Empire, his eyes were flecked with multi-color spots, most of which visible only in other frequencies. He considered the crowd before him for a minute.

In contrast to her mate, the empress was had a beautiful, graceful figure. A member of the other of the two initial races, the avian Kyavak (kyahvahk), she had soft, white feathers, and her form, like the rest of her race, was sleek and streamlined; however, she lacked the dorsal spines that the males of her race bore. She looked around the room for a brief moment, before looking over at the emperor.

Finally, the emperor spoke. "Alright, councilors. Assuming all required are assembled here, you may begin."

The councilor in the center stood, bowing briefly. He was a Dąvūq (raht-voon), a delphinic race. His smooth skin was a blue-gray color, save for a bright orange stripe on either flank. "We are, your majesty. We have received a priority communication from one of our undercover operatives on Earth. We are patching him in now."

"Your majesty," he said. Standing straight again, he continued. "Corporal Xaq Ceko, operating call-sign Kilo-2. I have been monitoring the human corporation Instadyne's development of a super-soldier project. I hold a recording of a phone call between an operative named Alleric and the vice-president of the company. They are startled by the disappearance of their Chief Executive Officer; I do not believe they suspect alien activity, but the vice-president has been funding a mercenary group from his own supply of money. I suspect the group will be devoted to both investigating the disappearances, and protecting their remaining executives and other critical staff." The corporal concluded his report with a second small bow. In one of the upper rows, the hologram of a naval captain stood. Bowing, he spoke:

"Captain Mūqv Hhadam, I.V.S. Cekaf. Approximately 13 hours ago, passive sensors detected an anomalous object headed planetside. Visible spectrum sensors detected no object, but amplified infrared detectors identified a sealth-capable shuttle. It wasn't one of ours, and scans have revealed no other craft in the Earth system, unless they too are cloaked, and given the detecting capabilities of our prowlers, this has been considered unlikely. The most likely explanation is that the humans have a cloaked orbital station or starship in orbit around the planet."

One of the councilors responded: "Do you believe the humans to have a fleet capable of challenging us standing by somewhere?"

The captain shook his head. "We (at this he motioned to the other captains present) consider this extremely unlikely. We have been conducting extensive passive scans, and, where stealth can be maintained, active scans, of the planet's surface, and have detected no signs of large starports or starship yards. We believe one of the largest nation's government, most likely the United States of America or the Russian Federation, constructed the necessary yards in secret, launched the ship or station, and either managed to keep the yards an extremely well guarded secret, or destroyed them." The captain bowed.

"Very well," said the emperor. "The councilor's and I shall continue to discuss our future plans. In the meantime, the rest of you may go." The assembly collectively bowed once more, before slowly exiting the chamber.


Admiral Xæq Omedav stood in his war room, facing the holo projector a few feet from him. In the field stood the image of corporal Xaq Ceko, who held his head low, not looking at the admiral. After a minute's silence, the flag officer spoke.

"Corporal. I understand that the operative designated Kilo-1 was your mate."

Looking up at the officer, the operative nodded. "I'm sorry," the admiral continued. "I didn't know Åkcos personally, but Major Yeqevè spoke to me earlier. She says he was a good marine, and a close friend of hers. I know their loss doesn't compare to yours, but she wanted you to know you don't greive alone." A moment passed, then the corporal nodded.

"Yes sir. I'm going to miss him." The Kyavak paused, then said: "Sir, I am still mission capable. Request to stay in field to continue the operation." The admiral shook his head.

"Permission denied, corporal. You're being extracted in 24 hours."

"Sir, I-"

"This isn't up for discussion," the admiral interrupted. "The chances of you doing something risky are too high. You will be extracted and given 6 months full leave. A pair of operatives will replace you." He turned to leave, then looked back at the enlisted marine on the other end of the link. "Your mate's body will be recovered, and he will be given a military funeral with full honors."

The marine nodded, his expression unreadable. "Thank you sir. Out." The link died, and the projector retracted.


Reave sat on the bed, staring down at his arm. The nanites of his arm had retracted, revealing the pale flesh of the human arm beneath. He had been here ever since he had left the council chamber, thinking. So. It finally comes to this. 7 years since I came here. 7 years since my conversion. And now I'm going to be fighting my former species in less than a week. Adryan, what the fuck are you doing? He sealed the suit suddenly, resolution filling his thoughts. No. Adryan is dead. I am Reave, and I am loyal to the Empire. If war is to come, so be it. I will die for this cause. The door opening interrupted his thoughts.

"Hey," came a soft voice from behind him. Turning his head, the Kyavak saw his mate enter the room. And him, he thought. He had gotten incredibly lucky. Why he had taken interest in Reave, the Kyavak would never know, and he certainly didn't consider himself worthy, and yet, he had. Daqam Xåvūd, the son of the emperor, had almost immediately taken interest in the human when he came aboard. Within a matter of months, the two had become romantically involved. About the same time, Reave was integrated into the suit he wore, a... condition... of his joining the Empire. Daqam (rah-nahm) was the only reason he wasn't owned by the military. He was instead bonded to a suit that would turn him into the first true Artificial Intelligence. His human body would eventually be dissolved by the nanites, his organs being altered; his mind would fuse with the suit's computer, adding his sentience to its processing power and efficiency. The suit was designed to perfectly mimic the body it was modled after, and included every system a true Kyavak had: internal organs (his human ones were being altered to become alien organs), feathers, eyes, tail, venomous spines, reproductive organs, respiratory systems, digestive systems, etcetera. The only differences were that his cardiovascular system was different (electronic components centered around the heart; this would later be replaced by a computer processor), and his mind was electronic.

But none-the-less, he and Daqam had fallen in love.

"Hey," he responded. He gave the Ndarag a small smile. The other male approached the bed, and sat down next to Reave. He was primarily a russet color, contrasting to Reave's irridescent black feathers. His mother's genes had lent the Ndarag a white stripe running down his chest; white patches of fur surrounded his eyes, with black fur directly bordering them. "How do you feel?" Reave glanced up at him. Being a Ndarag, Daqam was naturally larger than Reave, and the other male had heard his larger mate's harsher voice, but he always spoke softly to Reave.

"Worried," Reave replied. "I know what's coming, and I know what it's going to cost." Daqam looked at him, slightly confused. Reave noticed his glance, and explained. "The humans are a stubborn species. They won't accept the ultimatum. They will fight, and to the death. Sure, some pockets of the population will capitulate, but the majority of the humans will resist. And if anything else, humans are good at surviving. This war will be bloody, and it will be long." A pause. "How long?"

Daqam sighed. "The council will be issuing the ultimatum within the next few hours, and then they will have three human days to issue a response. If they don't... well, you know what happens then." Reave nodded. He layed back on the bed, glancing at the other male as he followed suit. "In the meantime," Daqam continued, "I've made it clear that you and I are not to be disturbed for the next two days, so we have some time to ourselves." Reave smiled at that.

And so we enter the calm before the storm.

6/28/2012 #10

(Holy mother of cheesecakes, how does anyone follow that?!)

6/28/2012 #11
Sage of the White Sands

((Ya don't.))

6/28/2012 #12
Gryphon's Wrath

(XD Sorry. That needed to be posted. I'd had that idea (among others) running around in my head, and I got the writing bug.

Basically: Ben is really an alien spy, and his mate was killed in the explosion that destroyed Wetwork's house (he was monitoring him). An alien invasion fleet is at the L-2 Lagrangian point (opposite side of Earth than the sun), and hiding. Prowlers (war-ships that can cloak) are monitoring the humans, and the aliens have been kidnapping humans to interrogate. The emperor and council are going to issue the humans the ultimatum they deliver to all races they conquer: surrender or get the shit shot out of you.

Reave, a former human, has been placed in a suit modeled after one of the two races that founded the Empire back on the planet it started on in the Andromeda galaxy. This race, called the Kyavak (kyah-vahk) are avian/lizard things: feathers, reptilian tail, spikes that have venom glands along their head, back, and tail. Wings on arms, can be folded. Reave is the consort (mate that doesn't share the same power as a full spouse) to the emperor's son, a member of the other founding race, the Ndarag (grah-dahl). Reave was placed into the suit as a condition upon joining the Empire, and his duty is to both serve in the military as a marine, work as a black-operations operative, and protect the emperor's son, even at the cost of his life.

Again, sorry for the complexity. And the wording of the names; had a variation to the alien script using human characters)

6/28/2012 #13

(Oh no! I understand it. By follow it I meant; how does anyone post after you, cause there's no way in hell you can beat a post of that size/awesomeness)

6/28/2012 #14
Gryphon's Wrath


Well, I don't know about the majority of it, but there is still an uncloaked alien in a public restroom)

6/28/2012 #15

(Hm....I imagine Rocket Dog would be able to smell him? She's part werewolf so her senses are higher. Would that be possible?)

6/28/2012 #16
Gryphon's Wrath

(Probably. He won't smell human. And I have no problem with her doing so. It'll get things going I suppose)

6/28/2012 #17

(Not the best post but it should get things rolling again)

Rocket Dog groaned as she got out of the Ute for the first time in nearly 6 hours. She zipped up her biker jacket and stretched, making noises the entire time. Hulk got out and helped Oracle out too, holding the girl's hand while the woman finished up. Rocket Dog sighed heavily and turned to her brother and charge with a crooked smile. She leaned down and picked Oracle up, resting the girl on her hip lightly and holding her with one arm.

"So missy, you've got the special ability, where too first?"

The little girl blushed lightly and whispered to Rocket Dog who nodded, turning to Hulk "We'll be back in a bit," she said with a pointed look. Hulk only nodded in reply, knowing what she meant. The big man made sure the car was locked before heading over to a general store to get some drinks and something to eat for the small group.

Rocket Dog mean while carried Oracle around until they managed to find the public toilets, Rocket Dog waiting outside the door for the little girl. The woman froze after a few seconds, smelling something off. It wasn't the bathroom sort of smell, but the scent of something. Her tawny yellow eyes narrowed slightly as she stared across at the men's bathroom; the scent was coming from there. The werewolf felt a sense of unease come over her.

She nearly jumped into the air as the door behind her opened, managing to catch herself before she fell onto the little girl. She spun around and saw the deep frown on the child's pretty face.

"Rocket Dog…there's something in there…I don't know what it is…but…it's not human. I've never seen energy like it before…it's big whatever it is," the little girl whispered softly. Rocket Dog picked her up and held her close, walking down the hallway a bit

"Let's see what comes out of there," she said softly, Oracle nodding. Rocket Dog put Oracle down 10 meters or so down the hall from the bathroom doors and started to 'fuss' with Oracle's cardigan, looking like she was doing up the buttons as she waited for whoever, or whatever, was in the men's room to come out.

(This thing is getting interesting; super soldiers, aliens, the super natural. It's got everything XD)

6/28/2012 #18
Gryphon's Wrath

Corporal Xaq Ceko stood facing a single holographic figure. "Thank you sir. Out." Cutting the line, he looked up, as if staring at something in the depths of space. He narrowed his eyes, and sat that way for a moment, thinking. A second passed, then 30, and then a full minute, before Xaq suddenly gave a low, guttural roar of rage. He spun around, lashing out at the nearest thing with his tail; this happened to be a sink, of which Xaq took out the corner of. The ceramic fragment smashed into a corner of a small outstanding section of the wall, destroying a small portion of it as well. Xaq blinked, staring at the damage he had caused, before swearing rather loudly in his native tongue. That's going to be a bitch to explain, he thought, and, with a sigh, began to collect the debris into a pile. I hope humans are strong enough to break this stuff.

6/28/2012 #19

Rocket Dog jumped and spun around, her advanced hearing making it possible for her to hear the roar that came fro the men's room. Definitely NOT human! she thought with wide eyes. Oracle sensed her panic and threw her arms around the woman's neck, cuddling close to the werewolf. Rocket Dog stood up, holding the little girl close as she turned back towards the bathroom. She still needed to see what came out of there, but at the same time didn't want Oracle anywhere near what it was, cause that roar had sounded anything but friendly. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she walked back towards the bathrooms.

"Honey, you're gonna go into the ladies room and lock the door, don't come out or unlock the door until you hear our special knock, okay?" Rocket Dog said quietly, getting a nod in reply. The werewolf put the blind girl down who hurried into the room and locked the door. Rocket Dog leaned against the wall next to the door and started to whistle, looking exactly like a board woman waiting her friend.

6/28/2012 #20
Gryphon's Wrath

Jerry Alvarez looked up from his book as he heard a loud crash coming from the bathroom. He frowned, and glanced back at the front desk; Ben had yet to return. Closing his book, he set it down on the ground next to him, and stood. The guard headed over to where the restrooms were at, spying a woman leaning against the wall, whistling. He nodded to her, said "Howdy. How are you?", and, without waiting for a reply, followed up with "Excuse me," and moved over to the door to the men's room. Trying to open the door, he found it locked. He produced a set of keys, and, finding the correct one, unlocked the door.

"Ben? You all right?"


Xaq forgot. For the first time in his life, he forgot. He had heard Jerry speak, and piped up in response: "Yeah, I'm alright." He didn't notice the human enter though, and only remembered he was uncloaked when the man shouted "WHAT THE FUCK!?" Whirling to the side, he saw the guard going for his pistol, but Xaq had 135 years of experience on the man, as well as speed and strength. His arm shot down to his own sidearm, and, virtually ripping the sidearm from its holster, he brought it to bear on the human guard. The subsonic ammunition of the integrally-supressed weapon made no more noise than a light cough, and a trio of shots - two to the center of mass, and one to the head - killed Jerry instantly.

The sound of the guard's corpse crashing to the ground, however, made a lot of noise.

Wincing, the alien corporal started for the door. Bringing his arm-mounted tactical pad up to face-level, he spoke (in english): "Kilo-2 compromised. One fatality, human. Moving to rendezvous point Echo for regroup." It was then that he turned, exiting the men's room, and caught sight of a second human leaning against the wall. This one was female, smaller than the guard, and bore no obvious signs that she was military.

But Xaq knew that didn't mean anything. Letting out a short squawk of surprise, he spun to the left, avoiding the woman. He brought his sidearm up, firing three quick rounds...

6/28/2012 #21

Rocket Dog winked lightly at Jerry at his greeting, grinning slightly as she continued to whistle. She watched with interest and surprise as the guard moved to open the door, her eyes narrowing slightly. She unzipped her jacket in case whatever was in there decided to come busting out. What surprised her the most was that the guard sounded like her knew who was in there...or at least...who was supposed to be in there.

Rocket Dog knew the sound of a dead boy hitting the ground all too well and her tawny eyes widened, the woman reaching into her jacket just as...something came out of the bathroom. Her eyes widened further, then narrowed as some kind of weapon was pointed at her. A human wasn't fast enough to dodge that weapon, she was. Rocket Dog dropped down low into a crouch, drawing her two hand guns that were more powerful than regular ones. More power and a higher kick back that only her stronger bones and strength could handle actually. She aimed both guns at the creature's head and fired simultaneously while jumping to the side to avoid any return fire from the thing.


Inside her bathroom, Oracle watched the energy of the scene unfold, gasping as she saw the life of a new person go out and then screaming quietly in fright as the huge thing attacked the energy signature that she knew all too well; Rocket Dog.

6/28/2012 #22
Gryphon's Wrath

Xaq's eyes widened as the female ducked, displaying a surprising amount of speed for a human. His eyes tracked her as she dropped, and he saw a pair of handguns being drawn. Flinging himself back, Xaq felt himself stopped hard by the wall, right as the human fired. The handgun's loud report echoed through the building, and Xaq winced as the reverberations reached his sensitive ears. He saw the woman roll to the side, and, capitalizing on her distraction, dropped the mag from his weapon, saftied it, tossed the weapon down the hallway away from them, and leapt after the female, trying to get close enough to grapple her to the ground.

6/28/2012 #23

Rocket Dog saw him coming after her an leapt back from him even as he tried to get closer. She kept the hand gun of her left hand out but slipped the right one back into the x-back halter she had on under her jacket. She couldn't let this guy get close to her like he clearly wanted to do. Judging by his size, Rocket Dog had little doubts on her ability to hold him off if this became a physical fight. She knew she was strong for a human, but by werewolf standards she was only half strength. If this thing managed to get a good grip on her, the only real defences she had were her guns, and her bite; she may not be full werewolf and be able to turn other things into werewolves, but she still had sharp teeth, a strong jaw, as venom which to humans felt as though acid was being poured onto their skin. She held her gun with both hands and fired twice. She counted in her head; she had four more bullets in this magazine and she was only carrying three others on her person.

6/28/2012 #24
Gryphon's Wrath

The first shot missed completely. Xaq had been halfway through an angled jump, and the 9 millimeter round sailed past his side. The second shot, however, connected, punching a hole in the Kyavak's side. A small splatter of bluish blood appeared on the avian's feathers, but the injury only served to piss the alien off. Hissing loudly, he ducked, then rolled, trying to throw off the human's aim; coming back to a full stand, he sprinted at Rocket Dog, aiming to tackle her and pin her down in the corner behind her.

6/29/2012 #25

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. Rocket Dog thought as the first shot missed and the second one caused the...the thing to start charging at her. Not good, not good! Her guns weren't effective enough against whatever this thing was, she needed Hulk and his rifles...but...this was in the middle of a town, hand guns were easy to hide by Hulk running around with his rifle was bound to cause some trouble. Lost in her thoughts, she didn't realise how quickly Xaq was closing in on her until a little too late. She made an odd yelping noise, similar to what a wolf or a dog would make when startled before jumping to the side, hoping that she had moved in time to avoid being caught by the thing.

6/29/2012 #26
Gryphon's Wrath

Two mistakes in the span of a few minutes.

This really wasn't turning out to be Xaq's day.

The corporal threw out and arm to catch Rocket Dog, turning as he did so, but he neglected to stop moving forward, and he crashed into the wall moments later. His head shot into the corner, nailing both walls, and he was sent reeling back, stunned. His vision swam, and he couldn't maintain his balance; he took a few staggered steps before tripping over his tail, and collapsing to the ground as a result. He blinked several times, but it failed to clear his sight, and he groaned in pain, holding a hand to his head.

6/29/2012 #27

Rocket Dog breathed a quiet sigh of relief, that was a lucky break for her, normally she was the one getting busted up by running into or being thrown through walls by things. She drew her other hand gun again and cautiously approached the creature on the ground, wary of a possibly ploy to make her drop her guard. When she was close enough and sure that she wasn't going to be attacked randomly by the thing, she kneeled down and pressed the barrel of one gun against the things head, the other pointed at its chest where she assumed either its heart or lungs would be

"Who and what the fuck are you?" she growled, her tawny eyes flashing to a much darker shade of yellow briefly.

6/29/2012 #28
Agent Krivins

"My words exactly!" shouted Allric Nightingale, coming around the corner with his handgun raised. The man is in his usual dark suit and tie with his dark brown eyes heavily focused on the two guests.

An armed security guard bearing the Lifeline Pharmaceuticals patch followed closely behind with the same action of weapons drawn, as did the lone guard coming down from another direction, cutting off any retreat with an M870 shotgun.

They stared at the large, unrecognizable creature laying on the floor but kept Rocket Dog in the sights as well. Both subjects are considered hostile to Lifeline employees because of their unknown origins and motives.

Unable to actually stare away from the creature for long periods of time, Allric spoke with a adrenaline-filled tone, "A lot of ruckus you two have made... I suggest you step away from that thing lady and drop your gun, or we're bound to blow a hole through your chest."

6/30/2012 #29

Rocket Dog swore under her heath when she heard the sound of approaching foot steps too late, followed by the arrival of three armed men. THis was NOT what she needed right now. She glared down at Xaq as if it was his fault, which in Rocket Dog's mind it actually was, what was he doing in a public place, a bathroom mind you, in the first place. She looked between the three armed men; the two with handguns weren't the issue, hand gun wounds hurt like a b*tch and could inhibit her for a while, but her enhanced healing meant that they weren't too much of a hassle provided she dodged the lethal shots. The shotgun however was a serious threat to her. Even full blooded werewolves had trouble with shotgun wounds, they bleed like nothing else if they hit a fleshy part, and if they got anywhere near something vital, you were as good as dead.

Rocket Dog stood up slowly form her crouch and took two steps back from the creature on the ground who'd effectively taken himself out. She didn't drop her hands, leaving them at her sides in full view, her fingers not on the triggers. She glared at Allric as he threaten to blow a hole through her, her tawny eyes briefly flashing to a much darker shade of yellow "I'd like to see you try," she growled darkly.

Her head snapped around at the sound of the bathroom door behind unlocked and cursed. The door flew open and the small figure dashed out, running over and latching herself onto Rocket Dog's leg. The woman could handle this guys, little Oracle couldn't and there was no way in hell she'd ever put the girl in more danger, even if it meant taking a hit to her pride. She placed her hand guns down on the ground and gently picked Oracle up, the blind girl wrapping her arms around the woman's neck and burying her face in the crook. Rocket Dog lightly kicked her hand guns in the direction of Allric but not so that they were actually within his reach, just out of hers as she held the little girl tightly and protectively against her.

6/30/2012 #30
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