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Did you ever wonder how our kingdom came to be? You see along time ago in what we call the black age werewolves walked among us. Yes I know their just a myth now but back then they weren't they fought us under the leadership of their creator "mum" as they knew her. This mum was said to have the power to turn others into her kind without bitting you and was the source of magic. That was until the great king arxin slew her and all of her kind to unify the lands against the frist cleansing brought about by the drakes and dragon kind. As you all know now only humanity remains the dragons have left into the great roads and the werewolves are gone. But we must remember never to disturb the catacombs of the warriors of that time or risk begining the fourth cleansing.


It was cold in the tomb as the adventure entered, Their breath quickly becoming mist as they undid the rope around their waist and headed deeper into the catacombs. Were they an explorer, a practical historian or maybe just a tomb raiding scum from afar was only known to them, only a few things were clear. Given away from the poise with which they walked, They were female and they were armed, perhapse they knew of the undead that walk the halls of the many catacombs through out the land but they could not know of what they were to release of what they would become.

They stopped outside a grand tomb the door seeming to call to them. Unthinking they opened the door and were met by and unearthly breeze. As it brushed past them it whispered something in a voice not heard since long ago "you have freed me from my prison for that I thank you mortal as I long to leave this plane, for your deed I bestow to you my power and name you mother of my kind. may you choose your path wisely." and with that it was gone leaving the adventure alone in the tomb. Their mouth agape in shock their teeth glinstened in the low light displaying for but a second a set of perfect canines.

The werewolf mum had been reborn.


(the adventure is allowed to be used by the frist person to post a bio for it.)

the characters are all part of an adventuring group all with their own reasons to be there


Age (above 17 at least please.):


Occupation(if any.):

Skills (Please include if they have any untapped magical abilities they won't be able to control them yet mind you. for those wanting magic off the bat you'll have to wait seeing as the source of magic has only just retuned):

Backstory (Give reason for joining the group):


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