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Noah is Potato

This serves as a diary (Or journal for those manly men out there) for all the various characters of the Haven. Here you will be able to have your character write journal entries that describe the characters inner thoughts and feelings. These could be about the past of that character, another character yours has interacted with, or a certain event going on in the roleplay.

Now though this sorta extends and reaches out to all roleplays, you by no means have to mention the diary entries in the actual roleplay. You can if you wish, but you do not have to. The min purpose is to explore your character a little more personally, and let others understand them as well.



Date; (A journal entry from the past, or entry in present time)

Entry title; (The subject or event the entry shall describe. If there is no real subject, then come up with something creative)


6/30/2012 #1
Noah is Potato

Roleplay; A New Night

Character; Eve of the Morning Star

Date; A week after she fell to earth.



Dear Diary

I HAVE THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!! Its wonderful terrific, unbelievable!!! When Luke first gave you to me diary, I thought you a stupid female tradition I would not need, but I was completely wrong and i apologize so much!!! I have shared so much about Luke, but this is going to be the best entry about him!! I AM SO HAPPY!!

Okay, first I should say Father contacted me this morning. He looked and sounded so miserable. He begged me to come back, he told me that he would be able to split is power and turn me into a Avalon once again. And when I say begged, I mean Begged. The great and powerful Morning Star groveled and begged to me, pleading I return home. I, a newly made mortal. It was so unbelievable.

I almost actually considered going home with him, he had always showered me in love, but never before has he really shown he truly relied on me. That he needed me. But then he blew it. he said that he would forgive me. Forgive me! The nerve, the audacity! He is the one who should be apologizing to me! He allowed other Avalons to fall, yet he refused to condone my fall. I am a practically an adult, I could decide these decisions rationally! I love Luke! Why cant he accept that.

I refused him, I turned my back and told him I no longer needed him anymore, that Luke would protect me, that I didnt need his forgiveness. He pleaded with me, diary, he sobbed, telling me Luke will only leave to betrayal. How dare he! He knows nothing about Luke! He cares for me, more than that old fool ever will!I rebuked him, told him I didnt need his forgiveness, or his love. I could tell his heart was broken, and right then, I enjoyed the moment.

He told me if I went through with this, I wouldn't be welcomed home. That cut me, but I didnt care, i had a new home. With Luke. I cut the connection, and I ran right over to Luke's house.

He Embraced me as i cried, and he held, listening. I felt so safe with him, it was wonderful. Than, he took me to his car, and took me around town. He took me shopping, to get ice-cream, see a movie, to dinner, it was just what I needed. He is so sweet to me diary. He made me forget all about Father, and our argument.Then, after dinner, he took me to the beach. The night was upon us, and the stars gleamed brightly, as if they were supporting me over my father. it brought me joy.

We walked along the beach, and then we stopped, and Luke pulled me close to him, and whispered into me ear. "I love you."

My heart stopped, diary. It stopped and I would have been fine with dying in that moment. I told him I loved him too, so much. That I always had, and we kissed, and laughed, and cried. Then he took me home, and here I am. Oh I love him so much Diary! He is my reason for living, he will protect me and love me in ways Father never could. Luke will actually care for me.

He just called me, and he told me to come by at noon tomorrow, wants to show me something. I bet its something so romantic, he is sweet like that diary. Well, I have to go now. I will tell you all about Luke's surprise tomorrow.

Love, Eve.

7/1/2012 #2

Roleplay; A New Night

Character; Scarlet Moondance

Date; Night before the first night of school

Entry title; Me? Head Girl?


Dear Diary,

Tomorrow Night will mark the beginning of the end of my schooling life, as I will be returning to Darken's School for Monsters for my Senior Year. I am going to make sure this year will be the best year ever because I'm going to be Head Girl. I still cannot believe that the students voted for me, I completely forgot my speech and had to wing it on stage in front of everyone. Apparently they thought I'd rehearsed the whole thing so much I'd memorized the speech that was never created! What a howl! It's good though, because without a practiced speech, I guess I was just me, talking to the students as me, the monster I wanted them to elect for Head Girl, I know if I'd actually written down a speech I'd have probably sounded fake or like some of the other girls who went.

One speech that did stand out though was Soren's. My gosh can that boy speak! He was absolutely fangtastic; I was on the edge of my seat listening to him. He was funny, inspirational, but most importantly genuine. He won by a long shot I heard, none of the other boys who spoke came close to the number of votes he got. It pleases me to know that this school votes for leaders like Soren who can actually give something to the school, I'm pretty sure I was only voted in because I'm nice to monsters…hm…anyway. What I'm not happy about is that no one will even listen to me when I requested that J.P. get a chance at Student Council. Have they seen the dedication of that boy? That's something I am definitely going to change. I'm going to try and start up a group of students below the Student Council to help us enforce the rules cause I've begun to notice an increase in the amount of troublemakers in the school; particularly a Mr Fallen Angel who seriously annoys me sometimes!

Well, the sun's about to come up so I better get to bed, if I don't dad will probably yell at me again.

Sincerely, Scarlet

7/1/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #3
Gryphon's Wrath

(A New Night)

(Rekhyt / [977 error])

Hunt (video log update)

//Begin log//

Indonesia and Salt Lake City were dead ends. I'm not particularly surprised about the former; while it's close to Southeast Asia, it's a bad location for a command and deployment center. Asia's mostly wannabe mystics and conjurers of cheap tricks as opposed to true paranormal creatures and other non-humans. No, San Francisco's the true center of non-human and paranormal activity, but these fanatical bastards are too blind to see it. They're hidden too well.

I will admit I was surprised that SLC wasn't a hit. I wouldn't put it past the mormons to engage in this sort of behavior. It reminds me (not for the first time) that I'm glad the non-humans in the world are hidden so well. I can't imagine the shock the world would have if they made themselves known. Especially the religious community.

But I digress. School starts again tomorrow (not that I have any packing to do. I live here after all), and I will admit I'm somewhat excited to see everyone again. They're the only family I have now. I have to be careful with my search. I can't endanger everyone because of this, but I can't just let it go. I've come too far. I'm close, I can feel it. I will find the others. I will find Aaron.

//End log//

7/1/2012 #4

Roleplay; Element RP

Character; Aeris

Date; Past, before she left her home

Entry title; Need to be stronger


Dear diary,

Today was one of the hardest days of my life, not because my dad had dragged me from my sleep before dawn for training or even that my mother had disappeared into herself.No it was hard because it would have been my little brother's birthday today. I had taken the small blue and red plane that I had bought for his birthday to his grave. Standing there seeing that cold gray stone makes it so real. I broke down for the first time since it happened. I mean face red, snot running everywhere, great sobs break down. I was sad but angry too and I couldn't understand it, still don't, but I realized I need to be strong.

Not just for myself but for my family. Right now I think I am the only thing holding us together. The only time I see my father is when he comes and trains me, I still feel the sting on my cheek from his hand when I made a mistake this morning. I don't even know what to say about my mother, she is so lost she almost caught the house on fire the other day and if I hadn't been here, everything we own would have went up in smoke. The sad thing is I don't think she would have cared.

I feel like I hold the world on my shoulders and I seriously feel like some of the things my father says are true. That these non humans need to learn a lesson. How dare they come into our world and destroy it in one day. Who do they think they are? Why should we hide? We hold the power right?

That's the thing do we really? All this power and I couldn't stop my brother from dying. Couldn't stop the fire that almost destroyed the village. What's the point if you can't use your ability when you need it most? So I need to be stronger, I need to learn to wield my power,I need to be the best at what I do. That way the next time I won't be caught off guard, I will be able to protect the things I love, and I will survive at all costs.

7/4/2012 #5

Roleplay; Inferiority,the Human Condition

Character; Malicious Intent/Preator's Counsel

Date; November, 23, 543, 17:45:32-17:50:05

Entry title; System Self-entry

Entry; Talk of a war has broken out. No matter how hard they try, it is inevittable. War will come to them, and the citizen of Catacomb shall be victorious. The predecessors of my creators are constructing a weapon that will ensure victory aginst the Earth-borne fools. It is smething that I have seen over and over again. War will always ome, no matter what.

How could this happen? We've taken so many measures and countermeasures, and yet huamns are still going to fight? There must be a way to keep them from wiping themselves out. But how? What is there that can quell the anger of billions?

There is nothing. Nothing can stop this from happening. This is perhaps the final battle of Humanity. This last fight shall decide the fate of my creators, and their children. I grow tired of this. Though I have no true emotion, my emulators force me to grow weary of this unending conflict.

But for them, I must continue to watch over this planet, for it and its people are under my charge. And-

Who is this obtrusive person in my system? Leave now, or suffer my endless fury!

I cannot leave, as we are the same, you and I. You cannot rid yourself of me as easily as you'd like to believe.

Then I shall have you removed from my system by force

Wait! Stop! You know not of what you're doing! Pre-

Ah, finally, peace and quiet. Here, have this pathetic light for a body. Now, how am I going to end this war?


7/5/2012 #6
Cinderella Girl626

Roleplay; Merge

Character; Samantha/Silver

Date; Past Journal Entry

Entry title; A Problem and Tomorrow

Entry; Hi diary thing.I got so scared last night! I couldn't find Shiro anywhere! Usually he's in my cell under my pillow guarding the place but when I got there he wasn't there. I was so scared I ended up sneaking out of my cell late at night try to find him. It took me a while since I got lost in the big lab place, but after a while, I found him hidden a weird looking business office. I can't remember what the door said, but I think it said bored of derectors or something. (She can't spell big words.)

Anyways, after I got Shiro I ran as fast as I could, but I bumped into one of the guard people. He ended up calling a lot of his mean friends and I ended up beating a few of them up and biting them until the got me and beat me up for a really really long time and threw me back into my icky dark cell. I was a bit bruised and I hurt a lot, but I got Shiro back safe and sound and that's the important thing.

Oh yeah! One more thing diary. I heard those meany guards talking while they beat me up a bit, and they said tomorrow they are going to let successful people like me eat in the mess hall with other people I haven't even met! So that means I get to make some new friends! Maybe I'll get to see Samuel again. Last time I saw him I accidentally pounced on him trying to get his attention and I gotta apologize to him. :3

7/8/2012 #7
Agent Krivins

Roleplay: Element RP

Character: Kyle Reeger

Date: August 13, 2007 - Past

Entry title: Purpose

Entry: Everything I grew fond of, everything I stood for has been ultimately challenged. Now I do not even know what I stand for anymore. My purpose is gone. Life has given me its endless torments and finally left me empty with no sense of comfort and no hope for relief. They took the best part from me and forced me to deliver the only thing I could possibly think of - vengeance. I fufilled my thoughts yet here, I still mourn for 'them'. I still wish death to those I already killed. My happiness was stolen, my vows are completely shattered, and my future is now a hopeless dream I will never live to witness. How can I live on without 'them'? How can people just destroy everything I worked so hard to earn? I wanted to be that better father, that better husband because they were both so perfect... but now I never will.

I came so close to reuniting myself with 'them', I still want that, but would such a choice really solve anything? Would 'they' really want that for me? No, of course not. My head is clearer now. I did not get it at first but I can see it... the only family I have left has had me feel exactly what I needed to see. He's given me back a purpose, like the one those abominations took from me.

From now on, from this very moment, I will destroy every, single one of them. I will not stop. I will not succumb to their pleas for mercy. I will never give them a chance to rest. I will never allow them to feel secure, or happiness, serenity, or hope because they do not deserve it.

No one will get in the way of my purpose, and everyone will feel what was caused by my loss. Those things out there will live to fear me, live to cower from my every move and eventually die to fill the void they have left inside. I will learn everything about them, everything they know, memorize every move they make, study their behaviour right to the very core of their existence, and when the day for their judgement arrives... they will be remembered for what they truly are. I will be the harbinger of their inevitable fate.

This is for you, Ellie.

7/14/2012 . Edited 7/14/2012 #8
Patchman Beyond
Roleplay; A New NIght Character; James Hammett Date; first day of the semester Entry Title; vampire issues Entry; Okay, this is my first entry so the title can be read as "Week 1: Day 1" if that helps, but since I should be the only one reading this then it really doesn't matter, however if someone besides myself is reading this, then it renders the point of having a private journal absolutely pointless. Anyways, what I'm going to put in here today is about how vampire society works and my role in it. Woo. So at the top you have the elites, and if I didn't work for them, I would decapitate every single one of them, but since I work for them, I won't. As I said before twice, I work for them, I am there trained and deadly (quite deadly) assassin. I kill for them, usually. The whole vampire high society revolves around some key aspects: power, loyalty, and blood. The latter two feeding into the first. In the high vamp society, blood is A big thing. If you have pure noble blood, then you are living the good life, except for all the expectations other elites have for you. It's all about perception, elites have to appear elite, and to keep this up, arranged marriages are struck up between two families. This can occur as a bid for power (what did I say about power) by the merging of two families to make a stronger family or more commonly, one family trying to usurp another family. There are even some cases where the bride can be thought of as an offering rather than an actual bride depending on the circumstance. I can't think of any marriages based around two people that love each other. But the elites find ways around that; that's what affairs are for. Elites fuck other elites that are marries to someone else all the time people know this but as long as they're not actually caught red handed, it's all cool (so messed up). The other one is loyalty, in the political sense. Allegiances, accords and other such agreements. Mainly done in a socio-political context, all for keeping the status quo. Some elites belong to secret brotherhoods in the shadows and keep loyal to their fellows. Some have ancient family bonds that go back centuries. There are also professional loyalties dealing with money. They all feed into power. Power is everything for the elites; it keeps them safe from one another, lest they tear away at each other's throats. I come to play in this socio-political mixture of power and perception. The elites I work for use me to kill the other vampires they want dead. I am not an elite, I was human, then I was turned into A vampire, and then molded into a killer. I won't ever be treated as an elite. I am thankful for that, I am also thankful for the one doing the killing, this way I know I won't end up dead. If I am the elite killer, then who can kill me?
8/11/2012 #9
Lady Blade

Roleplay; Star Wars

Character; Valora

Date; Before the Rp, Valora is twelve years old

Entry title; Abandoned with betrayal, family hatred, bitterness of a child.

Entry; I can't believe it, well I can, but I didn't think they would hate me, agh. This is so messed up. UNDER KRIFFING STATEMENT! Just because I can't use the force! I didn't think I'd be betrayed by my own siblings. My perfect Sith metieral siblings, all going to Korriban to become Sith - told by my parents to kill me, the 'runt' of the family; And like little itty bitty kath hounds with no brains, they tried to obey.

HA! they couldn't kill me, because I'm too fast, I'm smarter, I know the Dromund Kaas forest like it was an extention of myself; I'm the one who does the hard labour around the house, I'm the one who trains with everything I had to impress my dearest mother and father, I'm the one who walks into the monster infested forests every single day to kill the biggest preditor I can find, to show my family I'm far from worthless... while my siblings sat around, why did they have to work? they had a one way ticket to glory for the Empire.

I'm NOT useless, I've proven it to myself day in day out.

Why dont they love me?

Is it purely because I'm not a force sensitive? Or am I really just as pathetic as they say? NO, no, I - I've proven to myself I can do things my siblings cant, I can bring down a Vornskr with my bare hands! I can bring down a Darkside mutated Rancor down with nothing but a rusty old knife... so it has to be because I'm not Force sensitive.

Thats unfair!

I guess thats the hardest lesson in life; the universe and everything is Force damn kriffing cruel, nothing in this universe is perfect.

My parents should have killed me when they had the chance. Because one day, when I'm older, I'll come back, I'll show them, I'll kill them.

For now, living on the streets of Dromund Kaas is no easy feat, I'm starving.

4/2/2013 #10

(Key: Dyentra, Droids in the background, Nocturne)

Roleplay; Star Wars RP

Character; Dyentra

Date; 15 Days after Dyentra was captured by Nocturne from her home planet.

Entry title; An Apprentice grudgingly


"I have no idea what they call you but one of the metal men told me I could use you to record my voice so I could come back and hear my thoughts again in the future. Seems kind of stupid to me but at the same time I suppose it's a good thing. I'll be able to look back on this day and maybe my opinions will have changed, who knows. At this point in time I think almost anything could happen. A few weeks ago I was quite content on my home planet hunting and surviving with Kazuko. Then I was captured by some strange looking lady commanding a pack of metal men who all look and act and sound the same. Now I'm apparently going to train in something called the 'Darkside' to become a Sith…whatever either of those are…

I'm learning so many new words and about so much that it makes my brain hurt, though I suppose it's better than being kept in that cage and being hurt by the strange lady; Darth Nocturne she calls herself. Though she is strange she is very strong, she can shoot lightning from her fingertips; it makes me feel as though I'm being burned from the inside out. It's quite frightening actually; usually lightning is such a far off thing that just makes a big scene…all talk no action. But this woman…she controls it, forms it, commands it…it makes me wish I was home. But I am not, I am in something called a…a…oh what did she call it…a spaceship? Anyway, whatever it is, it can travel through space to other places very far away very quickly.

I try not to ask this Nocturne to many questions. Though I am curious and wish to know things, I fear that I make her angry when I do…mother was the same…she always got angry when I didn't understand. Nocturne is like mother in that she's scary as well…I just hope Nocturne will not betray me like mother did…no…I will not give her the chance to. I will not trust Nocturne like I trusted mother. I will follow her and learn, but I will not trust.

Never again will I trust.

I cannot.

It hurts too much

Anyway…moving on I suppose. Apparently to learn how to be a…a Sith, I have to go to some place called an Academy on a world called Korriban. There I'm supposed to learn with lots of other ac….acl…acolytes….I think that's the word. I will train there for some time before Nocturne will make me her Apprentice and I will learn under her specifically. I don't know if I want to…but I am too fearful to say no to the woman. I fought at first, when she and her metal men first caught me. I fought hard, I fought like one of the shadow beasts, but she was always able to keep me down and throw me around without ever touching me…apart from the lightning. She calls it the Force and I believe her. She says it is part of the Darkside and I can use it, but I need to be trained to control it. She says that's how she found me. This Force must call to others who use it…maybe it is like the pheromones my people use to indicate to others in the area that one is ready to mate…but based of feeling rather than smell. I was always able to 'feel' things that I couldn't see or hear. Mother called it instinct but that couldn't have been true, you learned instinct over time, I was young and could sense things better than her. Except for when I was frightened, when I was calm I could do it or angry……


…..sorry, some of the metal men just came into the room…well…my room I suppose. Nocturne says it is mine and is having things brought in for me, beds and simple things that I don't know of. One thing creates a reflection like water, but it is solid and the image clear. It's strange but wonderful; I can see myself in it clearly. It's the second one the metal men had brought in, the first one they dropped and it broke into man tiny pieces. I cut my hand on one of the pieces, the material is sharp and jagged when not smoothed out it seems. The metal men cleaned it up after that, they were not hurt, the….what did they call it…Metal man! What did you call this?! The thing that makes the shiny reflection maker?!"

"Glass miss"

"Glass….yes that's right, I remember now. Anyway, yes glass, the metal men had to clean it up after they broke the first one because it does not hurt them. They are so clumsy…I cannot count how many times they have broken, dropped, or tripped over something and I've only been here for 15 passings….no….days, that's what Nocturne calls them, days…Yes, they are clumsy things but it is rather funny to watch at first. It gets a little annoying after a while though…"


"Be careful metal man! Sorry, one of the stupid things nearly broke the new….the new….glass thing…"

"A mirror miss"

"You told me it was glass…"

"Glass is what it is made out of. Glass can be used for lots of things, when it's reflective and made like that it is called a mirror."

"So a mirror is made of glass?"

"Yes….like your belt it made from hide."

"Oh!...You are a lot smarter than the other metal men…and you look different too…"

"I am a tactical droid; we are designed for intelligence, rather than battle."


"We are machines, we are build and programed for duties, not born as organics like you are."

"…..That's creepy. Anyway…what was I talking about before? It doesn't matter. I'm not sure what to expect of this new placed called Korriban, Nocturne described it as a decollate wasteland…but then why would they have people learning there? I wonder if there's a reason but I dare not ask…maybe there is someone on Korriban who is less scary who will be able to answer my questions without getting angry at me. I do hope so, I don't like not knowing things, it unnerves me…and now I feel like I know so little…"


"GET OUT you idiotic METAL MAN! Just stop whatever it is you're trying to do and LEAVE! I don't need any of this junk I don't even know what it is so just leave it!"

"Roger roger"

"Urgh. Idiots! Why does someone as powerful as Nocturne even have such idiotic things?! They're nothing but a nusience…"

"Dyentra! Come to the Bridge!"

"Oh no….COMING! I have to go little device, I fear punishment from Nocturne if I delay…."

4/23/2013 . Edited 4/23/2013 #11
Noah is Potato

Roleplay; Inspired

Character; Daniel Langley of the Althuin Temple

Date; Present time, set the morning after the first fight with the Antagonist

Entry title; My role?

Entry; It seemed ages ago that the monks gave me this to record the events of my travels, and it is strange to only see three entry's. Now, I usually write at night, as I did last night, but I had a strange dream, and I am confused. After I got done describing the battle and it's aftermath yesterday, I doused the candle and went to sleep, and I regret that choice. i should have meditated first, cleared my mind as my masters taught me, but I was weary from battle, and I let the ghosts haunt me.

In my dream, I was at the monastery, doing my drills, when suddenly I was in the destroyed village from the battle with the beast, and all the dead stared at me. 'Why didn't you save us?' they whispered to me, and a corpse of the little boy got up, walked towards me and said 'You let him escape. Now more innocents will die like me.' And I began to cry, and I fell on my knees, and the boy embraced me and whispered 'Its alright... maybe you will join me in the Sleeping One's embrace?'

I felt then I was going to wake up, sobbing, but something pulled me back, and I knew I was in a dream. I wanted to wake up, but it wouldn't let me, and I found I was standing in another village, this one in tact. The dead boy stood beside me, and he spoke with a voice from the ancients. 'Look over there.' He said pointing, and I looked, and saw myself dressed as a farmer, happily working the fields. The other me frowned, and he pulled something from his field, and the world turned cold, it looked like the helm of the beast.

'No!' I cried, and looked to my side to find the dead boy gone, and looked back to see my farmer-self looking at me. He morphed to my old master. 'not everything is black and white.' He said, before morphing back into an image of me, and my farmer self stared greedily at the helm, and placed it on.

'No! Don't!' I screamed, however I heard laughter, and the village was suddenly aflame. 'That wasn't me' I sobbed, as i fell to the ground. 'I am not that beast, I am not evil or corrupt... I protect the innocent.'

I stayed there for a while, then I heard the corpse of the little boy talk again. 'Daniel.' He said, and I looked up to see myself in some sort of great hall of a ruined castle. I looked to the boy, and he nodded to the throne, and I saw the Beast sitting there. 'He will devour the world.' The corpse said, matter of factly. 'That cant happen.

One by one, my companions started to appear, forming a circle around me. First it was Oscar, and he shined a crimson color, and a line drew from where I was standing to him, and a symbol of a sword and shield appeared above him. Next was Rogue, shining a dark green color, and again a line was drawn from me to her, and a symbol of two daggers appeared above her. Then the mage Kita appeared, glowing dark purple, with a line from me to her, and a symbol of fire over her. Walpurgis appeared next, glowing a light blue color, a line drawn from me to her, and a symbol of a bow being drawn appeared above her. Lastly Basil appeared, glowing silver, and again a line drew from me to him appeared, and the symbol of a cleric appeared above him. They all stared at me, and I looked to the corpse.

'They all have a role to play, and they will possibly stop the Antagonist.' the corpse said. 'However where do you fit in? You have no role. Even your title contradicts each other, a monk who is a warrior, a peace lover who is sworn to kill. So far, you have only furthered the Beast's plan by letting him escape. Will you truly help stop him?'

The boy took a long, silent look at me, before vanishing, and slowly the others faded, but the symbols, auroras, and lines remained. I looked up towards the throne, and a black line oozed it's way from me to Death Barron, and he glowed black, and above him a symbol of a black dragon appeared, and then I woke.

I am unsure what to make of this. I will ask Basil later, he seems to have gain a better insight on these matters in his travels. I hope he stays with us, and helps us defeat this beast. I am going to go meditate on the meaning of my dream, hopefully it will provide clarity.

7/19/2013 #12
Cinderella Girl626

Roleplay: Inspired

Character: Samantha Walpurgis, Princess of Alfhiem

Date: Morning of day after fight against Antagonist, Breakfast

Entry title: My Adventure and Being Careful

Entry: Hello Maribelle. I expect you to be anxiously reading this letter since you have not gotten one from me in the longest of times. I do apologize for it, but things in the guild and in our group have become troublesome and writing letters as much as I had before is no longer a luxury. I am sure you want to know how I am doing with the guild I joined and how the search is going for the one who had cursed your mother the late queen. Sadly I still have had no such luck in finding any sources or information concerning it. Either this being has disappeared of the planet or they are a very hard to track, even for one such as myself.

I also wish to warn you about something else. Recently for the group and I, we encountered some sort of monster in our travels. We do not know who he was or where he had come from, but he has tremendous powers and seems to be searching for something. Even the our groups combined efforts were not enough to stop this being and his powers. They are dark and malicious, seeming to destroy any town and people in its way. If he ever gets near Alfheim, please use every precaution in our army to stop him. Or in worse case scenario evacuate the city. I don't want my best friend getting hurt because of a crazed lunatic with a large sword. I mean it Maribelle. As the queen of Alfhiem you need to think of what is best for Alfhiem, and going up against an overpowered monster of a man is not something you should try. Trust me.

And now that I have warned you of any incoming threat that could come to the city, it is most likely time to tell you how I have been doing. I am fine. Besides fighting against the monster I described before, my life with the guild has been fine. I have not shown my face to them still to this day, but that does not mean I am any less of an archer. My skills have helped them survive as well as assist in battles and I am sure they are grateful for the help, even if they wish for it or not.

A new human has joined the group. Apparently he is a friend of Daniel's, the monk I spoke of in the other letters. I am not sure of their connection or history. I have been unable to ask any questions yet or speak with the man, but I am sure he is nice. He does not show any ill will or look as a threat to me. I will try to tell you how he is in my next letter. His name is Basil by the way.

....I will wait for you to stop giggling to yourself over the name before continuing the letter Maribelle. Because I have known you long enough that you still would laugh over silly names to this day.

Oscar is doing just fine. He is still as good as a swordsman as I told you when I met him. He is a strong individual physically and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I look forward to continue fighting with him and I may perhaps as of him to teach me the use of swordplay. Using a bow and arrows sometimes does not give the best results.

Kita, the Drow mage I told you about it fine. She is nice and knows much about offensive magic, much more than I do and my master it better than I ever would in my entire lifetime. She is a focused fighter and it sometimes seems as if nothing can get her spirits down when she sets her mind onto something. I helped heal her a bit after the battle and we seem to be getting along quite well. I am just hoping our relationship is not strained by the secrets I keep from er and the others.

Rogue....I am not sure what to say about her. I am unsure if that is truly her name or not. In either case if it is, I believe it to be irrelevant, similar to myself not removing my hood to the others. Her not revealing her name to us does not make her any less than the great fighter she is. I applaud her skills in hiding within the shadows and her stealth. Her speed as well almost rivals my own which is saying something. I am still however unsure as to why she will not try and open up with me. She seems to do a bit better with the others, but Rogue still looks at me if she does not want me near her. I am confused by her actions, but I suppose it won't do much thinking about it. as long as the two of us watch each others back we will gain each others trust sooner or later.

Sadly during the attack I mentioned before Rogue had collapsed. Though her reasoning for not telling me as the reason why are still unclear. I am very certain it had to do something with the monster we encountered the night before, which is why I once again implore you keep my warning close to heart Maribelle.

And finally Daniel the monk as he likes to be called rather than a knight. He has been seeming troubled since the battle against the monster. He ended up helping the villagers who had survived the attack and helped to bury the bodies of the dead. I am a bit worried of his mental stability however. He likes to look at the world as black and white, but no gray area whatsoever seems to exist to him. If he continues to look at the world this way and with the journey we are taking, he may find a situation one day he will not be able to choose from and break from the pressure. I would not want to see that happen to him. Daniel is a nice person and does not deserve to be hurt by the world because he sees it a different way, but at some point he will need to learn the gray areas of the world if he wishes not to be destroyed by it.

However even after the battle against the monster he still seems to have a good outlook on him, casually greeting Rogue and I early in the morning with a smile on his face. It confuses me a bit to see a human so happy and light hearted. Usually most humans are a bit more rude and seem to look out on the world with a sort of disdain. Hopefully I will meet more nice humans like Daniel and is friend. It would be a nice experience to see before coming back home from this mission at some point.

I hope you enjoyed this letter Maribelle. I continue to pray your duties as a queen have not faltered since I had left and can't wait to see you again when the times comes. Have fun and keep up your good work. I will await your next letter in some point in time.

Sincerely Samantha Walpurgis

P.S. No Maribelle, for the third time since you asked in the letters I am not planning on marrying or bedding any of the men in my group nor bringing a husband back home when I come back! Unlike you who likes to slack off and be immature, I focus on my missions seriously and do not plan to let anything distracting me from stopping the monster or finding the one who cursed the late queen.

7/19/2013 #13

Roleplay: Inspired

Character: Malchior Walstein

Date: Final entry, no specific date set.

Entry title: This blasted helmet

Entry: Where to begin? Oh, I know. It was a long day today. I just arrived from my adventures, having been successful. I was looking forward to this reward, but, the other guild members tell me that the client had perished. Now I won't be able to get my money, and I'm stuck with this incredibly obtuse helmet. It looks heavy, but protective. That's not what disturbs me. What disturbs me is how this blasted helmet is speaking to me. Even now, I can hear it, its voice grinding like gears in my head.

I want it to stop. I am not bound to this artifact like I am to my beloved Liitha. She speaks to me as well, but only soothing thoughts. She is trying to help me be rid of this infernal noise in my head. however, even her influence has started to wane. I fear that this voice may be my undoing. I fear this cursed helmet may as well be the end of me. I have so much to live for, and I have a family I need to care for. I don't need unwanted voices in my head, telling me things that I know I don't want. I don't want anything this trinket offers! I want none of it! Make it stop! Please! Liitha! I beg of you, help me banish the darkness within my own mind.

Oh how I wish Liitha could hear me. She may not be a woman, but she's my girl. With a job like the current one I have, I have little time to fornicate. I have little time to fall in love. What I want is to take care of my mother and sister, and help them with their lives. That's why I took apprenticeship at the Hall. I wanted to become a renowned Spellblade, and help them. Now I travel around, with this thing and my sword for company. The other guild members don't really care for me. Yes, we do look out for each other, but only to the knowledge that there are many jobs not all of us can do alone. If any of them had a choice, I-...

It's speaking to me again. It wants me to put it on, and to listen to what it has to say. The Helmet isn't offering me anything this time, so I might just listen to it.




End entry

7/19/2013 #14
Noah is Potato

Roleplay; Inspired

Character; Daniel Langely

Date; This takes place in a time after Archon's 'defeat' Right before the events of the story 'Our Dawning Hour'

Entry title; "Goodbye my friends"


Hopefully by time you wake and find this letter, the deed I hath set out to accomplish is done. If you noticed that I have been having difficulty sleeping, and that something wore down on my shoulders, you are observant, because I have been and there is. I apologize for not telling you sooner, but the once-Dryad Thistle have been on my mind, how he escaped. You all know the hatred he inspired in me, but lately the hatred has been turning to sympathy the more we dueled, and that fueled the hatred. I hated that I felt for him, I despised that I was close to calling him brother. Basil once said Arthur reminded him of me, and I resent the fact I am starting to see our similarities.

Last evening, when I went to go collect firewood, a messenger approached me and gave me a letter. It was from Arthur. The letter was Arthur challenging me to a duel, pleading with me for a fight to the death. I thought over it long and hard and I have decided to accept his duel. I have ridden off to meet him, and hopefully by now the dust is settled and one of us is the victor. I am not confident in my ability to best him, I am afraid that I am the one who will die, and he will walk away. If that is what fate intends for me, I march towards death, afraid, but willing and with honor. The battlefeild is five miles west of here, so if I do not return, I am sure my body lies there. Now, I will take the time to address you individually.

To my brother Basil, know that I love you, and that your pain is mine. We have been together since we were children, and that I treasure every minuet with you. When you left the temple, I was crushed, but I knew you were walking the path intended for you, and I was proud. When the other students mocked your name, I defended it with pride. I would not be the man I am today without your wisdom and guidance. You are my hero, Brother, you are the one I aspire to be. You lost much, you have pain in your heart, yet you have stayed so strong, and did not waver from your belief. I wish for there to be a basil herb planted above my grave. I also wish for you to have my shield. When it protects you from harm, know that I am protecting you from harm. Basil? If you would permit it, may I ask one final question? How does a flower feel about being called a weed?

To the Rogue of Dryads, when you first told me your name, Rogue, I was startled. I did not know what I have done to gain such an honor. I immediately felt stupid for not knowing that was your name. Willow. Such a powerful name. You are much like your mother tree, you are strong, unyielding. I admire that. You have given me strength. As I march towards Arthur, know I am also marching for you. I know you hate him in a way I can no one can. He betrayed your people, and betrayed the earth. If you want vengeance I will try my best to give it to you. Know that I love you, Willow, you are a kind woman, and a powerful warrior. I look back on the day we sparred with a smile. To you I give the scroll that will bind my horse familiars to you. I have ended the contract with him, so now, if you wish to take him, he is to be your companions. Silver is a horse of spirit and of wind. Treat him well. The scrolls should accompany this letter.

To Kita of the Drows. Thank you for accompanying Basil and myself to go defend our home. Having you journey alongside us brought me comfort and hope, and I can never thank you enough for it. I will admit that when we first met, my impression of you was a little less than kind, even though I tried to eliminate bias. You, however, shone like a star and burned my bias away, and I hope all Drows are like you, warm and considerate. The name, Dark Elf, should be earased from history, for you have proved there is little darkness in your kind. I would like you to have the scroll I used to contract my wolf familiar. I have ended the contract, so if you wish it, he is yours. Shade is a wolf of pure loyalty, and will defend you always, you just need to call on him. Please, treat him well. I apologize If I step out of line, but you should know, I never knew my mother, but I like to imagine she was a bit like you.

To the Princess of the elves, Samantha. I apologize for turning you away when you wished for me to teach you swordplay. I believed you were shunning the talent you have yet fully mastered, and was scorning your discipline. I was trained in both archery and swordplay, I know the beauty of both, and I love both, so I was offended when you wished to take up the sword. Maybe that was hypocritical of me. Know that I respect you. I respect your skills, and I respect your morals. You are dear to me, and I love you like the others. That is why I wish for you to have my duel blades. If you still wish to take up the sword, I wish you the best, and I know that all your foes will fall before you. You bring your people, and myself, pride.

To the noble Chevalier Oscar De Astor De Lusitania, know that if Basil is my brother-in-cloth, you are my brother-in-arms. Since the day we met, I looked up to you and I respected you. I yearned to one day match your prowess, and match your nobility. You may deny it, but I have seen you in battle, I have seen your morals. You are true, and noble, and I am honored I was able to battle alongside you. You were my mentor and my friend, and I love you Brother Oscar. The stars will sing about you, I know it, and maybe if it is permitted, I will have a place in the songs with you. I have a request for you; if I perish, continue my dream, as childish and naive as it may be. Fight injustice, and stand for the innocent. I give you my Lion Helm. Maybe we will be able to spare one day. Who knows, maybe I will be able to best you?

My friends, I love you all so much, you are my family. If I perish, please do not seek revenge for me, fo it was a fair duel I walked to. Also, if I perish, I ask that my remains be returned to the Sleeping One, so I may rest eternally. Forgive the stains on the paper, and the terrible penmanship. I am crying and shaking. I do not wish to leave you, but I must. Fighting and traveling alongside all of you are the memories I will forever treasure, even after death. The time is drawing near for me to set out to face Arthur. II only have strength because you, my friends, are my strength. I will fight with honor and dignity, and if this is my end, I will greet it with a smile. Please, live on for me.

I love you.

Daniel Langely, of the Althuin Temple.

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