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Dragon Heart

A long time ago Dragons had dominion over the Earth and roamed freely until humans emerged and started to multiply. Among these humans were people who could tap into the magic of the Earth, they called themselves mages. The dragons tried to live peacefully among the humans but it wasn't long before fear spread that the dragons were much too powerful for co-existance. The mages and humans started banding together and killing off the dragons until it seemed none remained. Dragons, seeing that their race was dying, actually decided to take the guise of humans. That way they could live among the humans unknowingly. Time passed and dragons became the thing of fairy tales, human civilization thrived and grew. The Mages themselves formed their own society but decided it was better for regular humans to believe they were non existant in case the same fear humans had of dragons plagued them. So they kept their abilities a secret.

Draco, the wyvern of the black dragons thought humans beneath him and refused to demean himself by turning into the human form. He created what is known among the Wyre as the dark days, a war that almost brought their kind to extinction. Most of the war was supposed to be secret(only faught between the dragons) but it became apparant to the mages that the dragons still lived and they were brought into the battle as well while still trying to keep it secret from the other humans. The Wyvern of the Silver dragon's was the first to rise against Draco. Both sides rallying the other Septs to join their side which caused a fissure among the Wyre.

There were those who were in the Black dragon Sept who did not agree with the Black wyvern, including his best friend Baltic and Draco's mate Clydine. Both formed a plan to stop the war, they were going to bring together the five pieces of the dragon heart.

It is said that the dragon heart was once the real heart of the very first dragon-father to all dragons who sacrificed himself to create all others turning his heart to crystal. The Dragon heart holds great power and because of this the heart was shattered into five pieces. The first leaders of each dragon Sept took a piece so that the power was divided. Their goal was that all of the Septs had to work together.

Going behind Draco's back, Clydine brought together the Dragon heart and upon doing so the great light dragon appeared and asked what was needed of him. Clydine explained the situation but for the light dragon to go through the request, a sacrifice had to be given. Clydine not wanting the war to continue, sacrificed herself for the good of the Wyre. In doing so Draco was banished to a prison and with out him the war ended and the dark days drifted into the recesses of the dragon's memory. The pieces of the heart were once again seperated but despite the dark days being over there was still a battle being waged between the mages and the dragons. Dragons don't really want to fight but they defend themselves from the mages that try to hunt them.

The first rule of the wyre is to stay in human form for protection, such has been the decree since the end of the dark days. In doing so it is harder for the mages to hunt them. Everything had been going fairly well until the last Sarkany, a gathering of the dragon council. It was revealed that the pieces of the dragon heart have been coming up missing and the prison that Draco once occupied is now empty. Three pieces are gone, the piece of the Blue dragons, the piece held by the red dragons and the piece from the green dragons. The only two remaining pieces are held by the black dragons and the silver dragons. Who are still at odds because of what happened in the past. Now they must all work together to figure out what is happening and find a way to stop it.

Alright, now that we have the story lets move on to what everything is:

Wyre-Is what they call their entire species.

Sept-A Sept is a certain type of dragon and there are 5 Septs:

Red-The red dragons are fierce warriors, and masters of all combat arts. They believe might makes right, and lack diplomatic skills and abilities that come naturally to other septs. They have little tolerance for fools or weaknesses, and have a history of periodically purging their sept of members who don't meet their high standards. They are bold and confident, unquestioning in their loyalties to their sept, and do not hesitate to challenge anyone who stands in their path.

Blue-The blue dragons are best known for two specific abilities–tracking, and telepathy. Possessors of strong social skills, they are skilled in the art of manipulation, and are renowned negotiators. They also have a keen grasp of mortal psychology, and as such, have done extremely well in businesses in the mortal world. They prefer distance fighting to hand-to-hand combat, and are fascinated with technology of any sort.

Black-Although dragons, as a rule, do not exhibit many abilities related to various forms of magic, the black dragons have an almost uncanny ability to do that which other septs can't: they wield a particular form of elemental magic based on their natural element, energy.

They can transform the energy they gather from the relationship between living things surrounding them, and translate it into particularly effective spells. They are also experts at deception and hiding, which is why they are seldom found if they desire to remain hidden from the prying eyes of other dragons. That ability extends to objects, which can leave their lairs and items of value extremely difficult to locate.

They are also very resilient, and although they can be killed, their ability to pull energy from their surrounding allows them to survive where other dragons would not. There is a rumor that their essence turns to pure energy when they succumb to a fatal blow.

Silver-The silver dragons are renowned healers, and as such, are very much in demand in both the mortal and Otherworld. Some silver dragons also have empathic abilities, a trait that has been exploited by other septs. They have a particular affinity with nature, and many spend time with earthier beings such as wood sprites, elves, and sylphs. They are cautious and careful in battle and politics, and while they hold honor and loyalty to be among their most valued traits, they are formidable in their revenge if you cross them.

Green-The green dragons are thieves, and as such, are very adept at getting in and out of close quarters, smuggling, and upon occasion, shape-shifting. They have a natural skill with puzzles and locks, and although they are amongst the most feared fighters in the dragon world, their strengths lie in close-quarter improvised battle rather than involved strategizing.

Wyvern- A wyvern is the head of the Sept, he/she is the one who makes most of the decisions and is the member of the dragon council. The Wyvern is also usually the strongest member.







Now every dragon has a mate or a potential mate they might have not found yet. Usually, dragons pick their mates from the same sept as them, I.E: black dragon with another black dragon. but that is not always the case. You can either be a dragon or mage but you can not be all powerful. Dragons are stronger then mages but they are not invincible and can be killed. There can be only one Wyvern to every Sept, and you have to have a pretty good profile to become a Wyvern. Also Dragons are considered immortal, so they live a very long time but as mentioned they can be killed. Mages live longer then regular humans because of magic but they are not considered immortal.


1)Jumpy's rules are pretty specific, so just follow them.

Now onto Character Profiles





Dragon or mage:(If Dragon what Sept and tell us if you choose to be a Wyvern or not)


Powers(remember dragons can use fire, mages can weave spells and such, but neither have infinite power):

Detailed Bio:


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Gryphon's Wrath

(Brief question. What time period did you envision this in? Rennaisance, American Revolution, Civil War, etcetera?

Great RP idea btw)

7/7/2012 #2

(Hey thanks, For this Rp more modern day. I made a previous thread like this but I figured since certain people weren't here anymore I would start over. I also added more to what type of dragons the different septs are.)

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(May I please take back back blue wyvern?)

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(Yes of course Jumpy, I would just incorporate the new powers or personality quirks : ) )

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Sage of the White Sands
((Red Sept?))
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Hikari no Kishi

(Can't use my old character, she's not Green material XD. May I claim the 'future' Green Wyvern please, one who is strongly considered for the job?)

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(Alright, you both can have them. That leaves silver and black. I really want the Silver sept wyvern but I don't know, I just might make regular dragons instead. We'll see since two other people wanted to join as well. Or maybe I'll create another sept or two, although they won't have a crystal shard we could work something out.)

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((I have the perfect dragon to be the Black Wyvern, if you will allow it, Kiki. Jumpy knows who I'm talking about)

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The Strongest Nine

(Was better the first time... Fucking internet)

Name: Damocles Werklaus

Age: 17

Appearance: Damocles stands at roughly 5'9 with a build considered slightly above the average norm for the standard human being, for the type of mage he is the build he's in possession of is considered to be a bit bellow average. His face is usually void of any emotion that may give him away, from the look of it it's almost as if military discipline is all that is evident, stands up straight, and doesn't react in an offensive manner until provoked. Damocles' black hair is cut extremely short so that it stays out of his silver lined blue eyes.

Damocles tends to wear three different types of outfits, one of which is entirely composed of magic and will be listed under powers. The other two consist of a set of 'standard' civilian clothes of different types designed to fit in with the humans likely to destroy him. And the second set is a gray-green set of mage battle-robes, complete with hood, boots, and gloves. (I'll probably doodle up the robes at some point when bored... Posting it is a different story entirely)

Personality: Damocles seems to be duty bound while at the same time bearing a bit of a rebellious nature inside of himself, probably due to being at the age of 17 and never having actually lived his life the way he had wanted to. Though he does not despise his mage family he would still rather be as far away as possible from them. Though Damocles follows orders to the end he sometimes feels that they're pulling him from the path he was intended to walk on. In the end he's just a kid that would rather not be stuck withe responsibility of dragon slaying as well as keeping his life hidden from any friends he may make.

Dragon or mage: Mage

Weapons: There are three weapons that Damocles is capable of wielding, though technically one is more a defensive piece of armor designed for specifically fighting dragons. He wields for one his battle staff, the means of channeling his power into an offensive spell, the top of the staff appears to be a circle with odd symbols going through it while the actual staff is built of an enchanted black wood. The other offensive weapon he uses is a sword made from the scales of a dragon slain centuries before by an accomplished dragon slayer from a human bloodline. The final weapon is a shield with the visage of a dragon attached with the use of a blacksmith's skill, the visage is highly magical, an artifact almost, the shield is used to absorb the fire of a dragon, instead of failing to block and melting like other shields it actually gathers power from the fire and then becomes able to channel that power into an attack of it's own (Just a ball of compressed dragon fire).

Powers: Damocles has a few spells that he uses, though the majority are mainly designed to be used as defensive considering that fighting a dragon is quite life threatening. The main spell covers the man's body in what could only be seen as armor, the magic solidifies into an alloy of sorts. The spell consumes quite a bit of magical power in order to use so it can only be casted once a day without the assistance from outside influence, the other of course is to cover his sword in a layer of magic so that it has an easier time cutting through objects, this spell is easier to perform so can be cast twice alongside the armor, without the armor it can be casted 6 times a day. The final spell is completely offensive, with the use of his battle staff Damocles summons forth a great destructive force from the tundra, a blast of magic capable of freezing a human being where they stand completely in a block of ice, since he does not specialize in this type of magic Damocles can only use it once a week.

Detailed Bio: Damocles was born into the original lineage of mages, his magical power at birth was rather good compared to the rest of his age group, always two steps above those of his age. Of course having a gifted mother and father would do that. Over the course of his life Damocles was forced to juggle his mage life with the life of an 'average' school boy so that they could keep the cover of being just a normal human extended family. For years he had been honing his magical skills as well as learning the art of the sword since his magical prowess sat in the combat magic section, actual spells were never really his forte.

His life was rather uneventful until the age of 10 when Damocles had decided to bring home a friend from his school, of course this was a major security threat to the entire mage bloodline... The boy disappeared and ever since his family had been desperately looking for him, had he known this would happen then the young Damocles wouldn't have done such a thing. At age 15 he had begun to develop powers that rivaled the strength of his father, a reason for his parents to be proud yet all he saw was a new skill, murder.

Present day he's a prodigy of the combat magics as well as taking his final year of school, as soon as he hits the age of 18 he plans to abandon his mage brothers and sisters at least for a while. His intent is to go on a pilgrimage in order to learn what to do, give himself time to think of a plan of action.

Other: ... I may have gotten carried away... Maybe... Maybe just... Maybe just a little... A little... Okay, yeah, I got carried away with it. (Just a bit)

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Name: Indenthria Mullova

Age: 643. In her human form she appears in her late 20s or very early 30s.


Human - Indenthria is a rather tall, willowy woman with delicate curves and long legs that give her a gliding walk and graceful posture. While she is shapely, Indenthria is not overly developed but is quite beautiful in a mystic and subtle kind of way. Her skin is fair and smooth, possessing no blemishes other than a rather large, nasty looking scar that runs down her right arm from shoulder to wrist which she keeps hidden. Her bright blue eyes her like sapphires, sparkling with life within the frames of her long, dark eye lashes. Her hair is such a dark shade of ebony black that is certain lights it appears to have blue tinges to the colour; it falls in loose waves to her elbows and curls into ringlets at the ends. Her hair falls mostly behind her shoulders though two strands fall to the front of them and her hair is pushed back from her face, usually by a head band of some kind. Indenthria has full lips that a pale pink in colour and are almost always set in a warm smile. She wears rather modest clothes of blue, black, brown and grey in colour and always with clothes that can cover her scar.

Dragon - Her human form is almost like a mirror of her true from. Indenthria is quite a large dragon (But the smallest of the Wyvern) though her limbs are long and slender with graceful curves and a thinner body frame that normal. Her scales match her eyes and are sapphire blue in colour, glistening in the light of the moon more than that of the sun. She is a 'four legged' dragon who -though can stand on her hind legs- spends most of her time on all fours. Her wings are large and bat-like, the membrane an almost transparent light blue and the wing span nearly double her body and tail length. She has two small horns that curve backwards and a set of sharp spines running down her neck, back and tail; these plus her claws and teeth are ivory in colour. Indenthria's beauty is somewhat spoiled by the jagged scar running from her shoulder to claw on her right forearm. The scales that grew over the scar are very weak and almost transparent, clearly showing the wound that the dragon had been inflicted with.

Personality: Indenthria is above all a king and caring dragon who wants nothing more than peace and prosperity for not only her race but the others as well, having been able to study and understand the minds of the humans and their innate desire for order. An optimist whenever possible, Indenthria always looks for a peaceful solution that will make everyone happy as she dislikes any form of conflict and will strongly negotiate any point she has until she out argues the person or simply wears them down by stating and rebuking any arguments they themselves have. Indenthria is very motherly towards her Sept, treating each dragon with care, concern and love; this quality makes her one of the most liked of the Wyvern among other Septs. Indenthria is very protective of her people and will show the much more violent side of her personality if those she cares for are hurt. Though she has enough patience for every dragon, mage and human on the planet, she does have a fierce temper than when aggravated is truly a frightening sight to see. While not empathetic, her ability to read minds allows her to understand people better, making it easier for her in battle and in arguments to predict and retaliate against what another is going to do or say.

Dragon or mage: Dragon - Wyvern of the Blue Sept

Weapons: Indenthria is not a big fan of weapons though she understands that she may require one to protect herself and her Sept. As such and due to curiosity of human technology, Indenthria carries with her at all times a simple but effect handgun, a Glock-17 to be precise. Easy to hide and use, it is not the ideal long distance weapon however it is more practical to carry around. She also carries with her a switchblade for emergencies.

Powers: Regular Dragon abilities; upped slightly by the fact that she is a Wyvern. Her fire is blue rather than red and as such is much hotter than regular fire. Like other dragon fire it cannot hurt other dragons, in fact it does quite the opposite. The blue fire that Indenthria breathes is able to energize other dragons and even heal very minor wounds. Her telepathy is the strongest of the Blue dragons, allowing her to enter the minds of people willingly and read their conscious thoughts. She cannot however enter the subconscious or see a person's memories unless they are consciously thinking of the memory in question. Her telepathy can be blocked by a strong mind, however those who are unaware of her abilities are less likely to be able to resist her. Her abilities to track go well beyond the simple sights, smells, and tracks left by something, Indenthria can actually see the energy left over by a person's presence. The longer time since the person has been in that area, the fainter the trail; each thing has a distinctive energy 'feel' and 'appearance' to it.

Detailed Bio: Indenthria was the only hatchling to the Wyvern before her and his mate Seraphina. Her father, Nikolantis, was one of the most powerful dragons of his time which had naturally made him the Wyvern of his Sept though the war and fighting with his fellow Wyvern of the Black Sept had left him weary and rather weak. Regardless, he still had time to care for both his Sept and the beautiful baby dragon that he had sired. Indenthria was brought up surrounded by love and care from her parents and other members of her Sept. From an early age it became apparent that she was going to be an extremely powerful dragon, out classing others both her age and older with ease. She learned quickly and with such an enthusiasm that was seemingly unable to be quelled. She practiced daily become skilled in her mental abilities, tracking, fire control and her ability to shift to a human form. Her life was rather sheltered though as she never left the caves she was brought up in until she was 54 years old.

Her first venture to the outside world was short but amazing to the dragon child, giving her endless questions that she wanted answers too. Her second, third and fourth ventures were longer but mostly uneventful. Her fifth journey introduced her first hand to the creatures called Mages and during the attack her mother was killed and Indenthria was left with a possibly life threatening injury. It was a miracle that her father arrived in time to drive off the Mages and bring his daughter back to the Sept to receive treatment. Distraught from the loss of his mate, stressed from the daily worry of looking after his daughter and still expected to look after his Sept, Nikolantis's health rapidly declined and it wasn't long before he passed away in his sleep. Weak and only just over a hundred years old, Indenthria became miserable and anti-social. She nursed her injury and wallowed in the self-pity of losing both parents for several years before she pulled out of what could have turned into depression.

Fueled by the fire to protect her Sept to prevent the same happening to other, Indenthria began to train again and -despite her injury- became stronger and stronger with every passing day. When she turned two hundred, Indenthria fought the Wyvern of her Sept and won, taking over without taking their life. Her kindness and determination made her Sept respect and love her as she treated each as a special individual and always did everything within her power to protect them. She never leaves others to do work for her even when her injury plays up and always puts others before herself. She was rather distraught when her piece of the Dragon's Heart was taken.

Among the humans, Indenthria studied in Psychology their universities and work part time as a Psychologist

Other: Indenthria's scar is her weakest point and every now and again it causes her pain and discomfort. It is the area most susceptible to attack as the nerves there are both sensitive and unprotected due to the weakness of the scars that cover the injury. This applies to both her human and dragon form -though of course her human form doesn't have scales :P

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(O.O Awesome characters. I made the rp and I don't think mine will be that good. LOL. Accepted. Chim go ahead and post your character So I can see : ) )

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Name: Endrigoth "Onyx" Kryul

Age: 973, but his human form appears no older than 28

Appearance: Human: Endrigoth's human frm is unique in its own way, but still blends in with the everyday crowd. He epresents a Pacific Islander, giving himself a tanned skin, and short black hair, and a swimmer's body. However, his eyes are different. His right eye is his normal eye color, and is a startling shade of bright green, However, his left eye is a different color. It is a dark shade of grey. A nearly fatal scar marrs his face. It travels from within his hairline, to just below his nose, over his eye.

He is usualy seen wearing business casual clothing. Anavy blue sports coat he wears over a white long sleeve button up. Matching navy blue pants cover his legs, and a set of black quarterrounds cover his feet. However, he can, and sometimes will, change his appearance completely.

His other well known attire is a sleeveless shirt, a pair of dark boot cut jeans, and boots, of whatever color he desires, whenever he desires

Dragon: Endrigoth's preferred form, and one of the largest amongst the Sept. He may be larger than normal, but there are plenty more, much larger than he. His scales are primarily Onyx in color. However, like the feather's of a crow, they change shades in the light. His eyes retain th same color, and markings. His scar reminds him of how vulnerable he can be, and he wears it proudly, unlike most ther dragons he's come to know.

Personailty: Endrigoth is calculating, above all else. He constantly tries to take in as much as he can, and tries to formulate a plan that gives him an advantage. He is commonly known as cold, angry, and hard headed,as wel as undoubtedly self-controlled. Very few have seen his anger, and even fewer have lived through it. In light of his ruthless anger, Endrigoths almost rarely lashes out, let alone first. He is protective, despite his reputation. He hids his 'weaker' emotions behind his 'stronger' ones.

There are a few dragons who know of his softer, caring side. Amongst them are his sister, and his mother, who helped guide him through much of his life. In them, he confides. Through them, he understands how the 'weaker' emotions can help someone, but will not accept the ideal for himself.

He is usally quiet, and of little words. Naturally, when he speaks, it is usually something of importance. He has been known to laugh, and to joke around, but not as much as he used to

Dragon or mage: Wyvern of the Black Sept

Weapons: Endrigoth prefers swordss and fists over the modern day firearms. However, as time went on, he found himself gravitating towards a pair of M1911 Colt Pistols.

Powers: Endrigoth's powers are different, and unusual, yet not unheard of. His most powerful attack is his fire breath. However, despite being a dragon, he finds little pleasure in using it all the time. But, as the rest of his powers, he practices with it daily. Because of how naturally powerful his fire breath is, it can only be used a total of four times a day.

He other means of attack delves into his energy manipulation. He gathers energy from around, and within him int his hands, forming a multi-colored orb. He 'throws' the orb at his opponent, which detonates on impact. However, the detonation is a side effect of the directed energy being released in a violent, small, and powrful explosion. Despite it being energy manipulation, he can only use this a number of times a day as well, and in either form.

His final ability is the suppressing/hiding/resurging of his energy signature. He keeps it quelled to the level of a normal human. He hides himself inside a tin, yet strong shell of his own energy, keeping him from being contacted by many unskilled dragons. If he needs to, he will pull the energy from objects around him, to keep him alive. So far, he has never found out how to do so, and doesn't know tht he even has such the ability

Detailed Bio: Endrigoth has a well known nickname, of Onyx, fr his Onyx colored scales. He remembers little of his father, and therefore, trusted his childhood in the hands and wings of his mother. He is the oldest child of three. Hie sister is the youngest of three. He had a brother, but he was lost in the same battle that nearly cost Endrigoth his own life.

As a child, Endrigoth was carefree, loving, and playful. He had two siblings t look after, and becasue of that, he grew up quickly. However, wen he was only seventy-ive, Endrigoth suffered a fate no dragon his age should have. In an excursion for food, and othr necesities, Endrigoth and hs brother were out of the lair, and well away from the grounds of the Sept. They were chasing a large prey that would feed them all for at least a week. However, the had strayed into Silver Dragon territory without knowing it. He and his brother were ambushed, by four large, and rather angry, Silver Dragons. Cornered, and far from home, Endrigoth and his brother did the one thing they could do; run.

They had both taken flight, and were only a few yards away from their pursuers. However, a blast of fire sent Endrigoth crashing to the earth. His broter hadn't seen him fall, an continued onwards, until he turned back, and saw Endrigoth in grave peril.

Defending himself, Endrigoth was able to mortally wound one Silver Dragon. However, he remembered very little as soon as he was slashed and tackled. His broher had come back to save him, at the cost of his own life. Upon hearing more dragons, not of their Sept, the four Silver Dragons fled as best they could, leaving a scarred Endrigoth, and a dead Azurohc.

Upon his return home, Endrigoth hardened emotionally, and mentally. And despite being Wyvern Now, he had to fight his way to become it.

He was ridiculed for his scar, as most dragons hid theirs. But his strength, tenacity, and anger made him respected. He did not become Wyvern until he was 452, having spent years of honing his skills, and growing resentful for how the current Wyvernwas simply lounging around, and not taking charge, using te title as a means for free everythings.

It was a long, drawn out, tiresome battle that lasted three days sixteen hours. Fnally, spent on his energy, save for one last Fire Breath, Endrigoth killed his opponet with a powerful blast.

Now he is currently working on rebuilding the shatterd Sept that is of the Black Dragons. He is not as angry as he used to be, bu finds little time for his own personal life. He took little care in indulging his own self pleasures, having trained nearly everyday since his brother Azurohc died. He takes care of his weak and dieing mother, as well as his sister, giving up time only for them when he wants to.

Other: Endrigoth is commonly referred to as Onyx. So much so that few today know his real name. He has a human home, and occupation. He became the owner of a restaurant, what he believes is an excellent cover to hide himself in. So far, he has held a rule as Wyvern for 425 years, and has yet to have a challenger. He grows more and more concerned every years, wary of the smaller groups that he's heard of that want to challenge his rule

((I hope he's good enough))

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(Good enough? Your character goes way beyond my expectations for the Black wyvern. I mean I couldn't believe how well it fit into my idea of who that character should be. Brava! *applauds*)

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((I was thinking that he would be too powerful. BTW, Kiki, I've sent a PM or 2))

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The Strongest Nine

Name: Uchida "Brad" Tayama

Age: 43, appears 27

Appearance: Uchida stands at roughly 6'4 with a lightly tanned complexion and rather large muscular build that seems to suit his fighting style rather well. His hair is a light reddish brown color and is rarely ever cut, the front seems to be spiked up in the front when in combat situations, when not in combat he wears his hair back in a ponytail to seem more social. Uchida's eyes are dark brown in color, almost completely black, though when using his powers his eyes tend to turn to a dark shade of red, the eyebrows above the eyes are extremely bushy. Both of Uchida's ears are pierced with small silver loop ear-rings, though people tend to comment that these look odd he tends not to care. At both sides of his face Uchida seems to have started growing side burns, though they have yet to actually grow to be more than just 'scruff'. Uchida has the majority of the bottom half of his torso bandaged up, the reason for this being the massive scars beneath, sometimes in combat if they're attacked the seem to open up, though quite a few of the scars seem to be large gashes the majority are burn marks. He almost always seems to have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, it seems as if the nicotine is a part of his daily life.

Uchida wears two different types of clothing, one is his standard casual clothes for blending in with the humans, though it's rather hard considering that he's quite large. The casual clothes tend to usually be tight t-shirts and blue jeans.

His 'mage' clothes differ greatly from his casual clothing, an open white trench coat with no shirt beneath that seems to show off the bandages as well as the muscular build, the words 'Pleasures all mine' written on the back in black lettering, the bottom of the coat seems to be a bit tattered from the amount of combat it's seen. The trench coat is matched by a set of white pants and grey leather boots.

Personality: Uchida is by no means a very smart man, his intellect may suffer rather badly though his memory is exceptionally high. He's not the best to have when you're attempting to solve a problem either, especially if the means you prefer tend to be diplomacy, after all the mentality that he seems to possess is punch it first and ask questions later. Uchida gets angered rather easily, even the most trivial of annoyances could make him go into a fit of pure rage, the reason is probably his connection to fire. Has a special amount of hatred for Red dragons, and when he fights them he does so with all of his might attempting to finish his quest for vengeance.

Dragon or mage: Mage

Weapons: Black leather gloves with 1.5cm thick metal studs on the knuckles. (Yeah, that's it... No need for everyone to carry around guns/swords now... There is magic too y'know :P)

Powers: Uchida's main power is his physical strength, being able to punch in a bulls skull with one strike (Google it), though this is rather irrelevant considering that his skills with magic only seem to aid his basic strength. Being in possession of probably the strongest fire-magic skills known in this generation of mages Uchida is even capable of rivaling the fire created by the beasts known as dragons, though it's rather difficult to do so and will tire him out quickly. His only means of magic is fire, mainly using it to aid his strength such as lighting a fist on fire to both accelerate a punch as well as deal a substantial amount of damage, he's able to keep this attack up for hours at a time since it doesn't need too much energy to use. His other fire spells vary quite a bit, the bigger they are the tougher they are to use, that's just how it is, from creating a tempest of flames to a great ball of fire. Though normally fire would be considered a foolish choice to fight dragons with Uchida's fire is somewhat different, put simply it's not considered to be fire by dragons, to them his form of fire would still be considered magic, so in other words energy.

Detailed Bio: Uchida was born into a branch of the modern Mage society that specialized specifically in the art of mastering and using fire magic. Of course, being born with a naturally large amount of magical power was a good base to train up on. At the age of 7 he had already surpassed the children that were ten years older than him, mostly due to his love for combining magic as well as hand to hand combat while the others chose to use fire as a long-ranged weapon. Coming up with new combinations such as dodging, weaving, and knocking someone unconcious with a single strike proved to become easier each time he battled one of his 'superiors'.

By the age of 13 Uchida already seemed to fit the appearance of a 17 year old, his muscles had already begun to develope from the excessive amount of training that he forced himself through in an almost desperate attempt to make himself better than even the Arch-Mage of the branch. The task that he had set for himself seemed to be nearly impossible to achieve, each time he asked for a duel he would be smacked away by different types of massive techniques, each time the technique performed by the superior was more powerful than the previous.

It wasn't until age 16 when Uchida finally managed to out do his superior, how he had managed to do it was simple, up until that point he had focused only on hand to hand combat, but he had come to begin training himself to use the techniques that the mage had used against him countless times. Using a combination of ranged as well as melee combat he finally did it, defeating the Arch-Mage he stood over the broken elder man with a look of disappointment, he had been trying to surpass this sad excuse of a mage?

At the age of 24 it was one of the few times where the Red Dragons had decided to attack before provoked, the reason was most likely an attempt at a preemptive strike, an attempt at catching the mages by surprise. And it had worked, far too well, the majority of Uchida's friends died in the surprise attack, he was one of the four survivors, the reason for this being that instead of lying down to die they had raised their staves (and fists), they held onto their lives with claws and teeth. Of course, little did they know at the time that these Red Dragons were little more than those that did not meet the standards of their Sept and as thus were trying to make ammends by slaying a branch of the Mages... None of these rogue dragons survived in the end, probably due to lack of actual leadership.

It seems almost as if the deaths of his friends had led to Uchida seeking nothing but the vengeance that drives him towards seeking out and destroying dragons, specifically the Red Dragon Sept. While he seeks out these dragons he also has to keep up appearances in the human world to keep from seeming suspicious. His means of making money is to be a full contact boxing instructor, and the job suits him far too well.

Other: Has a bit more endurance and stored magic power than most other mages due to the extreme amount of time he focuses on bettering himself for combat. Tends to have at least two packs of cigarettes on himself at all times, though the lack of a lighter sometimes leads to suspicion.

7/9/2012 #16

((Uh,... I like him, but he is very weak aganst Black Dragons. They will be able to turn the energy of his attacks against him.... Just letting you know))

((I like the Needless reference))

7/9/2012 #17
The Strongest Nine

(I figured as much, still like him though.

And thanks, glad someone managed to catch it.)

7/9/2012 #18
Hikari no Kishi

Name: Nadiya Helms

Age: 300 (Appears as 17-19)

Appearance: Nadiya is medium in most body departments; medium height, medium build and medium muscles. Her hair is a shade of tawny brown, tied back in a high ponytail which falls to her neck. She has forest green eyes that give off no warmth or happiness. She wears clothes of green, white, brown and black, smart ones which do make her look rather mature for her apparent age. The only consistent thing she wears is a silver necklace with a four leaf clover emerald on it. She has never seen her dragon appearance, so she doesn't know what it looks like.

Personality: Nadiya is a very proud and cunning creature. She is considered to be one of the most intelligent Green Dragons, due to the fact for her Sept she is quite good at planning ahead and negotiating. She's still a true Green Dragon, and is a very good at thinking on her feet and outwitting those on short notice. She's not kind, she only helps those who would reward her or ally with her, and she doesn't go out of her way. She's the type who does what is necessary to survive, and doesn't exert herself.

Dragon or mage: Green Dragon

Weapons: Two short blades on her belt for at home, but when in the mortal world, she takes two Desert Eagle guns as a precaution.

Powers: Nadiya has the standard dragon's abilities over fire, with great control over it. She has no other great powers; however she has very strong, almost unnatural abilities in Green dragon specialities such as puzzles and smuggling.

Detailed Bio: Nadiya lived a regular life up until about 100 years old. She played with her friends, had good parents and was enjoying herself. Amongst the young green dragons, a game had begun called 'Steal the Heart'. When a dragon turned 100, they would begin making attempts to steal the Green piece of the Dragon Heart, which was kept very well hidden. Only one dragon, Pendel, had managed to see it without getting caught. Pendel and his crew would always boast, much to Nadiya's irritation. Eventually, she began to play the game, and would get caught very quickly. Pendel and his friends began to bully her, laughing at how pathetic she was.

Nadiya kept making attempts at stealing it, rushed and reckless ones which always ended in futility. 25 years passed and she still had no luck. After being caught once again, she had a conversation with a Blue dragon friend, and realised that rushing was not the answer. For the next 25 years, she planned. Watching, waiting, observing, memorising everything and preparing herself. Once she was ready, Nadiya did the impossible, and managed to steal the Green piece of Dragon Heart. Triumphantly, she showed it to Pendel and his friends, to which they just stared in shock. The Green Wyvern then appeared, only smiling on congratulating her before putting it back and tightening security.

After that, Nadiya began to study hard and train herself. The Green Wyvern began teaching her, taking an interest in her capabilities. The Green Wyvern also gave her the necklace as a token of good fortune. The next 150 years of her life were spent just studying, learning, and visiting the mortal world. She still appeared to be too young to hold a job there, so she didn't visit very often. However, she did enjoy being out there, because it was so different to everything in the Dragon's world. At 298 years old, after training in fighting, the arts, and academics, she challenged the second strongest Green Dragon to a duel. The dragon had just lost to the Green Wyvern a year ago, and was considered a strong candidate for leadership in the future. Despite her size, her lack of experience, and her lack of strength Nadiya pulled off a miracle win due to her planning. She earned great respect from the younger dragons and a few older ones, but some thought she was too reckless and felt she should learn her place.

Other: Many consider Nadiya a candidate for leadership upon the event of the current Green Wyvern's death. However, others say she is too young.

7/9/2012 #19

(Accepted. : ) Okay, well I was waiting on sage but I guess we will begin. I'm going to post here soon, give me a few hours.)

Name: Silvio Vicardi

Age: 1000 years old

Appearance: Silvio looks like he is in his early thirties. He stands about 6 foot with broad shoulders, a lean waist and long muscled legs. He wears tailored button up shirts and black slacks. He has smooth tan skin, chin length dark auburn hair, and silver grey piercing eyes. He has a strong jaw line and a full mouth. His nose is slightly crooked.

In his dragon form he is large standing over most of the others in his sept. His scales are gray but as the light hits them they appear silver. He is sleek with a broad chest and white underbelly. He has an impressive wing span and the wings often trail behind him as he walks, either upright or on four legs. He has a long slender neck and a thick powerful tail.

Human, Dragon, or mage: Dragon Wyvern of the Silver Sept

Weapons: Carries a long sword that once belonged to a mage.

Powers: Dragon fire. This is his ability to call forth the fire that lives with in him. He can use it to shape fireballs and although it can be useful, dragon fire usually does not hurt other dragons. He is also by far the best healer in the Wyre, having the ability to almost heal anything but fatal wounds or diseases (Not that dragons get human diseases). As an empath he can feel the true feelings that people try to hide. This power also alerts him to anybody that wants to hurt him. He can also feel left over emotion on certain objects but only if it was a strong emotion.

Detailed Bio: Silvio was born to the Wyvern of the silver Dragons. He was raised first and foremost to be honorable and loyal to the sept as well as allies. He was also raised to be compassionate. His father expected him to take his place when he died so he often trained Silvio even though the young dragon wanted to judt go play in the woods. As silvio aged his father also tried to get him interested in politics but silvio grew bored of it. He didn't want to be stuck inside when there was a whole world outside he could explore. Besides by then he had grown quite proficient in his healing ability, often healing animals and other creatures, he wanted to do so much more then just be a dragon's heir.

For many years he would sneak off to the woods but he always avoided the humans, especially since his father explained to him they wouldn't understand what he was. He liked his solitude, liked being himself.

He had his own little lair which held the things he believed valuable and one day while venturing out he spotted a human. Frightened he tried to hide but she called out to him, said she knew he was there. He soon revealed himself, curiosity overriding his fear and upbringing, and the girl didn't even flinch. He noticed as he got closer that her eyes had a bluish white film over them like his cousin Brodrick's left eye and he knew without ever meeting a human before that she was blind. It was the first thing that made him realize that maybe humans weren't so different then them.

They quickly became close friends finding that they did indeed have a lot in common. The young girl herself was an empath and told Silvio he had the ability as well although he didn't know it. She offered to train him and so for a couple months they spent a lot of time together. Silvio became quite attached to young girl.

It was then around the time that the humans started to attack the dragons. Silvio was not permitted out of his home until he perfected his guise as a human. Eager to see his friend again he was a quick study and with in weeks was one of the youngest to change.

Upon his return to the woods where they always met however he was disappointed to not see her. He came back day after day only to find the place empty until one day she was just standing there waiting. The young girl though was actually a mage but her blindness never alerted her to silvio's true identity. He older brother had followed her once before and seeing silvio forbid her to go. Once he had a plan he set the trap for silvio using his sister as bait. They attacked full force but Silvio quickly changed into his dragon form and kept them at bay for awhile however there were too many of them and they quickly subdued him but as they were going for the killing blow, his friend stepped in and sacrificed her life for his.

Enraged over her death Silvio found a strength he didn't know he possessed, and one by one he took out the mages until only the brother was left. Turning back to human form he pulled the blade from his friend surprised to feel her essence there and then used the own mages sword and slew him.

After burying his friend close to his lair he decided to take off into the world. He blended in well and soon started to study human medicine becoming a doctor and finding pleasure in helping others. He spent many years among the humans until he was summoned home.

The war it seemed had escalated and his father needed all the dragons he could get. However the day he was supposed to meet his father was the day the silver wyvern was killed in battle by a member of the black dragons.

The death of his father left a huge void in the sept, with out a leader many of the silver dragons lost their lives in the war. As named heir Silvio was supposed to take up the mantle of Wyvern but with the war going on there wasn't time to prove him self. It was around this time that Clydine came to him about her plan. Wanting to save the sept he took their piece of dragon heart and gave it to her.

With the threat of the black Wyvern now gone, the silver sept could start rebuilding itself. It was still a few years after that Silvio would become Wyvern. There were those in the sept that loved his father enough to want him as wyvern but others in the Sept did not agree, especially since he had left for a long time, he then had to prove himself loyal and honorable.

The sept wanted revenge for their Wyverns death so Silvio's task was to avenge his father by killing the black dragon that took his fathers life. It took him awhile but he finally caught up with the dragon. It was a long battle but Silvio eventually won and soon after was called Wyvern.

Over the years he has proved himself worthy in many battles against young and older dragons that have tried to challenge him, always coming out on top as the victor. He is a good wyvern but doesn't hold the same respect as his father held. He doesn't trust the black sept at all, especially the wyvern.

He still works as a doctor but now for the wyre and humans.

Other: As of now, Silvio is the holder of one piece of the dragon heart. It is his job to keep it safe from others. Because the others were missing he opted to keep it around his neck


Name: Kayla Blake

Age: 25

Appearance: Brown hair, with a streak of grey running through. Bright green eyes that contain flecks of gold. Stands about 5'3" with a petite figure. A full face that almost gives her a child like appearance.

Human, Dragon, or mage: Mage

Weapons: Small staff

Powers: ability to weave simple spells.

Detailed Bio: Kayla was raised in a world that normal people believed as fantasy. A world where magic and dragons abound but a world that is at war. Her father was a mage and her mother was just a regular human. Kayla was raised believing that a mages job is to keep their world a secret and try to rid it of Dragons. Although her mother tried to keep magic away from her, Kayla's father's work often came home with him. When Kayla started showing abilities for magic, her father tried to train her but Kayla didn't seem to progress like the other students.

She left home at 18 and took an apprenticeship under a mage as was acquired of her but on one the assignments she had got stuck right in the middle of the battles and ended up being buried alive from debris. She had been trapped for two days before the anyone had found her. When she emerged some of her hair had turned white. From that moment on she had dedicated herself to the mages cause.

Two years after that incident her mother had died from getting cancer and left a hole in her heart. Kayla became a workaholic and instead of dealing with her pain she ran from it. She is a very organized person and she is not afraid to speak her mind.


7/12/2012 #20

((Did I hear 'start"?))

"Send him in"

A tall, lanky human stumbled through the doors of the restaurant office. The largish space was furnished with a solid Oak desk, a small rock garden, the size where one can sit, and meditate, and other various, intricate objects. Endrigoth was sitting at the desk, a pile of papers stacked underneath him, a pen in one hand, and the other rested on the Wyvern's chin. He was thinking, about something imporant, and it involved this human.

Sometimes, even when great pains to hide one's existance are taken, someone or something will eventually find out the truth. This was that occasion.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Endrigoth, his forefinger tapping his chin, thoughts rolling through his head.

He could kill the man, yes. That would be the simplest solution. Until theman would be declared missing, and the auhorties come around, asking questions. No, killing him would be too, annoying. Perhaps they could bribe him? That might work out to start, but then greed plays at the heartstrings of every human. He wuld come back, wanting more compensation each ime he did.

That would be even more annoying.

The best answer was to wipe his memory of what happened.

"Tell me what you know" Endrigoth demanded, hewanted to har this story.

The human squeaked as he spoke, a sign of terror, fear, nervousness.

"I was taking care of the trash when I heard a noise. I thought that it was a rabid animal, pehaps a dog, or something. But as I got closer, I knew that you are no dog. You're a dr-... A dr-...." he started, stumbling on his own tongue. He looked as if he were about to pass out from simply saying "Dragon".

Endrigoth tapped a button, his P.A. system, so to speak.

"Aria, can you fn a psychyatrist for our guest here? And can you send him an escort? He looks as if he is about to pass out" he ordered.

"Yes, sir. Onyx" came the reply.

"Go, and get check up. And stay away from my restaurant. " Endrigoth said, as a pair of bodygaurds walked in. Nightclub music could be heard eminating from one side, whilst classical Bach was heard from the other.

The restaurant offerd two style of dining; One was fine and exquisite dining, and the other was a way to let go, and dance the night away. Endrigoth's office was located in between them both

The Black Dragon exhaled as held breath. That one was too close. He barley dodged a bullet this time. The Wyvern ran a hand through his hair, and looked down at the pile of papers stacked beneath him. Why did he choose a restaurant? Of all the things it could have been, he had to choose the one that dealt with the most stress? He pickd up the papers, and tipped them into his breifcase.

Endrigoth tapped the button once more.

"Aria, you're in charge, I'm going home" he said.

Aria didn't reply. He didn't wait fr her to, as he stepped out into the bustling crowd. He found his car, and drove it home

7/12/2012 #21

(Awesome : ) )

"Again," Silvio said.

The young blonde man raised his sword and charged him. Silvio swiftly parried, he stepped to the side bringing up his sword to block before swinging around and bringing it back down so the butt of the sword hit the young dragon between the shoulder blades.

"Now, if that were a real fight and I was a mage or a human, that could have been a death blow. You have to be quicker then they are. Again but this time don't charge me, study your opponents movements and simply react to them,"Silvio instructed.

The young dragon came at him again but this time more cautiously, Silvio was quick to block the attacks but the lad showed improvement.

"Good, now let's try..."


The sound of his name coming from his house stopped him in mid sentence. When he turned he saw his second in command stalking towards him. he turned to the young dragon, "Ezro, take the swords and put them away. We'll continue this later."

He then met his second halfway, "What is it."

"Word has been sent out, the sarkany is in two days time."

"Good, any news on Draco's where about?"

"No, but then again he was always good at hiding. We've got dragons on the lookout for him."

"The guards?"

"Found dead, their bodies where under the debris but it looked like there was a battle."

Silvio sighed, "Have their septs been alerted?"

"Yes. Anything else?" he second said.

"Just keep watch, I'm going into the woods for awhile."

His second nodded and Silvio turned and started to walk towards the woods in the back yard. His estate was quite large and on one half sits his mansion the other half are the woods he grew up in. When his sept took on a human guise they also had to partake in human customs like living in a house rather then a lair but he was still too far attached to give the place up.

He walked the path towards his old home but then took a sharp left down an almost hidden path. It was a place only he knew about, the resting place of his dead friend. When he was troubled he often came here to look for answers. He walked into the hidden alcove, the air was cool and damp but it didn't effect him. He set down on the bench that he had placed there and stared at the concrete sarcophagus.

When he had become Wyvern he had the place redone to be a memorial to his friend. He had felt obligated to do so, especially since it was his fault she had died.

"What am I going to do Abigail? I'm not my father."

He waited like he would actually get an answer but like every other time, silence was the only reply.

He stood and walked over to the sarcophagus and ran a hand over the surface before placing a blue flower on top and heading back to the house. After all he had plans to make.


Kayla repeated the spell once more. "Here and now. Fire bright come to me dragon's light. In my hand I wish to claim the power of the dragons flame"

For a second nothing happened and then a ball of fire appeared but instead of being able to control it she just caught things on fire, namely her work table.

"Shit," she exclaimed. Grabbing the bucket that she had on standby she threw it on the fire and it went out with a sizzle.

"All my paperwork," she said shaking her head.

There was laughter at the door and she turned squinted eyes on her teenage cousin Marie.

"Sorry but you should have seen what you looked like. I'm headed out now, I'll see for dinner?"

"Maybe, I have a lot of work to do."

"You always have work to do, " Marie said pouting.

Even at sixteen Marie could pull off a pout that pulled at her heart strings. The young girl was just now becoming a successful mage, in some things she was even better then Kayla. Like most others she would probably surpass Kayla in power and ability seeing she was a full mage and Kayla was only half.

"Get going, I'll see you tonight."

Once the young girl disappeared Kayla turned back to her ruined desk and sighed.

7/13/2012 #22
Sage of the White Sands

Name: Yugura Vienna

Age: 1000

Appearance: Human:appears in is fourty's and stands at 6'3" a


Dragon or mage: Wyvern of the Red Sept.

Weapons: Great sword forged with dragonsteel(extremely strong metal made from hardened scales of a dragon.)

Powers(remember dragons can use fire, mages can weave spells and such, but neither have infinite power):

Detailed Bio:


((Will finish soon, sorry for the wait,))

7/13/2012 #23

"You're sure? Very well. I'll be at my home in a few minutes, meet me there, if you can"

Endrigoth was on his cellular phone, a human custom he didn't mind. Instant communication with little delay as a grand luxury. It opened many, many doors. However, news reached his ears that made it from bad, to worse.

Draco had apparently escaped from his prison. That was bad news for Endrigoth, because Draco was the Wyvern of the Black Sept many years ago, and there was a good chance that he would want that title back. As the current wyvern of the Black Sept, Endrigoth needed help. His mother was weak, and his sister wasn't strong enough. No, he needed, outside, help, a thought that made him shudder. He needed to make his points noticed during the next Sarkany.

Endrigoth respect and feared Draco. As a dragon, he respected him for standing against the belittling of his kind, not wanting to take on human form. As a creature of power, he feared Draco, for with time came power, and Draco had plenty of time to increase his power.

He drove up to his manor. He had his house built by a river and waterfall, natural, free energy that he could use at a moment's notice. It was a large estate, as seems to be the custom of every successful dragon. His manor stood tall, its presence well known. He needed to talk to his mother, and he knew where to find her. He glanced and saw his sister, Nora, practicing her Tai Chi in the field to his left. She didn't wave to him, as she was focused on her own training.

Parking his car in the large garage, Endrigoth stepped outside, and went straight to the waterfall. Behind it was a large cavern, big enough for a dragon's true form, and even more. He looked around, and sseing no one, took to his true form for but a moment, long enough to enter the waterfall, and the caven behind it. Before him lie his mother, weak from her age. She was the oldest dragon in his Sept, and the wisest. Despite her fame, she rarley took visitors, and shared little with outsiders.

"Mother, I've learned that the Great Enemy of the Wyre has gone missing. His prison was empty, and the guards were slain. If he were to find me, and challenge me, what am I to do?" the Wyvern asked.

"Are you afriad, my son?" she asked.

Endrigoth hesitated for a moment. Admitting that he was afraid of Draco would showthat he is weak. But he never lied to his mother, so what made this time any different?

"Yes, mother, I am"

Endrigoth listened to his mother. When she was done, he smiled, glad for taking the time to talk with her. He then left the cavern, and headed to his manor.


Urameil, his Commandant, was waiting for him in his study. The commander was in his human frm as well, and he had much to discuss with his lord. It was a tiresome conversation, and Endrgoth grew annyoed. Annoyances were unavoidable, yet he felt a if they coul have been evaded, at least for today. However, they both came to the same conclusion.

"Sire, with only the pieces belonging to you, and Silvio-..."

"Yes, I have to visit him. The Sarkany can wait, this is a matter I must attend to right away. Go, and get things ready for the Sarkany" Endrigoth ordered. He growled, after Urameil had left, about his lack of options.

He went to his car, and drove off to see the Wyvern of the Silver Sept, despite how much he did'nt want to.

7/13/2012 #24
The Strongest Nine

Another target seemed to explode in a magnificent shoot of flames, the owner to this flame was none other than Uchida, the man with the flaming fist.

"... You need to teach me how to do that." Mumbled one of the other few surviving flame mages, they were few in number but had connections to other mage branches in the city... Few and undetected as they were this was a surprising feat. Uchida laughed, not exactly laughing at the man but instead the kind of laugh that a cocky person would give, he was pleased with this type of complement.

"Maybe with a few more years you'll figure out how to channel your power the right way." Was the only response he gave before pulling on a more comfortable set of clothing, human clothes.

"You heading out?"

"Yeah, feeling kind of hungry."

With that the rather large man turned away from his fellow mages and walked out the door, he didn't own a car, motorcycle, or bike... It would be quite a while until he managed to actually get to a place that sells food. 'Wonderful... Who do I know that has a car?' If he remembered correctly a few mages had cars... And he wasn't one of them.

Deciding to say screw it he began walking along the sidewalk towards the lights of the 'inner city'.


Damocles, normal school boy running a double life of being a powerful mage capable of performing soul magic as well as powerful ice spells... Grade point average of 5.2, horrid attendence, and lack of social interaction among peers. Standard Highschooler.

At this point he had taken the liberty of ignoring his school duties to wander around the city, a soft drink held in his left hand as he toyed with a cellphone in his right. Still wearing the school uniform of his rich kid boarding school in the Northern most section of the city it was rather obvious that he didn't belong wandering around the city, though he stuck out it wasn't because he was a mage, it was because he had been ditching school.

'I don't even understand why I have to go to such a dumb school in the first place... All the classes are far too easy and I'm taking the hardest classes available. On top of that why do I have mage responsibilities?' It was one of those moments of annoyance and thought that Damocles tended to have when he was alone.

Though now that he thought about it he was just a mage attempting to fit in with human society to avoid certain and unavoidable destruction of his kind in the far or near future.

With a sigh the young man continued his walk through town a look of minor annoyance still plastered on his face as he continued toying with the cellular device in his hand. He really had begun to take the thing forgranted, just a piece of human tech that attempted to surpass magic.

7/14/2012 #25

Indenthria sat with her eyes closed and her legs crossed in her human form.

Inside her cave, in a room he had made specifically for this purpose, she meditated. The room was circular with a dome shaped roof, the floor made of black marble and the walls and ceiling perfectly cut and polished sapphire which gave the room a calming blue glow. The gems blocked out the sound of the world beyond, allowing Indenthria total peace in an otherwise chaotic world. Her breathing was calm and even as her mind slowly turned over the news she had recently received.

Draco had escaped

The moment Indenthria had heard this news, she'd ordered everyone out of her cave and for no one to disturb her before vanishing into her meditation room to think. Alarm bells were ringing in the back of her mind when she made a link to the escape of Draco and the disappearance of all but the Black and Silver pieces of the Dragon's Heart. It chilled her to the bone to think that someone had managed to steal her piece. She had always worn in around her neck on a chain, never taking it off. She remembered clearly that she had gone to sleep with it on and woken up to find it missing. What made her the most fearful was the fact that someone had been in her cave while she had been asleep without her or her guards knowing and had taken the precious thing from around her very neck. That creature could have easily have killed her if they had managed to sneak past her with such skill, and they had left virtually nothing for her to track them with even with her mastery of the skill, that scared her even more.

She released a breath that she had been holding and opened her eyes; there was nothing she could do about the past, so she had to focus her attention on now and the future. She stood and left the room through its specially made door and returned to her dragon form. She hissed sharply as her scar played up, sending pain shooting all up her forearm and into her shoulder. The pain slowly faded and the Blue Wyvern shook her head, blinking to try and focus her eyes once more.

7/15/2012 #26

Endrigoth sighed. It wasn't a sigh of relief, but a sigh of apprehnsion. His and Silvio's Septs were on uneven terms with each other. It made things difficult sometimes. However, now wasnot the time for pride, or arrogance, but of counsel.

Easier said than done. Endrigoth had met with the elderly dragon on many occasions, most of which he had little choice in the matter. This almost felt like one of those times.

The Wyvern had pulled up to the estate of Silvio, and was stopped at the gate. He had forgotten about the security measures. Despite theor unending annoyance, it was something Endrigoth could understand. He could guess that the guards were dragons, of much lesser power, at least. That's what he would have done. Perhaps.

"Name, I.D., and reason for being here" the guard vociferated.

"Endrigoth. I'm looking for an audiance with Silvio. May you please tell him Onyx is here" Endrigoth asked,

7/18/2012 #27
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