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Humble Servant

Once there was Sol and Luna

Partners eternally

To dance forever in the sky

Their love to always be.

Sol the ever watching

The oldest and the bright

Pledged to guard the world

as it changed to night.

Luna the ever lovely

youngest and fairest

Chose to glow upon the world

and lay it in her chest.

The world favored Sol

pranced and loved in the day

Denouncing the night and the glow

causing Luna to sway.

Love turned to spite

Luna's rage quivers

Sol let it die, Dancing turned to war

Underneath,the world tremors.

Making haste to Sol's aide

Caltha, Igniculus, Fulmen three

Humus, Conglacio, Aqua came to Luna

The three's enemies.

There once was Sol and Luna

Foes eternally

sunset the cries echo about

Love that could never be.

Solaris Lux Lucis

The organization dedicated to the light of the Sun. Solaris Lux Lucis is full of the Awakened who can either control plant-life, lightening/electricity, or flame. The members live to try and make the world a better place, often placed in dark situations to shine light upon it. They are to be the guide of humanity, always watching, always loving. The Solaris Lux Luctis is a covert group, and only few, including the countries government knows of them. Fueled by the watchful gaze and and ever bright Sol, the Solaris Lux Lucis operates in the daytime, and is currently led by Flame user; Aaron Cirts.

The Lunaris Lux Luctis has bases all over the world, and only Flame users, Lightening handlers, and Plant growers are allowed in full membership to the Solaris Lux Lucis. Every summer solstice, a few around the world have had their powers awakened, and a tattoo of the sun appears on their body somewhere. They are awakened as a Flame user, Lightening Handler, or a Plant grower, depending on who they are, at the point the sun is highest in the sky, on their 17th solstice. Special agents of the Solaris Lux Lucis are sent to find and retrieve the Awakened and bring them back to base, if they are so willing.

However, there are some who wish to find and kill the Awakened of the Summer Solstice. They are the counter-parts of the Solaris Lux Lucis; the Nox Noctis Lunaris. Agents of the night, they wish to end all the Solaris Lux Lucis stand for. But the Day will always fight. The Sun will always Shine.

Flame Users: Chosen of Igniculus, and guardians of the flame. Flame users were once so powerful they could burn as bright as the sun, and unleash the full fury of the flame, however this has not been seen in centuries. Flame Users can turn their own body heat and emotions into flame, and control it as if an extension of their selves. They grow stronger in the day, and weaker at night and winters. Master Flame users can crate white flame, the most powerful of all flames. If wet or cold, it is hard to create a flame durable enough to last. The flames they generate is fueled by passion and the need to feel. If one loses these emotions, they lose the flame.

Lightening Wielders; Chosen of Fulmen, and channels of energy for Lightening. Lightening Wielders once were powerful enough to generate their own lightening, and could pierce the sky. However that ability has not been seen in a century, and now the Wielders rely on electricity. They can charge themselves up with electricity, and shoot it from their fingertips. Masters of this ability can stand in a storm, and direct lightening to them to become fully powerful, and charged with natures fury. They grow strength in the day, thanks to Fulmen's alliance with Sol, and grow weaker during night and winter. The spark inside them is fueled by determination, and a sense of justice, if you lose this, you lose your spark.

Plant Growers; Chosen of Caltha, and the raiser of plants. Plant growers were once so powerful they could sprout a forest with just a raise of a hand, and control the entire thing with their mind, however this has not been seen in two centuries. Plant growers can accelerate the growth of a plant, and than control it with their minds. Masters of this ability could sprout several, giant vines to ensnare enemies, and crumble buildings. They are stronger in the summer, and in the day, but weaker in winter and night. Plant growers are more powerful when they are wet, but cold they have a hard time growing more difficult plants. The feelings that draw the plants to the grower is a sense of love, and kindness. Lose these feelings, and the earth will become dead to you.

Nox Noctis Lunaris

The organization dedicated to the Moon, and the darkness that it brings. Nox Noctis Lunaris thrives with the Awakens who can either control the earth, breath Ice, or Levitate Water. The members live to corrupt the world of the day, and glorify the night, running nightclubs and agents being placed in high companies to help corrupt the leaders. Nox Noctis Lunaris is a covert organization, just like their counter-part, and only few know of them. It is lead under the glowing guidance of Luna, and her chosen Lucas Cirts, leader of the Organization, and a Ice breather

Like their counter-part, the Nox Noctis Lunaris has bases stationed all over the world, in every major city, and only Ice Breathers, Water users, and Earth movers are allowed to join. These are those Awakened under the sign of Luna, on their 17th Winter Solstice, when the moon is the highest. At this time, agents of Nox Noctis Lunaris is sent to find these Awakened, and offer them a choice to bask in the Night. The Solaris Lux Luctis also search for these Awakened, and are meant to capture quarantine them in a government facility.

The Agents of the day wish to outshine the Nox Noctis Lunaris. But the Night will thrive. The Night will darken.

Ice Breathers; Chosen of Conglacio, and those who carry blood of ice. Ice breathers were once so Powerful, they could freeze an entire city, and bring in an age of ice, during the summer with their breath. However this ability has not been seen in centuries, but the Ice Breathers are still powerful. They can generate ice and snow from their fingertips, and even bring frost and ice to the ground. They can also breathe out such a coldness they could five frostbite to anyone close enough. Masters of this ability could touch a sky-scraper, and cover it inside and out with a thick layer of ice. They are stronger during the night, and during winters, and weaker during day, summers, and when they are warm. The power of ice is fueled by ambition, and reservedness, losing this will melt away the ice.

Water Users; Chosen of Aqua, and the beings of water. Water users were once so powerful they could flood a city 200 miles inland, however this ability has not been seen in several centuries. Water users can manipulate water with their minds, and form it into any shape they wish. They could stay underwater for a very long time, if they wanted to, being able to move the water away from them, creating a sort of bubble. Once the oxygen runs out, they will have to find a way of gaining more, either by surfacing, or making a channel of air from the surface or to you. Masters of Water Users could turn the moisture in the air around them into solid water. They are weakened if dry, during the day, or during the winter. They are stronger during night, during winter, and when damp. Water users are powered by flexibility in emotions, if you lose this balance of all emotions, you will run dry.

Earth Movers; The Chosen of Humus, and the shakers of the Earth. Earth Movers were once so powerful, they could collapse an entire mountain on itself, though this has not been seen in over 3 centuries. Earth Movers are able to communicate with the earth, and through movement of legs and arms, can shift the earth, and manipulate it as they please. Earth Movers must be touching the ground, or be close to it to move it. Masters of this power can cause minor earth-quakes. They are weakened in the Day and during summer, thanks to Humus' alliance with Luna, and are strengthened in the night and during winter. The earth only moves to those who are stable, and unmoving, if you lose your footing on your emotions, the earth consumes you.

New York City

New york City, the loud, obnoxious, busy city that never seems to rest. Full of corruption and violence, as well as some genuinely good people hoping to have their big break here, it is the perfect location for the headquarters of Solaris Lux Luctis, and Nox Noctis, Lunaris. It is here, the two leaders, the two brothers separated by their awakening, battles for control over the city. The civilians blissfully unaware.

Today is December 18, three days away from the winter Solstice. The Awakening of Luna's chosen will soon begin, and the strongest day for the Nox Noctis Lunaris is almost here. Intel suggest that Lucas is planing something big, something huge for midnight. But Solaris Lux Lucis can only sit and wait, and prepare for whatever big thing they are about to commit.

Wait for Sol to set to Luna.


You may have as many characters as you want, as long as you keep track of them all.

Character Template



Age: (Must be at least 17)



Awakened state; (Fire user, earth Mover, Lightening wielder, etc.)

Ability level; (Novice, Veteran, Expert, Master)(I will only except few masters, and they must be extremely good character templates)

Bio: (optional)


7/21/2012 . Edited 7/21/2012 #1

Character Template

Name: Gabriella Ivacus

Gender: Female

Age: (Must be at least 17) 27

Appearance: Long curly red hair with golden highlights. Sparkling emerald colored eyes with laugh lines. She is tall and willowy but considered very beautiful. She usually wears billowing skirts and loose fitting medieval tops with long sleeves.

Organization:Solaris Lux Lucis

Awakened state; (Fire user, earth Mover, Lightening wielder, etc.)-Plant grower

Ability level; (Novice, Veteran, Expert, Master)(I will only except few masters, and they must be extremely good character templates)-expert

Bio: (optional) Gabriella had lived a normal life, never really knowing of either organizations until her seventeenth birthday. Before then she was just a normal teenager, very loving and kind. She always had a close relationship with plants often maintaining little gardens on the roof of her parents apartment building. She had wanted to become a botanist when she graduated. Instead one day when she had been out in the city with her friends her life had changed drastically.

She was marked with the sun tattoo on the right side of her lower abdomen. If that wasn't frightening enough a few days later she was approached by a stranger telling her she should go with him. It was then she learned of her purpose and although she was still able to attend school and get her degree, she now had to focus on her role in the Solaris Lux Lucis.

Now ten years later she is still a guardian of the day. She has learned a lot in her ten years and strives to protect not only humanity but other awakened of the summer solstice. Because of her kind and loving heart she is often a retriever of these awakened because she is so understanding and easy to like.



(i'm going to make at least two more characters)

7/21/2012 #2

(Will be creating both an Ice and Lightning user but please be patient with me though as I want to make them really good characters)

7/21/2012 #3
Humble Servant


Character Template

Name: Lucky Peters

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance: Lucky is a very skinny, medium height man. He has long, dirty blonde hair that he often forgets to groom. he has bright blue eyes, and though he trains almost 24/7, he is still more bone than muscle.

Organization: Solaris Lux Lucis

Awakened state; Lightening Wielder

Ability level; Veteran, slowly becoming an expert.

Bio: Lucky was always the opposite of his name. The boy was abandoned by both his parents when he was five years old, left outside an orphanage, crying as they drove off. He lived at the terrible orphanage, constantly getting abused by the other kids and the care-taker, and when he was fifteen, he ran away, tired of this terrible life. He lived on the streets of New York City, a even more terrible fate than the orphanage he lived at. He barely survived, he only did so on sheer-determination and will-power. As he scavenged for food, He constantly found women being mugged, or sometimes rapped. He became a vigilante of sorts, as he would always sneak behind the assailant, and knock them out with whatever he found on the ground. Lucky would always refuse a reward from the women he saved, but would always steal money of snacks from the knocked-out criminal.

For the most part, Lucky lived a low-profile, always on the verge of starving, or getting attacked, but he made it to his seventeenth birthday, December 21st, the winter solstice. Lucky always hated his birthday, one for it marking the start of his terrible life, and two it being on the coldest, shortest day of the year. His birthday passed unremarkable, other than he almost falling off a roof, from it being slippery because of the ice. Lucky basked in the sun as the days grew longer, and the weather grew warmer. Soon, the summer solstice arrived, and at noon, Lucky noticed a black tattoo of the sun appear on his upper right arm.

Around an hour later, as Lucky was sitting in central park, staring at the tattoo, trying to ignore his stomach, he was approached by a tall man, with the same tattoo on his right cheek. The Man introduced himself as Aaron Cirts, leader of a secret organization that fought for the sun. Lucky believed this man was a common druggy found on New York's streets, but Aaron demonstrated his powers, and Lucky instantly believed him. When the Leader of Solaris Lux Lucis offered him a place to be able to call home, Lucky jumped at the offer.

He is now the rising star of the Lightening Wielders, constantly training, and constantly trying to prove his worth.


7/22/2012 #4
Noah is Potato

(Expect a character from me soon!)

7/23/2012 #5
Condemned Contractor

(First things first... The poem at the beginning was outright beautiful! Such a powerful one at that, I must commend you.

... Will attempt to make a character, don't expect much please.)

7/24/2012 #6
Condemned Contractor

Name: Sasha Benning

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: Sasha could be considered to be average in many different categories, height being around 1.75 meters. In the means of development she could be considered developed to the point where you could see the curves but they aren't too discernible beneath baggy clothes. The most evident of Sasha's appearance are her eyes, the most dominant color would be an extremely dark shade of blue that floods the majority of the iris, splotches of baby blue can be seen encircling the pupil in thin strips, and lastly on the outer edge of the iris a small ring of emerald green can be seen. Though Sasha's hair is normally a light brown she almost always dyes it to a jade black when her roots begin to show, her hairstyle is considered to be "Punk", the sides are shaved down to 1.5cm leaving the top longer which is styled into a fringe, red highlights emphasize the outline of the fringe.

Sasha's choice of apparel is considered to be unfit for wear in the streets by most people. The shirts she tends to wear are 90% of the time black, most of which have either names of bands or an emblem that she likes in the middle of the front, perhaps even a design on the back of her choosing, the majority of these shirts are too short with ripped sleeves usually showing off the belly button piercing she has. Her favorite pants are three quarter's, the kind she wears are either black, grey, or even blue normally this will depend on the shirt she chooses to wear for the day. Sasha's ears are both pierced, in the right ear she has a single black star piercing and on the left she has one black star piercing in symmetrical with that of the opposing side as well as a silver bud on the top part of her ear. She has one tattoo of a bloody red rose on her right bicep, behind it she has a bed of vine covered ivy entwined and circling around her arm.

Organization: Nox Noctus Lunaris

Awakened state; Water User

Ability level; Veteran

Bio: Sasha had always been a rebellious teen, after years of having needed to bend to every whim issued by her demanding parents she had eventually had enough. The life of having to do everything as your parents continued to demand and demand was just too much, it was pushing her to the end, until the life of a rebel presented its self. One of her bests friends had allowed her to listen to a bit of Alternative as well as Punk rock, this was an inspiring opportunity. When her grades began to drop Sasha's parents instantly got onto her about it, B's were bellow acceptable. A grounding had changed everything, the demands were all to much, running away was the first option and rebelling was the second option.

Buying her own clothes also eventually became forbidden, she was kicked out of her Catholic school on account of bad behavior, horrible grades, and horrid attendance. She left without raising even the slightest fuss which irritated her parents to no end. Age 18 and Sasha was out the door leaving her parents with nothing but a single fingered salute and a "See ya 'round bitches', they never saw each other again.

Having had her powers awaken a year earlier Sasha was completely unaware of this, until she "accidently" caused a water fountain to drench a man wearing a cleanly pressed tuxedo. A member of the Nox Noctus Lunaris was there to witness this event, it was rather lucky that an agent of Sol hadn't been around the witness the event or this could have probably been the end of the young woman. Now she spends most of the night in nightclubs working as a bartender and attempting to train her skills during the times of Twilight and Dawn due to those being the only middle ground between her days of sleep and nights of work.

Other; N/A

(I really hope the character is alright)

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #7
Humble Servant

(Thank you, I had re-written that poem 6-times before it came out like that, so while its not the best, I am still proud of it. :)

(And she is accepted.)

7/24/2012 #8
Sage of the White Sands

((I would join this right now, if it wasn't for me having to leave on thursday for vacation.)

7/24/2012 #9

(Am drained, have little motivation, and am current facing an rp block. Please forgive my less than impressive character :(

Name: Tempest (Real name Lillian Grey)

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Appearance: Tempest is quite a tall woman with rather pale skin and a well-developed body. Her sharp eyes are a pale ice blue and are cold and as cutting as a knife. Her lips are a pale pink and usually pulled into a thin, emotionless line. Her hair is platinum blonde and falls dead straight to her shoulders, usually pulled into short ponytail with her fringe cut straight just above her eyebrows. She wears plain and easy to move in clothes of pale colour.

She has a tattoo of a crescent moon in the crook of her neck on the left side:

Organisation: Nox Noctis Lunaris

Awakened State: Ice Breather

Ability Level:

Bio: Tempest was born into the organisation of Nox Noctis Lunaris, both her parents being Ice Breathers. She was brought up by both her parents and the organisation, taught to be an avid believer and grow up to be a fighter. This is exactly what Tempest did. There was little to no childhood for the girl, no teenager years, no young adult years. Her entire life was training, and nothing made her parents happier than when she breathed Ice for the first time. As such, she is a highly skilled warrior and has little to no remorse when taking a life.

Other: Highly flexible and acrobatic, she has a very erratic fighting style that makes her hard to predict and hard to hit.

8/3/2012 #10
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