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Noah is Potato

"When the world is at the brink of death, the Horsemen will ride." -unknown

War, Death, Famine, and Disease, the legendary four Horsemen chosen to ride forward at the end of the world, and reap its destruction. Many know of them, even if they have never heard of the Four. They ride through the realms, each fulfilling their purpose, each preparing for when they ride into the open, each preparing for the end of the world. That chill you feel in the air moments before a life is taken, is the Pale Rider Death. That rage and adrenaline you feel in battle is the Mighty War. The despair of starvation and the environment dying, is Famine. And the pain in your chest when you cough in illness, is deadly Disease.

However the four are not the only Riders, they are but the first in this powerful race. After their creation, they set off and claimed a spot for their own, a place at the edge of existence, beyond heaven and hell, past the Garden of Eden, and right before nothingness. There they planted a seed, and that seed grew two riders, a male and a female. They mated, and soon the Riders grew in numbers, all being ruled over by the Four.

The place at the Edge of Existence was named Absolum, and villages and cities grew from the Riders. Here, at Absolum, they were granted the ability to stare into all realms, by looking through the Well of Worlds. Though only the Four, and those deemed worthy, may ride through the Well into other realms. How is one deemed worthy? Let us continue the story of the Four, and you will know.

Each of the Riders born of the Seed held powers linked to the realm of Humanity, Heaven, and Earth. When they reach the age of 11, the powers fully blossom, and their horse appears to them, able to appear whenever summoned by their Rider. The Four witnessed the great powers of their new found race, and the bound between rider and horse, and they created an academy of sorts. Here, at the Riders of the Apocalypse, you are trained to ride, to fight, and to master your powers. You are trained to be a true Rider.

Each student is separated into the house of War, the House of Death, The House of Famine, and the house of Disease, depending on the student itself. The student chooses it's own house, and their they compete with other houses, and train to become part of the army of their chosen Four. You stay in your house, in the school, until they are age 19, and on their nineteenth birthday, they are either deemed worthy to join the Four, or to live in Absolum for the rest of their lives. Or they die.

The final test of the school, is to face your chosen of the Four in combat. If you are deemed worthy, you will ride to the Well of Worlds, if you are deemed unworthy, you live in Absolum, if you are deemed unfit to be a rider, you die.

The Four are immortal, but the rest of the riders are not, unless they are deemed worthy. Then, they ride to Eden, and eat from the tree of Life, and join their new master's army.

So, Rider, do you have what it takes to become a Rider of Apocalypse? Will you face down one of the Four in deadly combat? Will you face down the armies of heaven and hell when the End is upon us? Well Rider, whether you do or not, I have only one piece of advice.



(There is a risk of some of the characters not being considered worthy by the Four. It depends on the character, and who they picked from the Four, seeing as each of the Four will have its own developed personality, since each will show up quite frequently in the roleplay. However your character will not die unless you give the a-okay.)

Character Template



Age: (11-18) (If you want to make an instructor for the school, pm me.)

Appearance: (You can use a picture, I am not to picky about this, since I am more concerned about the character being a Rider and what type of Rider they are, above all.)

House: (Explain why they picked this house here, or in the bio)

Powers: (Powers range from Angelic in nature, Demonic in Nature, or taken from a human concept. Use your imagination, and while don't make your character completely overpowered, make them pretty powerful, especially if you are 17-18.)


Horse: (Place the name of your horse, and description. The Horse's appearance should fit your characters personality, and powers. Again, use your imagination with this. You can also place Horse's personality if you like.)

Weapon: (This weapon is your signature weapon, and can range from demonic sword to pistols that shot out heavenly light. The weapon will has a mind of its own as well)

Weapon limits: (What is the limit of your weapon? Can it break, does it run out of juice? Can it not harm certain things?)

Secondary Weapon: (This is just a plain ol' weapon with no real special abilities.)

Personality: (Optional)

Bio: (Please place at least a paragraph.)


9/9/2012 #1
Noah is Potato

Name: Sepheraph ShadowMane

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance:Sepheraph is tall and skinny, having a mop of golden hair. The young rider has sleek glasses, perched on his nose, that vanish whenever battle erupts. The boy is lean, and while he has some muscle, he is made much more for speed than strength. Sepheraph has shinning blue eyes, with flecks of gold in them, and he has a scar running down his chest from a battle with another student.

House:Sepheraph belongs in the House of Death.

Powers: Sepheraph'spowers comes from the human concept of Dreams. Sepheraph can reach into the reality of dreams and nightmares, and pull things out to aide him. If he is in direct physical contact with someone, he could even pull something out of their dreams of their nightmares.While he is bringing the dreams to life, Sepheraph can change them slightly, such as make a sword a little sharper, or a man from a nightmare a little more intimidating.

Weakness: The larger the object the more it drains Sepheraph, and the more he pulls from the reality of Dreams, the more it drains. If he sends them back, he still gains have of his strength, but if they are defeated, he doesn't regain anything. Speheraph isn't made for physical strength, and his blows are somewhat weak.

Horse: Sandman. Sandman is a beautiful horse, with a pale blue coat of fur, and a light dusting of white over it. Its mane is a blue mist that has the whisperings of children's dreams and nightmares woven into it. Sandman's eyes are a soft golden color, that changes from black or white depending on the dreams his master summons. If Sepheraph pulls something from a nightmare, Sandman's eyes are black, if he pulls something from a dream, his eyes are white, and if Sepheraph has pulled nothing, then they remain gold.

Weapon: Sepheraph has twin blades named The Rise and the Fall. The names are references to the common, enjoyable dream of one flying, and then the fall the flyer takes when the dream turns to nightmare. The Rise hilt is wrapped in white cloth, and near the blade, two wings sprout from the hilt. The blade itself is a white/blue color, and a gentle mist falls from the blade. The Rise is a channel Sepheraph uses to bring out the dreams of people, and it can make physical contact with someone, and not harm them is Sepheraph wishes.

The second Blade, The Fall, has a black cloth wrapped around its hilt and near the blade, instead of wings like its counterpart, it has spikes. The color of the blade is a black/crimson color, and a darker mist falls from this blade. The Fall is a channel for nightmares, and like it's counterpart, might not harm on physical contact.

Weapon limits: They lose strengths when there are no dreams or nightmares to feed off of, and the mist grows lighter and lighter.The Blades can only feed off of the dreams and nightmares if Sepheraph sacrifices the dreams to them. The blades slowly rust over when they haven't feed, and become useless. The Rise also refuses to hurt anyone it deems just, and The Fall refuses to hurt anyone it deems amusiningly chaotic.

Secondary Weapon: Sepheraph also uses a simple pistol.

Personality: (These things never do my characters justice, it will be explained in roleplay)

Bio: Sepheraph grew up on a farm at the edge of Absolum, and he only knew a few others his age.Both his parents were deemed unworthy, but still fit to live in Absolum. One was rejected by War, the other rejected by Disease. Sepheraph never cared that his parents failed, because if they didn't, he wouldn't have been born. The week before he turned eleven, everyone was making a big fuse, all excited. Sepheraph however, was just terrified.

What if his powers were demonic or they weren't that powerful? What if his Horse hated him? So many worries went through his head, so at the eve of his birthday, he ran away.Sepheraph wandered, and night was about to break into early morning, when the young Rider saw someone.

Standing near a tree, watching the sun rise, was the Rider Death, standing beside the pale horse Despair. Sepheraph just stared, awed by the rider, and slightly afraid as well. Death watched the sunrise, before getting on his horse, and riding off. He didn't notice the young rider at all, to focus on the rising of the sun.

Sepheraph was awed by what he saw, one of the powerful Four, admiring the sunrise. It was a thing he had once dreamed of. The young rider was taken away from his fantasies by a nudging of his shoulder, and he turned and saw his young horse staring at him, and at once Sepheraph fell in love.

He and Sandman walked back. Sepheraph just talking to the horse, and he finally accepted his destiny as a Rider.

Other:To this day, Sepheraph is not sure if he saw the real Death, or if it was just his newborn powers projecting a dream he had.

9/9/2012 #2

Character Template

Name: Samantha 'Sam' Sunspirit

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Sam is quite tall, standing equal with the average heighted boys of her own age. Her figure is defined and curved, but modestly so, with wiry muscles and long legs. Her skin has a light tan gracing it, making the small pale scars that litter her skin even more noticeable. Her hair is the colour of fire, a vibrant mixture of red, orange, and gold that falls straight down to the back of her knees. At the point where her hair is level with her waist, a black ribbon holds the hair together, keeping it out of he way while not giving an opponent an easy grab should they try to use her hair against her. Her fringe cuts diagonally across her face, almost covering her left eye, and it midnight black with blood red tips. Sam's right eye is a sharp, ice green colour that seems to cut into whoever she's looking at when she narrows them slightly. Her left eye is covered by a milky film and covered by a black surgical eye-patch like those used in anime. Her dark lips are either pulled into a tight smirk, a thin line, or a snarl. The palm of her left had is covered in several, third-degree burns that have since scarred, she keeps this hand hidden at all times with a black glove.

House: House of War. Sam's nature, personality, and powers make her suitable for this house; her weapon often makes people confused about her choice however. This was also her father's house before he was injured and unable to continue as a Rider.

Powers: Sam's ability is complete and utter control over the element of pure fire, able to use several levels within this ability, each with varying results and drawbacks. All of the fire must first be created at her hands, feet, or the blade of her weapon before it can be used. Due to her powers, heat and natural fire has no effect of Sam.

Red Fire – Basic fire that burns upon contact as any normal fire would do. This fire type can burn through soft material only.

Blue Fire – Is almost exactly like red fire, except it burns slightly hotter. It can still only burn through soft material, but harder materials are more effected than by red fire

Purple Fire – This fire is much hotter than the previous and is capable of melting solids such as metal and even concrete. This fire causes the area within 1 meter of Sam to become almost unbearably hot.

White Fire – This is the hottest flame type. It can melt straight through anything, even magic. The area within 5 meters of Sam becomes impossible to enter without killing oneself. This is the only type of fire that cannot be used in projectile attacks.

Weakness: A general weakness to water, cold temperatures, and lack of oxygen applies to all of the above fire types, as well as Sam herself.

Red Fire – Easily doused and very weak, causing minimal stress on Sam's body. Projectile attacks have a 30-meter limit.

Blue Fire – Takes the same amount of effort to dissipate, but drains more of Sam's energy, meaning she gets tired more quickly. Projectile attacks have a 25-meter limit.

Purple Fire – While it takes more extreme measures to douse, it drains Sam so quickly she can only use this fire type for 20 minutes at most before she collapses. It would take several days, maybe even a week for her to recover her strength. Any projectiles have a 10-meter limit.

White Fire – Nearly impossible to douse, this is the only type of fire that can actually hurt Sam, using it causing severe burns to her skin. It drains her so much that this fire can be used for a maximum of 3 minutes and drains Sam to the point where she is bed ridden for nearly a month.

Horse: Inferno. Befitting to his name, Inferno is a large and fiery stallion with a temper and attitude to match. His body is the blackened colour of charred wood, his hooves like dark steel crafted by the finest of smiths. His mane, tail, and fetlock (Hair on the legs above the hooves) are fire and will burn all those who touch it except for his Rider. His wings are angelic like in appearance, but these too are made of fire. His eyes appear to be completely white, no pupil, no iris, only white. Inferno has managed to control his flames to not burn objects, but chooses to allow the fire to continue burning people and other horses who get too close minus a few exceptions.

Weapon: Xipil. Xipil is a double-bladed scythe; a long obsidian black handle two meters in length with large, curved scythe blades at both ends, dark silver in colour with a hint of red along the inner blades. Red ribbon is wrapped around the staff at the two points where it meets the blades. Both blades can be heated to the point where it can cut through the body in a single swipe, given enough power.

Weapon limits: The fire used to heat the blades is red fire, no other fire can be used and the fire itself cannot take physical form on the weapons, meaning contact has to occur for there to be burns. Due to the size and make of the weapon, it cannot be thrown and as such is limited to close combat only, though extreme close combat with say an opponent with knives is also almost impossible.

Secondary Weapon: A long, curved dagger with a nasty serrated edge that leaves wide, ugly wounds.

Personality: At the basic level, she is focused, driven, often sarcastic, rarely 'nice' but willing to help out in the odd cases when she 'feels' like it. Blunt and straight forwards, often seen as a bitch, but her results cannot be argued. Further depth into her character will be revealed through the roleplay.

Bio: Sam's father graduated as a Worthy Rider from the House of War, but was returned to Absolum after only a week their time due to injury for both himself and his horse, both now crippled for life. He eventually married and had a single child he would never admit that he was disappointed when that child wasn't a boy, though one could tell with the nickname 'Sam' always being used.

Sam was never very good at playing with others, her quick temper and bluntness meant she was often getting into fights, most of which she managed to win. There was a lot of pressure on the girl's shoulders as her eleventh birthday approached, as it would reveal what her powers and horse would be like. While her father was very happy about the results, her mother was quite displeased to have her best floor rug burnt to a crisp by both Sam's new powers, and Inferno's fiery limbs.

Sam couldn't have been more happy to start at the academy and quickly made a name for herself by both rejecting Death's House despite her weapon, and by showing just how strong she already was.

Sam has used White Fire once and once only, during her second year while training. She created only a small ball in her left hand but it was still enough to severely and permanently damage the palm of that hand and have her bed ridden for 4 and a half weeks.

Other: To compensate for her weapon's fault with knifed opponents, Sam has trained a lot to use a variety of kicking attacks to knock opponents back into her strike range.

In the top 20 of her age group.

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Noah is Potato


9/9/2012 #4
Lady Blade

Name: Amaya Chandra which can be translated to 'Night Rain' 'of the Moon'

Gender: Female

Age: (11-18) 18

Appearance: Enya has the lithe build of a below average height gymnast; with deep set almond shaped fiery blue eyes which are ringed by lack-of-sleep – not that you notice, what with her black sunglasses (eyesight sensitive to the light). She sports coal black hair that's pulled up in a spiky pony-tail. She has a small brown mole on her left cheek higher to the further edge of her eye. Her skin holds a rich tan.

House: Enya picked the House of Disease. Because she thought it ironic if she joined a House because of her short stature.

Powers: Enya's powers have two keys, Shadow Poison manipulations (which can destroy life if exposed too long) and black-blue plasma/lightning. She can also see in the dark and is immune to her shadows poison.

Weakness: Light and Water, for obvious reasons. Light can chase away the shadows so she can no longer hide. Water is a strong enough defence against Plasma if used right. You don't want either opponents standing on ice now do we?

:P She is blinded by light, (funnily enough not her own lightning) which is why she wears sunglasses during the day. Her small stature also serves as a weakness, for while she is quick and flexible, there is no strength in her tiny-fist punches... though, her shocking-bitch-slaps are not to be crossed.

Horse: Description: .(That picture took nearly all day lol) His name is Azorite. Azorite has violent black-blue plasma for his mane and tail, with Smokey shadows that are produced from his silver glinting hooves - and as he runs, it causes the vegitation he walks on to die momentarily. Azorite fiercely loyal and protective of his rider... Azorite has that presence of him that demands respect or else – though he is peaceful... most of the time.

Weapon: a Whip that is highly conductive of electricity.

Weapon limits: it's not that great in close quarters, which brings about the secondary weapon.

Secondary Weapon: a short sword.

Personality: Pretty much the same as her horse, despite her small size Enya has a presence about her that demands respect, though she likes to blend into the shadows for discreet purposes. She enjoys puzzles and has an insane knack for curiosity. She sports a serious face most of the time, but does laugh if something funny does come up. She studies hard, as she wants to be worthy of the Riders. She always has a few sarcastic quips up her sleeves.

Bio: Enya was born in the middle class of the city of Absolum, she lived with her father – her parents divorced when she was five. When she turned 11, her father was worried because of how small she was, however Enya was excited as she discovered her ability to control shadows and lightning– and she was nervous – but she pushed her nervousness aside, like she normally would when something new would occur. She was annoyed that her father didn't share her enthusiasm, but accepted it as yet another thing her father worried about.

Her horse appeared to her as she sat alone on the roof of her house, playing with lightning at her finger tips, idly wondering how she would fit in to the Rider's School. In her eyes, he was beautiful, and nothing could compare to how radiant and powerful he was. She named him Azorite.

When she entered the halls of the Rider school, she soon realized how people didn't expect her to make it, to be deemed unworthy because of her size – this spurred her determination. She jumped onto the Disease wagon because of her ironic sense of humor.


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Noah is Potato


9/9/2012 #6
Sage of the White Sands

Name: Terrance Nightinday(*shrug*)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: (You can use a picture, I am not to picky about this, since I am more concerned about the character being a Rider and what type of Rider they are, above all.)

House: House of War.

Powers: Angelic in Nature(Its all I'll divulge.)


Horse: (Place the name of your horse, and description. The Horse's appearance should fit your characters personality, and powers. Again, use your imagination with this. You can also place Horse's personality if you like.)

Weapon: The Holy Great Sword, Excalibur.

Weapon limits: (What is the limit of your weapon? Can it break, does it run out of juice? Can it not harm certain things?)

Secondary Weapon: Shortsword.

Personality: (Optional)

Bio: (Please place at least a paragraph.)


((Work In Progress.Will PM about Instructor soon.))

9/9/2012 . Edited 9/10/2012 #7
Some Interesting Name

Name: Darren Hart

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Darren stands rather tall at roughly 6'7 though his build causes this height to seem a bit out of place, thin limbs protrude from his torso resulting in an odd spider-limbed humanoid. His eyes are of an unknown color, this is due to them being covered with a large bandage rolled around his head, from the way he acts it is implied that he may be blind, what was once his jaw had been completely removed and replaced with a metal contraption that roughly resembles the piece of his face it was meant to immitate. Sticking out of the back of Darren's shoulders are what appear to be spikes that had been driven through the front of both shoulders, the end result is round metal stubs protruding from the front while spikes protrude from the back. Going down along his spine are the back portions of what were at some point in time slightly rusted iron nails. On each of his arms Darren has circlets with spikes on the insides, every now and again he tightens the belts resulting in a fresh flow of blood from his wounds. His long dark brown hair had been cut off completely at either side of the head where two rather gruesome looking scars still remain. On the sides of his neck are two more scars, these two are where his vocal cords had been cut out... Probably not the smartest decision, but it happened on impulse.

House: House of Death, the reason for this being that he enjoys the suffering someone feels before the initial presence of death begins to fall in line, the massive pain, the torture, the misery, it all beckons Darren as a siren would a sailor.

Powers: Darren's soul is closely linked to the suffering that humans as well as creatures feel, be it emotional or very well physical. The pain of others fuels his will to inflict more, he feeds on the energy that comes from pain, one of the many reasons he has so many wounds is that due to injuries he sustains the will to inflict it on others grows. His tolerance for suffering and pain is immense, to the point where he could be impaled by a great sword and continue to press on indifferent to the weapon protruding through his body. Though blind he has an ability to sense other's pain or will to inflict pain, a great gift to he who is without eyes.

Weakness: Lack of suffering could drive him to the brink, or even past the brink, of insanity. He weakens incredibly and lusts for pain as any other would lust for a loved one that they feel is out of their reach, he will attempt to take it himself, absolve someone of their safety, impale his own blade through his stomach. He will do anything to feel the satisfaction that comes with suffering, the beauty of ones annihilation-even if it means his own annihilation.

Horse: Tolerate, the horse is blood red with multiple black scars carving through its mane, it lacks a tail instead being replaced with a bloody stump that had without a doubt been its birth-rite. The reason Tolerate is the steed of he who suffers is because it is the perfect example of that which leads to suffering, to tolerate the pain of someone who tortures is to only invite more suffering into ones own life.

Weapon: A demonic Katara dagger forged from the suffering of a million souls as they slowly died after being hammered to a wall of their own sin with a thick metal rod of hellish origin. The weapon has a red edged blade about 2 feet in length, in the course of combat if need be the blade could be unfolded into three blades that make a "W" type shape with the three blades joining at one point near the bottom of the middle one. The weapon doesn't have any means of guarding the user's hand but the horizontal grip is covered with a black finish with bits of gold etched into the otherwise empty void of darkness. Near the bottom of the middle blade a yellow and red eye resides, the demonic weapon's means of seeing the world. Due to being a punching-dagger the Katara Dagger has a great amount of force behind each strike being able to pierce through thick armor much easier than most bladed weapons.

Weapon limits: Though capable of piercing through heavier armor it is ill-advised to do so since the weapon doesn't have a reinforced tip-this was a far more popular design in later katara daggers- so it's possible that the weapon bends in the process of piercing through plate-armor. The Katara Dagger is incapable of blocking, the metal pieces that sit at either side of the user's hand could be used, but this is too much of a risk, instead the user usually has to rely on agility to dodge the attacker's movements.

Secondary Weapon: An elegant looking Kris dagger worn at Darren's side, the weapon appears to be mostly used for ceremonial executions... Something which Darren isn't all that fond of, too little suffering.

Personality: (Optional)

Bio: Darren wasn't born to a normal family, no, he was born into an existance filled with the troubles of life, filled to the brim with misery. His life began simply enough, he was born with an illness that had rendered his eyes completely useless... As such he plucked them out with a rusted spoon later on in his lifetime.

Growing up had seemed to be difficult from the perspective of his parents since everytime someone attempted to be Darren's friend he wanted to impale them with a sharpened metal rod... Or better yet the demonic Katara Dagger that had beckoned Darren which had lead to it being discovered, and then becoming his best friend since both enjoyed inflicting pain.

On his eleventh birthday the close bond that the boy had with misery eventually lead to the discovery of his power... That of Suffering, of torture, misery, everything that was dear to him as he aimlessly wandered through life. He and the Demonic weapon were soon joined with the next companion on the beautiful journey of suffering that was life, Tolerate, the horse was the perfect match for the angsty soon to be teenager as he began inflicting pain that he couldn't inflict on others to himself. Both he and the creature sustained immense amounts of pain... Though the horse didn't enjoy it it did as it's name implied and tolerated, tolerated as it was stabbed, tolerated the burns, not once did it complain... It was wonderful, truly a gift to the young Darren.

When finally making it to the Academy he was stuck between the choices of War or Death... Both of which seemed to ask him to join, ultimately he decided on Death since the greatest suffering was felt directly before it... Though everytime he thinks about it and attempts to wail or moan his thoughts he realizes the decision was too late.

During his time in the academy Darren left multiple scars on his body from the times he had lost himself in the lack of suffering-which was odd with so many objects of suffering around. He'd even gone so far as to nail long pieces of metal or nails into himself as a means to satisfy the hunger.

Other: Incapable of speaking, fairly agile, and though he may be blind he can see by sensing someone's suffering that they had endured.

(... Hm... It's odd... I was going for an Arch-Angel type at the beginning... How the hell did this happen?)

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