Challenge for Dinosaur King
I've had an idea for a potential novel-length Dinosaur King fic that has been rattling around in my head for ages. However, I'm way too busy with my current work, which may last several years, so if you think you can take it on, be my guest.
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Fergus Flamacron

As said in the summary, I am really busy with another work right now, but I would like to see this idea for Dinosaur King fleshed out and written down, so if you think your a skilled writer then you're welcome to try it out. The basic outline for the story is below:-

Either while still in the present day or when travelling through time, the three kids:- Max, Rex and Zoe get captured by an unknown party for whatever reason while their three dinosaurs are in large form and battling against another dinosaur. In the process, the three children are separated from their Dino-Holders, meaning that Chomp, Ace and Paris are stuck in their larger forms without Move Cards to help them. The story basically consists of how three full-sized dinosaurs have to survive against all the odds as they search for and attempt to rescue their partners. They must avoid the armed forces, the bad guys from the show and many other threats besides and somehow find a way to rescue the kids without using Move Cards or shrinking back into their little forms, without the help of other characters like Max's Dad or Zoe's sister because they are somewhere else and all the while keeping the kid's Dino-holders safe until they find them again.

The rest of the plot would be up to you, although I would like the dinosaurs to have the ability to speak to one another telepathically thanks to the stones in the Dino-holders. Also, Terry, Spiny and Tank and any other dinosaur that appears as a card in the series may be used as a character in the story.

I'll be honest and say I don't expect much response to this, but if anyone is will to try it out, they will be able to request up to three or possibly five oneshots from me, as long as those oneshots conform to the rules on my profile. Coincidentally, I'd like this story to conform to the rules on my profile as well, so I'll post them here:-

1. No yaoi or yuri pairings.

2. Nothing above a T rating. There will be no lemons (if sex is involved it will only be alluded to, not described) and any fighting will not be too gory or violent.

3. No OC characters, except potential antagonists for the children and the dinosaurs.

How's that sound?

5/16/2011 #1

sounds do able but I'm no good at wringing anything under an M rating

5/19/2011 #2
Fergus Flamacron

How so? Too much violence or lemons? Would it really be so hard to leave them out? I forgot to mention I'd be more than willing to help plan it out. I just don't have time to write it. Have a look at the things I'm working on to see why - it's llooooonng.

5/19/2011 #3

no just with rated m there's no limites to what can happen plot ways and in the battle sense and well as with ever other ratering what oy ucan do is limited and I can't work with limetes

5/19/2011 #4
Fergus Flamacron

Well, I suppose. I would like to see what other people can do with the idea, and I am quite anxious to see it happen. I suppose I can accept an M rating. Do you have any ideas? Do you want help with the planning? Are you even going to do it? Please let me know.

Side note: Paris must not be useless. She kinda lost use throughout the series except when to use the Pteranodons. She's gotta play as decent a part in the rescuing and surviving as Chomp and Ace.

5/19/2011 #5

I'm working on stories of my own right now but I may be able to work on it I said may I'm not promissing anything

5/19/2011 #6
ordinary girl 112233

i geuss i can help ^^

5/21/2011 #7

if you don't mind me asking how can you help

5/21/2011 #8
Fergus Flamacron

Well, I'll accept help from any comers. Bear in mind I would like the story to be reasonable length and I'll help in any way I can. I have a couple of potential ideas for angerous or interesting scenarios, like Ace leading away a bunch of military people, including a helicopter chase or something, or Paris having to convince Ace to cross a large stretch of water.

5/22/2011 . Edited 5/22/2011 #9

ok but I, I won't have time to start a new story for at lest two mouths

5/22/2011 #10

I can star a new story now and i'll take hte challenge as long as I write lemons

5/27/2011 #11
Fergus Flamacron

Alright, fine. You can do them, but can I just ask - how exactly do you intend to put many of them in. The story is supposed to be based on the dinosaurs and not the humans. Anyway, do you want any help with the planning or do you want to do it on your own? And do you think it will be reasonably long?

5/31/2011 #12

you;'re right Iclearly can not meat all of the rules so I'm an sadly unable to do the story

5/31/2011 #13
Fergus Flamacron

You obviously have a very narrow focus then. I would have thought you could have used it as an opportunity to attempt to branch out but apparently not. Anyone else?

5/31/2011 #14

no one ones coming to mind

5/31/2011 #15
I think it sounds like a very interesting plot line. I'm not entirely too sure I could pull it off, though. Even though my writing style fits into the rules for the most part (depends on the story) I'm not really very good at writing anything but teen drama. Maybe I could try if I wasn't so busy. (I'm fully aware that because I'm submitting this on my phone, it will show up twice.)
3/11/2012 #16

Oh, and another note to jboy44: I tried reading your some of your stories, and they aren't very good lemons, so stop whining about not being able to write anything else.

3/16/2012 #17
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