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Let's face it people,the Marvel version of Thor and all that is Norse is the most politically incorrect version of Norse Mythology out there. I point all the technical f*** ups but that would be a long list. To smooth my woes over this fact I have just concluded that Marvel did what disney did. Mold a orignal tale (from where ever) to fit the plot and universe that they put them in and I'm cool with that. Getting back to the point, though THOR is incorrect in Mythological standings, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnorok is oddly not. If you ignore the main story, (that is, Loki being turned into a child and later getting dragged into shitz load trouble then even he could start in 500 yrs by a eccentric pink haired japanese girl) the back story stays true to fact. Loki get banished from Asgrad not only for being a s*** starter but because odin is paranoid about the coming of Ragnorok. Some facts are left out like Lokis loyal wife and twins or him being boud to a rock with a poisonous snake but more filler info that wasn't on a 'Needs to know' spot in concerns to the plot of the story.

Anyway, imagine what would happen if these completely different versions ment. If Thor meant Narugumi (Thor) or is Loki ment Loki (MDLR) who is ironically more true to the mythology version of Loki the the MARVEL version was. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie and thought the Loki there was great, but i'm a Myth w*** and I like keeping true to facts. I find it funny that a anime did that better than a comic series that is based slightly more in reality.

So yah, what would Loki (MDLR) think of his angst filled counterpart and his weird Father/son relationship with Odin as opposed to the actual Blood brother ties that he has? What would Narugumi and Thor think of each other, especially since Narugumi has gone out of his way to look as human as possible. How would Narugumi react to Jane and Sif (who, if nobdy knew, is actually his wife)? How does Loki react to Mayura (I happen to love the who Loki (MDLR)/ Mayura relationship)?

SOMEBODY!!!! WRITE A CROSSOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5/18/2011 #1
Saeth Ceirwyn

Actually, Marvel's Norse mythology isn't that different from actual Norse myths, especially considering that there were multiple versions of the legends that didn't make it into writing due to old Norse culture being oral. Snorri's versions (which are what most people are familiar with) are late, after Christianity pretty much persecuted the hell out of Norse religion. So basically, there is no one true version of Norse myth. Much of what Marvel included came from fragments of the other versions that were recorded.

Marvel's version is actually very clever in that it incorporates a lot of other world concepts into the over all ideas of Norse myths. Take Ragnarok, for example. In the MU, it is a cycle when the universe dies and is reborn. Basically they add the Hindu concepts of reincarnation to the idea of European ring-cycle story telling traditions.

7/24/2011 #2
Mrs Ambrose Klaroline delena

I was think about Loki and oc's story I need idea , the characters : me,Loki thor, others superheros and my friends

10/3/2013 #3


In spite I like the comics and love the movies (except for the flaws)... Moviverse/Comicverse have NOTHING to do with real myths. To tell the truth, the first time I read something about the original myths, back my early teens, I become really surprised to see how different they were from the comics. As far I'm concerned, they're totally different. The movie basis: they're aliens that visited Earth in the past and they were took as "gods" works fine enough, though.

You just cannot think Loki is causing earthquakes when they're caused by the tectonic plates moving!

But there is no need to any short of crossover: out there, there are hundres of fanfics where myths events are heavily mixed up with moviverse events. Even there are some authors than dare to say Asgardians (and Loki) are gods, and he become pregnant in mare shape. *roll-eyes*

10/5/2013 #4
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