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I'm a Loki/OC author myself, but I believe my story goes deeper than just a straight up relationship of boy meets girl. (for the sake of simplicity, I've decided to use that category in my summary) I'm exploring relationships in general of the characters concerned in Thor the Movie, along with guest appearances from selected Avengers, the Marvel universe and Norse canon Mythology.

Frankly, everyone's entitled to their opinion and I shan't waste my breath trying to 'defend' myself on a forum unless I'm personally 'attacked.' LOL. *shrugs* At the same time, there's nothing wrong with a rant. I do that myself as well.

What I DO wish to rant about is grammar and spelling. There's no excuse for a misspelled word in written fiction if one has a word processor equipped with a spell-checker. As for grammar, that's where practice makes perfect comes in. There are a phenomenal amount of posts of stories that are simply horrendous to read. Sorry, if that offends anyone but I'd be very embarrassed to post something that has too many mistakes. (sadly, the younger generation seem more concerned about quantity than quality)

I'm guilty of the occasional 'quick fix' too, but I just wish they'd activate their spell-checker at least. LOL. As for the smut, there are a lot of stories depicting explicit sexual content without the 'Mature' warning label. Not that this gives full reign to anything sexually gruesome or thoroughly c***, but yes, I definitely agree that a good warning should be given to alert younger readers of the author's intentions for the chapter.

8/13/2011 . Edited 8/16/2011 #31
Captain Chirpov

Sorry Shade, I know that people can post whatever they want. My problem is that people don't seem to be posting anything else. I check the Thor archive every day, I have since it was created so I have seen every story that has come in. In the beginning, there were a few romance fics, mostly Thor and Jane reuniting or something of the like. However, once you get closer to the present the number goes from one or two romances a page to more around the number of ten and these were mostly Loki romanced with some female character. What happens more and more often, I'll come in to see if there are any new fics updated or published and I leave because they only ones that have been are exactly what I don't want to read. So, Shade, I DON'T read the fics. I try to ignore them, but it can become extremely frustrating to look for a fic for your favorite movie and only find romance. Go ahead, post what you want! I can't exactly do anything about it!

8/13/2011 #32
Saeth Ceirwyn

I definitely don't agree with Loki jumping into bed with anyone, especially a mortal. Also, I completely disagree with the assumption that Loki's insecure in any way or jealous of Thor. He's extremely intelligent, totally misunderstood and just plain wired differently...the main thing I find so attractive about his personality. You never know what he's really up to...he's very unpredictable and prefers pushing the limits of the gray area. (part of why he's hated as well) ^_^

Depends on if we're talking about comic-Loki or movie-Loki. Comic Loki has a mortal daughter, Tess Black, in addition to his wide variety of kids: Fenris the wolf, Jorgumand the serpent, Hela goddess of death, Vali... Loki's not exactly sex shy or picky. And Loki has admitted there are others we don't know about. A lot of others.

Loki's envy/self-hate complex is the root of all his problems. He was envious of Thor for a long time (he seems to be over it mostly at this point), never feeling appreciated or like he fit in as an Asgardian while also deeply admiring Thor. Loki never felt like he could live up to what he should be, certainly not what Asgardian or Jotun society considered acceptable, and this is what caused him to get so envious. Eventually the envy developed into bitterness and hate. Loki is a runt half-giant with extremely effeminate traits and talents in a culture that values the manly alpha male (which is why we don't see Odin talking about the fact he's a half-jotun sorcerer either. That and his deviant sexual preferences if we believe Loki). Loki's old rants always ended up comparing himself to Thor or others in way that's envious and self-pitying. Sure he's smart with lots of great talents, but those aren't considered valuable by either society and that undermines his already shaky self-esteem. He's got a huge case of Big Brother Worship that's setting off his own sense of inferiority.

Of course, Loki has never had it in him to truly hurt Thor, because he's come really close to winning several times and just couldn't bring himself to hurt Thor. He's even admitted he feels Thor is the only one who really loves him.

8/16/2011 #33
Saeth - I totally see your point about Loki's personality if I were referring to the Marvel Universe 'bastardization' of Loki. However, my personal summation of Loki's aspects are somewhere between canon Norse Mythology, the Movie version, written accounts by pagan worshippers, and my twisted imagination. LOL.

The way I see Loki is this: he's an extremely complex immortal being from another universe. He's not bound by the moral fabric of our existence here. (Anyway, the Midgard in canon Norse Mythology is described as a place inhabited by mortals not at all remotely connected to us, but exist exclusively to the universe of Yggdrasil) Lordy, I'm stopping there. I'm majorly geeking out here. ROFL. Regardless, there's enough evidence to suggest that we're allowed to 'visit.' xD

The mythological Loki I've researched is flame-haired, amorous, sly, mischievous, uncompromising, head-strong, faithful. (As shown in his devotion to his Asgardian child-bride Sigyn and as consort to his powerful Jotun mate, Angrboda. Also, the birth of Loki's children is a fascinating story.) Moreover, sexual promiscuity among immortals is a given! *guffaws* Heck, what would YOU do as an immortal, eh? I know what I would do. xD (Ahem!)

Also, I'm not belittling your opinion of Loki at all, since you're more familiar with Loki's Marvel Universe aspects than I am. I'm sure it's a wonderful world in itself and there are many fans to back that up. ^_^

I guess my overall point is that I find it throughly intriguing that I'm reading many versions of how we see Loki's character. The only limit is one's imagination and personal preference, right? I respect it all...since it's all so much FUN.

Thranduilion - I too wish to see more variety in the ffnet Thor fanfic collection. I'm just waiting to see the appropriate authors contribute their stories to that section. ;D

8/16/2011 . Edited 8/16/2011 #34

I have a question.

Do you think Loki/OC fic will increase or decrease after The Avengers comes out?

I mean I'm fairly sure most of the Loki/OC fic tries to redeem him at least a little bit (although that is an assumption since I don't read it), do you think that when he's proven to be a bad guy and possibly killed off for realz people people will write more or less Loki/OC fic.

8/29/2011 #35

DiscordAndRhyme - I'm expecting the number of Slash fics to rise along with a few more Loki/OC fics trying to redeem him. LOL.

8/30/2011 #36

I honestly mainly gravitate toward OC fanfiction, only if it's well written of course. It just seems to me that only so much can be done with an already established character from a film/book/show etc. OC's give creative freedom, it's just a shame a lot of the time the freedom is taken up by young girls that want to write what they want themselves to be. If I see a character named Raven or something ridiculously Japanese I avoid it, which then results in me trawling the whole archive for a believable and likeable OC. In all the years I've been reading fanfiction this issue has come up so many times, I don't understand the absolute hatred some people have against OC's and relationships with them. It's not like the absence of them will generate more cannon fiction, take away OC fanfiction and the archives will suffer a massive dent in mostly all areas of fanfic.

I understand that for every one thing there will always be people that dislike it but to hate it so much and actually get mad about it completely perplexes me.

9/1/2011 #37

I prefer an OC to the introdution of characters from other universes of the theme. For exemple, in this fandom, people insist in using Iron Man and Cpt. America, for what I know they belong in the Thor comic section... and I have no interest in reading the comic.

And the abuse of mythology... I was reading a Loki/Jane fic the other day, and the author was very confused about what she was writing mixing the mythology with the movie. If well balanced it's cool but giving a complete new past to the movie character is not very canon.

It's like the Dark Knight... bringing Arley (or wte) to the Joker, when that character doesn't exist in the movie... it doesn't make much sense for me.

I'm probably alone with this opinion, but it is something that really annoys me. lol

PS: You know what would be cool? If they actually made movies based on the myths! We leave in a planet full of Gods, with such incredible lives and storys... I would love to go to the cinema and watch the story of Thor, Loki and Odin... and about Horus, Isis and Osiris.. about the Mayan Gods... I would like to see some actual cool movies based on the christian and muslim religions, for exemple, the establishment of Maome as a ruler of Meca and is encounter with God... but I think people would get offended. :|

9/13/2011 #38

I definitely agree with you Tartarya. This is a board for the film and including things from the comics and myths is really hit and miss for me. I do find it a bit annoying when people in stories and discussions use things from the myths/comics to try and prove their point or justify their story. They can be interesting to know about/play around with, but the movie is still a seperate entity entirely.

I think including other marvel characters is okay though, if it's set post movie, as that will happen in the Avengers. As minor characters anyway. And there's always crossovers.

I also really like stories where they've included stories from the myths, such as Thor and Loki dressing as brides! They don't usually contradict the film and are really interesting in my opinion, a sort of pre-movie story.

But what I'm no so keen on is the introduction of other myth characters and treating them like canon. Characters like Sigyn are just NOT in the film and using her is, in my opinion, just using an OC and giving her a name some may know.Stories that do this are VERY hit and miss in my opinion, as it has all the same pitfalls as an OC, more in fact, and it sort of annoys me when people use it as a way around using an OC.

Also, Loki and Thor are clearly not married to Sigyn and Sif respectively in the film, so anything that takes that route is definitely anti-canon or AU.

Of course, people can write what they want, but things that are anti-canon are not usually my cup of tea and I think a good story should at least be able to acknowledge where it is following the movie, or not (and I mean movie, not comic or myth). It just annoys me when people try to justify their view/story by using comics or myths as canon.

9/15/2011 #39

Anti-canon? No. Perhaps in the case of Thor's marriage to Sif, since they are introduced as friends in the present (we know nothing of their past so far and Thor has lived at least for centuries). But in Loki's case? There's no such thing. There were no mentions about Loki's love life in the movie, since it's not the focus. Wherever he's married to Sigyn or not is completely up to anyone's guess (she randomly appeared one day in the comics, let's not forget that). I'm fonder of Angrboða for him. It's also not movie canon that Loki likes women at all or that he's heterosexual at all.

Canon wise in terms of romantic entanglements, we only have: Thor's and Jane's mutual attraction. Fandral flirting with ladies, including Darcy. Darcy thinking that Thor is hot. Sif developing romantic feelings for Thor in the end. F***'s and Odin's seemly happy marriage. Everything else is just fan interpretation or extrapolation from other sources outside the movie, cut scenes and script which is fine and makes the fanfic juicy and varied. Fics would get a little stale if the only options were Jane/Thor, potential Sif/Thor, F***/Odin, Darcy/Fandral or Fandral/random Asgardian women who flock around him. Even with the maybe potential Darcy/Thor as she thinks he's hot thrown in the mix.

My two cents.

For the record, my favorite Thor pairing in the comics is Thor/Storm, although I like most of them. They were just precious together in this comicbook:

9/15/2011 . Edited 9/15/2011 #40

Hmmm, I sort of disagree. Anything that isn't directly indicated in the film itself, is anti canon for me, or just not canon. If it happened in the comics or not, it doesn't matter to me, as it doesn't actually happen in the film. If we were on a board about the comics, fine, but we're not. Of course, you could assume it may of happened (eg what they got up to pre movie), but unless the film explicitly says so, it's not MOVIE canon. Of course, that doesn't mean to say it shouldn't be included, just that it's not MOVIE canon.

As for Loki and his love life - I think it would be very bad of the writers to suddenly introduce Loki as being married. Considering how much we see of Loki and how many big things he goes through, a wife (who is not even mentioned) would just be absurd in my opinion. I'd just wonder, where on earth was she!! Maybe they did this in the comics (I don't know) BUT I'd hope the film has better continuity and integrity than that. I also think, that considering it's a mainstream film, Loki would be heterosexual, but yes, that hasn't been confirmed yet, so I guess you could take it either way (neither being expressly canon).

As for Sif developing feelings for Thor - I'd add that to fan interpretation. As the final movie scene differs somewhat to the script, it's hard to know for certain if they did intend that in the script at all. So I wouldn't give the script (which has been amended a lot!) too much credence. The deleted scenes do hold more weight, but even then we have to think, why did they choose to remove them?

I do agree though, that fanfiction would get pretty stale if people just stuck to MOVIE canon, but I do find it a bit annoying when people use other sources, like the comics, to validate/justify their stories/viewpoints. If it's not expressly in the movie, it's not canon! (And I'd say there's lots of grey area between what is definitely MOVIE canon and what is definitely MOVIE anti-canon, and even then, anti-canon is ok, just as long as the writer acknowledges it as such).

9/16/2011 #41

Not quite. There were no details of his personal life described in the film, beyond his relationship with his parents and brother. Even Thor's romantic life was painfully undeveloped. How many meaningful scenes does he have with Jane? Not that many. You assume that a spouse would even play an important role in Loki's life, while I don't. The fact stands we don't know a lot about movie Loki beyond his parental and brother issues. He could be married, estranged, divorced, had a lover on the side. He could very well be asexual since he did not display interest in either gender, so far this seems the best accurate orientation (so far). I find the assuming heteronormativity quite offensive.

Sif's developing feelings for Thor is in the script. So no, this isn't open to interpretation. It's also how Jaime played her character as well (with hinted feelings of longing for Thor). It's obvious they want to keep the romantic options open for the sequel, so if Portman decides to ditch them, at least they have some romantic foreshadowing for Thor/Sif. It doesn't mean it would happen and maybe her feelings would fade. But as it stands so far...that is one side canon.

You can always use other sources or to adapt them, as long you realize they aren't quite canon in the movie verse. I think most people use them because the movie verse hasn't explored the backstories of the Warriors Three, Sif, Loki, F***... and they need to grasp on something, this is beyond romantic entanglements. You keep using "anti" canon... which looks very aggressive? I'd use non canon. But isn't all fanfiction non canon? The only Thor movie canon is... the movie, script and deleted scenes (and interviews with the intent behind the scenes ).

9/16/2011 #42

I like to think in 2 kinds of canon

a) CANON: The stories that follow the movie and it's characters to the maximum, for example the relation between Thor and Jane. Silverduck referred the relation between Thor and Sif in the script… but if it's not in the movie or in the deleted scenes, it's not part of my definition (and I've not decided about those either).

b) canon: The story is loyal to the movie, but there are relationships between characters that the fans made up, like Loki and Jane.

About the introduction of other marvel characters with the excuse of the Avengers… until that movie is out, having Iron Man flying around in this movie fandom is completely AU. I have no idea why they even form the Avengers thing, and for people who didn't grew up whit those comics (like everyone that doesn't live in the USA), is very complicated to understand why in hell is Thor talking to Iron Man. So for me, everything related with those characters belong in the comic section or the crossover.

The marriage thing about Loki… I can not imagine him married in this movie, I believe that if was married, his wife would give him the support that his family didn't and he wouldn't go crazy at the end.

As to what Durga said about him being asexual, I think he is doomed to the villains no romantic life… Like Voldemort. I assume, that since they are all characters based on real gods, and since Loki is married in the myths… he likes girls. Lol

It's more the construction I have made of the movie Loki, but there are some myths around that I can imagine him in, for example the bride thing… the Loki they show it's more about manipulating everyone then playing pranks… they do show the snake thing on a deleted scene, but that is not of his hard core planes to get someone in problems. So for me there is a line from the my "normal" Loki, to the other one, full of free time to annoy other people.

9/16/2011 #43

Have you read any myths, Tartarya? I'm curious, because in the Norse Mythology Loki is pansexual, he's hardly heterosexual after all (you can argue he's also t*** without a fixed gender identity). He shapeshifted into a mare, mated with the stallion Svaðilfari and became pregnant with his foal... That's so not hetero.

Fanfiction is never canon. You can try to respect canon, but calling fic canon is... pretty much against the word fan(fiction).

9/16/2011 #44

We know that the only canon there is, is the movie, but we can try to define the canon inside the fandom... that's what we are talking here.

I know about the north myths in general, but since I'm the south, I'm more atracted to the gods of my zone, since they are the ones that define us here.

9/16/2011 #45

I don't think anyone does call fanfiction canon. Or I've not read anyone doing so that I remember.

However, I agree with Tartarya and the different types of canon.

Obviously people can write what on earth they want to (that's both the joy and downfall of fanfiction), BUT in my opinion, I think a story that does it's best to fit in with the source is as canon as fanfiction can get. I personally prefer stories that try to fit in with canon more, but that's just my personal preference.

And in my opinion, the only pure CANON in this case is purely the movie we actually see, as the comics are different (and how many of those millions of people who saw Thor know the comics and/or the legends? The movie puts in what it chose to and that's that), what they may have intended in the script can change to the final shoot and deleted scenes not everyone gets to see!)

So for me, I really do feel quite strongly that the only actual CANON is the ACTUAL movie we see - the one that's on the DVD and the one we saw in cinemas. Anything away from that is not canon. I guess you can call it what you want, in my head it means the same - there is definite canon and there is none canon. There's also interpretation too, which sort of falls between the two.

And yes, as I said before, people can write what they want, but the only CANON is movie canon and some fics try their best to fit with this, some fics use interpretations/extrapolations of this and some just do their own thing. We all have our preferences with what we prefer.

As for Loki, well, I'd be very surprised if they do make him anything but purely straight in the film, but that's just the film industry really. I guess it's relatively fair game what sort of love life you give him (or any of the characters). BUT the idea that he is married in the film just feels really weird to me. I can't say it's wrong, as there's nothing to say he isn't, BUT it just feels really odd to me that he is and they haven't made any mention. Same with the whole shapeshifting thing (and him having all these children!)

However, some things just fit better with what we do see in the movie and some things don't. Using the comics to back it up/discredit it gets on my nerves because the film is different. Fair game if people do want to use it, but it's not movieverse canon to me.

9/16/2011 #46

If we really want to go deep in the canon thing, it would go like:




north myth that we know about

north myths that the vikings knew about

But I agree with everything Silverduck said above. And this place that we are at... is one of the creepiest places that we know about... because we can do what ever we want to this characters, and as it was said in the beginning of the topic, some times an OC is just the author living the story... that's the magic of a fanfic.

9/16/2011 #47

OC wise, I'll be honest I don't read stories about them, so it doesn't matter to me.

Your earlier mention about Tony Stark... he exists in the Thor movie. Coulson mentions him. Also Banner exists (there's a reference about him). They all share the same universe. Spider Man and the X-Men don't (until Fox lose their rights I guess, then we can expect Wolverine and Spider Man added into the Avengers roster).

9/16/2011 #48

But he is not there so...

I adon't know who is Banner lol

Once I send and email to suggesting an OC opction in the characters, since they exist, we should have the opportunity to choose those stories as we do to any other character.

I generally don't read stories with OC... but Durga, let me ask you... have you ever... read every fic on a fandom of the style you like? I did! Then or you move to another fandom or you write a fic or you read the oc's fic! D:

What you said about spider man and x-men being in the avengers... I saw Thor during the last weekend and it ended up with the indication of the Avengers, with that guy without an eye at the end, whose name I don't know. Then I've watched the Capitan America... it ends the same why.

Now I'm curious to know if the Iron Man 2 ended in the same why, since I don't remember it... but this 2 movies... kind of fell like a medium introduction of the characters to the Avengers? Couldn't the Thor movie be a little more deep if Marvel didn't plan to do the Avengers?

I did like Thor, but didn't anyone else felt it could be better, more explored? I also stayed with the idea that the continuation of Thor and Cpt. America would be the Avengers, and wouldn't get a second part...

9/16/2011 #49

In terms of including the avengers - if they are only minor (and the fic set post movie), I don't mind. But a full story with one of them I agree would be better as a crossover. Of which there are many anyway! I think the problem with having Avengers characters as major characters, is that they aren't in the Thor film. So unless you watch all these other films, they remain OCs to you.

As for Thor leading to the Avengers... Well, that's my biggest criticism of Thor (and I absolutely adore the film, so it's only a little thing). I did feel it spent a bit too long setting up Sheild and some of the Avengers characters - like Hawkeye. I would have preferred less time spent on them and more on developing other characters, like Sif and the Warriors 3, Darcy and Erik.

Of course, if it wasn't for the Avengers, I doubt they'd have ever bothered making Thor, so I certainly am not complaining.

For me though, any character not expressly in the FILM is an OC (whether they are in others or legends or what not) and I do tend to avoid OC stories. Maybe I've just had bad luck, but the ones I've read are quite badly written Mary-sue's. A few were good to begin with, but then seemed to lose all their character after a while.

9/16/2011 . Edited 9/16/2011 #50

Thor is part of the Avengers franchise. It's not really a stand alone film. They are all chronologically set together to continue each others. You bet the events played in the Avengers would be referred in the Thor sequel. So if someone doesn't watch those movies, it's their loss and not the actual people who do?

9/16/2011 #51
Saeth Ceirwyn

About the introduction of other marvel characters with the excuse of the Avengers… until that movie is out, having Iron Man flying around in this movie fandom is completely AU. I have no idea why they even form the Avengers thing, and for people who didn't grew up whit those comics (like everyone that doesn't live in the USA), is very complicated to understand why in hell is Thor talking to Iron Man. So for me, everything related with those characters belong in the comic section or the crossover.

Keep in mind that the comics often retcon older, less popular pieces of canon. When a franchise is over 50 years old, it's impossible to keep anything totally free of holes and contradictions; fortunately for Thor, Ragnarok acts as a Tabula Rasa event to keep things tidy. Just because it happened in the movies doesn't mean it happened that way in the comics. Actually, I don't think there's a superhero movie I've seen that follows any comic canon except Watchmen.

Technically, adding anything in the Marvel Universe to a fic isn't a crossover because it's all taking place in the same universe: Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk,'s all the same universe. These characters (and whole lot of others) exist in the same universe in canon and frequently interact with each other.

There are plenty of folks who live outside the USA who do follow superhero comics as well. ;)

9/16/2011 #52
It's not a crossover if you are writing in the comic section, in this one, i think it is completly crossover and AU. It is like in the dark knight, people had fallen in love with the movie Joker, and satarted bringing characters from the comic to the movie, just because it is the same universe, it doesn't mean it is the same story line.
9/16/2011 #53
Saeth Ceirwyn

It's not a crossover if you are writing in the comic section, in this one, i think it is completely crossover and AU

Except that all the movies Marvel has put out are linked together with the intention of them all being in the same universe so they can make Avengers.

9/19/2011 #54

As Saeth Ceirwyn says: these aren't separate canons, they are episodes of the same franchise, exclusively filmed because of the Avengers movie. Tony Stark flying around is not AU or a crossover. Marvel's doing as they do with their comic in their continuity. They don't say "crossover" because is ridiculous, they live in the same universe. Some events affect them continuity wise. They make appearances or talk to each others all the time. It's going to be the same with the movies.

A crossover is what they do when they want to make Justice League vs the Avengers.

9/19/2011 #55

I find them annoying. Loki would not fall for any random human. If someone had a crush on him, Loki would play with them before destroying there heart. Thats the way he rolls. I mean, yeah the guy is hot, we can all agree on that, right? But face it people, HE IS CRUEL! If he has enough guts to lie to his brother, fight him, and let frost giants invade a palace, he would NOT think twice about hurting a humans feelings.

Face it people, Loki/Oc just does not work.

(This post was not men't to offend any one in any manner. I am terribly sorry if it did)

LONG LIVE LOKI/ DARCY! Lol chow chow!


9/23/2011 #56

@ Mentalasylumpatient13 - Not to sound disrespectful or anything, but isn't the reasons why you say Loki won't fall for a human also applicable in the case of Darcy?

These reasons still apply:

"If someone had a crush on him, Loki would play with them before destroying there heart. Thats the way he rolls. I mean, yeah the guy is hot, we can all agree on that, right? But face it people, HE IS CRUEL! If he has enough guts to lie to his brother, fight him, and let frost giants invade a palace, he would NOT think twice about hurting a humans feelings."

I know she's not an OC, but she's still a human and I don't see why she'd be different to any other human really...

I just don't see Loki with anyone human to be honest, for those reasons. An Asgardian OC could work, especially pre movie before Loki went crazy...

Plus you throw in a human (including Darcy) and you get a copy of Thor's story usually.

9/29/2011 #57

Hmm. If I were to go with the movie characterization, Loki just discovered the shock of his entire existense: he's a Frost Giant! I think it's safe to say that the guy went a bit crazy. He's lashing out, mostly at Odin and partly toward Thor. There's a lot of resentment and anger he has to work through. As for the cruelty, well, it's all part of his anger.

Loki, being highly intellectual, would be a master manipulator. That fact has already been established in the movie.

As for Loki falling for an an immortal, it doesn't seem plausible. But, what if Loki were mortal? (In the case of Thor, that's what happened between him and Jane Foster.)

Level the playing field and who knows? Right?

Also, Loki, like all living beings, can choose to do good or evil. He'll flip sides when it suits him. It stays true to his 'Trickster' moniker.

9/30/2011 #58

@silverduck: Let me have my fantasies. Any way, you do put up a good argument, i'll give you that. I'm just saying, I really prefer Loki/Darcy. It is alot better than Loki/Jane or Loki/Signyn. And yes I know Darcy is an OC, but Larcy doesn't exactly mean romance. They could be on a mutual friendship, or Darcy could blackmail Loki. Who knows? Anything is possible to happen. I already know a romance WOULD NOT work between Darck and Loki. Actually, no romance would work between Loki and any human. But a Loki/Signyn? Who knows?

9/30/2011 #59

Of course, that's what fanfics are for, so we can imagine alternative stories for our favourite characters!

I have read a few non romance Loki/Darcy which I like, as they could have quite an interesting dynamic. I just personally don't see the romance side. But then, I much prefer Loki with Sif, which some people don't get either. So each their own. :-)

As for Sigyn. Well, I know she's been quite popular in fanfics, but she's an OC for me as she's not in the film. I only know what I've heard about her from the myths/comics and personally I hope they don't go there in the films. She does not sound like the sort of character I'd like!

9/30/2011 #60
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