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i loved the movie, it was awesome. Even though in the movie, it was obvious that Thor was into Jane but in my personal opinion , i believe that ,is not Jane that he should be with but Sif. i read only few of Fanfic about these two since most of the fics are about Jane/Thor and i only wanted to know why?

i think in the Comic books Thor and Sif are together.

7/1/2011 #1
Chick With Brains

I think in Norse mythology, Sif is Thor's wife.

7/3/2011 #2

You're half correct.

They are together in the main continuity of Marvel (known as 616) and have been for a long while. They used to be childhood sweethearts that grew apart and then were reunited. They used to have an on-off open relationship that has become more serious since Sif's almost decisive death. It tipped Thor he could lose her (his motto was they had forever). In their previous lives (Asgardians are subjected to reincarnation cycles), they were most of the times husband and wife. One exception was a lifetime Thor spent as the mortal Siegfried when he fell in love with Brunhilde the Valkyrie. They both met a tragic end. Odin restored them to their true selves without memories.

Sif's usually called his destiny, his soulmate and ultimate love. Thor and Sif may have other dalliances with different people, but they ended up orbiting into each others. Thor almost married Jane. But he forgot that failure once he fought side by side with Sif again. He married Amora and sired a child, but he returned to the past to undo that future, telling Sif that it should have been her. They are engaged to marry one day.

Thor and Sif kiss for the first time:

I mourn that most of the love triangles they are involved don't feature Loki. The times his resentment and attraction to Sif were touched made it more complex than the usual triangle fare. At this moment, Loki's a cute teenager with good intentions who loves his brother and no memories of his past self, nonetheless, who wouldn't think Sif is hot?

In other AUs or such, Sif and Thor are usually husband and wife with children.

Half correct because there are other continuities aside of those. In the line Ultimate Marvel, his main love interest is Brunhilde the Valkyrie. Sif doesn't feature there (yet). The short-lived story Thor The Mighty Avenger features Jane Foster as his only love interest (Neither Sif or the Enchantress are in the story).

7/5/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #3

Thor/Sif is just ment to be and I don't see why so many people fight it.

7/7/2011 #4

i hope the sequel would contain some romance about these twp.

7/8/2011 #5

Me too. But our luck it will be stupid Jane/Thor :(

7/8/2011 #6

I don't think Jane/Thor is a bad pairing in the movieverse... I'm thinking about doing a small summary of Thor's most relevant love life history in the comics. Is there anyone interested?

7/8/2011 #7

i would love to . i was not that familiar and interested with Thor before the movie . but after watching it i was hooked . i did some research and apparently sif and thor are meant to be , so after the movie i got little disappointed with it cus it was practicably all about Jane /Thor . anyway i'm waiting for it.

7/8/2011 #8

I started it! :)

7/8/2011 #9

I watched the film without knowing anything about the comics or myths and, whilst I noticed a few possible Thor/Sif hints, it really was all about Thor/Jane. Personally I really like Thor/Jane, I think they're really sweet and cute together and they actually have a lot in common, as well as a lot of differences to make things interesting. I love how they are from two different worlds and the romance between them is so much more interesting to me than the typical two good friends get together like Thor/Sif.

In my opinion, Thor/Sif are much better off as friends and I really hope they continue this in the films. I know that in the comics/myths it was Thor/Sif (with lots of complicated Jane/Thor/Sif thrown in), but the movie series is quite a different media altogether. I doubt it'll follow the comics/myths that closely - and it can't really, as films vs comics are just TOO different. Also, Thor/Jane were definitely the start game romance and in pretty much all film series, the start game romance is the end game romance. I'd therefore be very much surprised if the film series doesn't end up with Thor/Jane. As I like Sif and don't want her to end up all sad and broken hearted, I hope they don't do the Jane/Thor/Sif love triangle thing in the movie.

I'm surprised how many people on this thread don't like Thor/Jane but like Thor/Sif. Nothing wrong in that of course, but it surprises me, as there was like so much Thor/Jane in the film and only a few possible hints at Thor/Sif.

Anyway, nothing wrong with Thor/Sif of course, they are comic/myth canon, but in the film, I just really much prefer them as friends.

7/9/2011 #10

While the movie was totally written for Jane/Thor, it's still your average love at first sight, hero meets damsel is destress ( even though technically he is kind of the reason for her stress, but thats not the point). Also as I just stated it was written that way for the movie, yet the chemistry between Thor and Sif is undeniable. And lastly Sif is just plain AWESOME!

7/9/2011 #11

quote:"While the movie was totally written for Jane/Thor, it's still your average love at first sight, hero meets damsel is destress ( even though technically he is kind of the reason for her stress, but thats not the point). Also as I just stated it was written that way for the movie, yet the chemistry between Thor and Sif is undeniable. And lastly Sif is just plain AWESOME!"

Ok, firstly agree that Sif IS awesome, she's one of my favourite characters, BUT that doesn't mean I ship her with Thor at all. (I'm actually a massive Loki/Sif shipper!) I also agree that Thor/Jane is a bit of your typical hero meets damsel in distress, BUT I think it has so much more than that going on. Firstly, Jane is never really in distress - it's actually more Thor who is and Jane who helps him. Second, she's way super smarter than most superhero love interests and I LOVE their whole from two different worlds but have a connection through their interest in the stars/other realms - it's pretty romantic IMO. Lastly, I totally think it'll be Jane who fixes the bifrost - therefore taking her to the status of hero completey - it'll be HER saving the day bringing Thor back to Earth - that's what I think will happen anyway.

Thor/Sif? Well, I can't see anything more with them than a potential best buds become lovers, which I personally don't find all that exciting. As for their undeniable chemistry - well, I thought they only had FRIEND chemistry. Whilst I did wonder if they would go via Thor/Sif romance at first, it was NOT because I saw ROMANTIC chemistry there, but because the friends to lovers route is quite popular in films. As I said earlier, I'm a big Loki/Sif shipper and I thought she had wayyyyy more chemistry with Loki than she had with Thor (and this time definitely of the romantic and love/hate variety).

Anyway, I don't dislike Thor/Sif perse, I just see them more as platonic friends, who care about each other a lot, but NOT in a romantic way. That's how I saw them in the film and their chemistry to me was nothing more. So I'm afraid I really don't want a Jane/Thor/Sif love triange in the film and Sif is way to awesome to have to end up broken hearted, as it's bound to be Jane/Thor endgame in the films.

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #12

I like Loki/Sif a lot as well. I would forget about Jane Foster and focus on a Thor/Sif/Loki triangle in fanfiction, if I write any. It's my favorite almost unexplored scenario in the comics. I've always been fascinated by his fixation, because it didn't only depend on Thor. His grudge against Sif was personal, he even used Thor to hurt her. He has never been so personal with anyone besides his father and brother. Sif gets under his skin.

Jane/Thor/Sif romance has been explored to death in the comics decades ago. I'm tired of it. It's unfair for a human girl to compete against an immortal goddess. Obviously, she'll win, even if she loses (less of all one who has been Thor's wife in most of his previous lives and whose fate is always linked to him even after they die). Jane's going to die either way, all Sif has to do is be patient. I wish they would have avoided this by introducing the concept of Donald Black becomes Thor in Asgard and when he touches the Hammer with Sif missing on her scenes of Earth, but showing her discontent earlier on before she exits the scene. And then, in the sequel, we find out Jane turns into Sif in Asgard and when she touches her sword. She could have been amnesiac. That was how they tried to merge them in the comics, but it failed because both were established separately in the beginning. If they would have introduced this concept in the movie, it would have worked.

That way Jane/Donald and Sif/Thor would have been equals. Jane is at disadvantage paired with a god, but not with a fellow scientist. Jane could grow beyond a damsel in distress by the she's-Sif-In-human-Avatar. They could double team, Jane and Donald doing geeky things on Earth while their alter egos fight together.

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #13

i quote "Jane/Thor/Sif romance has been explored to death in the comics decades ago" that not an enough reason to look for another alternative to how the story should go. i mean in spider mean , there were a lot of love triangles, i mean in the comics; peter and M.J were always broken apart; and sometimes i was tired of it. but in the end, due to the chemistry they shared, we all wanted them to be evantually together .

so not because the romance has been explored to death in the comics decades ago , we'd look for something else. After all the movie is based on the comics. so it's normal that i or anyone else would like a thor/sif relation more than thor/jane or sif/loki no matter how cute these looked together.

7/12/2011 #14

I like love triangles, but I never liked the one involving Jane Foster. It was too lopsided: valiant, stunning goddess versus mortal woman who was portrayed cowardly when she had a chance to prove herself? If it had been another female character like the Valkyrie it could have been better.

A comic quote for the shippers: "I'll come for you though fire and war and strife stand between us. I will always come for you." Thor to Sif.

7/14/2011 #15

I think there aren't enough stories with Thor/Sif pairing.

Thor needs a warrior woman to fight alongside him, not a damsel in distress.

10/2/2011 #16

Quote: "Thor needs a warrior woman to fight alongside him, not a damsel in distress."

I think that's actually why I do like Thor/Jane. As she is far from being a damsel in distress. If anything, she's the one who helped save Thor, not the other way round. And she has warrior qualities in her own right, only they are directed at science and seeking out understanding. She fights those who gets in her way (ie Shield), takes risk for her research (ie going with Thor when she knows he could be psycho) and being completely dedicated to her research. So I think Jane in the film is far from being a damsel in distress.

I like Sif too, but her and Thor are just too "easy" in my opinion. There's no frission or complications there - they're friends and them being together wouldn't be half as interesting as Thor falling for a mortal.

Maybe that's why there's a lack of fic for them?

10/2/2011 . Edited 10/2/2011 #17

You can also argue that Jane/Thor is the 'easy' pairing in a way. Jane's more an archetypical Asgardian 'powerful' woman. She's not a warrior, but a magician/scientist. Science ("magic") is a womanly profession that's why Loki is mocked by being emasculated by his preference. I don't think she's a damsel in distress, but it lacks absolutely anything exotic outside of the mortality issue. Sif, on the other hand, is a rebel who took up the weapons in a boys' club. There is a challenge in this, because she's not acting like a 'woman' should, even though she's not less of a woman because it. Jane Foster's issues are biological, while Sif's are psychological. There is a lot of potential drama from either side.

I think the lack of fic is became most fans couldn't give a damn. If they like this pairing, have a wealth of arts (official or not), cartoons (even one their daughter features) and have decades worth of comics for their Thor/Sif fix. Not only in the current incarnations, but their past lives (where they were almost always married, except for that time Thor was a mortal). Son of Asgard (a recommend read) already approached Sif's teenage angst with her own self-image and did it very well. It's one of those when all is said and done couples. I don't really mind they try something new in other media since they seem pretty set on stone in the main universe (for now at least). They did Valkyrie in one show, now are trying Jane. Perhaps one day, when Storm doesn't have that burden known as her husband T'Challa, it will be her turn. The Enchantress, Moondragon, Lorelei would have their days too.

10/2/2011 . Edited 10/2/2011 #18

For me, the reason I say Thor/Sif is easy, is because they already know each other, they've been friends for centuries it seems and there's no real tension there. I can't see anyone complaining if Thor decided to marry Sif. I CAN see it if he decides to marry Jane, a mortal from earth. I don't think Odin would be too happy to have her as future Queen. Also, to be fair, Jane is quite unlike a lot of "earth" females in being so invested in her research and science. (I myself am a scientist and female and believe me, even now, science is still very much a male dominated world). Yes, Sif is against type becoming a warrior (and one of the reasons I like her character more than Jane's), but that's in the past, so the conflict from that seems to have gone.

Quote - I think the lack of fic is became most fans couldn't give a damn. If they like this pairing, have a wealth of arts (official or not), cartoons (even one their daughter features) and have decades worth of comics for their Thor/Sif fix.

But again, that's NOT the film!! If I was a Thor/Sif shipper, I'd still want stuff based around the film itself, as that's the ONLY canon for the film.

10/3/2011 #19

Earth females =/= Asgardian females. Thor's struggle to see Sif more than one of the guys shouldn't be oversimplified. Falling for Jane is easier: he was banished at the time and she matched the standards of how a strong woman is. Gender roles and all of that. Sif isn't against becoming a warrior, that seemed the easiest part. She struggled to be attractive woman as one, because if Loki was looked down as a man because of his womanly profession, she is getting the same grief for choosing a man's one. The incidents I refer to, comics wise, is about this. The loss of her golden hair did create a complex during her youth, but she grew out of it. While Jane arose zero jealousy from her in comics canon (at one point, she was lamenting that the three of them couldn't be all together in a happy ever after), any immortal, blonde woman who becomes a rival for Thor? That makes her seethe. It's hilarious that she didn't mind to share him with Jane, but she's nowhere as selfless with other rivals. Likewise, Thor seems to be willing to 'share' Sif with Bill, but no other man.

-But again, that's NOT the film!! If I was a Thor/Sif shipper, I'd still want stuff based around the film itself, as that's the ONLY canon for the film.

When I like a couple that exists in an upgraded, superior version in another media, you don't need to fic about it. I usually prefer to write about things that haven't been written (inconclusive) or alternative pairings. This is why I like Loki/Sif fic. It's a pairing that has only been teased (and badly) in the Thor comics and I've liked to read a real triangle between the brothers and Sif. This is before their relationship was too damaged and then Loki became a good little boy. It seems a lot more 'intriguing' than Jane/Thor/Sif, Amora/Thor/Sif, Bill/Sif/Thor and other variations.

10/3/2011 #20

Stan Lee, Jane Foster's creator, eventually decided to remove her from the series and put Thor with Sif. Odin punished Thor several times for saying he loved a mortal. Years later another writer briefly merged Jane and Sif into one person but the story was unpopular and Jane was soon removed from the series again.

4/16/2012 #21

Though I rarely read Thor comics but seeing the movie I was completely hooked by it. At first I thought that Thor and Sif are cute as a couple. But seeing how the events of the movie went on and how Thor began to develop feelings for Jane , I've done my best to read everything that was out there about Thor. The least that I can I say that I was surprised to find out how things were truly heading for . I know that Sif and Thor and for each others but as I tried to read some FF about them I was disappointed how few stories are out there concerning the couple.

4/18/2012 #22

Actually if you compare Thor and Sif's relationship to Thor and Jane relationship is that Thor and Sif's relationship was more of a cultural obligation and forced on, while Thor and Jane's relationship is like a romantic a match made in heaven in a way. Even in one comic Sif mentioned that Thor always loved Jane and will always put her first. Why would Stan Lee have Thor and Sif together and practically wasted Jane Foster when there was a lot of ways he could have continued the Thor and Jane relationship is beyond anyone reasoning don't you think? Because it doesn't make sense for us to have Thor and Jane relationship to end the way it did after all they went through. Also if Marvel ever reboot their comics the way DC did with the new 52 how will the Thor and Jane relationship be treated then that is if there will be a Marvel if Stan Lee dies. Any thoughts on that?

6/25/2012 #23
He does. He needs someone he doesnt have to worry about when he is off fighting.
2/2/2013 #24

Honestly, I also wonder about the lack of Thor/Sif stories in spite it seems to be a fairly good popular pairing. Actually I do ship this couple because I find it makes far more sense than JaneThor.

I know in moviverse, Thor/Sif is barely hinted, at least in the first movie. In the current "Thor-2" there was going on a love triangle Sif/Thor/Jane, but due the script changes in the last moment, those changes that even changed the WHOLE movie end, it was quite overviewed. It was planed Sif made a love confession to Thor, and Jane also had a serius talk with Thor about their future together. So, at end of the movie, Thor didn't end up with Jane nor Sif. It was deliberated ambigous (I guess because the fandom's sake).

So, as a result, it does not matter Jane/Thor is canon and Thor/Sif is hinted in movies as it's quite obvious in myths and comics.

---And don't forget we fand ship anything, canon or fanon.

Personally I find Thor/Sif makes a lot of sense. Why?

1-Thor and Sif has many things in common. Thor barely has something in common with Jane. Thor listening Jane's explications about science? Seriusly?

2-Sif knows Thor since long time, good and bad things, and knows how to deal with them. Jane barely knows something about Thor and his past; they don't know each other.

3-Jane' spanlife is way too short for an Asgardian. She will just be a blink in Thor's life. (It also applies to any human/asgardian couple type).

4-I hardly doub Asgardians, as a whole, would accept Thor marring a mortal.

5-Sif is also an unusual case among Asgardian culture, a warrior not a defender (as women seem to be in MCU), so certainly, bringing her closer to Thor would mean some important changes in Asgard-

6-Thor doesn't need to be in charge of Sif all the time.


Please, don't take this as an attack to Jane, I don't hate her. But I find JaneThor lacks of serius-mature ground. It sounds like a teen crush from both parts.

So yes, I certainly look for more Thor-Sif stuff.

12/14/2013 #25
It's puppy love for those two...and the orignal ending for TDW had Sif making a love confession?
12/14/2013 #26

Yes, it was planed like that. I got this info thanks to two people who worked in the movie. After it was aired, they could speak with the fans about the original script. Here (Copy&Paste):

"y'all want a good laugh the original draft had jane and thor part on eloquent terms with the decision that their worlds are separate for a reason but they'll always care about each other thor then returned to asgard to serve as its emissary between the realms and reunited with sif upon his return (their romantic connection was left purposefully ambiguous) guess who the final ending we got in theatres reeks of? Loki died somewhat honorably in his mother's name and didn't offer Thor any apologies. That was the end of it. no excess humor/one-liners sufficient time for the audience to breathe and absorb in between emotional story beats Warriors Three Sif being awesome Loki's story actually ending like it should

*** Q: what was the alternate ending to thor supposed to be? i know you mentioned it but you keep deleting the posts ): would you mind sharing again under a readmore or something just for a second?! A: Thor defeated Malekith, recuperated on Midgard with Jane at his side, they had an adult discussion over their worlds being separate for a reason and agreed that it's best for them both not to rely on a relationship but they'll always care about each other. Odin then came around (in a Midgardian suit, no less), took Thor home, Thor reunited with Sif (their relationship was left purposefully ambiguous), and he settled in to continue his work as the emissary between Asgard and Earth. Loki was dead so all thing he have done was a redemption of a sort as those were genuine.

*** "the original ending, which was changed very late into production (hence the so painfully obvious green-screen in the throne room with "odin"): thor and jane break up while still promising to care about one another (this is where the "we come from separate worlds, maybe they're separate for a reason" line comes from) thor returns to asgard, to act as an emissary between the two realms i think the thor and sif romance is sorta up in the air at this point instead of being completely and totally dunked as it is now (though, i guess it could still happen…) odin wears a suit (this is very important) loki stays dead (which is why loki seems so sincere in his death scene. because chris and tom acted it as if it really was loki's final moments - a time at which loki would have literally zero reason to lie to thor) Also, Thor was so injured that he didn't wake up till days later in Jane's bed. What he went through was supposed to have been INCREDIBLY damaging, and not easily shrugged off. Thor and jane then talk about being besties, and THEN Odin shows up in a suit (similar to how Loki showed up in a suit on midgard) to take his son, who is still too injured to travel the bifrost alone, home to heal the damage (with asgard-techno-magic I imagine)"

---Sooo yes, In the end, a love triangel was going to be developed, but in the final edition it was barely hinted.

Aparentely, one of the reasons for being deleted was because Jamie Alexander (Sif) did make the love confessions scenes (quite emotive acording with her words), but she also suffered a nasty accident as the movie was on going, so she couldn't film more scenes. At end, this love triangle couldn't be developed, although the Darcy & Odin scenes were filmed.

This mean Thor-Sif was going to become more than hinted in the movie, not just a sub-text.

12/14/2013 #27
I hope we get to see some of it in Deleted Scenes or a third Thor movie.
12/14/2013 #28

In fact, there is an online petition for that (among others). There are many important scenes that were deleted in the final cut.

Here: : / / w w w .ipetitions .com /petition /thor-the-dark-world-directors-cut/

(Just delete the blank spaces between).

12/14/2013 #29
i love thor and sif they belong together and thank god thier together in most comic books #yay
11/29/2015 #30
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