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I just saw the movie the other night, I had no background with the comics and what I know about North Mythology comes from The Age of Mythology.

Loki have a tread with every female character in the movie, just joining this one to the fire. lol

What do you think about them?

9/12/2011 #1

Hmmm, I can sort of see Loki/Jane (IMO it's much more likely than Loki/Darcy), but I can't say I really like it personally. I'm a big Loki/Sif and Thor/Jane shipper, so Loki/Jane sort of goes against my two favourite ships!!

But why I can see it happening is this - Loki wants to get revenge on Thor, or is curious about this mortal who won his brother's heart, and so he watches her/tries to trick her etc. This, in the way of stories, could lead to him falling for her. In terms of Jane, I can see her giving up on Thor (who is say stuck in Asgard) and finding solace in Loki. They also would have quite a lot in common when it comes to science and knowledge and books and things.

So, yeah, I'm not anti it, as I can see it possibly happening, but I'm not too keen on it personally.

9/15/2011 #2

I don't know about movie Loki and movie Jane. I don't believe that Jane would be drawn to Loki unless is about what he represents (the wormhole research and Thor's brother), but I don't see her considering him an attractive man. Jane seems to like beefy guys. Her ex, Donald Blake had clothes that fit Thor, after all. Loki is a handsome man, but not in the way Thor is. Loki's sexual orientation or romantic one is yet to be known to assume he'll even fall for her, he would probably try to manipulate her because of Thor.

Comics wise... well, comics Loki seemed to want to kill Jane since day one (while he was drawn to Sif, before he began to seriously hate her, and Amora), but Jane fancied him (hilariously):

9/15/2011 #3


Why is thor thinking like he never saw Loki in his life? :P

9/16/2011 #4

The old comics were special to say at least. For new readers, I would only recommend Walt Simonson's run of the old ones. His stuff is classic.

9/16/2011 #5

I didn't realize that there was a thread for Loki/Jane!

I saw the movie and thought "Wouldn't it be awesome if there were Loki/Jane fics?" Considering that most of the other pairings I like from different fandoms get screwed when it comes to fics, I was surprised to see that there were actually well written fics for the pairing on here. There's a lot of potential for the pairing and in my opinion it makes more sense than Loki/Darcy does.

10/4/2011 #6
Christel Jenkins

New community on livejournal for the pairing, I just created it. Spread the word! :)

10/14/2011 #7

Sorry people but for me no. Here's why.

1.Loki nearly destroyed everything. She saw it.

2.Loki also killed Thor.

So it doesn't seem like Jane will fall for a men that done those two things. Unless it's an AU or Loki hang around with Jane enough at least Jane somehow what evil. I can't see it happening. At least if Loki ends up getting a villain crush.

12/1/2011 #8

Anyone here read Alydia Rackham's Fallen Star? I suggest you do - it's a Loki/Jane fanfic that's completely credible and has put me off Thor/Jane for life.

And if Jane really does like 'hunky' types like Donald Blake - well, that relationship obviously didn't end well did it? Perhaps she's attracted to the wrong type? I always thought Sif more Thor's type.

By the way just seen 'The Avengers. amazing performance by Hiddleston. Badass Loki - yet still sympathetic.

5/2/2012 #9

Um I didn't say anything about Jane liking hulky types.

5/8/2012 #10

I agree about Loki/Jane being quite much the same than Loki/Darcy; both things are totally fanon and have no real evidence at all. Only the writers' skills may explain how it works. However, there are several differences between them; some of the ones have been pointed previously. Certainly Loki may feel a bit curious about the woman that supposedly changed his bro into some better individual (which is highly debatable; Jane did virtually nothing for doing that). And he also menaced to pay her a visit. It was a bluff to get Thor into the fight, of course, but under certain circumstances, Loki may do so.

About a possible relationship between them, of course Jane would distrustful him a lot, and probably she would even be afraid of him… But wouldn't Darcy do the same? However, I think they both have potential for a friendship at very least (being a couple is a matter of personal taste). They both have been rejected in their respective areas, they both seek acknowledge and certainly Jane would find far more productive a technical chat with Loki than with Thor; in certain ways, they both are scientist in the same area. And finally, Jane is among the sweeter characters in the story, which is something Loki truly needs.

I don't think the physical appearance would be a problem. Jane and Darcy, both, were drooling over a shirtless Thor, so there is no difference between them here, and it was a pure fan-service scene. And even if Jane has a thing for strong build men, in the end it doesn't matter in a love relationship.

On the other hand, even if Loki would find himself being respectful with her because they both share many traits, it doesn't mean he would see her as a potential mate or something. Loki has a cocky attitude towards mortals, and certainly he isn't like Fandral, who seeks any woman available… It sounds to me this version of Loki is pretty picky about his choice with woman.

Sooo--- My point is yes, they could become friends under certain circumstances. Fall for each other? Perhaps. But only if the author justifies it with mature and reasonable reasons.

5/13/2013 #11
I ship Lokane after Thor the Dark World. I'm not convinced Thor will return this time & Loki may just "pay her a visit". I have a fb page "Lokane" & also a wip titled "Trust My Rage" pt 1; 'The Broken' on page: Loki Jane Thor Novella. Hope to have it finished by Autumn for Amazon Kindle eBook. Can any fellow author who has published with Kindle explain the process & if it is as difficult as rumored? I would greatly appreciate such & happy to trade likes & shares for your pages. Thanks!
4/1/2015 #12

I've read Fallen Star but unfortunately, while i do like some things, the writing is incredibly cheesy in some parts and Loki has none of his edge or wit. It's just pure angst and paints Loki as purely a victim (which is getting quite tiring in alot of fics that pertain to him). And the ending is so rushed and sappy.

Tbh, the problem i have with rather alot of Loki/Jane fics (and i'm sure this applies to other ships which include him) is that they'll always excuse Loki's actions in the movies and make it seem like he was mind-controlled or victimize by his friends and family which isn't the case when i watched the movies again.

I still haven't found a good Loki/Jane fic that makes Loki actually sound remorseful about his actions and take responsibility to try and redeem himself. I also dislike that by purely by the "power of wuv" from Jane, all of his problems are resolved. That's not how love works and its a very juvenile, unrealistic view of it.

I'm a big Lokane fan, HUGE! Just look at my favorites lists. But even with all the fics i've favored alot of them really try to paint Loki as a pure victim or excuse his actions which is really contrived and grasping for straws. This is a character that is deeply troubled and brought alot of his own grief to himself by his own doing and keeps blaming others instead of himself. Until he takes responsibility for his actions then he will continue to have this persecution complex and unfortunately not alot of fics tackle his unwarranted persecution complex.

I really do like Loki and Jane together, i think they would fit more then Thor and Jane...but before Loki went insane. While i'm a big Lokane fan i don't want Loki and Jane to fall in love in the movies or even the comics (thought sometimes Marvel does do those "What If' stories). I'm fine with them being purely fanon, but sometimes the fanon doesn't really have a good grasp on the characters much.

I don't have a particular fic to suggest that would capture the characters perfectly. But a few of my favorites are from an author named Born-of-Elven-Blood. Her Lokane fics are terrific but i think she grasps the characters somewhat. Again, it plays Loki as kind of a victim (as in he was tortured and that's why he did the things he did in The Avengers movie, a theory which is very popular with Loki fans and is purely fanon and not canon at all but alot of fans want it to be canon...). But, its fan fiction so you have to take some creative liberties. It's a mini series written up in 3 story arcs (at least for now) but do check it out. Loki is obsessed with Jane, disturbingly so, but he still has that lying, scheming side of his that is very in-character. Anyway here are the links to her stories.

Warning though, her fics are very metaphysical, so its not an easy read to undertake. But i think it's well worth it.

Another great Lokane fic is "To Cleave The Stars" by Hollywithaneyewhich which has a very wise Jane and a playful yet sly Loki

One of my all-time favorite Lokane author is Calie1 and she writes very short one-shots and a 4 chapter fic (which is probably better then alot of Lokane fics i've read that have more chapters) this is her Profile on here but i HIGHLY suggest you read all her Lokane fics (unfortunately there's 2 fics there she hasn't completed...yet)

5/28/2015 . Edited 5/28/2015 #13
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