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In a background scene. You can see Fandral flirting with Darcy. Someone else said. You can see them holding hands in one scene as well. Not sure if they the same. Saying I hadn't seen them yet. Okay I can actually see them as a couple. So want do you think?

11/17/2011 . Edited 11/17/2011 #1
Chick With Brains

I'm really more of a Loki/Darcy person, but I can kinda see this. I just recently noticed that scene where they hold hands. I apparently didn't care enough to notice it the first three times. :P

11/23/2011 #2

I actually really like Fandral/Darcy - I think Darcy's teasing and humour and Fandral's flirty ways would make a great shipping combination.

I really hope they do explore this pair if Darcy is in the sequels - I think it'd make such a fun ship!

Does anyone know where the Darcy/Fandral scenes are? Are they in the special features, because I only have the DVD version of the film and there's a lot missing compared to the blu ray.

11/23/2011 #3

Sadly it could be possible. That Darcy may not be in the second movie. She's doing something else. I read in a Fandral/Darcy fic(well ain't you the freakiest thing is the name of the fic.) it was was. When the warriors where renting to they home. You can see Darcy and Fandrall holding hands.

11/24/2011 #4

Agree. Those scenes were deleted and always belong to bg scenes, so I guess it didn't help at all to be popular among fans. I love it, however, it's a very nice touch between secondary characters. And it also would be funny bc Darcy has no filter in her mouth and Fandral is a ladysman without cure, so putting them together would be a real show.

We know Darcy does appear in the coming movie, but it doesn't seem they both are going to share any scene.

8/26/2013 #5
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