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I noticed Odin gets a lot of heat from the die hard Loki fans. First of this isn't a hate thing. For the Loki fans. And no not saying all Loki fans hate him ether. I've just noticed a flew of this. Okay now lets start. I think Odin actually loves Loki AND Thor(So does F***) no more no less. I know what Loki had said. About Odin loving Thor more then him. But Loki was not only angry at Odin. He also was jealous of Thor. And plus when Odin said.

You're my son I wanted only to protect you from the truth. And the no when it looked like Loki died. Both of them seemed real. And plus Odin never telling Loki he was a Faust Giant. Yeah I know it was wrong. But they are reasons why Odin didn't want to tell him.

1.F*** told Loki. He didn't want him to feel different.

2.A lot of adoptive parents. Don't want to tell them the truth.You know not sure how they will react. Who says Odin didn't feel the same thing? And well his thoughts proved to be right. Loki reacted badly to it.

3.If everyone know. I don't think a lot of gods will be nice to Loki about it. So yes Odin didn't tell him. Or the others. Wanting Loki to be treated like the son of him. Not a the son of Laufey.

Okay I give you that Odin telling him no Loki. Was not the greatest thing he said. But I hate how people put him in fanfiction. Odin never shown to be abusive towards Loki in anyway. Heck if you ask me. I think he was a pretty good father.

So what are your thoughts?

12/25/2011 #1
Hello, all. Would you believe I just saw Thor a few days ago, and only at the insistence of my urban kids? Who incidentally then introduced me to the world of fanfiction? Anyway, I am new here, but yes I agree that Odin looked like a good father to me- maybe less expressive than would have kept Loki happy, but a good father nontheless. One story I have come across so far that has Loki realizing he might have misjudged, instead of say Odin actually being the bad guy is here. Of course the issue has not really come to a head yet, but it probably will soon and hopefully will not dissapoint. So far she(I think) is writing a Loki who is starting to look back and realize he had a good thing going for him on Asgard, in a surprisingly realistic manner. If anyone knows of any other loki redemption stories that actually involve some maturing on his part, shout them out!
5/30/2012 #2

I think you're right. Odin was a father who wanted what was best for both his sons. He may have not been great at parenting, but in context of the movie, he seemed to genuinely love Loki as his own. Thor was going to be king because he was older, not because Loki was a frost giant.

6/3/2012 #3

Thanks guys, and also it was not just because of Thor being older but because his planes where to have Loki became the king of Jotunheim where don't know about if Thor has two older brothers(in the comic and norse Thor and Loki won't the only sons.) Also in the book of the movie even Odin had some second thoughts over Thor(I love Thor but I really don't think Thor was ready at that time.)

6/18/2012 #4
The missus

I think some people get confused with the Odin in the myths, the Odin in the comics and ultimately the Odin we see in the movieverse. Movie Odin is a much more sympathetic than either of those two and to be honest I like him much more than I ever liked Myth!Odin or Comic!Odin who could be both grade-A arses. With Movie!Odin you get a sense of he really does love his sons and his wife, which makes Loki's descent into madness even more tragic as it really is all in his head.

In short Movie!Odin does care just love blinds him from doing the right thing as it does with us all at times.

6/26/2012 #5

I also want to point out that in the earlier comics Odin punished Thor for loving Jane and technically broke them up and forced Thor on Sif, even though the Thor/Sif relationship didn't last either. I mean yeah Odin doesn't have the best parenting methods but if you look how he treated Thor and Jane's relationship in the earlier comics. Though the Odin in the movie is different from the comics but let see how that works out if how he reacts to Thor and Jane.

7/26/2012 #6
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