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Chick With Brains

Let's see how far this goes! :D

1. You refer to people with last names like Johnson as "Son of John".

2/9/2012 #1
2. You begin wearing colors that represent which side you support in Thor VS Loki. I'm guilty of wearing dark green and black whenever possible...
2/12/2012 #2

3. When ever you see the Northen lights you rush to them hoping to find Thor in need of your aid.

2/13/2012 #3
Chick With Brains

4. You own the toy version of Mjollnir and you have hit people with it before. (It wasn't my fault, my sister was seriously annoying me. :P)

2/14/2012 #4
5. You have a multitude of Captain America and The Superhero Squad Show coloring books. And you actualy color in the pictures.
2/14/2012 #5
Chick With Brains

6. The movie inspired you to research Norse mythology, and you can now proudly tell anybody about the time Thor had to dress in drag to get his hammer back. :)

2/17/2012 #6

7. You have spent months recreating each Avengers costume and proudly (though much to your family's horror) have worn each one everywhere in your home town/city/where ever you live.

4/19/2012 #7

8. Everytime you finish your coffee you smash the mug on the floor and yell: "More!"

5/4/2012 #8

Um the line was "Another!"

9: You risk getting caught by the cops to swipe a Thor poster from the Theater that you know is about to trash it.

5/7/2012 #9

You memorise the entire script of "Thor", then annoy everyone by saying what the characters will say before they actually say it.

7/21/2012 #10

11: You secretly (or not so secretly) have read ten, or more Thor and or The Avengers fan fictions.

3/26/2013 #11

12. You convince your boyfriend (who you thinks looks like Thor) to cosplay as Thor.

3/27/2013 #12

13. Someone who knows you sees you about to open your mouth and warns everyone about the on coming Thor/Avengers rant.

14. You have several computers full of Thor/Avengers stuff (eg. vids, art, music, fanfiction, etc)

3/28/2013 #13

15.) Every time someone questions your decisions, you respond with, "I do what I want!"

5/28/2013 #14

16. When there's a group project you put yourself in charge and order everyone to kneel before you assign tasks to them. And when they try to fight you on it you snap at them "Obey your god!"

5/29/2013 #15

17. Every time someone tells you that they can beat you in something, you threaten them by saying, "I have an army."

5/29/2013 #16

18. When you beat someone you refer to them as "Puny god." every time you see them.

5/29/2013 #17

19. When your friend tells you to kill a bug that is about to crawl on them, you say, "an ant has no quarrel with a boot."

5/29/2013 . Edited 5/29/2013 #18

20. While playing a video game when the villain (who's locked up at the moment) talks about how powerful they are you say "Let me know if real power wants a magazine." as your character is walking away.

5/29/2013 #19
Epic Elven Warrior Princess

21. When going to see any of the new Avengers related movies you make a cosplay and wear it to the midnight showing.

22. You count how many people stare at you before the movie starts.

23. When you go to get snacks from the Safeway across the street after the movie, you and your friends do and epic walk through the door.

11/25/2013 #20
Epic walk! Sweet! Who'd you dress as?
11/25/2013 #21

Oh I got one!

#24: You have bought the movie Thor the Dark World on Blu-ray and have seen it so many times you can recite it back to anyone who asks you what happened.

Hehe. I may be guilty of this. :)

3/6/2014 #22

25: You nearly get kicked out of the theater during the scene of Loki's death because you couldn't stop crying and screaming. Then get banned for cheering and screaming when you see Loki alive at that end of Thor the dark world.

Thank Loki I was too upset and happy during these moments.

3/6/2014 #23


26: You have a golden neck choker thing that looks like the golden U on Loki's chest piece and you wear it everywhere.

3/6/2014 #24

You have attempted more than once to draw one of the Avengers/Loki

3/6/2014 #25

#28. You have friends come over just to marathon watch the Movies Thor, Avengers and Thor 2. :)

3/25/2014 . Edited 3/25/2014 #26

#29. you have written at least ten fan-fictions about the Avengers or Thor movies. ( Weather or not they are posted and just laying around your room.)

3/25/2014 #27

#30 You've more than once stayed up until 3 A.M. looking up Thorki Fanart.

4/7/2014 #28

31. You've dress as a Avenger for Halloween for the past 6 years and now your not sure whether or not to go as Spider-Man this year.

4/7/2014 . Edited 4/7/2014 #29

#32: You have seen all the Marvel's Agents of Shield episodes. #33: You went to see Captain America The Winter Soldier so you could watch the next Agents of Shield. #34: You freaked out when they showed the bonus scene with You Know Who's Scepter. ;) #35: You have helped write this large list of 101 ways to tell that you're obsessed with Avengers. :)

4/9/2014 #30
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