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A new generation of birds kids were created, 7 kids, 3 girls, two boys.
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The Rise Of The Cursed Child

Blizzard (Bliz): She is 17 and the leader, she has long black hair and blue eyes. She can be a control freak but is kind, born in England, she is the only non-american in the group, can be a loner. She has the power to see the future, but she can't chose when, she can heal superfast. Her wings are jet black

Erin: She is 14 and is your stereotypical barbie, blonde and forgetful, she wants to overthrow Bliz. She is Californian, she doesn't have a power yet, her wings are cream.

Darina (Ree): She is 8 and is mute, she can't speak, she has choppy ginger hair and acts hyper, she is from New York, her wings are brown, she can track anyone in the world

Myke: He is 17 and is in love with Blizzard, but she is oblivious to this. He had blond hair and blue eyes, he is from Louisiana, his wings are white. no power

Darin: He is Darina's older brother, he is 13 and looks like Darina, he loves reading but is really quiet, he id from New York, his wings are brown. He is a genius , that is his power

Jesse: He is 17 and has dark hair and eyes, he is rivals with Myke for Bliz's love, they are boyfriend and girlfriend, he is from Texas, his wings are tawny, his power is to know what makes others happy

Vale: He is 7 and has green hair and green eyes, he loves swimming, he is from Mississippi and his wings are green, his power is to become a fish (Weird I know)

Pick one, Bliz is mine though

5/19/2011 #1

Could I be Darina?

5/30/2011 #2

I wanna be Myke! Please let me be Myke!

4/14/2012 #3

Can I be Erin please?

9/28/2013 #4
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