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Welcome! Come role play either OCs, Unsubs, or CCs here about the show Criminal minds. All can join! All I do ask is that you pay attention to the rules please.
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More Rules for this. XD. I'm probably boring you by now...

1.ONE CHARCTER PERSON-Yes, one cannon character per person please. And yes, it is first come, first ask, first get. Whoever asks for... Morgan (For example) firsts gets him.

2. ONLY ASK FOR CHARACTERS YOU CAN KEEP IN CHARACTER-This is the biggest thing for me okay? I don't want you guys asking for a character just because you love him/her. Plenty of people love Garcia and Reid and Hotch and everyone! Please only take a cannon if you know his/her persoantly and could role play him/her right! This applies to me too, I'm not sure if I could take on a canon character so I'm staying back. Does that mean I won't accept you if you ask for a character or make you give up a character if i don't feel your perfect? NO! But if you ask for a character and people comment how they aren't kept in character, and I agree, I might take away the character...

3.If you are gone for more then a week two weeks...-I will allow someone else to play your character... sorry. I don't think coming on at least once a week is asking too much is it? I won't put a news radar out that the character can now be claimed. Just if someone asks for him/her, I will let them play that character. Once you come back, it's up to the new role player of that character if you get him/her back. If your going on vacation, or your internet is beggining to act up, just let me know okay? I'm very reasonable with stuff like that.

4.Rewording of rule 1-There are a few minor characters avaiable... I don't care if you have a BAU memeber then take like Jack Hotchner or something like that.

5.NOTE:If by the time I decide to start actual the role play, not every character is taken, I will allow "fostering" of that character. That basiclly means, someone, who already has there main character to keep, can play another character. They can do this until they areclaimed.


C.C claiming...

Major characters

Aaron Hotchner- CMCity (Played by: Snowykittens2 when CMcity isn't here)

David Rossi- jazzakai2000

Derek Morgan- Jess Ames Angell (Temporarily until wanted)

Spencer Reid- Snowykittens2

Penelope Garcia- Red Queen Megz

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau- mcsaz91

Ashley Seaver- SydneyDrew59

*Jason Gideon- Agent Michigan

*Elle Greenaway- Jess Ames Angell

*Emily Prentiss- Alunabelle Night Shadow

*= Characters no longer in the show but were once apart of the BAU. If you role play one of these guys, then please make up a reason why they have suddenly come back to the BAU. That's all the extra things I ask. Oh, these will never be "foster" characters. :P

5/19/2011 . Edited 12/4/2011 #1

Minor Characters

Kevin Lynch-

Will LaMontagne-

Henry (J.J's son)-

Diana Reid-

Jack Hotchner-

Erin Stratuss-

Agent Anderson-

NOTE: If there are other characters that have been on the show that you want to have, go ahead, just let me know who they are and what episodes they are in. :)

5/23/2011 #2

I'd like to request JJ please? XD

6/4/2011 #3

You have her. :). Feel free to go make an OC, take another CC that is a more minor character, and to go bring others to this fourm! :D

6/4/2011 #4

Have we got anyone else to start a RP? I'm eager to get going :D

6/4/2011 #5

I few other people have made OC's, but I'd like to get at least one more person with a CC before we get started. But will be started soon. Don't worry. (On the fourm that I swear will never die! xD)

6/4/2011 #6

Haha cool :) I shall be waiting with baited breath!

6/4/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #7

I'll take Hotch for now I guess since no one is really joining. :P. And... Reid. Why not.

Both HOTCH AND REID may be taken from me, just saying. xD

Anyways, I'm gonna go set up the role play topic now. :P

6/14/2011 . Edited 6/14/2011 #8
Longing for Oblivion

Hey, is this still active? If it is I'd love to play Elle, I'd also play Morgan until someone wants to play him permanently (just so we could start playing since you said you'd like most of the CCs to be claimed before starting)... I might also create an OC later on...

6/22/2011 #9

Never fear! This fourm shall stay active ads long as i'm alive! :D. Yes, you may have Elle for sure and you can play as Derek till someone wants him. And feel free to make an OC as well when you want.

6/22/2011 #10
Longing for Oblivion

Glad to hear to hear that! :) Thanks, and actually I was planning on making an OC I just wanted to first know if I can have Elle, because it's gonna be her daughter...

6/23/2011 #11
Longing for Oblivion

Uhm, you meant Garcia is played by Nic when you're not there, right? Cause you put that to Morgan.

7/1/2011 #12

Opps, my bad. Sorry! I'll change it.

7/1/2011 #13
Longing for Oblivion

:) no need to be sorry, I just noticed and thought I should tell ya...

7/1/2011 #14

Thank you for that. :). And i'm an apologetic person naturally so yeah... haha... i say "sorry" a lot. Haha.

7/1/2011 #15
Longing for Oblivion

No problem :)

7/1/2011 #16

Can I be Ashley Seaver?

7/17/2011 #17
Longing for Oblivion

Yes, you can, though make sure to keep her as much according to how she's on the show as possible.

7/17/2011 #18
Red Queen Megz

Hey Jess is there anyone that I can take for you? I'm a friend of Snow's she's on my rp forum, I decided to return the favor =)

7/17/2011 #19
Longing for Oblivion

Well, there are still four members of the current team available - Rossi, Morgan, Hotch and Garcia, though Emily and Gideon can be used to though since they left the BAU it should be explained why they are back.

7/17/2011 . Edited 7/17/2011 #20
Red Queen Megz

Alright. Well if someone is highly needed out of those four I'm willing to take them for you so the rp can keep going. But if not can I take Garcia?

Oh! just throwing this out there you don't have to join, but could you guys check out my Criminal Minds forum? It's not too active but if you want you can come on over =)

7/17/2011 #21
Longing for Oblivion

Garcia you got! Currently she's babysitting Reid's kids.

And if you want you can post the link to your RP in the chat topic.

7/17/2011 #22
Red Queen Megz

Alright cool. Thanks Jess =)

7/17/2011 #23
Longing for Oblivion

No problem.

7/17/2011 #24

Of course, Ashley is, or was, one of my favorite characters past season.

I need to catch up on how far are you, mind telling me the case or the situation in this case.

7/17/2011 . Edited 7/17/2011 #25
Longing for Oblivion

Well they're on the way to their case, there are several new agents and one potential new agent with the team, they're about to start discussing the case...

7/17/2011 #26

can i make another OC character(as an agent or someones significant other), please.

7/18/2011 #27

can i make another OC character(as an agent or someones significant other), please.

7/18/2011 #28
Longing for Oblivion

Well, do you already have a major OC?

7/18/2011 #29
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

I've got nothing to do with the twins...............I'll be Emily if no one else wants her

8/9/2011 #30
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