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first of all, i wanna thank anybody here. this post was pretty informative.

but i still have a question: i am writing a fanfic and one of the new caracters is intended to seem perfect in comparison with one of the protagonist. Is this bad? this perfect one is going to die in/or in the hands of the other.

8/25/2014 #1

It really depends on what you mean by "perfect". I think it's good that you're questioning it early on; it may seem like lack of confidence, but its good that you're analyzing, and want to improve.

Now as for the "perfect" character...

What you're talking about is actually one of the most accepted definitions of what we fanfiction writers commonly refer to as a Mary Sue. Chances are, you've heard about her, but if not, here's a quick description:

An original character (typically female, and there are canon ones out there) who is perfect, or without flaw. They bend the rules of the universe to their whim, and typically have no trouble overcoming obstacles of any kind.

Springhole .net is a great resource with a list of Mary Sue subtypes, and there are many Sue Litmus tests out there to figure out if your character fits the bill.

Your question was whether or not your type of character is a bad thing; for many people, it is. At the same time, there are plenty of people who have no problem reading them and loving them. All a Mary Sue means is that your character could probably use some more development, and some more thought.

8/28/2014 #2

thank you, i did not expect an answer so soonXD

The plot is like this:

The girl does not know whether or not the protagonist loves her; she is a little bit neurotic and the protagonist is a jerk. (Ranma and Akane, by the way). Akane ask for advide from anybody she trust, but in the end the only one to take her seriously is the guy im talking about. He advises her.And when Akane does what he told her to do Ranma fail the test and is forced to leave. He is everything that Ranma is not, so that's why I am worried., He loves Akane, but he is a good guy who wants her happiness: i fear that maybe i am going to far with him. I know that the reason most people hate the marie sues (including myself) is cause they tend to depict the author; thats not mi intention. Ranma leaves Nerima and changes for reason not yet unveiled; tragic and heavy reasons.

As you see is exactly the problem; i am trying to depict a relatively innocent guy being killed in the hands of a hero now turned a monster. I dont intend to make him perfect, but i know he will look like a victim, and that's annoying me.

i will follow your advise and see Springhole

buit if you can answer again and let me know your opinion, i would be really happy.

8/28/2014 #3
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