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Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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Basically I thought it'd be good to have a topic dedicated to answering questions or getting help or advice with a story.

So if you need help with anything, this is the place to ask!

10/31/2014 #1

How do i extend the story so that people can enjoy more content without having to wait for the chapter

1/3/2015 #2

Hi! Well if you want to write longer chapter, I advise you to build up the atmosphere with descriptions. Don't make too long descriptions because that can be annoying, but give some that will make the reader enter into the story or a character's feeling. For example if the characters are in a frightening forest, try to describe how and why it is scary, how they are feeling. On contrary if they are in a beautiful relaxing place, try to describe the surrounding and how the characters are feeling there, the way you'll describe your surrounding and characters feeling will give the sensation of a real atmosphere which can be really enjoyable and make the chapters longer. Some writers doesn't describe enough and just tell instead of showing, there is an article about that on

Maybe you're already doing this however, then maybe you can introduce little subplots, as long as you avoid making them too important and outshine the main plot, it can help you developing the character and extend your story.

Hope this was useful.

1/3/2015 #3
What is plagerism? I recently wrote a one shot that was heavily inspired by another authors work. I credited the author, saying the idea wasn't mine and it was inspired and how all credit goes to the original owner. A reviewer accused me of plagerism. Now I'm not saying that plagerism is right, I just want to know what to do. Is it plagerism if I credited the original author? Should I delete the story and send a formal apology to the author? Or am I in the right by arguing that it's not plagerism since it I credited and disclaimed my source? i can't seem to find an answer about wether I'm right or wrong, and I'm really, really conflicted...
4/23/2015 #4

I don't think it's plagerism as long as you credit the author., this reader didn't take the time to read your notes, that's all. Now maybe you should talk with the original author and tell them you don't want to steal their idea, and will credit them. If you have their consent, it's fine, I don't think you need to delete your story.

4/23/2015 #5

I wish I could, but the author doesn't have her PM function up, and I don't think she's even been on the site since 2012! I did drop a review on the original story, saying I would write the spin-off and such in her(or his) honor.

I also took the time to adjust some things to avoid the plagiarism accusation again. In the summery, I stated clearly that it was a spin off, as well as giving the name of the author and the title of the story. I also stated it in my beginning authors notes/disclaimer, and then again in my ending author's notes. I think I should be safe, I just hope no one gets the wrong message again...

4/23/2015 #6

Then it's okay. Tell this person who accuse you that they should have read the author's note more carefully and if they still don't understand that it's not plagiary, well, ignore them, maybe it's just a troll.

4/23/2015 #7

I contacted the person and she simply said that she just hates plagerism of any kind. I don't think she's a troll, she just is very passionate. I'm trying to clear up any misunderstandings, and I don't know if I'm making progress. ."

4/23/2015 #8

Plagiarism of any kind? Plagiary would imply that you stole the idea and try to pretend it was your own, as long as you admit it's not your idea, it's okay. Because if you go that way, fan fiction itself is nothing but plagiary, she shouldn't even read or write any (if she's a writer), after all, we write from other people's work. But well, you got my opinion, don't delete your story just for one person, now, good luck to convince her.

4/23/2015 #9

XD So many times the government tried to take away fanfiction...

But yeah, you're right. It's my conscious talking, I suppose. Sometimes I just get to feeling so guilty when people point out my possible mistakes! People have been telling me over and over, including two english teachers, that it wasn't plagiarism because I disclaimed it and wasn't making money off it, but sometimes I just get so OBSESSIVE and worried about one single review or mistake. It's happened before, when I got my first flame. I freaked out, and ended up asking my friends if all the things about the chapter were true(which they weren't. I didn't realize that until a month later.) I suppose my mind goes to thinking about not being a good enough writer, and in this case, the worst case scenario of getting booted off fanfiction(if that can even happen. I don't know.). I think it's some weird form of paranoia of loosing nearly three years of work that I've put into my own original stories added on to low self-esteem that I JUST got out of being "down in the debts of h*ll low" to "moderately low but still slightly confident in some aspects*. I know it's strange, but I just want to make everyone happy, I suppose.

Aaaaand I just told you my entire fanfiction life story. XD Silly me. I start typing and then I just can't stop.

Anyways, thank you for helping me. It's just been knawing at me since I got the review, and i just didn't know if I was committing theft or not. Now I feel slightly more confident that everything will be okay.

4/23/2015 #10

Yeah I know that guilty feeling, I remember once a reviewer who told me that my English was so bad (it's not my mother tongue) that the story they reviewed was just unreadable. I was hurt at first,because I know my English isn't perfect but it wasn't that bad! But I overpassed it because I had already posted fifteen chapters at this point, and some people were following the story and really liked it, so I thought: 'well it's not that unreadable then'. I didn't even bother answering them, I just took a beta to be sure that wouldn't happen and to help me do some progress. If people like your story, continue it, it's worth it. You can't please everyone anyway, if someone gives you constructive criticism, listening to them and talking with them can be productive, but sometimes people can be harsh unfairly.

And don't worry, you won't be booted fanfiction because your writing isn't 'good enough', you can get banned if you posted something offensive I think, like a racist or sexist review for example, but they don't judge the quality of your writing.

If you want to make progress, I would advise you to go there: Some articles are a little biased or nitpicking at my taste, but most of those are good and gives great advises, it helped me with some stories.

4/24/2015 #11

Birds of a feather float together, I suppose. Thanks for the help and the reassurance! Happy writing in the future!

4/27/2015 #12
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