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In almost all the fanfictions I read, I see people writing these disclaimers at the top of their first chapter, stating that they don't own the original material and stuff, but is it really necessary? I mean, we're on a site called How can you be a fan of your own work, that doesn't make any sense. And if you would own the original material, you wouldn't be writing fanfiction of it, right? So the reason I'm asking this here is because I didn't include a disclaimer anywhere in my own fanfiction, because I think it would do nothing but state the super obvious, or is it actually possible to get in trouble for not doing so?

4/15/2016 #1
At this point, I feel a lot of writers do the disclaimers just as a sort of tradition. No, you don't need to include a disclaimer when writing and uploading fanfiction. You're on a website about writing fan stories - of course you don't own the source material. Disclaimers are redundant.
4/15/2016 #2
People do this mainly because of SOPA, people trying to get rid of fan fiction by making it illegal, to prove that they realize they own nothing of the original story line. Basically doing so say better safe than sorry. It not needed but I would try to do so.
4/15/2016 #3
I don't think a disclaimer would do too much to help if a writer (or the website!) got into legal trouble due to fanfiction. Which is very unlikely to happen, anyway. Copyright holders generally don't pay too much a mind to fanfiction writers aside from the rare exception of Archie Comics and possibly a few others.
4/15/2016 #4
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