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Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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Hi guys!

I'm just about to write an bachelor essay at Umea university in Sweden. I would like to get som help from you guys!

I have a question for you I would like to discuss.

before you upload or writea fanfic, do you have someone who looking at it and helping you? Do you use any help to improve the quality? Do you help others in this community to improve their writing in some way?

Everything will be anonymous ofc.

9/2/2016 #1

For the most part, no, I don't have anybody that I ask for help from or I show my writing to before it's uploaded. There are exceptions to this like always, but those are rare. When it comes to helping others, however; it's a bit different. I haven't done it much as of late, but I used to leave reviews for stories or PM authors a lot, where I would try to point out what I thought was good about their story, and what I thought could use some improvement.

9/2/2016 #2
Mystic Fairy Tame

sometimes I talk about what I plan to do, and sometimes show it to a friend who says if they would enjoy it or not

5/11/2017 #3

Hey, sounds like a cool project!

I like to have someone beta read for me if I'm doing a long fic, but otherwise I don't have anyone look at my fics before hand. I look up several things while I'm writing, including grammar rules, obscure facts, and serious research that's needed for accuracy about a topic. As far as helping others, I'm a moderator of this forum and I occasionally proof read for others.

5/26/2017 #4
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