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Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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So i was wondering how you guys do it? I mean when i have an idea for a story, it overwhelms my mind. I think and live it my mind when im in shower, walking my dog, listening music, sleeping... i have whole story in my mind in a day or two and when i start to write, i forget half of the story when i concentrate on the starting and details.

Should i start and just go with it? make a new direction if i forget where i was going? or should i write rough and plain version and "fill it up" afterwards?

I know its lot about personal preference, but i was wondering what means you guys use for this problem?

Also, any ideas where/how to find sayings and expressions in english? English is my second language and its sometimes hard to say thigs the way i like just by using a dictionary. Where to find spoken language or "slang" ways to say things? Other than games, books, tv-shows.

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Hey there! Okay so you happen to have one of the common problems every writer has, because believe me, every writer suffers this at the beginning and even after having written plenty of stories. So here's my advice, based on my personal experience and I really hope it helps you :) So every story starts in your mind. Your brain is the place where you can give form and start your ideas. But that is just the first step! When you develop a whole story, including a plot with characters and situations in your brain it is really easy for you to forget, mostly because you just have a concept of what you want to write and imagine the story based on that concept. So the best thing you can do is to write down every single idea you have. Believe me, it might sound really obvious but it is the best way to remember everything and to develop a cool story. When you write your ideas down you're materializing your thoughts, you are taking the first step and that is going to help you to realize what do you need to develop a good plot. First write down the most generic aspect of your idea and then just start focusing on what you want to tell, what kind of situations you want to happen, how are your Characters going to be and how are they going to evolve with the story. That way you can realize if what you had imagined at first made sense And don't get frustrated if some idea doesn't turn out the way you wanted to. Writing improves with practice! So just buy a small notebook, one you can carry with you easily, or just download a nice writing app and then just unleash your imagination :) And if you want English expressions, you can just Google them, use the urban dictionary or just find a beta to help you! Hope this can help :)
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I actually used to have the same process when I wrote. I thought out the story over the course of a few day but as I wrote it I would forget details and end up going different directions. And there is nothing wrong with that!

That being said, now-a-days I write things down. I have a notebook and I simply number things in chronological order that I want to happen. I don't go into detail, but I write enough to remind myself what I was thinking. It's good because it gives me more options when I write. Some times I'll think of a different direction to go and I'll go that way. Other times I'll think of the new idea and compare it to my original idea and go with my first instinct.

It's also helped me with writers block since it helps me remember where I'm going with my story.

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