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Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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Ender the multiverse Detective

So, I'm an avid reader and enjoy fanfiction very much, so its no wonder that I would want to try to write, right? What is something some authors do before starting up a fanfiction, map out plot, make character, or do you just wing it. HALP ME

5/27/2017 #1
1. Decide what fandom 2. Choose your focus... Character development Alternate universe Romance... 3. Decide on and put on paper your plan for a plot 4. Let your creativity flow and have fun with your favorite characters!!
5/27/2017 #2
Yes, map out your plot! I strongly advise not to wing it. I winged it on my first story and it became very long and convoluted because I didn't have a direction from the beginning. Even if it's not a super detailed plan at the start, at least figure out the arch of the story. This will also give you more freedom and depth within the story as you can alude to things that will happen later on or build up to a plot twist. As for characters, easy for FF they're already chosen for you, you just have to decide how you will represent them in your story. Usually my stories have been started by a random idea or theme that pops into my head. Usually I spend days/weeks playing around with ideas and figuring out how to build on it , until I finally develop the overall idea. Another thing to think about: one shot or multi chapter fic? one shots are an easy way to begin, especially if you dont have a complex idea. But despite all of this, the main thing is to have fun! Enjoy writing and creating your own worlds. Good luck!
6/5/2017 #3
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