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I have been needing to write this Sherlock fic but as you know Sherlock is full of mystery and big plots. I know what my story is about but I just can't seem to write it down. Any suggestions to fix that?

6/27/2017 #1
Read up on big crimes or murders in that time period and include it in your story. If your looking for help in actually writing it I recommend listening to calming music, even the Sherlock soundtrack to get in the mood and write it on paper first.
8/7/2017 #2

the thing you do is: you know all the information and all you have to do is conceal it

you don't have to be smarter than your character to write a casefic, just patient. only give him access to a little bit of info at a time

most cases aren't delayed because someone is too stupid to put all the stuff together on day one

solutions are delayed because not all the information is there to put together.

Part of being a detective is looking where others won't— a cop questions the manager of the hotel, a detective talks to the maid, ect.

A cop asks the neighbors, the detective checks the mailman's route. You just have to feed bits of info at a time.

A beat cop with a good head that hasn't read a book since middle school and flunked algebra could solve a case if he has a good gut for reading people and a dogged attention to detail

Same applies to your characters.

The other thing is, to write a solid case, the simpler the better, too. He doesn't need some archaic knowledge of some obscure topic for most cases, even if sometimes it helps. Like in the bbc sherlock's first episode with him knowing rache is a german word but deciding it's an unfinished name, his knowledge is useful but it isn't always going to apply. Sometimes he just needs to be the one guy obsessive enough and willing to sift through five hundred pages of financial transfer records looking for one pattern or fake name.

He can do things the other cops/detectives could but he might also notice things no one else cares enough about to bother with.

Plotwise you just have to decide how much info to give and when.

you get to work backward

you have the solution and you pick apart one piece at a time and ask, "who would know this and how does sherlock find that person or this evidence?"

6/22/2018 . Edited 6/22/2018 #3
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