Tips, Tricks, and Do's and Don'ts
Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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sam temple

1. If music inspires you, let the reader know.

Many writers, even me, use music to write and are inspired by it. Music is such a universal language. When a writer uses music; the tone, tempo, and the feelings that you experience while listening to a song is reflected in one's writing. For example, one may use angry/sad/darker music to set the tone and setting to writing an argument or gruesome fight scene, or listen to Celine Dion when writing a love/romantic scene. Sometimes a writer may just be listening to music when a song may actually jumpstart the writer's creativity which could result in something be written about that song. And by telling the reader about what you listen to may give the reader an extra understanding of the mood needed for the chapter. If a song moves you, it will probably move others as well.

2. Don't change a character's personality unless you are properly able to explain why.

This may seem kind of stupid to put up, but many fans read your work for a reason. And if they suddenly read a character that was seen as pure and virginal was suddenly written as a shameless slut, they will be angry. Due to this reason, there should only be subtle changes unless you are committed for the consequences of letting a character's personality do a 180.

If you give a reason for the changes, the reader will forgive you and continue to read. These reasons can be included in your writing or in an Author's Note.

3. Be prepare for feedback: Good and the Bad. And be able to take it graciously or becoming too enraged when you obtain a bad review.

People may love your story, some may not. You are a writer, and you shouldn't let negative comments get to you, because even though some may not like your story, there are others who do.

4. Take Constructive Criticism...

There are authors on this site that care about other people's writing and if they give you some advice, don't ignore it. Constructive Criticism is there for a reason and that is to make you a better writer. So if an author tells you to review your stories more due to and excessive amount of grammatical errors or pointing out plot holes, take it in and improve your writing.

However, if a review just lists your shortcomings or nastily gives advice, don't take it too personal. Some people are unable to give constructive criticism well.

5. Disclaimers/Warnings

Disclaimers are necessary when writing fanfiction, they help keep you from getting sued and cover you legally. And Warnings are really handy, especially when writing about uncomfortable topics like rape, child abuse, or even slash. Warnings are there to let your readers know what they are getting into while reading a story.

6. Spelling and Grammar count.

If your writing is littered with terrible spelling and grammar errors, have some one proofread it or have the computer do it, that's why Word was invented. Grammar and Spelling may not seem that important, but when someone has to read it, most people dislike reading a vast amount of your errors. It quickly takes away from your writing and most people find that they just don't want to deal with it. So proofread, proofread, proofread.

And for reviewers, not every grammar/spelling mistake may be caught by the writer and proofreader. So don't be mean about it if there are a couple of small errors, it doesn't do anything but piss off the writer.

7. Research

We all may not be doctors, engineers, or lawyers, but a little bit of research goes a long way. Research is there to set a landscape for your reader as well as give additional insight to the characters and how the story unfolds around them.

8. Dialogue

Dialogue can be crucial and may be helpful in capturing the 'voice' of the character you arewriting. However, writing dialogue can be very difficult due to speech patterns, behaviors, and how the character may sound. So rewatch a few episodes or reread a couple of scenes from a book to get a feel for how a character speaks, not how you think they talk before writing. Pay attention to word choice and ask yourself if the character may say this.

While Dialogue may be used to help, it is also sometimes a crutch. One has to find the balance between writing the background information and dialogue. If there is too much of either, it can take away from your writing.

Another thing is to make sure you include these "" and how they may speak the words.

For Example: "James can you pass the butter?" Kendall asked politely.

Another thing to avoid is overusing the word said. There are much better words out there to describe how one is speaking. However, don't completely avoid it, sometimes using said is the best word for that sentence.

9. Plot Outlines

Everyone should have at least a basic outline for their plot. Outlines are there as a guideline for your writing, but you don't have to follow them as if they are set in stone. They are there to make sure you have a beginning, a middle, and an end. They also help with making sure there are no plot holes within your story.

It may seem like something trivial, but having an outline is there to help you. No writer wants to write ten chapters and get to the climax of the story before they find out they have no idea how to end it.

Outlines can also be used to store character information, plot devices, and even research you have done for your writing.

10. Author Notes

Author Notes should be included at the beginning or the very end of your writing. NEVER put them in the middle. By putting them in the middle, it disrupts the flow of your story and it is the universal sign that you are a newbie to fanfiction. Author Notes are like headers or footers and should be treated as such. If you need to explain something in the middle of writing, put a number or a sign at the end of the paragraph, and then explain later at the end of the writing in an Author's note. This is much better than disrupting the reader with your thoughts during the middle of reading.

5/19/2011 #1
Scarlet 8D
Thanks this is very helpful!

1. I very inspiring song for me is I Hope You Dance. I think the character depends on what music you should listen too. EX. if you have a bad character you should listen to more Rock Songs or the song Bad to the Bone. Or if you have a character who is dealing with problems you want a inspiring song.

2. In my fic hospital one-shots I dont go to far into details but I might have a flash back of what they where like before they where in the hospital or write on how they got into in the beginning of it. But it annoys me when characters have a mix of personalities. It's just screaming MARYSUE!

3. I just get annoyed when people leave flames and don't log in. It's just plain retarded. I sometimes enjoy reading bad reviews because it drives me harder to do better. I get annoyed when I give people critique and they feel like they have to defend themselves.

4. You have a really good point here. I think if you have a review that's purely critique it might make he writer feel down. So you should always try to balance it out with saying what's good in it. But that can also make the writer focus only on the good things not the things they need to work on.

5. I'm just going to put a disclaimer on my profi page so I don't have to keep rewriting.

6. I often have my sister proof read it after I do if I miss anything. My eyes are very sensitive to computer light and it's hard for me to lick up grammar and spelling. I also write on my itouch so it spellchecks things randomly. So if I don't proofread a scentence could end up like 'Tom Putnam a leaf to cada' and it makes no sense. Proofreading is very important.

7. I defiantly have to do research in my fic Hospital One-Shots. It acctually made me learn alot about medical conditions and stuff. I also look up a picture of something then describe it out on paper. in English we did this one thing where one person looked at a smartboard with a picture on it and the other person looked away and drew what the person describing it described it.

8. Completely agreed. I noticed Logan says things are stupid(expessially Carlos) alot. I also noticed in alot of slashes people get the characters out of character. I sometimes look up synonyms for words when I feel I'm getting repettitve. I count how many times I have typed 'said' 'asked' instead I used mention' and 'raised his voice into a question' I don't do that every time because it messes up the flow

9. In our English class we have to fill out a plot mountain(i know it sounds stupid put it really helps) I get annoyed when the summmery is all questions like. If James has a sister what will there relationship be like? And when a BTR boy starts to fall in love with her but she already has a boyfriend? I mean seriously XD

10. Agreed, I get annoyed when it's like this A tall blonde boy with large bushy eyebrows smiled at me(Kendalll). If your a good writer you don't need to say it's Kendall XD

Thanks again for he help!

5/20/2011 #2

So I saw this and I wanted to add some other tips. I hope you don't mind!

11. Proof reading your own stories. Sometimes you don't have a beta or a friend to look over your stories, which means you have to proof read them yourself. When proofing your own stuff it is best to wait a couple of days after writing it. If you proof read it as soon as you're finished with it you are more likely to pass over mistakes because you are familiar with how it is supposed to be written. If you wait a few days you are more likely to notice mistakes. Another thing I find helpful is reading out loud. You have a better chance of catching a mistake when you both hear it and see it. Bonus: Sometimes reading in an accent makes mistakes easier to find. Try it, you'll be surprised!

12. Be original. It's so easy to fall back on over used ideas. Example: *insert name* loves *insert name* but is too afraid to tell, will they end up together? I mean how often do you see a stories like that? Even if it's well written people will be turned off by it because they've seen it before. Think outside the box. Try to come up with an original plot.

13. Summaries are important. On a site like this you have to be able to sell your story and you do it with a summary. You only have a sentence or two to grab a reader's attention so you need to make sure it's good. Don't freak out if you can't explain everything you want to, give something short and sweet and have a more detailed summary at the heading of you fic if you want to. Also, NEVER leave out the summary, and don't use the excuse that you can't write a summary. It makes people assume you can't write either. And whatever you do, don't say that your story is better than the summary. You're just downing yourself.

14. Songfics. Personally I think songfics are one of the hardest types of stories to write, and the fact that it's hard to find a good one makes me think I'm not the only one who feels that way. The most important thing to remember is that you can't let the whole story be the song. If your story has more lyrics than actual writing then you're probably in trouble. You have to put a plot around the lyrics, you can't just let them do the talking for you. You should also stay away from making the characters say the actual song lyrics. It's fine to use maybe a lyric or two in your dialogue, but more than that and you're just making people read the song lyrics twice. It's also dangerous to make a character sing the song. Unless you have plenty of plot before and after, don't do it.

15. Don't trust every positive review. Scroll down the stories list until you find a fic that you don't like and think is bad. Now, look at the reviews it has gotten. I bet most of the reviews are positive. The thing about fanfiction is that not everyone who reads it is expecting a lot. This is especially true in romance stories; if the couple is popular it will get positive reviews. I'm not saying not to be proud of yourself when you get a good review, just be aware that even a bad story can get a good review. Don't get a bloated ego!

16. Formatting. To put it simply, if your formatting is bad it won't matter how good your writting is, people won't read it. Make sure you put space in between paragraphs, and don't center your sentences. Double check after you post a story to make sure it came out correctly.

17. OC's. Be careful. OC's can be the most annoying creatures to have ever entered fanfiction, or they can be awesome. They aren't awesome very often. Don't be a Mary-sue. Make your character interesting. Stay away from the usual. Just to help out here are a few stereotypes that are way over used: 1.) She's pretty, talented, and awesome. She has one big flaw, but it's the only one she has. She is always nice, but if you mess with her friends, then it's on. And she ends up with the MC. 2.) She's goth/punk, but has the same nice girl attitude and talent as mentioned before, and she's with the MC. 3.) She's the MC's never before mentioned best friend, and she secretly loves him. -- Seriously, avoid these. It's difficult to make an OC work, but if you're up for the challenge, good luck.

18. Going against cannon. So you want to pair a character up with someone that's not cannon in the show? Go for it, but make it make sense! First thing first, if the character you want to hookup is dating someone else, don't make their significant other magically disappear. You have to mention what happened to them, whether it be a sentence or two about how they broke-up. Now, even more important than that, don't make the person's bf/gf suddenly a jerk. For example, let's say you want to hook Kendall up with someone besides Jo. Fine. Just don't make her suddenly treat everyone like crap. You have to keep her IC whether you want her out of the picture or not. Another point is that you can't just make every break-up expected. Here's another example using Kendall and Jo. Let's say Kendall breaks up with Jo because he wants Logan. Fine. Please don't have Jo acting like she knew the whole relationship that he wanted Logan. Why would she do that? You have to be believable. She can be okay with it without hooking the boys up and having always known. Another cliche in the BTR fandom is that the girls are the boys cover-ups. Really? You can do better than that. My point is above all else be believable. Ask yourself if what you're doing makes sense.

19. Slash. There are a lot of points I could cover here, but here's a big one: don't make one of the boys act like a girl. If you wanna write het, do it. You don't need to change a character's entire personality and make them into something they aren't. Here's what I mean, suddenly the bottom of this pairing is a total wimp. The character is suddenly crying every chapter, he's over dramatic, and eating ice cream while watching a chick-flic. If you do that then you've changed the character. You can't make a guy less manly just to fit the boy/girl dynamic, they are both guys and therefore should both act like guys. I don't mean stereotype genders, but this is just the easiest way of explaining what I mean. I am in no way saying all girls cry and watch chick-flics, just like I'm not saying all guys don't. All I'm saying is to keep the character in character.

20. Finish what you start, and don't start too much. Nothing is more annoying than an unfinished story. If you post a story you should see it through. Sometimes that's a hard thing to do, but you'll be glad when you've reached the end. I advise not starting too many stories at once. It's hard to consistently update one story, let alone five. Don't put too much on your plate, and if you get stuck on a story don't just keep starting new ones. If you want more than one, I recommend having two. Then if you get stuck or bored on one story you can switch to the other and keep going back and forth.

5/24/2011 #3
Scarlet 8D
I think those are all very good points! Expessially the last one. I was a bit inexperienced at first and started to many rice. So now I'm co-writing a few of them and it helps alot. It also helps If you have a schedule and stuff.

I made a little Mary-sue check


1.Is the character named after you? +1

2. Does the character have a unuasual name? +1

3. Does the characters name have a unusual spelling or random ' in there? (EX. Kristina, Kr'istina) +1

4. Is the characters name unusual in any other way? +1

5. Is it a name you wish you had? +1

6. Does the character have more than one name? (a cool nickname or a pseudonym that you use to refer to the character) +1

7. Did you spend more then one day to find the right name? +1

8. Is the characters name relate to a boy he or she might have a relationship with? (EX. Jamie for James, Carly for Carlos, Lisa for Logan, Kenna for Kendall)

9. Have you considered this name for a your pet or your baby? +1

10. The name is foreign even though she is not.


1. She is a teenager or in her early twenties. +1

2. She doesn't look like a teen or person in her early twenties for no apparent or canonical reason. +1

3. Is she the same age as you? +1

4. The character is a age you would like to be or suitable for you to date one of the guys? +1

5. Described as beautiful. +1

6. She has a unusual eye color +1

7. The character has really nice or unusual hair? Do you describe it often? +1

8. Does she share your hair color or the way you would like it? +1

9. Has a accent that doesn't fit her culture or were she as born? +1

10. Unusually strong +1



1. She is a long lost, future child or descendent of regular character. +1

2. was she ever adopted? +1

3. She Used to be friend, still is friend, childhood friend, former significant other to a original character. +1

4. Did the character have a tragic youth (ED. abuse, neglect, abandonment, slavery, extreme poverty, forced criminality, or being the sole survivor) +1 for each one

5. Does the character suffer from guilt about something terrible that she did in the past (EX. surviving, cause of death, breaking up family) +1 for each one 6. She is guilty for number 5 but has no reason to be +1

7. Did she have a unusual birth? (EX. birth defect, mental, autism, ADHD, disability, particularly dramatic birth, she didn't cry when she was born) +1 for each one

8. Does she have a twin +1 (+2 if same gender or opposite gender who is very protective)

9. Does she have a good-amazing singing voice? +2

10. Does she play a musical instrument? +1 for each musical instrument

11. strong fashion sense or incredible wardrobe +1

12. She has a job or hobby that you have or would like to have? +1

13. She makes alot of wisecracks or is she witty(that's the same thing XD) +1

14. Is she independent, courageous or defiant of authority? +1 for each

15. Are rules bent or broken for her? +1

16. She excels at everything or fails at everything but is easily forgiven? +1

17. does the character end up dating any member of BTR? +1

18. She is unusually accomplished for her age? +1

19. Is the character unusually skilled in areas outside her duty assignment? (EX. is a singer but also an expert hacker)

20. Shares the same hobby as BTR +1

21. Everyone likes her or most people do +2

22. She is very popular +1

23. She is very sweet, very bubbly, very funny or very depressed. +1 for each one



10 and under- your character is the opposite of a Mary-sue

11-20- your character is boarder line, so she is a perfect to have in a fic

21-30- Mary-sue you need help

31+- ultimate mary-sue, better just start over

5/24/2011 #4
sam temple

Your welcome!

3 and 4. Flames are a writer's worst enemy, especially when they just tell you how much you suck at writing and should just quit all together. If they don't like your story, they could say what they want say constructively so one can learn from it or don't say anything at all. I've found that when you give constructive criticism, it should include a couple of things: examples on how to fix whatever they are doing wrong and taking notice of what they do right. This way, the review gives the strengths and weaknesses of the writer and what they should work on when posting their next chapter/story.

5. That's a very good idea.

8. Those are some good points. I will be posting a topic just for different words for said, so it's there for you to use.

For slash, I have found that you sometimes have to take things with a grain of salt. If there are good reasons for the character to be out of character, then that is much more acceptable than no reasons at all.

Example: Kendall and James are in a relationship. Kendall is very cautious about taking things further and telling people about their relationship, while James is ready to come out.

In BTR, Kendall is very opportunistic and very open about things as we have seen in his relationship with Jo on the show. However in the story, the writer gives this reason by playing on his insecurities and maybe his father issues: Kendall does not want to come out because he is scared of what people will say, what his father will say or maybe his father was a homophobe and Kendall had to repress his feelings for guys since he didn't want his father to hate him.

These are sound reasons. We know nothing about Kendall's father, so a writer can use this to their advantage, because for all we know, Kendall may idolize his father or had a very close bond to him.

And sometimes characters may act out of character due to the certain things that happen to them in the fiction. So if James was abused, I wouldn't expect him to be fine and dandy but to show some of the common symptoms accompanied with abuse. Or if Logan was in a car accident, I would expect him to have some symptoms of PTSD, like nightmares or tensing whenever someone drives over a pothole or swirves a little bit. This is where it can be accepted, especially if the writer has researched this or has experienced something similar.

One also has to take in account the date in which the author has written these stories. Some have started writing a story since the beginning of this fandom (2009), so being out of character may be due to the lack of episodes that were out. So by the time they have written a couple of chapters, a writer can only add a couple character traits without rewriting the whole thing.

But with slash, one has to be careful with writing one character as the girl in the relationship. This is bad, and a very common misconception with pairing characters of the same sex together. The thing that people forget with slash is that both characters are equals and should be treated as such, even if one is on the receiving end.

9. Summaries are very hard to write, especially on ffnet. I've found that one should limit themselves to one question if they even have one. Using a very interesting or intense quote is often a good way to go as well. But never-ever put "I am not very good with summaries." BAD! BAD! BAD! This just tells the reader two things: You are not a very good writer and what the heck is this story about in the first place.

10. Me too. A good example that everyone should use is 'My Immortal.' This is the worst fanfic ever written, I am not kidding, it is littered with everything a fanfic writer should avoid.

I am putting some more topics up as well as more advice. If you have anything that can be added, don't be afraid to put it up. And if you know anybody with good ideas or things that help them with writing, encourage them to use this forum. It will help in the long run, as well as make this forum much more useful to a variety writers. It would be really great to get more people to look at this and get involved.

Thanks for replying.

5/26/2011 #5
sam temple

No, not at all. The more tips the better. Thanks for posting this. Some of the replies are for you as well as other authors using this post, because I have also added some other stuff to your ideas as well. I hope you don't mind.

11. I will have to try reading in an accent now, never thought of that. But I agree, I don't know how many times I have had to reread something or come back a couple days later and just rewrite a couple of paragraphs to make a chapter sound much better.

12. Being original is very important, especially when writing fanfiction. I have found that real life is a good start when coming up with ideas, sure your life may seem dull or seem like every other person is feeling or has done the same thing, think again. I have found some of my best story ideas to come from things I have done like cooking or dancing or going on a fun family trip.

Or when watching your favorite tv show or reading a book or whatever it is you doing, ask yourself: what if things went differently or what if that character wasn't as understanding or what if they got into something much worse than the problem shown and so on. These thoughts lead to more thoughts and then ideas that one can base a story on.

14. Very good points about Songfics, I agree with everything you have said. I don't know why, but songfics irk me. It's much easier to state in an author's note which songs inspired the chapter or helped you with writing it. This way, the reader knows what you were listening to and what type of songs created the atmosphere or helped you with writing the character, instead of having to read lyrics when all they want to do is actually read what you are writing. This way, if the reader wants, they can look up the song and listen to it without having to read it. And if you really want to take it to the next level, make a fanmix for the story, these are really great.

17. OCs can be the death of an author, especially for authors that have just started writing. All the Mary-sues you have written are terribly cliche, and you are absolutely right about every one of them. What else to watch out for with these cliches are: they are more skilled/talented than the main characters, has a tragic past (so tragic that most people would be undergoing therapy for it or would have been put in a mental institution), and don't forget the exotic hair and eye colors or having hardly any problems when achieving their goals.

Mary-Sues can also be self-insertions of the author within the story. This may seem cool to all you authors out there, but in the literary world, self-insertion is looked down upon, especially since most authors use this idea to see themselves as the 'special' character in question. If you want a popular example, just read Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, Edward and Bella are Mary-Sue type characters.

I have also found that if you do use an OC, try not to base the whole story around them. People came to read fanfiction about their favorite characters, not the made-up ones. If they wanted to read made-up ones they can go to fictionpress or read actual books. Yes, you can pair OCs up with main characters, but make sure you have a healthy dose written about the characters from the show/book/whatever fandom you are writing for.

And if you think you cannot make an OC without making it a Mary-Sue, try basing the characterization after another character you like. So if you really like Hermione from Harry Potter, base the OC after that character. This way you can make changes without creating a Mary-Sue by accident.

19. Ah, slash. Here are a couple of things I think about when I write slash...

Sex... Don't think about it until you have to write it. If you think about it, then you're thinking about one character being submissive while the other is dominant, and that is how you will write them. Do not do this. Think of them as strong and independent characters that are in a relationship due to attraction, common likes and dislikes, and goals.

And if you can't stop thinking about the mechanics of their sexual relationship, think of them as equal opportunistic, both of them can bottom and top.

Writing romance scenes, they don't have to be perfect. Guys don't like to talk about their feelings or may be awkward when it comes to things that are romantic, while some girls love to talk or are in tune with their feelings. Use these types of things to your advantage.

And try to stay away from writing characters that are gay as being super flamboyant if they are a guy or really manly if they are a girl. Most characters are not like that. The only one I can think on the top of my head is Kurt from Glee, this is where you can write a character as such, it's in his character. Otherwise, stay away.

20. I agree with this, but sometimes life gets in the way and may put a wrench in an authors updating schedule.

And if you really need to write more than one or two stories, write it, but don't put it up. If you constantly write for it, or come back to it every couple of weeks to write for a while. Then you may consider putting it up. If you are able to do this without the need for reviews, than it is most certainly something you will finish without you fishing for reviews to finish it.

Thanks for replying again, this was really helpful. I will be posting other topics that will go over some of the things that you have written in this post as well as other topics, so if you have anything else to add or you think will help, don't be afraid to put something up. It would be highly appreciative.

5/26/2011 #6
sam temple

This is a really good list! I can see this as being a very helpful tool for many. Thanks for sharing.

Though, you may want to add some of these: Is this character a self-insertion? (Is this me, but 100 times cooler?) +1, Is this person a punk/goth but has an overly bubbly or friendly personality? +1, If has a tragic past, does she still have a bubbly, friendly, cheerful, and brave personality or is unnecessarily mopey and depressed? +1, Is super awesome but all she wants to be is super normal? (Think extreme version of HP) +1, Is she more skilled than main characters? +1, If she is a normal person in the beginning of fic but suddenly turns awesome and gains or discovers certain traits that make her talented in the middle of the story? +1, Barbie like figure? +1, Interesting birthmark, but doesn't take away from beauty but enhances it? +1, Does everyone like her, especially if all opposite sex characters fancy her? +1.

And here's a couple of Mary-Sue's in actual works: Bella (Normal, but comes across supernatural in a big way and has a hot vampire boyfriend as well as turn into vampire that has more control around humans than any other vampire) and Edward from Twilight, Anita Blake from Anita Blake-Vampire Hunter, Luke Skywalker, half the X-men, and even James T. Kirk to a degree in some of the movies,

Sure some of them have been popular, but it's to the extent of how annoying or just how terrible they are written.

5/27/2011 #7

Nope, it's all good :) You added some good stuff to mine.

5/27/2011 #8

unpaid testimonial: The outline is extremely helpful. I'm writing a BTR ttory about a murderer,and I was going to have Logan murder the people,and it was actually going to be a slash. I asked people,and found out that they didn't want slash,so now another character is the killer. However,using that character,there will be some plotholes,but I actually have a reason for that character to be killing,and not the other one. So I have to work those out in the end,and it still probably won't turn out as good as I wanted it. It feels like I'm jumping through hoops to get everything done,and it's making me want to write the story less and less. If I outlined it from the begining,I could have perceived this change and not go through all of this.

basically I'm saying that the ouline point will help people,even if they think it's annoying. It saves plotholes and allows you to make changes,and keeps you from looking at every chapter when you want to remember what happened.

2/26/2012 #9
chitty gen11

these are graet tips i'll try them out

7/1/2013 #10
Woe the Wolf
Shit i listen to dubstep. XDD haha, these were very.. VERY.. Helpful. Keep up the good work and i THANK YOU.
7/17/2013 #11

Actually, disclaimers aren't necessary. The site does all that for you. Think about it, this is a site made specifically for people to write about books or movies or manga or anime that have already been written. Why would they make the users do all that? If you really want to, just do it once in the first chapter to get it over with. Personally, as a reader, I find disclaimers really annoying- especially in this format:

Author:omg this is my first story i'm so excited so don't give me too much hate i kno i suk

Charcterinthestory:yeah so author doesn't own this fandom just me cuz i'm her oc

Author: i wish i did, if i own it than my favorite charcters would have sooooo made out already

*loud crash*

Author: original character! stop beating up random things

*grunts and screams*

Characterinthestory: *breathing heavily* author doesn't own this story so don't sue she has no money


I agree with you when it comes to warnings however. That's really important.

4/27/2014 #12

I agree with xSHINYSPOON

6/16/2014 #13
Warrior Phoenix

I agree with you, RusherSeanLosG. It gets very annoying when an author's note turns into a chatroom between the author, their oc, and/or a canon character.

7/19/2014 #14

This is a very helpful forum. Hopefully this is the right place. I think another tip for writing a fanfiction in general, think of quotes and or actions. Try to find double meaning behind them.

9/17/2014 #15

Thanks! this is amazing!!!

10/7/2014 #16
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