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When I mentioned Sherlock I didn't mean the books. I was actually thinking of the movie with rdj.

As for not having characters like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or Catwoman criticized, they also aren't as main stream. And I don't mean that as far as comic books, I mean in more mainstream movies. For example there has been a plethora of Superman and Batman movies in the last 20 years. No Wonder Woman. Catwoman has been in Batman and there was the Catwoman movie that tanked. As far as popularity goes to your everyday person, Superman and Batman are more popular and less criticized. And I stand by saying that they're Mary Sues.

Also, I love Buffy. I think it was a great show and that Buffy was actually an extremely well rounded character. But Buffy was years ago, and I'd make the argument that there hasn't been anything like it since. It's one female driven show compared to how many male dominated shows? If you look at most of your prime time shows male characters dominate. And when there are female characters they're often not written well in comparison. That's all I'm saying. It's not equal and it's obvious.

That being said, I'm not saying if you call a character a mary sue you're being sexist. I'm saying to pay attention because male characters tend to get away with more than female characters can. As a whole, society is more lenient on male characters.

7/15/2015 #61

Please, don't talk about the movie with RDJ, that piece of s*** is no way a good movie, and the last I talk to some Sherlock fans they weren't exactly happy with it.

You obviously don't know how much popular Catwoman, wonderman andBatgirl are, the media might not have showed them so much (though Wonderwoman had her own TV show in the 70') but that doesn't stop them from being very famous, they became icons and have a lot of fans. They might be neglected by some medias but certainly not by the comics they come from. So they are very well known, and they are very strong and at the level of the male superheroes,but once again, it's the comics and it's not realistic, so having someone with god-like powers isn't that anormal. And honestly, some medias portrayed Batman and Superman as balanced characters with their own weaknesses, they aren't necessarily Gary Stu if you put them in good hands. I don't know superman so much, but Batman isn't one, the simple fact he has no power in the universe he is in is a big difficulty, and he had to be rescued or helped many times, sometimes by Batgirl or Catwoman. But if you don't want to listen to someone else opinion, I won't say more about it.

And yes, some shows are way too male driven, and yes it's not equal, and that's why instead of never criticizing female authors we should actually help them to get better, otherwise that won't change, and that's why telling them they are writing Mary Sue can help. Because being like 'oh I can do it because there is badly written male characters' isn't really the best way to do it, instead write realistic male characters as well as realistic female characters. Now, you want a good show which is not male driven? Once again, Game of Thrones, the males aren't written differently form the females. The more you watch shows like this, the best it is. Or read the books, as you wish.

And yes I pay attention to male characters who are badly written, that's why a piece of shit like the Sherlock movie with RDJ doesn't go well with me (and because it portrays Conan Doyel's work in an insulting way), once again I'm definitely one of the first to say that Gary Stus are as numerous and as bad as Mary Sues. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but no one here deny this. What you say is actually what and other people say already. So instead of stating the obvious here, say that to people who need to hear it, not to those who already acknowledged that.

7/16/2015 #62
mr grimjaw

hello i just stumble across this forum i have a question is giving my oc a healing factor making her a sue because shes not human anymore shes a neko a cat girl and my other oc her lover made her like that so is giveing her a healing factor make her a sue and is giveing her the third kazekages magnet reless is that oping her? my other oc oped to she as two blood line limits one is she can control peolpe but her weakness is she cant control strong willed peolpe but she can try but it tires her out and her second from a different anime called alfa stickma its like sharigan itleas first part can copy other powers

8/20/2015 #63
Well, first you need to be less confusing. Giving your OC healing factor isn't really making her a Sue, but there should be limits to that power (like if a bone is crush, she can't heal it completely). Anyway, for the OC that has Third Kazekage's magnet release, you need a good explanation why she has it (Is she related? How? Is she as strong or not as strong?) For the other OC, having two bloodline limits is already a stretch and I would recommend not doing that; choose one instead. About the controlling people ability, how does it work specifically? Does she control people's body or mind? Or both? Does she control them like a puppet or subtly? What is the consequences on her part (since this is a very strong ability, there should be some taxing consequences like shorten her life or something). For the Sharingan like ability, well, I'd say don't do that. Not many wants to read about something that's similar to Sharingan. But if you still want to write it, there should be cons and some explanation about how it works. If your OCs have good characterization and you have detailed explanation of their abilities (both pros and cons) then they're not Sues; although it'll be better if you give them something to fight with other than those abilities (like decent taijutsu, some mid-range ninjutsu,...) Just don't them beat the entire cast of Naruto in two seconds or something.
8/20/2015 #64
mr grimjaw

chiruka:Fukumoto the neko she as thirds magnet blood line shes like yamato

Mino power is she controls peolpes wills and if thair to storng in will it tires her out as a draw back and maybe she still gets tired even if thair weak willed its a strong justu heares what Alpha stigma dose

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A Stigma is an ocular condition with five variations, the Magic Eyes give their hosts incredible inherent magical abilities. Despite their increased magical power, or perhaps because of it, Magic Eye bearers are almost universally hated and feared in all known countries. Once a person is confirmed a bearer they and their close family and friends are killed.

While the majority of people refer to the Magic Eyes as "Demon Eyes," the bearers themselves have taken to calling them "God's Eyes." The three most common types seen throughout the anime series are: the Alpha Stigma, Lino Doue, and Ebra Crypt. Others like Torch Curse and Will Heim have only been seen in the manga thus far and not the anime, but are referred to.

Alpha StigmaEdit

The Alpha Stigma

"... Alpha Stigma, which is said to analyze and comprehend all magic." Kiefer Knolles reading the book on Magic Eyes

The Alpha Stigma is known as a trait which happens in a rare few humans across the land of the series. It is the magic eye which is able to analyse and understand all magic. It is also possible for the Alpha Stigma to analyse structures around the bearer. The Alpha Stigma is usually activated by the death of a friend or family member, which causes the user to go on a rampage, seeking destruction and death for those around the user. Users seem to have a god-like persona, which has to wreak havoc until either the body burns out and the user kills him/herself, or the Alpha Stigma is crystallized and gouged out. (This can be done with all Stigmas). Crystallization occurs by disruption of the user's eyes or mind, which drives the user to the edge of madness and beyond, allowing the crystal to be gouged out. Ryner Lute is the only case in which a user has been able to return to sanity after going on a rampage. This is possibly due to the Lonely Devil inside him.

Besides Ryner, there were two other Alpha Stigma Bearers introduced in the anime. Both of them were driven into madness as a result of the death of a loved one. The first one, Arua, was able to return back to normal after being knocked unconscious by Ryner. The second one, Pueka, had her crystal gouged out and died as soon as she broke down. In the end, Ryner was the only one that rampaged for longer than a moment.

The most probable reason for the Alpha Stigma to be more common is due to the nature of the Alpha Stigma. The Alpha Stigma's tendency to go berserk and kill, in comparison to the other types, might be the reason it is the only one so widely known.

8/20/2015 #65
Okay, so the Stigma thing looks pretty good to me. Mino's ability to controls people's will is great too. About Fukumoto though, you don't mean Yamato as in Kakashi's comrade? Because he has Wood Release (which is not even a bloodline) Anyway, that's not important. If you don't want them to be Sues, the most important thing is to write realistic characters. Personally, I'm not the best in this topic and am still learning how to do this, but I can give you some examples: There's a girl who always smile, makes jokes and has lots of friends. But she's a rebellious teen and doesn't want to study. Sometimes she gets angry and says bad things to her friends but later she regrets it, etc. Back to your OCs, they also should change emotionally and mentally throughout the story (e.g. Mino never trusts people b/c she thinks they're using her for her powers - but, maybe through Fukumoto, she learns to trust and eventually gain friends)
8/20/2015 #66
mr grimjaw

Chiruka : how about only a few mebers left but they were killed by the kazekages orders and maybe she became a criminal afterwards but secretly she kinda but dont really trusht her comrades but truly trusht Fukumoto maybe Fukumoto was a street rat

8/20/2015 . Edited 8/20/2015 #67
Sounds good.
8/20/2015 #68
mr grimjaw

Chiruka: could you help me with my other ocs?

yuri shes sakuras younger sister mabe the age of 12 or 13 shes smart as sakura yuri as silver hair and pourple eyes

yuso age 13 light brown hair green eyes male

jim ling age differs

saki Ling jims wife age early 20s

jin yugo age 17 no deception

darth wind and darth Savara sith loard both were black cloaks

Reply Nov 22, 2013 . Edited Nov 22, 2013 #2

8/20/2015 #69

So, so true. If you have too much sugar you'll a) rot your teeth, b) get lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and c) get sick of the bitter sweet taste

11/10/2015 #70

And Sues are like bowls of sugar.

11/10/2015 #71
mr grimjaw

Tide:can you help with them?

11/10/2015 #72

A really easy way to fix them is to give them flaws, less vivid descriptions and even unappealing looks and habits.

Easy Flaw List

  • over reacts
  • rude
  • socially awkward
  • lacks confidence
  • overly haughty
  • too confident
  • snobbish
  • shy/introverted
  • extroverted or really out there (in a way that is really irritating)
  • prideful
  • holds grudges
  • snarky
  • and so on


  • nose picker
  • nail biter
  • armpit scratcher
  • toe picker
  • burper
  • farter
  • crooked teeth
  • pimples
  • close set eyes
  • monobrow
  • overly large or small nose
  • weak or very large jaw
  • and so on

It's usually best to pair a few flaws together to give the character more depth and make them more realistic. If you're stuck for ideas take a look at real people and take flaws and habits from them to give your characters.

11/11/2015 #73

For a good character it's usually best to give them a few factors of a Sue (these in themselves are not bad) but it's when Sue factors are piled on that the character becomes a Sue. Take a few tests to check your characters katfeete DOT net is really good and springhole DOT net is the best site I've found for helping budding writers.

11/11/2015 #74
mr grimjaw

Tide : yuri is shy to peolpe she dont know

11/11/2015 #75

I see...hmmm...perhaps make her socially awkward and/or lacking in confidence?

11/11/2015 #76
mr grimjaw

tide " ok but isnt that bad for a princess?

11/11/2015 #77

Probably...just have a think about it and take inspiration from real people. Sometimes if you sleep on an idea or come back to it later you'll have a better idea for your story.

11/11/2015 #78
mr grimjaw

tide : ok well she shyhow abot she as a habbit of stealing?

11/11/2015 #79

A kleptomaniac huh? Interesting...yeah, try something like that

11/11/2015 #80
mr grimjaw

tide : she had to do it to live when she was a street rat

11/11/2015 #81

Tide: Totally agree with you about Springhole, it' really great for writers. One other thing I would say to avoid Mary Sue is not only to give them flaws as you suggested, but to give those consequences. Because some Mary Sue have flaws sometimes, the thing is, those rarely have any consequences. If a Sue is rude for example, other characters will say something lie 'oh but it's refreshing because they are honest', and anyone who would resent the Sue would be treated as a jerk or a villain.

Having a princess shy would actually be a good thing because it would be a real challenge to avercome this shyness, it's a flaw that would really be a problem. However, having her being a street rat at a time might make her fall into the Mary Sue territory, except if you find a really good explanation for it.

11/12/2015 #82
mr grimjaw

Menea: thats my ocs past before the Harno's took her in and adoted her ok maybe have Ino s her speaker /voice

11/12/2015 #83

I see...thank you Menea for the advice, I'll take that into account next time I give advice. Ta.

11/12/2015 #84
mr grimjaw

tide: my other ocs??

11/12/2015 #85

The only time I think being forgiven easily should be allowed is when it is the characters closest friend/family and even then it should never be straight away and would take sometime. If (for example) Sherlock nearly sacrificed someone for a case, John wouldn't forgive him straight away, it would take time! Or (for an example of people forgiving people quicker) if it was a petty thing, then let them forgive them quickly, like someone got the wrong pizza or if Percy accidently broke Annabeths vase, she would forgive him easily.

The only other time I can think of is for manipulation purposes, lets say for example Tony had stolen Jacks phone, the only way I can see Jack forgiving Tony quickly is if Tony manipulates Jack into believing that what he did was right. And this normally applies to the main character forgiving someone else.

5/10/2016 #86

to FantomFan : I agree with you on this but I think its very much depends on what she/he did. let me ask about something I was wondering about too in one of my OC. the OC had friends, and basically the thing she did wasn't her fault but the choice was her fault, she was kidnap for a year. but they let her go after that year and she still go to school in this year she was kidnap but didn't tell her friends or anyone about it and choose to kept silence about the event. so after it was over and all, her friends sew her kidnapper still around her and ask about it. when she told them what happened in the past, they were angry at her but forgive her to a dagree. so the question is how much in this case they should be angry at her? cause she did choose not to tell them about it until they ask.

5/11/2016 . Edited 5/11/2016 #87

so I was thinking about it for a week now, I know it's not a writing story that concocted to but I was wondering about what you guys have to say about it as criticism. it was about a mange I read, what do you guys think about the heroine? the reason I kept reading it was the art and the way they drew the scenery and cloths. at first I thought the heroine was just a yandere, but with time I started to doubt she is. the mange called: Fenglin Tianxia - Wangfei Shisansui Manhua.

I really hated the heroine though, and for sure I would never want to be a friend of a girl like her. as for consequences, I didn't see she got punish much after the massacre she did, I guess cause the emperor was ok with that. but she doesn't have any problem to kill anyone if they as much say a bad word about her or about her "man", makes me start to think maybe massacre could seem like a good, cool, and manly thing to guys and not cruel at all. it's not that I"m saying girls should be sweet, stupid, Innocent and love alll the world around, just it should have some limits to how cruel can you be wasn't it? and she doesn't have that limit. at last that how I felt when I read that.

so do any of you read that mange? if so, what do you say about the heroine, is she a marry sue or just a very "strong" girl? how can you tall she not just "very strong" cause I like strong girls.

5/25/2016 . Edited 5/25/2016 #88

My OC's twin brother died before my fanfic started, a Ninjago fanfic I have not yet posted because I'm still writing it, and the first chapter is her and her friend, another OC that won't stay around for long. It basically starts out in a remote village and she is going to go to Ninjago city later and join the ninjas. The first chapter is about her trying to hide her feelings and stuff, but a lot of her thoughts are with her brother throughout the fanfic, though it gets better as she gets distracted with training and stuff. Is this to much focus on the OC? The fanfic is about her and the next generation of ninja, but still.

6/23/2016 #89
mr grimjaw

Sinofpride : i read a great oc stroy i say no

6/23/2016 #90
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