Tips, Tricks, and Do's and Don'ts
Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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sam temple

1. Watch the Show.

Yes, it may seem like the most obvious thing in the world, but by watching the show or even listening to their music will help. By doing this, it gives you the ability to hear their 'voices' in your head so to speak and will help you to write them in character better than going off nothing.

2. Get a 'beta' or someone to read over your story who knows the show.

This may help a lot, because some may just read over your stories for grammar/spelling errors and may not pick up on the OOCness, but if they know the story and the characters, they can pick it up and help you.

3. Write Character Bios.

This helps, because if you get lost and wonder how your character should react or how they should be written, you will already have a tool to go off of. It is also helpful to use when you write your own characters as well.

4. Listen to your feedback.

If you get a review saying that someone was way OOC, than you may want to go back and look over the chapter/story again and try to fix it. By doing this, it will reinstate how you are writing the characters and if you can get a hold of the reviewer by PMing them and learning how they think the character should be written, it will give you a lot more insight on the character. But if you don't agree with some things, that's fine, but just take in account that their may be other viewers that have the same thoughts. But having this information is good to have in mind while finishing the story.

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5. Remember past situations.

Has the character ever reacted to a situation the way you want to write that they would? For example, if your character has been cheated on in the past and didn't cry or take it badly, you probably shouldn't write a story where the character gets cheated on, and then cries and drowns their sorrows in a tub of ice cream. If the character reacted in one way to a situation, then when it comes up again they will probably handle it in the same way. People are repetitive that way. If the situation has never come up before, look for similar ones to see how the character should react.

6. Read out loud.

When you read out loud you can actually hear how bad things sound. When you read to yourself it's easier to miss characters being ooc. When you read it out loud, you are more likely to stop and say "Okay, *insert character* would never say, or think that. That sounds ridiculous."

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sam temple

7. How they act around friends, family, and enemies/rivals.

If the character is usually a nice and friendly person to their friends and family, one shouldn't suddenly make them antagonistic towards them, unless there's a reason. And if they do act differently around them, remember their other character traits as well. And if they act all prickly and mean to their rivals, then one shouldn't expect them to be chummy unless one can successfully transform their relationship without making the characters act out of character with each other.

8. Dialogue

If a character likes to use pet names for certain people, incorporate that into the story. But if they don't, don't suddenly make them start doing it either. Their dialogue depends somewhat on their personality, and if you can get into character, dialogue really helps move the story along and keep true to their characterization.

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Breech Loader

9: Flexibility

Ultimately, you're a different person, and your interpretation of... I dunno... Shadow the Hedgehog? It'll be different to that of the show's writers, and that of your readers. You'll never please everybody.

10: Development

If it's a long story, and they've been AUed, even a canon character will develop in personality, often without you noticing. And if you suddenly do notice this, perhaps a little late, then don't feel bad. Don't leap to rectify it with a hammer and chisel. If it doesn't disturb the flow of the story, let it. If it's dragging the story down on the other hand, try to put it right gently, not slice it out.

2/3/2014 #4

Okay, first, please let me know if I am allowed to reply here. Second, um...what is the point of being in character? I mean, yeah yeah. People have personalities but not everyone is always egocintric, yeah, wrong spelling, and not everyone is always stubborn so...?

9/17/2014 #5

I guess my basic thinking is that if you aren't writing someone in character, how are they even still that character? If they don't have the same personality they're just your own character with the looks of someone else's. And of course different situations affect how a character acts, but the reader should still be able to see that the actions clearly reflect the characters known personality. Does that make sense?

9/25/2014 #6
I know that not everyone agrees with me on this, but I finds that it works best when I'm writing. It is okay if your characters aren't 100% in character! Many new fanfic writers focus too much on not being OOC. In my opinion, it is better if you follow your natural writing style (especially when it comes to characters and even when writing fanfiction) rather than strictly copying someone else's. The characters you are adapting should generally have similar personalities and make realistic choices, but don't stress about this too much. Every fanfic writer adds something unique to their fandom, and don't feel the need to take your personal touch away. But the characters should still be recognizable. Don't have them say or do something that they would never do in canon. (Ex. Harry Potter would never call someone 'babe', Draco Malfoy would never take muggle studies). While there is a healthy amount of OOC ness you can have, too much will turn away readers. Just remember that they want to read about their favorite characters and you don't want to ruin it for them. While there are some people who will get mad if you change one little thing about the character, the majority won't mind because they know that character development is a natural part of creative writing. However if you get lots of hate reviews about being too OOC, you should probably do some revisions. I hope this helped!
7/15/2015 #7
mr grimjaw

need some advice i dont thank i got my chacters occ at all i write naruto as smart sakura nice to naruto and i keep sauske in chacter that is if his clans not destoryed i keep him the way he was before the clans death is this wrong if its a au the way i write the three i write sakura kind becuse she is kind and i write narusaku anyway

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