Tips, Tricks, and Do's and Don'ts
Every writer may need help from time to time, whether its trying to conquer writer's block or creating realistic OCs. This Forum will have some tips, tricks, and some of the Do's and Don'ts centered around writing fanfiction.
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How to go about it really depends on the situation. Why aren't things working?

As a coverall just try to be polite. Tell them you appreciate all the help they've given you, but that you've decided to use a different beta. If appropriate you can give reasoning (they know the fandom better, you guys bounce ideas off each other well, etc.,), but you really don't have to, especially if your reasoning can't be explained in a nice way. Just tell them it's no offense to them and that you just think your new beta is a better fit. Or, if you haven't found a new beta reader yet, just tell them you want to try editing your own stuff for a while. By the time you find a new beta they probably won't feel a need to ask about it.

4/28/2015 #31

you could say that things aren't working out and you are looking for a different writing style for your stories, be polite and say your vary sorry about it, things will work out soon

6/10/2015 #32
Nessa Fae Rose

How do I contact a Beta who doesn't have PM open?

6/17/2015 #33

Does your story need to be complete before you "hand it" to a beta, or can you give a story with (say, one to two chapters) to them? Just wondering, thanks for any answers.

6/21/2015 #34

@Nessa: If their pm isn't open they probably aren't betaing, and there isn't really a great way to ask them. You could always ask them in a review on one of their stories, but that method isn't great.

@madwomansbox: That is up to your beta. Usually beta's don't mind betaing chapters as they come out, but I have seen some betas require the story to be complete before they will beta. So just ask and see.

6/22/2015 #35

I have been doing this as well so I hope that it is not offensive to whoever I'm messaging. I haven't gotten a lot of responses yet but we'll see what happens.

1/9/2016 #36

I always have trouble writing in forums gosh. This was meant as a reply to ThatHydrokinetic 's question about PMing multiple potential betas

1/9/2016 #37

Quick Question: When will I know a beta reader wants to help me? Also how do I accept their request?

2/19/2016 #38
Queries and Beta help can be done through PMs. You may also choose another method of communicating if you do so wish. :)
3/30/2016 #39
Queries and Beta help can be done through PMs. You may also choose another method of communicating if you do so wish. :)
3/30/2016 #40

Hey I have a question. When I'm looking for a beta reader should I message several of them at once to try and find one?

7/2/2016 #41
Monroe Kay
Is there anyway to filter betas by multiple fandoms? I'm writing a huge crossover that I need a beta for and am sick Of going to the betas for one fandom and having to click every single one in hopes that they also beta for the other. Also is there an active thread for people to post about wanting betas?
9/3/2016 #42

@Monroe Kay: Unfortunately, I don't think there is on this site. My best suggestion to help you would be to screen shot the names for each fandom and then compare them to try and find someone in both. As far as an active thread, there's probably a forum for that somewhere, but I'm unsure as to where. Sorry this reply is late and probably not much help!

1/15/2017 #43
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