Dark Hunters life
So the dark hunters are having so problem in New Orleans so some new DH's get sent in, what could happen? Drama? Love? Death?
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Independent Not in Love

Please talk here only.

5/21/2011 #1

okay, my friend is just now reading Acheron. and she says that Arty isn't that bad. and she doesn't hate her (Yet), i mean she has to be the most hated person in the whole series. the crap she pulls would shock a nun. and if i was tory, i would have givin' her and ass beating that made apollo's look like he was just playing around with his sister. lets face it. she's the biggest bitch that the gods have ever seen, even bigger than hera or aphrodite. if she wasn't the goddess of the moon i think ash would have killed her along time ago. or any other god for that matter. daughter of zeus by ass! And Apollo? yeah, if he wasn't the god of the sun he'd probably be dead too.

5/27/2011 #2
Independent Not in Love
Hahahaha! I couldn't agree more, I hate Artemis with a passion, and I love Acheron and feel bad for him, Apollo just losses me off plain and simple, but I created this roleplay cause it just sounds fun to me and I was extremly suprised no one else had made one XD
5/29/2011 #3
Independent Not in Love

:( My forum has been abbandonded

7/6/2011 #4

No it hasn't, I'm on, now if you accept me when you GET ON, it wouldn't be a problem. ^_^

8/1/2011 #5


8/18/2011 #6
Gena Love

Happy Birthday!

8/18/2011 #7

Thank you! Oh and I can only get on on the weekdays from 8am-12pm

8/19/2011 #8
Gena Love

Not a biggie. We'll all make it work!

8/19/2011 #9

Awesome, cause I really don't want the forum to die, it's my best friends

8/22/2011 #10
Independent Not in Love

Sorry for not being on lately ^_^' I have tried to stay under the radar and avoid some people but I'm back now :3

8/26/2011 #11

Avoid Me? :(

8/29/2011 #12
Independent Not in Love
NO! Gods no, I would never avoid you mandi D: I didn't want You know who to get on and try to talk to me
8/29/2011 #13


8/29/2011 #14
Independent Not in Love
No I couldn't careless about him if I tried
8/29/2011 #15

Who's You Know Who, it's not Voldemort is it because he's supposed to be dead.

8/29/2011 #16
Independent Not in Love
XD nice, I mean Ryan
8/30/2011 #17

Why would he be on?

8/30/2011 #18
Independent Not in Love
I mean FB here just came with the undergroundness
8/30/2011 #19

Cafe Lafitte In Exile is a real bar and it's the oldest gay bar in the United States :D

9/23/2011 #20
Independent Not in Love

That's awesome :)

9/25/2011 #21

I know, and I'm seriously pissed right now

9/26/2011 #22
Independent Not in Love

Yeah I heard.

9/26/2011 #23
Patchman Beyond

Hi, I'm The patchman but you can call me Patch, or Patchy. I was just wondering, what's this RP about?

9/26/2011 #24

The Dark-Hunters romance novel

9/27/2011 #25
Independent Not in Love

Yep Yep, it's by Sherrilyn Kenyon

9/27/2011 #26

Depressing poems are awesome

10/5/2011 #27

So I saw a potential Dark Hunter at the comic book store today. Had dark brown hair down to his chin, black trench coat and had kick ass cut off sleeves. Don't know if he was hot or not because I didn't get a good look at his face but he was awesome.

10/22/2011 #28
Independent Not in Love

NICE! Man I wish I could go with you on these amazing adventure that you see the coolest guys! :D Oh by the way Mandi, I got boots similar to your combat ones but these aren't made for hand-to-hand like yours are though.

10/23/2011 #29

Haha, nice, I just tend to meet guys a lot.

10/26/2011 #30
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