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Another future project I am consider is a NGE/CG crossover, but unlike some currently out there I am taking a radically different appoach suggested to me by a friend where the Second Impact was prevented and the events of the series didn't quite happen as they would have with a different future and world to meet the characters of NGE. Among ideas so far I am planning some pairings still, Shinji and Lelouch would be friends. Gendo would have ties to the Britannian Emperor and Geass, but it would be a very different world.

7/11/2011 . Edited 6/17/2013 #1

Coming back to this idea I have been thinking, what about an Asuka and Lelouch pairing instead.

Also I am looking for ideas to make this story a little more orginal to make it different from CG and EVA fanfics.

6/16/2013 #2
MM Browsing

That would be tricky since one they have

Leloch stay with the royal family and work with nerv


Exile from the royal family later end up working with gendo in nerv


Leloch form the black knight and work with nerv against the angel.

Maybe you can add another crossover but what I haven't figured out.

6/17/2013 #3

Indeed, but so far I am leaning towards Lelouch becoming an EVA pilot along side Shinji and Lelouch may end up trying to fix things as things just went to hell in a hand basket espeically laater on as the world gets worse unknowingly by Lelouch's actions and such.

I got a new pairing possbility poll up.

6/17/2013 #4

ok here is a sneak peak of the chapter so far, it will likely need some more work but here we go.

Chapter 1

The day a devil awoke

August 10th 2010 A.T.B was the day the Holy Britannian Empire in need of new resources and following a political fallout declared war on the independent nation of Japan beginning the last series of battles in the Pacific before the world war that began following the catastrophic event known as the Second Impact occurred ten years prior when on September 15th 2000 A.T.B. On that day a massive meteorite traveling ten percent the speed of light impacted at Antarctica which melted the polar cap and even altered Earth's axis. The explosion resulted in massive tsunamis, followed by a dramatic increase in global sea levels which flooded most coastal cities, and caused a catastrophic shift in global weather patterns.

But following such dramatic changes upon the world along with the wide spread devastation that claimed well over two billion people and more as a time passed until ultimately more than half of the world's total population was wiped out by a combination of the following catastrophic events and the aftermath including the various wars and conflicts happening around the world. By the time Britannia and Japan went to war vicious warfare between the European Union and the Chinese Federation left both nations crippled militarily and economically. Part of this was due to Japan using its control over its abundant Sakuradite mines to further strengthen its position among the warring superpowers creating a political alliance with Britannia to open trade for needed resources and food as the EU and the Chinese Federation fought against one another for ten years.

Although the EU were already at war with Britannia, but the country was forced to abandon its fight with the superpower to focus on the Chinese Federation who aggressively sought to claim food and resources from one another. The Chinese Federation attempted to invade Japan, but their political alliance with Britannia saved the small nation from attack. Britannia ultimately forgo further war against the EU to focus on rebuilding efforts although there were still occasional clashes and battles between them from time to time when attempts to reclaim lost territory were made. Thanks to its political alliance with Japan Britannia was the first superpower to make a full recovery standing as a testament to the resilience and the ingenuity of humanity and their mastery of science and technology.

However seeking to further Japan's position the Japanese Government led by Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi foolishly attempted to barter with Britannia demanding more concessions from the recovered Superpower for its almost exclusive exploits of Sakuradite. Although Japan had already benefited greatly by its alliance with Britannia its leader the 97th Emperor Charles zi Britannia saw no further need for more concessions, but this led to the deaths of the Emperor's two children who had been sent to Japan as political hostages in late 2009 following the death of one of the Emperor's consorts.

This ultimately led to open warfare between Japan and Britannia as the recovered superpower unleashed its new military weapon the Knightmare Frame. Japan's air force and navy were swiftly overwhelmed before their Knightmare Frames were deployed on the ground. But following a coup of the government led by Taizo Kirihara to stop the war, knowing it would result only in Japan's complete destruction with the war being a foolish mistake in the first place.

Genbu Kururugi betrayed by one close to him was handed over to the Britannians as part of the terms of their surrender where the corrupt and greedy former leader of Japan was publically executed at the Britannian Capital City of Pendragon. Due to events Japan was conquered by Britannia being renamed Area 11 and its citizens Elevens. However following the conquest of Japan the Emperor of Britannia with help from his second eldest son Schneizel el Britannia conducted peace negotiations with the EU and the Chinese Federation calling for unity and a stop to pointless warfare. This was in light of another new weapon the Britannian Empire unleashed when the Chinese Federation launched a desperate invasion of Japan to claim its Sakuradite mines following its conquest by Britannia.The invasion attempt was repelled by both Britannia's military and the use of Non-Nuclear weapons.

The N2 bomb was developed following events of the Second Impact by Britannia when it began researching other forms of power generation following the destruction of a large number of their coastal cities. One of the solutions led to the development of nuclear technology and the creation of reactors. Of course the military found a way to develop it into a weapon, but was discarded due to the fact it could be a double-edged sword because of the radiation fallout it caused. However after further research and development of new technologies over the following years led to the creation of the N2 bomb which were just as devastating as nuclear bombs and generates electromagnetic fields upon detonation, but they left behind no nuclear fallout making them more readily available to use without causing further harm to the environment.

After the use of an N2 missile wiped out one of the Federation's largest military base the Chinese Federation accepted the invitation to the meeting and a peace treaty between the three nations was formerly made dubbed the Osaka Treaty. This brought an end to conflicts around the world with one of the conditions that Sakuradite from Japan would be disturbed equally and fairly among the other three superpowers to help them rebuild. Although while some in Britannia were surprised by this move by Charles who was a believer of Social Darwinism, but others were convinced that due to the world being in such dire status that further conflict to dominate the rest of the world at this point would only lead to the Earth becoming unable to support life. By this time at least thousands of plant and animal species had also been rendered extinct, so many came to accept that rebuilding the world and helping the planet heal from the Second Impact was a priority further reinforcing that fact.

However a small few believed that the treaty was pretence to gain the cooperation of the other superpowers so they could pool their resources together for an undisclosed purpose. One of these was that a new organization was founded by Britannia with the Chinese Federation and the European Union creating the United Federation of Nations. Officially it allowed the three superpowers to work together more efficiently to heal the world. Yet once more there were some who believed there was another purpose and that the Second Impact wasn't caused by a meteor with Britannia and the other nations hiding what really happened.

Japan or rather Area 11 became the center for global restoration efforts, which is also where the United Federation of Nations was headquartered at with embassies from around the world stationed there. But a bigger surpise was the creation of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan that saw the creation of a new type of fortress city called Toyko-3 that was operated and handled by the UN. Unofficially however rumors did spread of the city hiding a new kind of secret organization known to only the Viceroy and top UN officials and select others.

The organization was called NERV.

Seven years later after Japan became Area 11, but seventeen years following the Second Impact is where our story begins.

"I can't believe that boy has skipped out on school."

Sitting in the back of a black four-door car with tinted windows was a man in his early sixties with white hair sitting in the backseat as he was reading a newspaper, but inwardly the old man was frustrated as he went to a school in the Toyko Settlement seeking a young man attending Ashford Academy, but found to his shock and annoyance that the young man in question along with another student had skipped out of school. According to fellow members of the student council the two boys were part of he had questioned was that the two had gone to take part in a chess match downtown gambling for money again. The old man wore a unique uniform-style tunic that was brown primarily with silver trim and a zip up collar with black shoes to complete his attire.

Sitting in the car were two men dressed in black suits with black sunglasses with various hair colors, but their hair had been cut rather short. Unlike the aged Japanese man the other three were Britannians working for the old man as bodyguards with one of them driving and the other seated in the passenger seat.

"Sir the men we have dispatched to the building we have traced the motorbike to has the structure surrounded do you wish for them to acquire the target?" An agent sitting in the passenger seat said after accepting a call on his cell phone.

"No have them remain on standby and find out his exact location. I don't wish to agonize the young man we need to recruit, years of planning depends on the success of recruiting him." Kozo Fuyutsuki cautioned.

"Understood Sub-Commander," The agent replied before relaying those orders to the agent at the building where the young man they sought was currently at.

Meanwhile at the building Sub-Commander Fuyutsuki was heading for a chess match was taking place on one of the upper floors of the high-rise building. The game was between an elderly man and a man in his late thirties, a member of the Britannian nobility playing for money that something or rather someone was about to appear. He was dressed in a brown suit with a blue tie possessing an unusual hairstyle, but he had matching brown hair along with a beard and mustache as well as blue eyes. The noble's elderly opponent wore a pair of glasses, had gray hair and a thin and scrawny appearance wearing a white dress shirt, black vest with matching pants and shoes. Also present in the room were the nobleman's bodyguards as evident by the black suits they wore.

"Why don't you give it up already old man you don't have a chance against me?" The noble declared feeling absolutely certain of his victory while the elderly man he was challenging was trying to figure out a suitable move to make, but he was saved by a new arrival as the doors opened to the room the game was taking place in.

"Oh thank goodness I am saved; I trust everything at school is going well." The elderly man declared happily at the sight of a seventeen year old high school student wearing a black uniform trimmed with gold. He was on the thin and scrawny side, but he was quite tall for his age. He had black hair, purple eyes and a fair skin complexion with a bored expression on his face. Accompanying him was another young man who was the same age and went to the same school as him wearing the same uniform, but he had more of a tanned skin tone with gray eyes and spiked up blue hair.

"What is this, a pair of school boys," The nobleman asked mockingly.

"Well, look at this a nobleman."

"I envy you kids you all have so much time on your hands, time for regrets." The nobleman declared as black-haired young man took the seat that had previously been occupied by the old man sitting behind his black chess pieces. "What is your name?"

"Lelouch Lamperouge…"

"Whoa how are you going to win this one?" The blue haired boy asked obviously concerned since the situation looked pretty bad.

"Don't worry about it Rivalz. Besides when do you think we would have to leave in order to make our next class?" Lelouch inquired of his friend Rivalz Cardemonde.

"Twenty minutes if we speed all the way back." Rivalz replied after giving the question some thought.

Lelouch smiled in response.

"Well then be sure to drive safely on the way back." Lelouch readied himself after studied the chess board before him. "I'll need nine minutes and about yesterday?"

"Understood sir we'll discuss it later." The elderly man replied.

"Nine minutes, you only have twenty seconds per move?" The nobleman pointed out as Lelouch calmly picked up the King.

"Plenty of time…"

"You start with the king first?"

The nobleman began laughing, but Lelouch only smiled knowing that he was going to win.

Minutes later the black car carrying the Sub-Commander pulled up to the building as two men in suits identical to the ones in the car with him were waiting. After the car came to a complete stop one of the agents opened the door as Fuyutsuki stepped out of the car.

"Is he still inside?"

"Yes he's on the fifteen floor of the building, the second to last room on the right." The agent replied before he was lead into the building by the agent in question where he met up with four others already waiting by the elevator for him. The rest were going to wait on the ground floor just in case the young man they sought tried to run, but just as they were about to go up the doors opened and their quarry came into view.

"I love playing against the nobility. When they lose they always pay out of pride, by the way eight minutes and twenty-two seconds is a new record."

"He also didn't have much time to move either. As opponents go the nobles are tepid, they are over-privileged parasites." Lelouch said with a hint of disgust in his voice.

"Then how about you challenge one of the elevens? They are nothing like us Britannians." Rivalz said not noticing the men in suits behind him as he exited the elevator with his back turned to them, but Lelouch on the other hand did.

"Lelouch Lamperouge I presume?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Who wants to know?" The young man replied eyeing the men in black suits.

"I am Sub-Commander Fuyutsuki of the United Federation of Nation's paramilitary organization NERV. I was wondering if we could we talk somewhere in private Mr. Lamperouge? I assure you that you are not in any kind of trouble." The aged man replied before adding with a smirk. "Or would you prefer chess as your friend was suggesting to challenge an Eleven?"

After some careful consideration Lelouch sighed before replying.

"Alright I'll accept your challenge to a chess match, but I should warn you my friend and I are going to be late returning to school."

"Actually the headmaster there knows we went looking for you, so you'll be fine. Attendance won't be an issue today, but your friend here…I suggest he returns to the academy."

"Hey buddy, are you going to be alright?"

"You can be rest assured young man Lelouch will not be harmed in anyway, but there are some matters we must discuss in private with him about so we can't have you involved." The Sub-commander pointed out as Rivalz was uneasy about it as was Lelouch, but seeing that there wasn't much he could do the young man turned to his companion.

"Its fine Rivalz, just go and tell Nunnally I'll be home late."

"Well ok then, just take care buddy. "

Once Rivalz was gone Lelouch was led outside to where a car was waiting and after some hesitation the young man got inside with the Sub-Commander.

"So what is this about?"

"I won't lie about this, but we need your help?"

"ME?" Lelouch replied as he almost wanted to start laughing.

"What could the most secretive paramilitary organization in Japan and the world possibly want with me?"

"To be perfectly frank we wish to offer you a job and the job we have in mind for you is something only you can do." Fuyutsuki explained. "Japan, no…the world is facing a serious threat."

The aged sub-commander began before opening up a briefcase that had been sitting on the floor of the back seat of the car they were sitting in having their conversation. Lelouch watched as he pulled out some photos. Somewhere satellite photos while the rest appeared to have been taken by a plane flying over the ocean, but in each of them something remained the same. A gigantic humanoid shape was seen submerged just a few feet below the water, although it seemed human at first glance judging by its shape yet its arms and shoulders were very different.

"This was taken a several hours ago from a patrol plane in the Southern Pacific Ocean near Easter Island, but the satellite photos are more recent with the Britannian Navy now monitoring its movements. It intends to engage the target near the Hawaiian Islands, but I seriously doubt they'll succeed."

"What is it?"

"It is a creature called an Angel."

"An Angel?" Lelouch said genuinely confused by a creature being referred to as such.

"Make no mistake they are nothing like the angels you have heard about, but rather they are an advance life form with capabilities far surpassing what our kind is capable of. In fact one of them was responsible for a certain event seventeen years ago."

"Seventeen years ago, so you mean the Second Impact?"

"Yes, what the public has been told the meteor story was a cover to hide what really happened. One of their own had been discovered in Antarctica, but not long after finding it the creature exploded causing the Second Impact. However we knew from research and study before the incident that the angels following the Second Impact would return seventeen years from that time. NERV was an organization created specifically to fight the Angels and prevent a Third Impact which will wipe out the human race if that happens."

"This is all very interesting, but what does this have to do with me?"

"Our weapon against the Angels is an advance weapons system which is capable of fighting the Angels, but the problem is that due to the method of creation and their interior workings a select few are capable of operating them. You are one of them, but the truth is you have been a candidate we have known about for a very long time. We have been hesitant to recruit you for a number of reasons; one of them is that you are supposed to be a dead prince"

Lelouch wasn't completely surprised by this revelation as he already had suspicions that these men knew who he really was.

"In fact your mother Lady Marianne was actually involved with the development of the weapons in question as a creative consultant of shorts you could say. In fact she was even a test pilot for one of the units we have in mind for you, which because of that you are the only one capable of piloting it since you are her son." Fuyutsuki explained as this bit of information truly surprised him.

"My mother was involved with NERV?"

"Not exactly, but rather she worked with its predecessor organization Gehirn acting as a representative from Britannia on behalf of the Emperor."

"I see, but how long have you known I was alive?"

"We have always known…in fact we ensured that everyone else thought you were dead and kept any interested parties off your trail." Fuyutsuki explained. "We had no intention of calling upon you, but the situation is dire and if the fleet fails to stop the Angel as we expect they will. That creature will come to Japan to initiate the third impact here."

"If you know my identity then I don't particularly care what happens to the world or Britannia, but…" Lelouch said as his words trailed off.

"I am fully aware of what happened and I can only guess your feelings at this moment, but we are more than willing to ensure that everyone still believes Lelouch vi Britannia to be dead to the world still. Yet if we can't stop this angel then everyone including your sister Nunnally will die. We don't have too much time so we need to get your ready to fight."

"Fight you mean…I am actually going to fight that thing."

"Yes and once you see the weapon itself I think it will answer a number of questions. We'll make it worth your time if you cooperate with us so will you help us?"

6/19/2013 #5

which Asuka should I vote for?

6/20/2013 #6

I would say vote for Asuka Langley Soryu, because she has a little more story to her.

6/20/2013 #7


6/20/2013 #8


6/20/2013 #9
Okay, basic storyline (this is a really fusion fic, with no Britannian): After the Second Impact, Charles became POTUS and (and the secret co-head of Nerv America Branch. V.V is the director). Marrianne Lamperouge, Yui Ikari and Kyoko Asuka are best friend. And they all a part of EVA project: Marrianne design the body, the organ. Kyoko does the computer and weapon part. Yui department is the soul. Like the cannon, their souls got sucked into EVA 01, EVA 02, EVA 03. In this, Lelouch and Rivalz basically took the part of Toji and Kensuke (although their personality almost stay the same in CG. Hikari is Milly). Suzaku would be the pilot of Jet Alone (he managed to activated and use it, although it put him in a great strain).
7/24/2013 #10
Actually I have already produced a chapter for that story on my deviant art page. s-and-NGE-ch1-380011077 I won't post it on this site until I can produce five chapters.
7/24/2013 #11
That is a start! But do you plan to upgraded the EVAs like they did in ANIMA?
7/24/2013 #12

Maybe, but it depends on how the rest of the story turns out.

Hmmmm, Cecile and Misato cooking together, now that is just evil.

7/24/2013 #13
Or Milly straining Asuka's temper and Shinji's sanity?
7/24/2013 #14

Yeah I imagine there might be some kind of dinner party where the student council might vist Lelouch at Toyko-3, Nunnally would likely stay at Ashford Academy, although Lelouch would no doubt perfer her to be close to him, but having her at ground zero for the Angel attacks is a bad idea.

7/24/2013 #15
You got that! And the Scrolls of Death Sea, I guess that they won't be much help to Gendo. Also, having Lelouch could make some kind of jealous in Asuka.
7/24/2013 #16

yeah, but as for Asuka I can see competition happening between those two.

7/24/2013 #17
Ok, here is Lelouch EVA armanments: 2xStun Tonfa Chain Type (mount on the forearm). 1xWizard GunSword (search google for it. Remove the hand). Pallet Gun (I opted for a pair of Magnum Tungsen Pistols). Graphling Hooks. Stronger armor and generator than unit 1.
7/24/2013 #18

Hmmm those could work, detchable of course which Lelouch could use different weapons or dump them if they are rendered useless and etc.

7/24/2013 #19
So, Neo Jet Alone (Suzaku's machine)! The same type of weapon with the Lancelot Conquista (the Hadron Cannon is a Bazooka. Remove the Luminious Blaze). Powered by nuclear fission reactor. The body is a mix of Jet Alone Prime with Lancelot.
7/24/2013 #20

I was actually thinking Suzaku would serve as a bodyguard for Lelouch while attending school at the speical adminstration zone of Toyko-3, a Japanesse school after all.

7/24/2013 #21
Well, that is good, but I want a SPINZAKU directly to an angel's face!
7/24/2013 #22

Maybe that could happen in one form or another.

7/24/2013 #23
Just thinking about Kensuke helping Milly with the job of investergating NERV and SEELE?
7/25/2013 #24

That might be a bit much for them to pull off, Misato might have more success than them through.

I am curious among the females around his age, Rei, Asuka, Hikari and Mari who might be the best pairing for Lelouch?

7/25/2013 #25
I am a traditional guy, so let's just go with Shinji/Harem (Rei, Asuka plus Mana - if you can). Hikari, maybe, if you are doing something like Shirley. Mari - nah, too sadistic. Might combine her with Hikari for a Love Triangle. But I am sure you can find some girls in NGE side materials!
7/25/2013 #26

I was thinking more for Lelouch, not Shinji, although for him I did consider for him one of the Code Geass girls as possbilties. How could a harem work in this anyway, unless the world ends.

7/25/2013 #27
No, I do not mean harem, I mean "mutual undestanding" for Shinji!
7/25/2013 #28

Ok I mis-understood, but what about for Lelouch?

7/25/2013 #29
Well, it's hard to find him someone appropriate in NGE. Maybe you could lower Maya's age...
7/25/2013 #30
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