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It's going to be awhile before I get to this idea, but in the meantime I am putting up this post with a poll to kinda help with the planning process. Namely who I will be pairing Lelouch with in this story, but it will depend on who I decide to pair and I hope to aim for a little more of an original line up than in my current TM-crossover and shoot for maybe some new pairings too.

I have two story ideas so far for this one, the first one is that Lelouch and Tenchi are friends with Suzaku and they together end up waking up Ryoko before the three of them along with Nunnally and others get dragged into following events. Now for both ideas Lelouch will be normal which will offer some nice differences.

The second almost follows what happened to Seina at the beginning of GXP with Lelouch joining the Academy, although his luck will be better than Seina's that much is certain.

Those are the basic ideas I have so far, but thus far I got further with the first one with everything else dependant on the results of the poll which is helping me consider which pairs for Lelouch I should consider. If you have any ideas for anyone I should add in let me know.

So far the harem line up will be primary: Ayeka Masaki Jurai, Kiriko Masaki, Ryoko Balta, Neju Na Melmas (she'll probably be older) and Amane Kaunaq so far.

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #1
Van the Rogue Soul Drinker

let Lelouch take Senia's place. you can do alot more with that and I can just imagine that giant robot of senia's at the end turning into a bigger and badder version of the Gawain lol.

8/8/2012 #2

yes he'll be alot more dangerious and troublesome than Seina is that much is certain, but should he get the robot then pirates are better off just surrendering or should grow use to the fact of being royally screwed lol.

8/9/2012 #3
Van the Rogue Soul Drinker

is it not why we do crossovers? we can have a our fun in our own now I have a scene in my head where Lelouch and Seto do a mother, son scene after destroying a lot of pirates in a horrible way singing "When your Evil" lol.

8/10/2012 #4

very true and pirates will fear Lelouch if not more or just as much as Seto :).

8/10/2012 #5

Go for the second choice!!!!

I've been an anime lover and an avid wrestling fan for years. and so, I long for a situation where they merge, to a degree of course. So with that in mind Thinking about the "duel" that happened in the last few episodes with Seiryo and Seina. I felt empty. like it lacked something. In short I was very disappointed. SO. when It's Lelouch's turn for the duel I feel it should be honored in classical setting but since I have so many ideas, I'll give you choices:

a.) Best 2 out of 3 Falls-Anything goes rules 90-minute time limit (meaning no holds barred, Falls count anywhere)

b.) TLC - Tables Ladders and Chairs. with lelouch's claim to the juraian throne hanging in above the ring. Plus, Lelouch will get some TLC with his harem later on.

c.) "I Quit" Match. First man to say "I quit" Loses the match, and his dignity

d.) 60 minute Ironman match (Anything goes rules or normal): This is a physically taxing match. since they have physical enhancements, it may go longer than an hour but your choice.

e.) Hell in a Cell - another dangerous match, with barbed wire baseball bats, thumbtacks, anything that can make u bleed is legal.

f.) Last Man Standing match: Win by incapacitating you opponent that he cannot get up after a referees 10 count. looking for a Knockout essentially.

Im personally leaning towards the TLC and the Anything goes 2 out of 3 falls. TLC because, yesterday i watched an independant match with CM Punk vs Chris Hero in a TLC match. HAnds down, BEST MATCH EVER SEEN. They were seriously trying to break the building down.

And also for Lelouch, I've recently taken to watching Jeff Hardy's old matches. I really love the whole daredevil angle. and it's a side of Lelouch that we've never touched. The whole risk taker angle. Now this may seem totally out of character for him since he thinks before he leaps. I want to see him Leap before he thinks. Im getting goosebumps thinking Lelouch pulling a Swanton Bomb off a Ladder. but that's just me. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I won't feel bad if you all object. Just a fantasy that I'd like to see happen.

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