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Alright here's the low down.

1. Don't role play for others unless they say so and that has to go through me first.

2. I don't care if you cruse but let's keep it to a minmum

3. Have fun fools

Now use this as a lay out or I will get you!





Appearance with anima:



Location of anima mark/markings:


Anything Else:


Name: Yuki



Appearance:She has long black hair braided with a red ribbion at the end. She wears a red no sleeve shirt with an over sized black zip jaket that is always un zipped. She also wears shorts and knee high boots. She has one dagers hidden inside each boot

Appearance with anima:She has black ears with white on the tip of the right ear. She has claws and a black tail with white also on the tip. She also has fur up her arms and she appears in this form on all fours.

Personality:She out spoken and loves to be right. She doesn't like being leader but if she has to she will. She's really hard to read espically if she's lying and the few people who can read her end up becoming really close to her. She's really sweet and kind and sh is a lot more confotable with another person or a group than alone.


Location of anima mark/markings:A paw print shape on both her shoulders.

Anything Else:She loves apples especailly the green ones. She also likes stuffed animals; she has one in her bag it's a lion an old friend gave it to her. Yuki only has on weaknness and that is water she can't swim even of her life depends on it.

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Name: Kyo

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has black medium long hair the just covers his purple eyes but they're still visible. He has an all black bandana with two purple birdlike designed eyes on the front tied loosely around his forehead with with two feathers in the back pointing up one is purple the other black and a pair of black aviator goggles on the front of the bandana. He also wears a small two toned shirt, the sleeves are purple and the whole upper body is black and a purple sleeveless zip up jacket on top of that is only zipped in the middle not at the bottom or top like a x mark, and he has knee high rolled up black shorts on that have purple back pockets and purple threading with a leather belt with a silver buckle that has the letter R engraved in it with engraved feathers surrounding it and he has black boots on.

Appearance with +anima: He has black wings coming out of his back and feathers up his arms.

Personality: He's aggressive and rebellious not willing to listen to anyone especially authority. He is also blunt to the point of being rude and says what is on his mind regardless of consequences but he is naturally a kind and nice person without himself knowing it.

+Anima: Raven

Location of +anima mark/markings: Two black wing shapes on the both of his shoulders on his back with black feathers spiraling around them covering the most of his upper back.

Anything Else:

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OAO some one's her and excepted!

6/5/2011 #3

Yay! thank you!!!

6/5/2011 #4

No thank u for being the first person to come to my fourm.

6/6/2011 #5

Name: Kohaku Lea Solnin

Age: 12 (I hope that's not too young...)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sky blue hair mid-back length in a braided ponytail, Amber eyes, Wears a frilly, grassy green dress with a bow on the lower back, same colored shoes, and emerald green beaded bracelets on each wrist.

Appearance with +anima: Same, but with cat ears and tail, yellow cat eyes and fangs, whiskers, and long, sharp, retractable claws.

Personality: Kind and forgiving, bubbly and energetic, Kohaku is a sweet little girl that has an angelic personality and caring feelings, but when her anima is activated, she is suddenly viscous and evil, lashing out at any villains, but changing back to human form as soon as she's done and apologizing to the dead or unconscious people for hurting them.

+Anima: Cat

Location of +anima mark/markings: Claw-looking marks on both her hands, reaching from slightly past her wrists to her fingertips.

Past:(Optional) Kohaku decided when she was very young that she wanted to run away and live an adventurous life, hoping to find new, kind friends on her journey. Although, she received her cat anima when she was being attacked by a drunken hunter in the woods, so she lived in trees and other high, or dark, places to avoid attack, attacking passerbys out of fear of death.

Anything Else: She loves eating mushrooms, and has a special ability to talk to and understand other cats, and water.

6/14/2011 #6

Yes! you are accepted! Join any time!

6/15/2011 #7
I Am The Raptor

Name: Ai Yuzuki

Age: 5


Appearance with +anima: She has peach colored dog ears along with a small peach colored tail.

Personality: Ai is very shy and timid. She gets scared quickly, and cries easily. If she's left alone for too long, she'll most likely hug herself and start to cry. She blushes a lot, and if she's with someone, she'll always be clinging onto them.

+Anima: Dog. She has a very advanced sense of smell and hearing in her anima form. The only flaw is that she's colorblind.

Location of mark: It's the shape of a puppy in mid-play behind her ear.

Past: Ai was born as a single child in a rich family. Her mother died at birth, and her father spoiled her. Ai always kept her anima power a secret, but she didn't know herself why she had it. Her father later died of a disease, and Ai didn't want to be taken away from other people, so she ran away, living in fear of being alone forever.

Anything Else: Ai loves red roses, and when she sees one, she won't pick it, but she'll just crouch down and stare at it, sometimes even talk to it. It makes her feel less lonely.

11/21/2011 #8

sorry i haven't been here in while. yes you are accepted.

12/17/2011 #9
I Am The Raptor

Thank you :3

12/22/2011 #10

Name: Queeni

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short cropped brown hair. Bright green eyes, really small for her age.

Appearance with anima: She has webbed skin stretching from her arms to her legs. Her eyes turn gold.

Personality: Really funny and giggly. Knows heaps of (bad and good) jokes.

Anima: Sugar glider.

Location of anima mark/markings: A circle with spikes coming off it that goes around her back.

Past:(Optional) She was an orphan and at the orphanage a mean girl climbed up a tree with her and bet her that she couldn't jump to the nearest tree which was a few meters away, she didn't make it and her anima appeared

Anything Else: She likes honey and sweets

7/16/2012 #11

She is accepted. I am really sorry for not replying sooner.

7/24/2012 #12

Name:Rei Shieri(Real last name is Anakisa)

Age:15 and a half


Appearance:Rei stands at least at a head taller than yuki with long black/indigo hair that reaches halfway down her back and silver eyes and a large-chest(anime style:robin in one piece before the time skip)that she keeps flat with a corset. Rei wears worn-out handmade black sleeveless tank top and black pants and wears a black traveler's cape that is a bit torn at the bottom(think that cloak that people usually wear in the manga)The cape shows her anima marks since the cape is behind her shoulders.She is barefoot and hidden under the cape, she has belt sachel,sword,and retractable bo staff. she has scars covering her entire chest and back,the most cable one being the X scar that covers her back. She has A handmade black and silver amulet that holds inside a small piece of ryou's outfit.

Appearance with anima:While the true appearance is a real monsterous four legged black dragon with blood red eyes and four torn black wings,the partial transformation and she has twoFull black wings,her arms get black scales that go up to her elbows black sharp claws on her feet and hands,a long black tail and her eyes go indigo

Personality:While she is kind and caring,rei doesn't like to make small talk and can be easily annoyed.she seems scary at first glance,but is really kind and gentle towards those who she knows and/or need it.Rei hates her family and anyone who is with them.Rei will often wander off at night when everyone is asleep to go train,watch the stars on a cliff alone,or go off to get food for everyone.Rei doesn't like to talk about ryou due to it bringing up past memories.she is ruthless in battle and is angered when someone is rejected because they are a anima.


Location of anima mark/markings:when in partial transformation and not being used,it's a two part mark where one part is one each shoulder and goes down to her elbows.The mark looks like 4 sharp claw marks that cross paths a few times as they reach her elbows,where the mark wraps around her elbows,it goes around her back when in full transformation

Past:Rei's anima was said to be a curse given to her since she was born in the year of the dragon.When she was a child,rei was always left alone due to her anima marks and her father hating her because of that.while she strived to be the perfect lady for them, at age 5 she found out that her Father adopted another heir to the family,she ran away to the mountains where she met a teenage boy named Ryou Shieri who accepted her for her anima and trained her with everything he knew.5 years later,when she was sick with a high fever, Researchers from her homeland came to take her back to her family,but ryou had intervened and told rei to stay inside and that he needed to tell her something,the sentence was"Thank you for being my-" it was never finished as Rei saw a sword go right through ryou's chest,ryou smiling as he fell to the ground.Rei had been enraged and awoke the true form of the dragon.after seeing she killed them,rei ran off,earning scars on her back and chest as she traveled alone.She is currently in the town Yuki and company are,where she is in a gang so she can trick them into getting her medicine for a sick child.

Anything Else:Her family is the richest in the country(one of the richest in the world),she's a skilled survivalist,thief,cook, and warrior.she knows a reasonable amount of medicine from her childhood studing.Rei collects drug-infected blood,items,and animals and gives it to scientists from kizoku(who look like black market sellers)To get money and so they can find the cure for that drug.

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8/15/2012 #14

thanks! so when do we start?

8/16/2012 #15
We can actually start now I have just been waiting for someone to reply
8/16/2012 #16

Name: Leannah

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Has long, fiery red hair, which looks like flames when it blows in the wind, with scattered bangs that come down her forehead, and a few bangs that touch her eyebrows. Her hair comes down past her butt in the back. Her eyes are a dark yellow, and she has pale, white skin. She has a slightly large bust and wears a somewhat tattered short sleeved, white with yellow streaks dress that goes down to past her knees, almost to her feet. The dress is also fireproof, and has two large slits in the back of it (for her wings). She also wears a pair of dark, ashy gray boots on her legs, that go up to her knees, with black trim. She stands at the height of 5'6''. She also has a very curvy body. She also wears a metal bikini under her dress, a memento of her days as a slave, under her normal clothes, of which the top looks like a bikini top with straps, with golden carvings of the sun on it, held together with steel chains instead of straps. Her bottom is like a bikini bottom, and has red carvings of fire on it. The bottom also has a crimson red, soft, see through cloth hanging from the front and back of the bottom down to Leanne's ankles. A chain hanging from the back of the top connects the top and bottom of the metal outfit. Leanne hides this outfit under her dress, which, though tattered some, still manages to hide the entire metal outfit.

Appearance with anima: A pair of literally flaming and very large wings come out of her back. Her eyes turn a light orange and become like a hawk's eyes. Her fingernails turn into talons as well. She can fly in this form with grace and speed. In this form she is not hurt by fire, and can create it, alibi with some good effort and focus.

Personality: Leanne is usually quiet, and usually wears no expression on her face. She likes to be in the sun during the day, and sleep under the moonlight at night. She knows how to cook, and does not even need tools to cook, as she is sort of fireproof. She enjoys reading some, and especially likes to swim a lot, but prefers to swim alone, as she hates explaining her metal uniform under her dress. While swimming you can maybe see her smile. If someone got close to her, as a friend or romantic interest, she would open up and be much more friendly and happy. She is gentle, but carries pain and grief with her in her mind. Maybe one day someone can help her get over the pain.

Anima: Phoenix

Location of anima mark/markings: The mark is that of a bird with spread wings, with flames around it. It reaches across Leanne's entire back, and reaches up the back of her neck a little, and peeks just outside of the cover of her dress.

Past:(Optional): Leanne was a slave to a rich, royal family in a far land. She was a consort for the head of the family, and wore the metal outfit the entire time she was there. She was treated badly, but never has anything major done to her, with the exception of being whipped horribly at times, leaving some scars on her body. She escaped the family at the age of twelve with the help of the family's oldest daughters, and never looked back. She never got rid of the metal outfit, because other than that and a dress she was given by the daughters, she has no other fireproof clothes. The family she ran from assumed her dead, and does not care if she is alive at this point.

Anything Else: Leanne loves eating meat, but will eat veggies as well (though not many).

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Wow thanks for a very detailed profile. Accepted please join in when you are ready.
9/11/2012 #18

Could i make a second character?

9/16/2012 #19
Yes you can. :)
9/16/2012 #20

Name: Dimitri (nickname is 'Di')

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has some very strong muscles on his arms and legs, which do not bulge a lot, and has six pack abs. He stands tall at the height of 5'11". He has short cut, jet black hair. He wears a black jacket that looks like it has snake scales on it and dark gray pants. He also wears a darker gray T-shirt. His eyes are a soft, sweet, creamy chocolate brown when his anima is not active. He always has a very strong, long snake tail coming out the back of his pants. Her also has some visible and jagged scars on his body. He also has some snake senses.

Appearance with anima: His muscles seem to tighten up, and his strength is boosted. His eyes become like a snake's (and turn a glowing yellow), and his skin becomes extremely tough and armor-like, and gray, thick scales appear on his body over his skin. He still has his snake tail. His fingernails become sharp claws.

Personality: He is a kind person, but is tough, and has battle experience. He tries to be polite and gentlemanly, and that on top of his looks ends up accidentally gaining the infatuation and affection of even the coldest, toughest girls he meets. He is no stranger to survival.

Anima: Python

Location of anima mark/markings: A long, snake shaped mark that goes around Dimitri's neck, with the head of the snake appearing on his left cheek. Usually thought to be a tattoo.

Past:(Optional): He was abandoned in the forest by his mom at the age of five. He lived in the woods for five years, then traveled around, learning how to also live in the mountains, in cities, and on the coast. By the age of seventeen, he had gained a lot of travel experience.

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Yesh he is of course accepted.
9/16/2012 #22

Name:Kori Kandarma



Appearance:Stands a foot taller than yuki with ice white hair,blue eyes,glasses,fair skin, and wears what looks like a scientist's outfit

Appearance with anima:N/A

Personality:Kori is a timid boy, but gets serious during work, while he does admit he's in love with yuki, he's scared that she'll reject him because he was trained as a kid to kill anima. When kori's glasses are broken or cracked badly, kori become serious, loses all of his shyness and is much stronger, the reason is currently unknown how this happened


Location of anima mark/markings:none

Past:Kori's mother died from childbirth, so when Kori was a kid he was trained to hate and kill anima,but couldn't, thinking that the anima marks were a disease. his father had made him forced to and it resulted in kori cutting his father's eyes.after being outcasted, he became a researcher/doctor and began trying to search for a "cure". he met rei one one of his travels.

Anything Else:He's in love with yuki.

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Name:Jason"Jase" Daichi



Appearance:Stands a foot taller dimitri with spiky orange hair and scarlet eyes, six pack build,caucasian skin

Appearance with anima:he grows digging claws,a tail, whiskers, and grows fur up to his shoulder on his arms

Personality:Jason is seen as a wild guy who is always energetic and loves to get dirty. He loves messing around


Location of anima mark/markings:3 slash mark that is on his hands

Past:As a baby, jason's mother and father were murdered to take him away for slavery,Jason was a different slave who was forced to fight or die since birth, he later escaped to the mountains where he stayed with rei anf ryou for a week before leaving.and currently lives in a hole in the earth somewhere

Anything Else:He's in love with leanne, whenever he hasn't seen someone he's friends with for a long time, he tackles them and then bear hugs them

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Your ocs always impress me. Accepted.
10/8/2012 #25

thanks! to tell the truth I've always felt like my ocs were a little too mary sue in the past before I came onto fanfiction

10/8/2012 #26
Yeah same thing with me.
10/8/2012 #27

Name: Kiri Amateru

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kiri has pale skin, and stands at the height of 5'6". Her chest is the same size as Rei's.Her arms and legs have toned and tough muscles on them, but are small enough to let Kiri retain a quite feminine look. Kiri's eyes are the same color as Leanne's eyes. Her long blond hair hangs halfway down her back. Going across her back from the top left side of her back is a single, long scar that has just begun to dull a bit and blend in a little with Kiri's skin. On Kiri's left shoulder is a crescent moon shaped birth mark.

Kiri is always wearing an ocean blue bikini under her clothes, no matter the weather. As the head priestess of the shrine in Tsukisia, Kiri dons the garments of the head priestess. This consists of an extravagant snow white kimono that has a beautiful golden border on it. An ornate sun and crescent moon symbol is embroidered on the back of the kimono, along with Kiri's name written in silver thread outlined kanji characters. The kimono has billowing sleeves, and a small trail, which is held by two attendants. With this Kiri wears a pair of tan, Japanese style sandals, and a lot of ornate gold jewelry. She also wears an ornamental gold headdress.

When not doing her priestess duties, Kiri is dressed in a light blue tank top and a pair of comfy blue jeans, or alternately a pair of cut off jean short shorts if the weather is hot. With this she wears a pair of tan tennis shoes with long white leggings that go just up to just above Kiri's knees.

Appearance with anima: Kiri grows five large and long grayish tentacles out of each side of her back, for a total of ten tentacles at her disposal. Hey eyes also narrow, and look like a beast's eyes. The tentacles stick out of holes specially made into Kiri's tank top. With her anima active, Kiri is actually stronger than Dimitri.

Personality: Kiri has a good and gentle heart, and takes her duties as a priestess seriously, and has some leadership skills, being the ruler of the city. She respects people's commitments, and shows herself to be knowledgeable. Seeing her as a priestess would make a person think Kiri is very mature overall.

However, outside of her priestess duties, Kiri is more fun, and has energy. She also has great flirting skills, which she does not show often at all, but are potent enough to get her out of virtually any jam involving a guy. Kiri is more casual and acts more like her age when not doing her priestess duties. However, she does retain her maturity, but only shows it when she wants to, or if the situation demands it. She loves the beach and warm weather, and is not used to cold weather.

Anima: Kraken (as in the mythical giant squid monster)

Location of anima mark/markings: Five large spots on each side of her back for a total of ten spots. These spots look like suction cups.

Past:(Optional): Kiri is part of the formerly royal Amateru family. She was born outside the city at an unknown location. Her mother carried Kiri back to Tsukisia while she was a baby, and died not soon after from disease. Kiri was raised in the shrine, and after seeing her birth mark, Kiri was recognized to be the reincarnation of the city's twin sun and moon goddesses. Since the head priestess of the shrine was the 'queen' of the city, Kiri got a lot of priestess and formality training. However, Kiri was always able to have some free time, and gained a life outside of being a priestess.

When she was thirteen, Kiri's tutor, the old head priestess, died. Kiri then rose to be the young ruler of the city. Currently, the people in the shrine are looking for the second reincarnation of the city's goddesses, the reincarnation of the sun goddess.

Kiri has a wish to leave the city and explore the world, and is not sure if that moment will ever come. She is also curious about her family, not knowing if she had any siblings or not, never have been able to talk to her mother. Her family has a history of having mythical creatures as their animas.

Anything Else:

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10/22/2012 #29

Name:Saitaku Anakisa



Appearance:Saitaku stands at least two heads taller than kiri with chocolate brown hair, onyx grey eyes, fair skin, a fair body build. he is usually seen wearing A navy blue military uniform(If you've seen hetalia, think the blue military uniform italy wears)

Appearance with anima:N/A

Personality:Saitaku is known to be a reserved gentleman, but he doesn't quite get the concept of weirdness(anima). He wants to make amends with rei, but rei won't hear him out. He is kind and caring and skillful in battle, but he doesn't know the first thing about cooking


Location of anima mark/markings:N/A

Past:Saitaku was an orphan who was bought by rei's father at age eight. A year later after hearing a fight between the couple on rei's birthday, his mother told him about rei and he felt guilty for replacing all the love he had with the love she needed, after that, he began learning to fight and travel, at age 15, he left to find rei. Saitaku is now 18 and is traveling alone, still searching for his sister

Anything Else:he's in love with kiri and wants to make amends with his sister

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